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 on: Today at 06:47:10 PM 
Started by Knightshade Dragon - Last post by Covenant
What platform you on Blackjack?

 on: Today at 06:41:10 PM 
Started by farley2k - Last post by farley2k
I laughed.  It was dumb but hopefully in a good way.

 on: Today at 06:01:22 PM 
Started by Knightshade Dragon - Last post by Blackjack
Thanks, guys. Sorry -- I get into Whiny Baby mode sometimes as you veterans know.  crybaby icon_razz

While Soulchilde kindly offered to help last night, I spent the evening playing my Barbarian-ess (now L40, and in Act V). Forgot how much fun that class is too.

Although I know better than to play PC games in the morning, I logged in, took the coward's way out -- turned difficulty to Normal -- and tried spamming her with "Phalanx Stampede" skill:
Summon warhorses that deal 490% weapon damage and have a 30% chance to Stun enemies for 2 seconds.
I don't know if it would've helped on the Legendary/Expert difficulties, but on Normal that let me keep her at bay enough to wear her down steadily. Spat up a really nice legendary 2 hand sword.

Maybe at some I'll try another run at the boss witch at higher difficulty -- her lair is just adjacent to a waypoint so it's really easy to do repeated runs without having to crawl through an entire dungeon area to reach it.

As much as I like the Archers, I find the Stampede is really helpful for knocking bosses off track and helping stay out of trouble in the later story game. And you can spam-click it repeatedly as long as you have wrath built up.

I'd still love to play with others. Just the whole Bnet in general doesn't seem to be doing MP anymore. I tried matchmaking repeatedly and never get connected to anything. Throw up an open one, no one joins. I remain unconvinced that D3's switch away from the first couple games of simply throwing up a game with a simple name on it (still the way that Grim Dawn, Torchlight II et al handle it as well) is an improvement from a socializing aspect. I don't know if that's any different with Adventure Mode games or the L70 play.

 on: Today at 05:55:00 PM 
Started by ydejin - Last post by Soulchilde
I tried watching that vidoe and Sid just talks too much instead of just playing the game.. 

 on: Today at 05:07:50 PM 
Started by CeeKay - Last post by Caine

Quote from: Turtle on Today at 02:11:33 PM

Also, the harder zombies are attracted by loud noise.
Yes, and while they are seemingly more vulnerable to head shots, they also dodge like a ninja and jump up on all surfaces.  

I progressed further along and went through the first night escape mission.  That was an incredibly tense and unsettling experience.  I was cut down before I made it to the first safehouse.  I made it past the 2nd closest safehouse on my 2nd attempt but botched a landing and ended up in a 1 on 1 fight against a viral.  

My 3rd attempt was staying the hell away from them at all costs.  Now when mama Jade says it's time to go inside a safe house, I listen.

I'm about level 6 all around now.  

 on: Today at 05:05:47 PM 
Started by metallicorphan - Last post by naednek
So I haven't played enough to know for sure, but I think I ran into some respawning...  Can anyone confirm?  Farcry2 did it, and it was horrible.  I don't recall Farcry 3 doing it, and if they did it was much smarter about it.

Last night I was doing a side quest, and I ran into some wolves.  I killed them, and realized I went to far from my objective.  I reached my objective and the 2nd part of the objective was past the part where I originally went to far.  When I came back the same 3 wolves were back.

I absolutely hate this cheap tactic by lazy developers.  Nothing ruins immersion than that. Games like No One Lives Forever did this and it went down from what could have been a cool game to a shitty game because of it.

Anyone else see this type of respawning?

 on: Today at 05:01:04 PM 
Started by ydejin - Last post by farley2k
I just started watching a video of this at Pax South

Actual gameplay starts around 30 minutes in.

 on: Today at 04:53:20 PM 
Started by CeeKay - Last post by Covenant
Yeah I've just finished getting through the opening bit (co-op unlocked) and am really enjoying this game.  As others have said, the parkour takes a bit to get used to, but soon enough it feels plenty natural.  My current hangup with the controls is that I keep throwing firecrackers when I mean to kick someone.  Combat at the start is real hectic; you definitely feel weak and a simple one on one fight can turn a corner real quick when zombie buddies decide to show up.  Once you get a decent weapon (blue electro-pipe ftw) and become more situationally aware though, it gets easier.  I can survive mini-packs without too much issue now.  Hot tip... don't ignore those firecrackers.  They are crazy useful at least in the early game.

 on: Today at 04:06:05 PM 
Started by CeeKay - Last post by leo8877

Quote from: Covenant on Today at 04:02:15 PM

Are they like that if you go back to the Slums?  Perhaps location has something to do with it.

That's where I thought I first noticed it.  The streets right outside of the tower had more aggressive zombies and I just chalked it up to leveling them leveling a bit with me.  As if the dev really had them slow and lumbering at first so you wouldn't get overwhelmed and as your power grew they became a little more competent.  It's not like they are completely upgraded, but the regular biters are just more aggressive and faster it seems. 

None of this takes away from the game, just an observation.  I am really enjoying it and glad I did not wait for reviews instead of just jumping in.  I think I need to upgrade my weapons more as it seems you find a lot of parts and items to work with.  The only problem is I use parkour so much I don't go through the weapons that I do find.

 on: Today at 04:02:15 PM 
Started by CeeKay - Last post by Covenant
Are they like that if you go back to the Slums?  Perhaps location has something to do with it.

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