Diablo III

Gaming Trend Podcast 01//15//2014 — Saying “Hello” To Demelo

by 3 months ago

This week on the Gaming Trend Podcast, Dave and Atlas are visited by the gravelly, manly voice of Jeffrey Demelo!  Dave, Atlas, and Jeff spend a few moments talking about …

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The Dark Lord of the Couch – Diablo III review

by 8 months ago

Blizzard has always been a PC-centric company, but with the release of Diablo III in May of last year, the control scheme hinted at something interesting - a potential console …

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Fall 2013 game preview – part one

by and 8 months ago

At no point in console gaming history has there been a videogame avalanche of this magnitude.  There are more titles coming this year for all platforms than at any other …

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Diablo III – couch co-op king

by 9 months ago

Diablo III is about crazy unique items, legendary monsters, awesome loot, and now...cooperative play on a console?  We had the opportunity to sit down with very little fanfare and be …

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Gaming Trend’s Best of E3 2013- Games by Platform

by 10 months ago

One thing can be said for E3 this year- it was about the games more than anything else; With the next generation of gaming kicking into full gear with two …

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New game director Josh Mosqueira talks up the future of Diablo III

by 11 months ago

There's a new game director in charge of Diablo III, one Josh Mosqueira - and he has a few things he'd like you to know about the future of Diablo …

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Gaming Trend Podcast 05/21/13–Parental discretion is advised

by and 11 months ago

    This week the Gaming Trend Podcast learned that it already has an explicit tag on iTunes, and so it's no more mister nice cast.  Join Victor and Atlas as they curse like …

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    Gaming Trend Podcast 05/14/13–Samurai Space Slivers!

    by and 11 months ago

      Yes, that is a Samurai Bear working the holocontrols of her starship.  You're intrigued, aren't you?  Want to know what game that is?  Listen to this week's edition of the …

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      Gold dupe bug hits Diablo III – auction shutdowns, transfer audits follow

      by 12 months ago

      Diablo III is a great game if you ask me. For all its flaws, I more than got my money's worth out of the title - hours and hours were …

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      Gaming Trend Podcast 03-12-13: March Madness!

      by , and 1 year ago

        Yes, it's that time of the year again folks. That time of the year we all get together and play any of the obscene number of games coming out this …

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        Justin’s personal top 5 games made in 2012

        by 1 year ago

          2012 ended with me hanging out in a cabin on a frozen lake for a half-week, and as such I didn't notice the end of the year. In fact, I …

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          Diablo III Announces New Paragon System

          by 2 years ago

          For a lot of you out there, Diablo III has lost some of its luster. You probably have one (or even several) level 60 characters, and have run through the …

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