Kinect Sports Rivals

Dis-Kinected : Sports Rivals sets the bar too low.

by 2 months ago

If you’re one of the millions of owners of the Xbox One console, you might find it odd that the Kinect camera has barely any motion control games. Though It’s …

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Rare Suffers Layoffs, Includes Senior Staff Members

by 4 months ago

Rare Suffers Layoffs, Includes Senior Staff Members Following reports that the studio was re-evaluating what it would do next, it is being reported that Rare has suffered layoffs. CVG is …

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Phil Spencer Talks Rare Post-Kinect-less Xbox One

by 4 months ago

Phil Spencer Talks Rare Post-Kinect-less Xbox One It appears that following the announcement that the Xbox One will be available without Kinect, developer Rare is currently evaluating what it wants …

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Rare game release: Kinect Sports Rivals hits shelves today

by 5 months ago

Probably the most important game on the Wii was Wii Sports - a motion-controlled game packed in with the console to show off what the system could do, and managed …

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Sports Rivals reveals date, details, and cloud computing

by 6 months ago

Rare's upcoming motion-sports game exclusively for the Xbox One is due to hit stores in early April, according to the official Xbox Wire service.  The wave-race "Pre-Season" demo has been …

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Kinect Sports Rivals video tour

by 7 months ago

Rare is hard at work polishing up their first Xbox One Kinect title Kinect Sports Rivals. While the pre-season demo is available now, they're showing off some of the events …

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Kinect Sports Rivals introduces Preseason International Champions

by 8 months ago

After a million downloads of Kinect Sports Rivals Preseason, the free wake racing trial, the Kinect-powered game has become the #1 most downloaded demo on the platform.   Well, starting Saturday, …

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Waverace in HD? Kinect Sports Rivals pre-season on XB1 for launch

by 11 months ago

It was announced back in late July that Kinect Sports Rivals, Rare's latest game targeting the living room athletics on the upcoming Xbox One, would not be available until the …

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Rare announces Kinect Sports Rivals

by 1 year ago

During a pre-E3 show on Spike TV, Rare announced a sequel to their beloved Xbox 360 franchise, Kinect Sports. This new sequel has been called: Kinect Sports Rivals. Kinect Sports …

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