Lords of Waterdeep

Scoundrels of Skullport expansion for Lords of Waterdeep makes its way to the App Store

by 4 months ago

While Lords of Waterdeep is a great game in its own right, the Scoundrels of Skullport takes the game to a higher level.  When Lords of Waterdeep was released for …

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Undermountain comes to Waterdeep on iOS

by 6 months ago

If you have played Lords of Waterdeep, then you know that it's a great game.  While the iOS version does have a few issues, it is a faithful recreation of …

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Take Waterdeep with you — Lords of Waterdeep iOS Review

by 9 months ago

Worker placement games are very hit and miss for me. Sometimes they grab my attention, but others I have a problem getting into. For instance, many gamers love Agricola and …

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Become the Lord of Waterdeep on the iOS

by 10 months ago

Worker placement games can be hit-or-miss for me personally, but Lords of Waterdeep is one of the best games that I have played that features that mechanic.  While they released …

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