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 on: Today at 05:00:29 PM 
Started by Mystic95Z - Last post by Bullwinkle
I also thought the actor playing the former politico was coming off forced.  I think it's a character choice, instead of performance, but it still doesn't ring true (I also was irritated with her when I looked her up on IMDB and saw this quote: "People think of me as the Jewish Meryl Streep."  Wow.  There are so many levels of hubris in that statement... Look, I don't care if 50 people have said that exact thing to you, you don't say it out loud, even if you're following it with some kind of humble BS).

And then her son, Soulpatch Douchebag.  My god, I didn't think I could hate someone more than Andrea.  Watching that fantastic ass-kicking from Glenn was really satisfying.  I know he's meant to be a douchebag (he even says it out loud), but he's playing "Douchebag".  I'm waiting for him to call a zombie "Brah".

But I like the yummy artist mom (same actress played the even yummier version of the maid in the first season of American Horror Story), and I still really like Aaron (his bit about not having phones was, again, endearing), and I love the set up of this story arc.

I was watching this unfold and thinking, "Well, this just looks perfect, so what's going to go wrong?  What the hell is wrong?"  and then it hit me pretty early in: They're what's wrong.  Rick and Co. are going to fuck this up so bad, and it really fits this world perfectly.  Plus the debate about society and where it ends and whether it's good and how much of it is a pure construct/fabrication...  This kind of highlighted illustration is what good sci fi/fantasy/horror should be doing.

Carol, in particular, scared the hell out of me in her taped interview.  Saying she missed her abusive awful husband every day and adding the junior league bit.  She'd gone Stepford Carol.  A little part of me wondered if she hadn't just cracked.  But of course she was just playing the part to get inside there.  But then Carol has cracked, clearly.  She has gone into the deep end more than a lot of folks in the group.  She's hardened too much.  She's going to be the issue even more than Rick, I think.  Keep your eye on her.

Rick has Carl (and the increasingly goofy-looking Ass-Kicker), and we've seen him get pulled back from the brink because of that before.  I think it'll happen again, but in a different way this time.  It's not going to be as simple as Rick sees Carl has lost his place in the world and realizes he's done the same, so he pulls himself back to society.

Because the group is done with society by this point. This town may seem wonderful, but it's still self-contained.  They are holding onto the way it was, but since they're not part of something larger, there's no real point.  It's empty.

Glenn is the only one who gets it.  I can't remember the line he said, but he had one comment about the town, and why it was important to not let go entirely, and it was dead on.  I think he may finally be the full leader of the group after this.  Or we'll lose him entirely, and it'll be the most tragic to date. 

And then watch out for Maggie.

 on: Today at 04:38:26 PM 
Started by Bullwinkle - Last post by Isgrimnur
Even better than Vegas, since their chips have the denominations printed on them.  smile

 on: Today at 04:37:32 PM 
Started by Caine - Last post by Isgrimnur

 on: Today at 04:34:52 PM 
Started by forgeforsaken - Last post by Bullwinkle
I finished over the weekend, and I think Dante is right.  While this isn't an exceptional game in all departments, it certainly isn't terrible enough for the crazily low scores it's getting.  It's a middle of the road game that has some elements that would kick the score up a bit.  I'd put it in the mid-70s, personally.

I get some of the frustrations. 

The forced walking frustrated me, too.  Especially when it was through sections with virtually nothing to do apart from walk through them.  I mentioned it before, but the lack of interesting collectibles really hurt this for me.  I suspect the game was rushed a little bit out the door, and this is one of the areas they wanted more time to flesh out.  It felt like there should have been more or that, at least, the stuff you found would give you some interesting backstory (like with the audio cylinders). As it is, though, it made this really cool world they'd set up feel kind of empty.

I found a lot of the QTEs to be unnecessary.  Like opening a trunk, for example.  Why have me open a trunk with a button, then have me hit X a bunch of times (while he jimmied it with his knife)?  That's just busy work.

Some of the combat felt extended to obvious filler levels (really, another wave of these guys?), and I think there might have been a random critical hit situation in place that felt inconsistent, occasionally.  Also, I don't think I ever liked fighting Lycans.  Those battles often felt cheap to me.  Apart from the last one, which is where the QTEs actually worked, too.

