Need for Speed SHIFT Review

One of the most contentious genres in the gaming world has always been the sport of racing, and one franchise has been a major player for the past 15 years.  That franchise is, of course, Need For Speed (NFS).  Constantly reinventing themselves as well as how video game racing is played, the Need For Speed franchise has always been a leader in racing.  At one extreme of the racing genre is the pure

One thing that all the NFS titles have always excelled in is their graphical presentation, and Need For Speed The audio throughout the game is solid, with distinctive engine sounds for each vehicle as well as the usual screech of rubber as you skid around corners and the crunch of metal and glass as you crash into the scenery and other vehicles.  There

The controls are also the usual layout for racing games with the right trigger
being the accelerator, the left trigger being the brakes, and X being the
handbrake.  As with pretty much every other modern game, all these controls
are fully customizable and can be re-assigned however you want.

Where Need For Speed

With any simulation-based racer, one of the most important features is the vehicle upgrade system.  Need For Speed

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