Gyromancer Review

At first glance, Gyromancer looks like a match made in heaven.  Take the super-addictive Bejeweled Twist, stick it in a Puzzle Quest style storyline format, and sew it together by the undisputed masters of the RPG, Square Enix.   It You Gyromancer tells the story of Riven Ardell, an all-powerful court mage who gets caught up in a battle against a disgruntled warrior faction called Temperance.  Through the struggle, they drawn into a battle with some sort of forest spirits and powerful woods, and the entire thing had a very While the story is dull, the artwork and music are far from it.  The entire package has a very typical Square Enix polish; it both looks and sounds fantastic.  The talking head character portraits, backgrounds, monster images, and even the main gameboard are all beautifully rendered.  It

If you ever played Puzzle Quest, you One of Gyromancer

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