Vanquish gets a PC release, digital deluxe pre-order bonuses later this month

by 2 months ago

In the vein of last month’s Bayonetta PC release, Sega has announced today that PlatinumGames’ Vanquish will get a PC conversion release on Steam May 25. Additionally, a digital deluxe …

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Bayonetta coming to PSN

by 4 years ago

Let's dance!  Today SEGA announced that Platinum Games'  Bayonetta will be available for download on PSN soon.  Bayonetta was a little-played gem from 2009 from the creator of Devil May …

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20 of the Most Ridiculous Weapons in Gaming

by 5 years ago

    Videogaming has seen its fair share of crazy and implausible weapons, but there is no doubt that sometimes the weapons transcend implausible and head straight to crazy town.   Today we …

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