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 on: January 28, 2015, 05:54:07 PM 
Started by CeeKay - Last post by Turtle
It's not in depth. You don't build a base, you just help survivors in story missions, and secure safe zones out in the field that are just safe houses for night and respawn points.

Most of the scavenging is for weapons since they break a lot, and for crafting ingredients.

Honestly, if you played Dead Island, it's the same game, just highly polished, with parkour, a more interesting story, and slightly better character(s). For someone like me who loved Dead Island, flaws and all, it's exactly what I want.

I'm just waiting for reviews to see if they followed through for the entire game.

 on: January 28, 2015, 05:48:26 PM 
Started by CeeKay - Last post by Bullwinkle

Quote from: EngineNo9 on January 28, 2015, 05:00:15 PM

Quote from: Isgrimnur on January 28, 2015, 04:30:43 AM

Videos NSFW

Leslie Jones standup - heavy on the screaming

Yikes, not a fan of that. 

Yeah, she's been...I don't know if "reigning it in" is the right phrase, but "putting that energy to better use" at least.  With a good director in the right role, she could be great.  I think this might be it.

 on: January 28, 2015, 05:45:25 PM 
Started by naednek - Last post by Devil

Quote from: forgeforsaken on January 27, 2015, 10:59:41 PM

Since that Sharp analysis showing the Patriot's fumble rate to be some crazy anomaly is bound to be posted at some point, just go read this instead
and see why he's wrong (and possibly intentionally fudging the data)

Or this one

Is it 187 plays or rushing attempts? They hardly run during the regular season (unless it's the Colts). Also the offense is all quick passes. AND Ridley is hurt and he fumbles a lot.

Also is this just lost fumbles? Does it count fumbles out of bounds?

The team is good and has been for 15 years. People don't like it and want a reason. "How can the Patriots be so good for so long and my team sucks? They must be cheating!!"

Hasn't Peyton Manning's teams been that good for that long? I know he's horrible in the playoffs and he's in a lot of commercials so the hate doesn't build for long. Let's take a look at that...

The Colts made the playoffs 9 out of 10 seasons from 1999-2010. I would like some research done on how many false starts the opposing offenses committed during those 10 years when the Colts were at home. We'll then attribute all those to them pumping in artificial crowd noise and see where it goes.

Someone run the numbers!!  icon_wink

 on: January 28, 2015, 05:20:14 PM 
Started by CeeKay - Last post by Suitably Ironic Moniker
How deep is the crafting/base building/scavenging? I have a couple of hours put into State of Decay, and even though this one is obviously different in its presentation, I'm hoping that the aforementioned aspects are at least somewhat prominent and not just window dressing to disguise the parkour/combat parts. I'm also hoping for my traditional Valentine's Steam card, so that I may actually get this one, as I have sworn not to buy a game with my own money this year.

 on: January 28, 2015, 05:19:27 PM 
Started by Dante Rising - Last post by Destructor
Interesting. I may have to give this a whirl at some point. Tell us your experiences as you keep playing, okay?

 on: January 28, 2015, 05:00:15 PM 
Started by CeeKay - Last post by EngineNo9

Quote from: Isgrimnur on January 28, 2015, 04:30:43 AM

Videos NSFW

Leslie Jones standup - heavy on the screaming

Yikes, not a fan of that. 

 on: January 28, 2015, 04:53:29 PM 
Started by metallicorphan - Last post by naednek
Got this yesterday for a great deal, and man it's pretty. 

Had a fun moment doing my first quest after the prologue.  I was sent to a farm to take care of some wolves who were killing the farm animals.  I was tasked to destroy the wolves den after taking out the wolves.  Inside the den was a gas canister and figured I'd blow it up with my fire arrow.  Well still learning the controls, I accidentally threw in bait.  I said to myself, crap there some perfectly good meat wasted, but didn't think anything else of it.  I figured I was ok because there wasn't any tigers/scary animals nearby.  Then I heard the tiger roar...  And I'm stuck in the cave trapped.  I managed to get by the tiger's leap, and accidentally shot the tiger with my fire arrow catching him and everything around me on fire.  Fire moved to my 4 wheeler and blew that up.  I ended using a normal arrow to blow up the gas canister which made no sense to me.

Fun chain of events

 on: January 28, 2015, 04:44:50 PM 
Started by Knightshade Dragon - Last post by Roman

Quote from: EddieA on January 28, 2015, 01:43:49 PM

Quote from: Blackjack on January 28, 2015, 05:55:18 AM

I seem to have met my match in Act V with Adria: The Witch (aka Spider-Woman). Any ideas? I've tried everything in my L54 Crusader toolbox, and seem wholly unable to bring her health meter below maybe 70%. Then the stupid heart slugs (or whatever) fill up the screen. If she has a weakness, I can't find it.

Nobody on bnet seems to join open multiplayer games anymore (presumably the only people left playing are L70 players now) so it doesn't seem like I can get any help on this that way.

I guess I'll Google it but thought I'd ask in case anyone here even remembers playing through Acts anymore.  icon_smile

I guess I knew sooner or later D3 would go back to pissing me off and frustrating me. Nothing like a love-hate relationship.  icon_neutral

I don't know if the PC and console versions differ in leveling speed, but you seem really low-level for that fight.  I was already at 70 and had gained a few paragon levels by that point.  You could try gaining some levels or crafting some new gear.

I agree with Eddie on this one.

 on: January 28, 2015, 04:35:58 PM 
Started by jztemple2 - Last post by jztemple2

Quote from: jztemple2 on January 28, 2015, 03:26:36 PM

I have an Nvidia card, I'll have to check that out.

Now I remember why wasn't using Shadowplay, it's only for a limited number of games supported by the Nvidia Experience. Still, I've now enabled it to record the last 10 minutes if I'm playing any of those game.

 on: January 28, 2015, 03:26:36 PM 
Started by jztemple2 - Last post by jztemple2

Quote from: TheAtomicKid on January 28, 2015, 08:05:54 AM

If you happen to be using nvidia in your gpu, you can use the shadowplay function from their software.

Link posted for the lazy scaggers wot can't use google... biggrin


I have an Nvidia card, I'll have to check that out.

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