So, that sounds like a lot of irritation, but really, the game works fine.  It's just not at it's full potential in all areas.  Other areas (graphics, actor performance, even story) they've pulled off some exceptional stuff.  And that makes the parts where they didn't feel all the weaker.

But none of it is enough to warrant the kind of reactions we're seeing.  I wish they'd made this a fall release.  I think it could have been something amazing, instead of just an okay game that was worth a play.

 on: Today at 04:34:25 PM 
Started by warning - Last post by farley2k

 on: Today at 04:18:39 PM 
Started by Hrothgar - Last post by Hrothgar
So Samsung announced two new Galaxy S6 models and HTC tried to fix the flaws with the One M8 with the strikingly similar looking One M9.  Are any of these good enough to knock off the Nexus 6?  I think I'm leaning toward the S6 Edge, but with little kids, I'll need a good case.  That might remove the advantage of the Edge.

 on: Today at 04:13:36 PM 
Started by Mystic95Z - Last post by Xmann
first off, I mentioned to my wife about you guys talking about people being in an uproar with the new gay couple. both of our thoughts were, "really, people still act ignorant like this?". unbelievable.

as far as the show, I'm not digging the head of the new community. her acting just seems forced and unnatural and I hate it. I do, however, like where this is going. I haven't read the comics, so I have no spoilers.

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 on: Today at 04:07:59 PM 
Started by Caine - Last post by Bullwinkle
Whenever I finally get around to finishing RE:R on my 3DS (so much better on the new one), I'll probably get the sequel.  Sounds like it's optimized on Xbox for once.

Shiftlings - I don't know much about this one, and it's the least interesting, so it'll probably be the free PSN game.
White Night - The visuals for this are extremely cool, but I'll wait for reviews.
Helldivers - This one looks good.  A likely buy.
OlliOlli2: Welcome to Olliwood - The first one was excellent, but I won't bother if they made it harder.
Zombie Army Trilogy - Has anyone played this on PC?  I like the idea, anyway.

Screamride - There's a demo for this on XBox now.  It's kind of Rollercoaster Tycoon meets Boom Blox meets an arcade racer.  Could be really fun, but it was a little sloppy in the demo.

Mario Vs. Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars - I always like these games, but I stop playing them for some reason.

 on: Today at 03:16:17 PM 
Started by Mystic95Z - Last post by Scraper

Quote from: Roman on Today at 01:48:09 PM

any thoughts on the fence supports being on the 'wrong' side? I'm no engineer but I would have thought that by having the fence supports on the inside of the fence that it could better withstand the pushing from hordes of undead.


It's definitely strange and the director went out of his way to show the supports being on the outside so I doubt it's just something the design and writing crew over looked. Either it is meant to keep people in or at some point in the story the stupid design will show that the Alexandria people really don't know what they're doing.

I haven't read the comics so I don't really know what to expect with this group. I do find it hard to believe that they could survive this long being that close to a highly populated area, even more so if they are as naive as they are playing. Even if the Army did evacuate there would still be a ton of walkers and other people in the DC area.

 on: Today at 02:42:47 PM 
Started by Bullwinkle - Last post by wonderpug
Checked this out over the weekend and tried the Yavin Death Star attack, Hoth snowspeeders, and Falcon vs. Death Star II.  I'm afraid I'd only rate it as "that was kinda neat."  The panoramic bubble screen was really cool and immersive, almost like VR without depth perception, but the gameplay was shallow even for a rail shooter.  "Turn this way, now press the fire button, now you can't press the fire button anymore, ok now press the other fire button."  The throttle didn't seem to do much more than let you slightly vary how far away your only allowable target enemy appeared.

I'm glad I tried it, and I'll probably go back another time to do the two scenarios I skipped and replay the two Death Star runs, but I don't think it's worth going through extraordinary lengths to find the game if you don't have one nearby.

Quote from: Jimmy the Fish on February 27, 2015, 06:19:20 PM

How much does it cost to play a game?

I think the card reader said it cost 15 "chips" a scenario, and you get X chips per dollar if you get the $10 card but Y chips per dollar if you get the $20 card, and you can SUPERCHARGE your card to get 25% more chips for an extra cost which may or may not give you more chips per dollar. 

Really I have no idea how much real dollars moneys I spent.

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