I and Me

Ratalaika Games and Miketendo64 team up for an I and Me giveaway contest

by 7 days ago

Following its July launch date, Ratalaika Games has announced a giveaway for the Switch puzzle-platformer I and Me. In collaboration with news site Miketendo64, the two parties have announced prizes …

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Not pursuing my true self – I and Me review

by 4 weeks ago

Puzzle games were made for handhelds. Professor Layton, Zero Escape, and Box Boy are franchises that have thrived on (and in the last case, were created for) the 3DS, and …

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Co-op is king with three eShop Switch games out tomorrow

by 1 month ago

If you’re looking to get some more games to play with friends for your shiny new Switch before Splatoon 2 comes out in a couple of weeks, you should definitely …

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I and Me glances at the looking glass for a July release date

by 2 months ago

Ratalaika Games today announced that I and Me will be heading to the Nintendo Switch very shortly. The puzzle-platformer has a current release date of July 6 (but could be …

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Ratalaika Games to publish I and Me for the Nintendo Switch

by 3 months ago

Ratalaika Games announced today that it will release the upcoming puzzle-platformer I and Me later this year for the Nintendo Switch. The game will take advantage of the console’s portable …

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