Half-Life 2

Valve announces that there will be announcements next week.

by 3 years ago

Valve is at their mischief again.  A mysterious new hype page is teasing mysterious updates to the "Steam Universe" in 2014.  Knowing Valve, the page is some elaborate Alternate Reality …

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Fantastic Half-Life 2 mod Minerva: Metastasis now free on Steam

by 4 years ago

I remember a few years back that, having finished Half Life 2: Episode 1 three different times, I was seriously jonesing for more of Valve's incredible level design and well-thought, …

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Half-Life 2 Review

by 12 years ago

I must have started and re-started this review more times than I care to think about. In order to write about a game I have completely fallen head over heels …

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