Thatgamecompany collection coming to PlayStation 4 in October

by 1 year ago

It looks like there’s finally some concrete information on the thatgamecompany collection’s PlayStation 4 launch date, as Sony’s Chris Owens has revealed that it will come to platform on October …

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Thatgamecompany bundle coming to PS4 this summer, brings Journey to the system

by 2 years ago

Sony is planning on releasing thatgamecompany’s three PlayStation 3 games on PlayStation 4 as part of a physical collection during the summer. The collection will contain Flow, Flower, and Journey, …

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Gaming Trend Podcast 11//13//2013–The Console War is Begun.

by 3 years ago

Welcome back again to the Gaming Trend Podcast! After a brief hiatus, Atlas, David, and Mike are back to talk games, game news, and of course, the PS4.  Do you …

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Gaming Trend Podcast 6/04/2013–Is it a bit DUSTy in here?

by 4 years ago

    This week on the Gaming Trend Podcast Victor and Atlas get a visit from a special guest: Ryan Geddes.  Mr. Geddes, Sr. Brand Marketer at CCP games, is here to …

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    Flower Review

    by 8 years ago

    Flower is the latest creation from thatgamecompany, a new challenger in the argument for the idea that games can also be art. As I sit here with the game freshly …

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