Fighter Within

Fighter Within? We’d be better Without.

by 10 months ago

In the seventh console generation we saw an increased focus on motion controls, but the hardware just wasn’t capable of the 1:1 translation from movement to screen that gamers would …

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Fighter Within kicks and punches its way to shelves

by 11 months ago

In the march towards the launch of the Xbox One on Friday we've also got a trailer and some new screens for Ubisoft's Kinect-powered title, Fighter Within.   I've already seen …

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Use your body to kick butt in Fighter Within for Kinect

by 12 months ago

Fighter Within is a Kinect supported launch title for the Xbox One that encourages you to "beat your friends up". Not in real life, of course, but using the 1:1 …

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Fighter Within finally revealed with screens and video

by 1 year ago

The domain name slip notwithstanding, this title comes as a surprise.  At gamescom 2013, Ubisoft has unveiled Fighter Within - the Xbox One launch title that looks to bring motion-controlled …

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