Dark Souls II

Dark Souls II getting new beta dates

by 9 months ago

Do you love to, I don't know, die repeatedly? If so, then I have a game for you! Namco Bandai has announced that there much anticipated Dark Souls II will …

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Games Galore: A look at the Tokyo Game Show

by 10 months ago

    The Tokyo Game Show took place this week (Sept. 19-22) and was an event full of live demos, trailers, news, and more. Japanese game development has taken a back seat …

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    Gaming Trend Podcast 09//20//2013–Did you hear about Grand Theft Auto V Yet?

    by and 10 months ago

    This week on the Gaming Trend Podcast it's all GTA all the time!  Join Matt, David, and Atlas as they get together to talk about GTA V, GTA V, and--to …

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    Keep a Tissue Box Nearby: Dark Souls II Beta Coming This Fall

    by 11 months ago

    This task is not for the faint-hearted, but it is meant for people who are use to having blood vessels explode. Start doing some thumb and finger workouts, and maybe …

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    Prepare to die again — Dark Souls II E3 hands-on

    by 1 year ago

    In the almost two years since its release, Dark Souls can be held accountable for the untimely deaths of many player characters as well as probably some controllers. It was …

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    Dark Souls II “I Am Undone” E3 trailer released

    by 1 year ago

    I still can't get over the fact that Dark Souls is getting a sequel. Not because it was a bad game - in fact, it was absolutely phenomenal. But Dark …

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    Gaming Trend Podcast 04/16/13–And the award goes to…

    by and 1 year ago

      This week on the Gaming Trend Podcast it's just two lonely gamers on a lonely gamers trail.  Victor and Atlas get together to discuss the latest games they've been in deep with, …

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