Cthulhu Wars

Cthulhu Wars Windwalker faction impressions

by 1 week ago

While Cthulhu Wars inclusion of four highly asymmetrical factions gives it high replayability, Petersen Games has made a few other factions available to expand the experience. I had the opportunity …

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Cthulhu Wars High Priest Expansion impressions

by 2 weeks ago

Cthulhu Wars looks great, and the large pieces give it a high table presence. Each faction plays differently with unique figures and special abilities. Without any expansions Cthulhu Wars offers …

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Crazy Eights: Sandy Petersen on Cthulhu Wars and Onslaught Two

by 2 years ago

When Cthulhu Wars came to Kickstarter, it was as if the Ancient Ones opened a portal and clashed at once, with the campaign raising $1.4 million.  If you have seen …

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