Heroes of the Storm

Malthael joins Heroes of the Storm, showcased in livestream today

by 2 months ago

Blizzard has recently announced that Malthael, the Aspect of Death from Diablo III will be coming to Heroes of the Storm.  As the lore goes, Malthael was once the Aspect …

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Heroes of the Storm 2.0 adds Overwatch’s Genji to the roster

by 3 months ago

Blizzard Entertainment announced today its plans to introduce the Overwatch character Genji into its updated Heroes of the Storm 2.0. Both the cybernetic ninja and his home turf of Hanamura are …

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Blizzard Winter Events and Updates – Overwatch, WoW, and Heroes of the Storm

by 7 months ago

Winter is coming, and so are the skins! Blizzard has announced what players can expect from the next updates for Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm, and World of Warcraft. Starting …

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Our dream announcements for BlizzCon 2016

by 9 months ago

    With the annual BlizzCon celebration upon us, it behooves me to spread my infectious love for everything Blizzard by coming up with a list of announcements I hope and wish will …

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    Gaming Trend’s Games of the Quarter Q2 — Hitting the halfway point

    by 2 years ago

      We're already halfway into 2015, and what a year it's been already. Many games have already made a strong case for Game of the Year and we still haven't even …

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      Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm gets a release date

      by 2 years ago

      Blizzard has announced today that their upcoming free-to-play MOBA will be officially released on June 2. Heroes of the Storm will also have an open beta available on May 19. …

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      The BlizzCon opening ceremony has kicked off and we’ve got all the details, big and small

      by 3 years ago

        BlizzCon 2014 has kicked off and it's the biggest one yet. Blizzard has announced its first new IP in 17 years, Overwatch, a new expansion for Hearthstone, and lots of …

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