Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Review

Last year we got a look at Blizzard

On the PC there were two versions of Sacred 2: Fallen Angel, a standard edition and a collector

I invited a friend who was interested in the game over to help me review the title.  Having selected the Seraphim class, we were treated to a touching cutscene between our character and our dying leader.  By the end of this touching scene we had to pause the game for a moment to catch our breath

My clicky-clicky description of Diablo can apply to Sacred 2 as well, except that on the console version you lack a clicky device.  Mapped to the console controller, Sacred 2 attempts to mimic the flexibility of the mouse with mixed results.  The lion

Now we get to the heart of Sacred 2: Fallen Angel.  So we

There is one area that the PC has always trumped the console market

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