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 on: Today at 07:01:47 PM 
Started by hepcat - Last post by stessier
How is the experiment going?  Have you found any use for HuluPlus?

I've looked into doing the same a few times and talked to the wife about it.  We figure two more years.  At that point, the kids will be done with Disney Junior and Nick Jr. and everything else we watch (and truly care about vs. watch when extremely bored) is either OTA or Netflix. 

You also mentioned a Vudu subscription.  What do you see as the value there?  Do they have different movies than Netflix?  I've heard of the service but never really looked into it.  I really wish WB wasn't setting up it's own walled garden - there are a few movies I will likely never see because they don't come to any of the services I subscribe to.

 on: Today at 07:00:12 PM 
Started by CeeKay - Last post by EngineNo9

Quote from: Caine on Today at 05:02:51 PM



Woohoo!  Go Bugbear!  smile  Still very much Early access but they just released a big update this week with a new track, a couple derby stadiums, the replay feature and other stuff.

 on: Today at 06:15:06 PM 
Started by Lee - Last post by Lee
Agreed, nice article and pretty much how I feel.

Just got my first "all tables full" message. Had to wait about a minute.

 on: Today at 05:49:01 PM 
Started by Bullwinkle - Last post by Ridah
Typing "Wii U internet connection" in a search engine brings up a lot of results so I know it's not a completely isolated situation.

What's a good alternative security setting for routers aside from WPA+WPA2?

 on: Today at 05:38:26 PM 
Started by Caine - Last post by Caine
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 on: Today at 05:38:03 PM 
Started by Bullwinkle - Last post by Lordnine

Quote from: Ridah on Today at 04:57:23 PM

I received the system from Amazon last night and bought Super Mario 3D World from GameStop. Getting it to connect to my wifi was a huge hurdle, and the lack of an ethernet port is an outright dumb omission. After looking for help online I found that I had to manually configure the wifi connection which completely undermines Nintendo's philosophy of making their platform and games approachable for everyone. Not only that, but the network card is apparently a piece of shit because I have to have the Wii U in the same room as the router in order to hold a connection. So... online is a no-go with this machine for me.

I didn't have much time to play Mario after fucking around with the wifi settings and waiting for the system to update, but so far I'm really disappointed in the hardware.
I am always a little puzzled when I hear about people having network problems with their WiiUís.  Maybe I just got lucky but I have never had trouble getting them to sync up instantly, even when Iíve brought it to other peopleís houses.  My router also has two walls between it and the console so Iím not sure why distance is a problem for you unless you live in a lead bunker.

One thing I have noticed is that Nintendo devices (3DS as well) donít like the WPA+WPA2 setting on routers.  Have you checked your settings?  It might be as simple as switching to just WPA.

Unfortunately, the System Patch is pretty essential if you donít want to have a miserable time with your WiiU so getting internet is important.

 on: Today at 05:37:24 PM 
Started by Lee - Last post by Eco-Logic
Good article, I agree with it too.

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

 on: Today at 05:35:58 PM 
Started by gangeli - Last post by Knightshade Dragon

Quote from: gellar on April 03, 2014, 05:29:02 AM

Wouldn't the IP that the university sees be the Cloudflare IP address(es)? Aren't they effectively reverse proxying all of the connections to the GT hosts themselves?

Yea, that's exactly right - they wouldn't see our box IP, but Cloudflare's.   They are likely blocking thousands of legitimate sources if they are blocking cloudflare....

 on: Today at 05:27:38 PM 
Started by PR_GMR - Last post by Gratch

Quote from: Autistic Angel on Today at 02:29:10 PM

I sent Skinypupy#1508 a friend invite through Battle.Net a few days ago, so hopefully I'll be playing some Diablo III with Gratch.  The program doesn't seem to offer any feedback at all about pending social requests though, so I don't know when he'll get it.

-Autistic Angel

Been in Boston all week, just got back last night.  Will check it tonight.

 on: Today at 05:13:06 PM 
Started by Lee - Last post by leo8877
My thoughts exactly on removing chat

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