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Author Topic: FREE 512mb pc2700 Kingston laptop Ram :)  (Read 1244 times)
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« on: August 30, 2005, 07:21:58 PM »

Taken straight from anandtech.


Link to coupon

there was alot of specualtion over this coupon over the past few days. most saying it was invalid that it was a fraud. Well if you call up 1888bestbuy and press 3-4-2 to get to a csr. You can ask them about the coupon. As of 2oclock today all BB csr's recieved an email stating the coupon is valid and stores must take it.

So $59.99 +$29.99 "installation" = $90
$90 - $90 coupon = free

Coupon has no restrictions so it CAN be used on sale items. Just expires on Sept 10th.
Somoene on SD posted this stating the $90 can be used on ram for cameras, psp, phones, and basically any ram here is his info also...

"Interesting experience during my "second round" of sweeping the stores. I went to the Novi, MI store # 417 and picked up some RAM. Like before, I proceeded to the Geeks to purchase the memory and the $29 installation fee. The technician took the coupon to his manager who stated that I must use that coupon with the purchase of a computer. Then he said this (a new tale):

"It is the in-store policy of (all) Best Buy to not allow the combination of any coupon with an item already on sale" - Jason Cox, #417 Manager

I told him that he just made that policy up in his head and asked for proof; of course he says that it is an unwritten policy. He then stated that I can call BB cust srvc 888-BESTBUY and they will back him up. Of course I asked for a phone and did that. An operator named "Xtina" BB Emp #256XX confirmed that I CAN use a coupon to purchase an item already on sale for IN-STORE purchases. I called the Dearborn, MI stored manager who stated that I CAN use a coupon with an item already on sale.

I showed them receipts from my other successful purchases; they said that the cashier was wrong doing that and that won't happen again.

I found the manager again who now states that his district manager told him this. After I asked for the name and number of the district manager he replies, "His name is Mark but today was his last day; you won't be able to contact him". (I verified this with another store manager at a different store - he was telling the truth). I made continuing complaints all without success, informed them that I am filing a complaint with the FTC, Michigan Attorney General, BBB, and left the store.

As I write this I am on the telephone with a BB CSR. She is stating that the coupon is valid and DOES NOT HAVE TO BE USED WITH THE PURCHASE OF A COMPUTER but must be used for an item at regular price. She ALSO stated that this can be use for ANY computer related memory including memory cards (SD,CompactFlash) BUT you have to have GeekSquad install it. As the other SlickDealer says, all of the 888BESTBUY CSR's have received an email stating the above.

If you at a store and there is a problem, and if no one else can help, maybe you can hire...or I mean call 1-888-Bestbuy, explain your situation (bring up the "email") and let them talk to the on duty manager. Reference Case #19986217 which has details of the CSR contacting the Novi,MI Store #417 manager.

Good luck team.

Note: I have to have my Slickdeal act of kindness recognized today. At this store before I made my purchase, I gave away two of the $90 off coupons to a random customer that was about to pay the full price on two $95 sticks of 512MB. He successfully made it out of the store untouched and will soon be another SlickDealer! Congrats FDK for your first Slickdeal!"

Enjoy guys... I have gotten 3 so far!!!

It worked for me today.  I got 512 sticks for work, and the rest of my co-workers are going tonight to pickup some more.
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« Reply #1 on: August 30, 2005, 07:28:11 PM »

link brokey.  Got a local copy?

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« Reply #2 on: August 30, 2005, 07:48:40 PM »

Just a sec Ron, I copied and pasted it.  It should work when I revise it.
« Reply #3 on: August 30, 2005, 07:50:48 PM »

Link Fixed in Post Above
« Reply #4 on: August 31, 2005, 02:07:36 PM »

Thanks works people!  

My entire office is going to BB today to upgrade their laptops.
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