Gabrielle's Ghostly Groove

Nintendo Download for June 27, 2013

by 4 years ago

What I'm getting from the above image is that zombies in Vegas are trying to lure you into brain-eating distance with shiny diamonds in the game Vegas Stakes. Although maybe …

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Gabrielle’s Ghostly Groove Released for Nintendo 3DS

by 5 years ago

Natsume has let us know that Gabrielle's Ghostly Groove is now available for the Nintendo 3DS. It's a cute looking game, and I'm getting a kind of "Parappa the Rapper …

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Gabrielle’s Ghostly Groove Goes Gold! Good Gravy!

by 6 years ago

Remember Parappa the Rapper? You know what his problem was? He was too damn happy. He was a rapping puppy dog in love with a flower for crying out loud …

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