Everquest II

Gaming Trend Podcast 10//02//2013–Mechs and Muskets

by 3 years ago

Welcome back to the Gaming Trend Podcast!  This week Atlas and Victor are joined by Zach Barth--creator of SpaceChem and Ironclad Tactics!  Our heroes talk about what they've been playing …

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Sony Online unveils Free to Play titles at E3

by 4 years ago

    Sony Online wants to spend some time with you in a massive way.   They've got a staggering 8 online titles to show off this E3, and every single one of …

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    EverQuest II HONVAR Dragon Preview

    by 5 years ago

    EverQuest II is still going strong.  Recently moving to a free-to-play model, the game is getting its 63rd update coming in April, and this evening we have a video that …

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