Guns of Icarus Online

Guns of Icarus Online video teases cooperative multiplayer modes

by 2 months ago

The team at Muse Games have a new trailer to show off for their Kickstarter-funded upcoming expansion pack for Guns of Icarus entitled Guns of Icarus Online.   This video shows …

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Games for the Masses: Weekend Deals 08//02//2013

by 9 months ago

Welcome back to Games for the Masses, where we help you pay less to play more!  This is a good week for the proletariat, comrades.  First off, we're going back …

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Guns of Icarus Online gets new maps, commendation system

by 12 months ago

A while back co-writer Sean Lama and I had the chance to take a look at Guns of Icarus Online, a game in which you and 3 buddies crew a …

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Gaming Trend’s Countdown to the End of the World Giveaway: Guns of Icarus Online

by 1 year ago

Here at Gaming Trend, we don't necessarily BELIEVE that the world is going to end on December 21st (We gotta stick around for at least Bioshock: Infinite), but we figured …

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Podcast November 29th – Don’t Call it a Comeback

by 1 year ago

After a long hiatus, the Gaming Trend Podcast is back! Game designers and publishers have shifted focus to a popular -- and highly controversial -- free-to-play model, and the last …

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Guns of Icarus Online Review – Flying Low

by and 1 year ago

    Typically when playing a multiplayer game you have to maintain perspective of what's happening on the entire battlefield. Points to capture, teammates to assist, enemies flanking your position, these are …

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    New Guns of Icarus Online Screenshots

    by 2 years ago

    The third closed beta for Guns of Icarus Online has just ended, and a dozen new screenshots from the latest build of the game have been released. Guns of Icarus Online, the …

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