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Author Topic: WANT: GBA SP/ tons to trade or sell (look)/paypal, MO, help!  (Read 809 times)
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« on: December 14, 2004, 03:14:40 AM »


i want to give a niece a GBA SP, but can't swing 80 bucks.  anyone got a used one - maybe you just got a DS and don't need it?  partial cash plus trades, or straight cash, or straight trades - all good!  i'll also sell if you don't have an SP, maybe i can get enough $$ together for a new one!

i have no prices because it's not easy to find fair prices, there are too many items here, and i'm trying to get this posted before Christmas!  if you want to buy any of them, let me know directly (please by email, not PM!), i'll put your name on them, and research the price(s), and let you know. if you actually have an SP to trade, name what you want and i'll bet it'll fly, well, you can't have everything...    [email protected]

i have:  PayPal; money orders; dreamcast sytems, games, and accessories; ps2 games (others not put in the "37 game" sale), Xbox games, ps1 system and games, a few PC games;  all things Nintendo except DS, systems, games, controllers;  i have a few rares for Nintendo and Dreamcast.  there isn't anything newer than Chronicles of Riddick, and the rest is older, but there's still lots of great stuff.   some are in good condition, some excellent, a few are brand new in original wrapping - perfect for a Christmas or holiday gift!

just off the top of my beanie little brain, here are some titles (certainly not all):

XB - Chronicles of Riddick, the thing, the hobbit, beyond good and evil, LOTR fellowship, gauntlet dark legacy, max payne 1 and 2, baldur's gate, blinx, more.

PS1 - one extra system - plus vagrant story, lots of tomb raiders, crash b. warped, darkstone,  RE 2 and 3,  r-type delta, tony hawk 1 2 3,  more

CUBE  -  Eternal Darkness, F-Zero GX, LoZ ocarina of time, more and - for the right trade, might give up Soul Calibur II, Super Smash Bros. or maybe even RE 3 Nemesis.

N64 and SNES - one extra n64 system, and - some classic RPG's like Mana, Ys, mystic quest, soul blazer - others - mario 64, quake II, shadowgate 64, rocket robot, more.  also an N64 gizmo that is a TremorPak with a slot for a save care and it includes a 256K memory card, brand new in box.  i'm reasonably certain i have a SNES game boy player, but i haven't located it yet.

NES - one extra system, and - shadowgate, carmen sandiego, iron sword, battle of olympus, mule, pipe dream, and a NES game genie... more (sorry, no one can have Arkanoid or Tengen Tetris, they've become part of the cellular makeup of our brains).    

PS2  about two dozen games that aren't on my "for sale: 37 ps2 games" post, or maybe just extra copies  - FF X,  shinobi, true crime streets of LA, nascar dirt to daytona, metal arms glitch, mdk 2 armageddon, gta III, legaia 2, dragonballZ budokai, dino stalker, barbarian, .hack infection, a few more that i might be talked out of...  also have an extra network adapter and save card.

PC: a brand new True Crimes streets of LA, others - the ultimate doom,  deus ex, SW jedi knight dark forces II,  timelapse, Qin tomb of the middle kingdom, zax the alien hunter, star trek star fleet academy, forgotten realms baldur's gate, descent freespace the great war, the journeyman project legacy of time.  

GB/ GBA -  GB castlevania adventure, GB alleyway, and an actual original GameBoy in it's slightly faded carrying case, with at least one link cable, maybe two. oh yeah, and a very rare Dr Mario for GB (get it, black, white, and gray Dr. Mario! go figure...  GBA's include Tetris worlds, golden sun the lost age, nancy drew msg in a haunted mansion, broken sword shadow of the templars.

Dreamcast - too much stuff to do more than touch on: consoles, new keyboards and controllers, vmu's, 4X memory, controllers both original and colors/turbo, etc., extension cords, cables, dozens of games, common and rare (ie a new, sealed Caution Seaman and a new Typing of the Dead), and who knows what else.

Most of the video games are complete with manual and case or box, but not all of them are.  conditions of any one part of the game can vary.  i will give you an exact description of all parts/ items upon request.  Some of the PC games are complete, some are just discs, some were part of a computer software bundle.

thanks for looking!

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