Shadow Complex Review

In Orson Scott Card

Shadow Complex is an old-school title dressed in modern clothing. Hearkening back to classics such as Metroid and Castlevania, the action takes place in a two-dimensional side-scrolling style. The map consists of a few outside areas and one large underground fortress, all a series of rooms connected by doorways and air ducts. Jason can jump, grab onto ledges, and use weapons and power-ups to explore the facility and save the girl.


Jason starts out with nothing but a flashlight, but it

Shadow Complex could accurately be described as a 2D shooter/RPG/puzzle/platformer. As you explore the facility, you

These power-ups constitute the game

All this is made possible by an excellent control scheme. Anybody who has played a 2D side-scrolling adventure in the past will feel right at home. Most of the acrobatic feats you can do with the suit use just the A button

The sound is also fantastic. Voice acting is generally very good, bringing to life the terrific script by famed comic book writer Peter David. Sound effects are solid, with fierce gun battles and explosions raging through the surround speakers (enough to wake the baby and anger my wife

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