Holy Guacamelee! We take a look at some new DLC costumes.

by 10 months ago

We really loved our time with Guacamelee, and any excuse to hop back into the luchador's mask and spandex is one worth taking. Developer Drinkbox Studios has released a new …

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Guacamelee patch and DLC delayed

by 11 months ago

The team at Drinkbox Studios put together a fantastic "Metroid-vania" title with Guacamelee and we absolutely loved it.  Well, there are a few nagging issues that the team wanted to …

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Luchadors, demons, and co-op — Q&A with the Guacamelee! devs

by 12 months ago

Guacamelee! was a surprise hit when it launched at the beginning of April, combining Metroidvania-style platforming and exploration, God of War-style combos, and a dash of Super Meat Boy-esque difficulty. …

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Super Meat-roid Boy — Guacamelee! review

by 1 year ago

The first thing you’ll notice about Guacamelee! is just how damned funny everything is. Set in a Spanglish version of Mexico, we are privy to the life of one Juan …

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