All-Star Baseball

Started by stiffler, July 06, 2004, 03:01:47 PM

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Keith posted a news story about Acclaim losing the MLBPA license.  This, coming on the tail of Acclaim's financial woes, had me wondering if anybody played this game.

Admittedly it isn't my baseball title of choice, but I hadn't actually given it a shot.

Does this news even make you blink?  Did we need another baseball game?

It seems we are down to MVP and ESPN with the MS and 989 titles on hold.
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I played last year's game and even did a review on it.  It wasn't my baseball game of choice either, I'd rather play MVP or ESPN over this game.  It was the cream of the crop back on the N64 though.  Acclaim is going down the toilet...that's for sure.
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After trying it the last two years, I figured I wouldn't put my hand on the stove a 3rd time.  :D

Fielding animations took 3 weeks. Even worse than MVP!!
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