Blood of the Werewolf

Gaming Trend Podcast 11//13//2013–The Console War is Begun.

by , and 11 months ago

Welcome back again to the Gaming Trend Podcast! After a brief hiatus, Atlas, David, and Mike are back to talk games, game news, and of course, the PS4.  Do you …

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Beauty is the Beast–Blood of the Werewolf

by 11 months ago

I’ve restarted this review about three times now because I’ve yet to find an adequate way to compose the conflicting emotions and criticisms that Blood of the Werewolf set roiling …

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Blood of the Werewolf howling at an October 28th release date

by 12 months ago

As you may know, Midnight City (a new indie-focused publisher) yesterday announced that they were bringing Slender: The Arrival to Steam. They’re keeping the ball rolling today by revealing that …

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