For Honor

Deadliest Warrior but better: For Honor Review

by 6 days ago

You know a game is engaging when you have to physically pry yourself from it just so you can write a review. For Honor has taken the all too familiar …

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Disgruntled Casual Gamer: For Cheap Fights

by 2 weeks ago

    For Honor is legitimately one of the funnest fighting games I've experienced to date. And as someone who loves cheap tricks and abusing the everliving daylights out of them, I'm quite …

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    Who would win in a fight?- For Honor preview

    by 3 weeks ago

    Written by Christian DeCoster and Rachel "Rei" Berry For Honor is, in my mind, the ultimate elementary school “who’d win in a fight” game.  With the classic mix of Samurai, …

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    For Honor gets three new class trailers

    by 1 month ago

      Today, Ubisoft revealed trailers for three classes—The Nobushi, The Valkyrie, and the Lawbringer—that will be available immediately when For Honor launches. Here they are:   The Nobushi   The Nobushi …

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    Samurai and Vikings and Knights, oh my! For Honor Preview

    by 2 months ago

      “Do you know what kind of creature waits for its own slaughter? Sheep.” -Arguably my new favorite villain ever, Apollyon In a time and society revolving around war and bloodshed, …

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      For Honor multiplayer hands-on

      by 5 months ago

      Vikings, knights, and samurai are three of the most iconic warrior archetypes in history. Each of them is well known for different reasons: Vikings for their ferocity and fearlessness in …

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      For Honor Collector’s Case contents revealed

      by 6 months ago

      Ubisoft has revealed during Gamecom 2016 in Cologne, a Collector's edition for its upcoming game For Honor. The edition called the For Honor Collector's Case is exclusive to the UPlay …

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      For Honor dated for February of next year

      by 9 months ago

      Ubisoft has announced that For Honor will be available on February 14th, 2017. This news came from the company's E3 press conference alongside a brand new cinematic trailer illustrating the game's …

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      GT’s Most Anticipated Games of 2016

      by 1 year ago

        This has been quite a year already, with many stellar releases and even more on the way. It's hard to pick even one game that most excites you, gets you …

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        A sword fighting ballet — For Honor hands-on impressions

        by 2 years ago

        Ubisoft’s For Honor debuted this week and was easily one of the biggest surprise announcements to come out of E3. As a brand new IP with an emphasis on sword …

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        Ubisoft unveils new IP called For Honor

        by 2 years ago

        At Ubisoft's E3 press conference, the company announced that it is working on a new IP called For Honor. The company describes the game as a "fast-paced visceral melee combat …

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