Killzone: Shadowfall

Killzone: Shadow Fall hits 2.1 million sales

by 12 months ago

The hardware has been selling like gangbusters, but have you wondered what exclusive launch title Killzone: Shadowfall did in terms of sales?   Well, it kept up nicely hitting 2.1 million …

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Playstation commercial “The best place to play”

by 1 year ago

This is what we want to see - games, games, games. Some of the biggest ones we're looking forward to are inFamous: Second Son and The Order:1886 (neither are slated …

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The most anticipated games of E3 2013

by 2 years ago

With less than a week before E3 there is no doubt that there are some exciting surprises on the horizon.  While we know a good bit about some of the …

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