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 on: Today at 07:32:28 PM 
Started by Harpua3 - Last post by wonderpug
I think he sounds more afraid of home ownership than the move itself.  

If you're afraid of home repairs, check out this thread from Teggy asking for advice on tools and items every home owner should have.

If you're afraid of paying for home repairs, be sure to set aside money every month for the home repair fund.  Expect that you're going to have to pay for stuff now, rather than hoping it doesn't and then having to scramble to find funds

If you're afraid of the mountain of paperwork of home purchasing, be sure to save all your receipts! Get ready for itemizing your tax return if you've never done it before, because from here on out it will probably be worth it.  Make sure you're doing all the things you're supposed to be doing regarding property taxes, and if the taxes aren't being handled as part of your mortgage payments, be sure you set aside 1/12 of your expected tax payment every month.

If you're afraid of your neighbors, build your fence higher.

 on: Today at 07:32:20 PM 
Started by Harpua3 - Last post by Roguetad
I don't think non-gamers would appreciate this, but I always feel so much better about a move after I get my primary console, tv, and pc setup.  It looks a little ridiculous with boxes everywhere and my gaming stuff all setup in the corner of a room (with no furniture).  I think it helped the stress and anxiety that my kids were feeling too with our most recent move.  We could sit on pillows on the floor playing games together in our new house for an hour or so between the stress of unpacking and setting up rooms.  I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who has done this.


 on: Today at 07:22:43 PM 
Started by Harpua3 - Last post by Punisher
Throw all your old stuff out and buy everything new. Then you don't have to move anything!

 on: Today at 07:16:55 PM 
Started by CeeKay - Last post by Punisher

Quote from: Teggy on September 16, 2014, 08:46:33 PM

They put out a teaser trailer for the new version that's basically 30 seconds of penetration shots. I don't think I'll post it here.
The teaser is in Farley's link anyway... might be NSFW!

 on: Today at 06:28:27 PM 
Started by farley2k - Last post by farley2k

Quote from: Lordnine on Today at 04:34:27 PM

Not quite out.  Actual release is next week. 

Oh, sorry.  That is disappointing.  I guess it is better to have reviews earlier rather than later. 

 on: Today at 06:25:24 PM 
Started by Teggy - Last post by Rumpy
Apparently using an Apple Watch while driving can get you ticketed in the UK, as they're subject to the same rules as a phone. Think you're off the hook because it's a watch? Think again.

 on: Today at 06:23:50 PM 
Started by farley2k - Last post by Roguetad
I wish it had split screen local co-op.  I think the only option is 1 player on the tv and 1 player on the gamepad (looking at the gamepad).  It would've been better to have the option to have tv/gamepad and split screen tv. 

I'm probably going to get it since my kids are big LoZ fans, and would be very happy to smash bad guys with their favorite characters. 

 on: Today at 06:13:16 PM 
Started by metallicorphan - Last post by Soulchilde
expect this to be nerfed farming spot

 on: Today at 06:10:23 PM 
Started by forgeforsaken - Last post by EngineNo9
Hell yeah!  I can always go for more EDF, especially on new consoles.  I'll be interested to see how they make the PS4 crawl at 10 frames per second when things go nuts.  slywink

From those screenshots you'd almost assume that you can control that giant robot?  

I have to admit, though, I never finished EDF 2025.  It seemed great and a return to form after Insect Armageddon, but for some reason it just didn't take hold of me like 2017 did.  

 on: Today at 06:08:22 PM 
Started by forgeforsaken - Last post by wonderpug
Metroplex got a new paint job!

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