Metro 2033 Review

In 2002, Dmitry A. Glukhovsky wrote a novel called Metro 2033.  The novel tells the story of a dystopian Earth over 20 years after a nuclear strike against Russia pushes survivors down into the dark tunnels of the Metro railways.  A young man named Artyom is the center of the story

Turn the page The first few chapters of Metro 2033 deliver, for all intents and purposes, a straight-up average shooter experience.  Further into the story you

Kotlety and cheap potato vodka


There is absolutely no doubt that the ambiance of Metro 2033 is rock solid.  The game captures the claustrophobic feel of the book and conveys tension as you carefully check every dark corner.  Unfortunately, there are several elements that break that immersion significantly.


The first thing, and one that I

Unfortunately the issues don

The weapons are a highlight of the game, if you ignore the first few hours.  In a world where handmade weapons are the norm, weapons like the AK-47 are a Godsend.  You

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