Fable Anniversary

Gaming Trend Podcast 2/4/2014 — Vive la France!

by and 8 months ago

Zut alors! Atlas and David are back this week to talk in hacky French accents and discuss some fun games and important news. We talk about Republique, Metal Gear Solid …

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Fable Anniversary – chicken kickin’ with the game that started it all

by 8 months ago

Fable was the title that would let you plant a seed and have it grow into a tree. You’d then grow with that tree, watching it mature as your character …

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Most anticipated video games of Q1 2014

by 9 months ago

The next-gen battle has just begun, but there are a lot of fantastic games coming our way in the first quarter of 2014 for the current and previous generations of …

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Fable Anniversary gets a limited run on February 4th, 2014

by 10 months ago

Take a look at my achievements and you'll quickly see that I'm a Fable fan.  When Fable Anniversary was announced I knew I had to return to the world of …

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The most anticipated games of E3 2013

by and 1 year ago

With less than a week before E3 there is no doubt that there are some exciting surprises on the horizon.  While we know a good bit about some of the …

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Fable Anniversary confirmed

by 1 year ago

Fable on the original Xbox was kinda awesome, and The Lost Chapters on PC added to it for those not playing it on Microsoft's original big black box.  Well, the …

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