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1  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Espn vs. Madden against running QB's on: August 08, 2004, 02:05:55 PM
(I apologize for the cut and paste, but I want to get as much input from as many sources as I can)

I have purchased ESPN and I have played a few games online with my brother and they have been excellent. Both of us try to follow the basic procedures for NFL football but I have been very disappointed with the tactics other players use online. For one thing, the QB spy does NOT work. The most frustrating games come against Atlanta and Philly and Minnesota players. In those games I am able to defend against their runs and pass plays rather effectively and then they pull out the "send 'em deep and run the QB play". I kinda expected it, and then knew it was coming because those guys were consistent in this "abuse". I would play a zone and have ALL THREE LB's (In 4-3, I knew what they were doing) set to spy the QB (I think only one of them will do it, I'm not sure if you can assign more than one to the QB but I damn sure tried). However, these running QB's consistently and effectively outran and abused first the O-Line, then the LB's, and in McNabb and Cullpepper's case- they ran over the DB's.

I know I'm whining about this and it sounds silly, but my last game against a Philly player was exceedingly frustrating as I would stop his deep bombs to Owens, stop his running game, and on 3rd down McNabb would routinely run for 12 yards. I was completely unable to stop it (If I switched to a 5lb defense he would just pass it to Owens who was set to run deep and MUST be double teamed). I switch between the Dolphins and Panthers (prefer Dolphins but with all the recent news I can't bear to run the ball with Ricky). I don't think it is a defensive thing, I tried taking control of the DE's, LB's, Safety's... to no avail- the LB's are too slow, and the DB's are too far away (remember, they send their WR's deep) and the D-Line mostly get swallowed up by the O-Line.

Is the above scenario going to be prevalent in Madden? I don't really care if someone wants to try it, but I want the game to provide a reasonably effective counter to, what is in my idea, this exploit of the running QB's.

(If anyone has some tips for countering this effectively in ESPN I'd be glad to try it out...)

2  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Madden/ESPN NFL on: July 05, 2004, 09:20:13 PM
Quote from: "naednek"
I think why people enjoyed ESPN moreso than Madden because ESPN brought something new, that Madden hasn't done.  

ESPN did an excellent job with the presentation, it was like watching a game on ESPN.  But that's not the sole reason why people like ESPN.  Online is one key feature that up until now, Madden didn't have.

Espn felt played and looked better than Madden.   Everything looked incredible realistic, while Madden wasn't as pretty.  

Gameplay, ESPN had some bugs, tackling issues and AI were two components that really brought down the game.  Apparently it's fixed this year.  

I do agree that Madden had a better play book, and it looks like they will again this year.

Madden has become stale over the years, and when they added the owners mode last year, it really didn't make it any better.  Who wants to sell hot dogs.  I prefer ESPN's franchise mode, where what you do effects your game.  

Madden looks incredibly good this year, especially with it's revamped defense, but ESPN was the king of football last year, and with the $20 price tag, it  looks like it will be just as good if not better than last years.

I'm trying to remember what was "new" about ESPN vs. Madden and I can't think of it.  Also, I didn't think the graphics for ESPN were that much better than Madden- especially after hearing how much better it looked, then playing it and being underwhelmed.  So I add that in with the dissapointing D vs Run and I'm at a loss for this year.  Madden has it's problems but why doesn't anyone give Madden the benifit of a year spent fixing the problem?  Madden has overhauled (it seems) the defensive play and ESPN has added the AWEFUL suzy kober post game interviews?  And we get to see the ESPN sunday night atmosphere?  What does that have to do with gameplay?  Do they have the fugly cheerleaders again?  Those chicks were frighteningly grotesque.  I don't know how one goes about crowning ESPN or Madden king of football, I do believe some have a hatred for Madden that is usually saved for brussle sprouts or fruit cake.

The video's I have seen for both Madden and ESPN are all great, when it comes to gameplay.  I don't care about Madden's franchise mode, and the ESPN weekly coaching modes at least affect gameplay.  I don't care at all for the suzy kolber interviews- I find them as laughable as the scarecrow cheerleaders, but the Berman halftime and game wrap-ups are intriguing and may be worth watching if the info given actually pertains to the game you played.  The price point definitely has Madden beat so I believe this year I will go with ESPN and NCAA.
3  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Madden/ESPN NFL on: July 05, 2004, 03:29:49 PM
Two years ago I bought a gamecube.  I played Madden, of course, and enjoyed it.  Last year I played Madden on gamecube then my brother talked me into buying a X-Box to play online ESPN (I tried the ESPN for gamecube- 2003?- and didn't like it AT ALL... I thought it was horrible and took it back pronto).  So, I buy ESPN for X-Box and play my little brother on-line and let him beat me.  I feel that last years ESPN was not, graphically, equal to Madden.  I think the play selection looks crappy and the menu system is not very intuitive (to this madden player).  It really came off as a game trying so hard to be Madden.  I play the Dolphins and Ricky Williams would bust out 2, or 3, 70 yard runs a game.  That was upsetting, because, while I didn't like the presentation of the game, I thought the gameplay felt smoother than Madden's.  Now I'm torn.  I am planning on buying NCAA so I will get used to the Madden style controls... I like what Madden is including with the defensive enhancements and I'm starting to think that ESPN is trying to be too gimmicky (the QB evade, AI controlling user input for angles to the runner).  

I don't understand why some people are so filled with anger and disgust at Madden.  Is it because they have been at the top for so long, and you want to pull for the underdog?  Is it because Madden releases a new game every year? (so is ESPN).  Is it because John Madden is getting old and goofy?  I really don't see where all the anger is coming from.  I've played both, and I think I'm a pretty level headed guy, but these are games and after playing a season or two (in either madden or espn) you will learn exploits and take advantage of the AI.  What I want to know, is with LIVE for both games, which game will be less prone to exploits?  Will I be running Ricky Williams up the middle, or around the corner and racking up 300 yards and 4 TD's a game (espn) or will the running game be nearly inconsequential (Madden)?  I think it will be a difficult decision for gamers, like myself, with no real emotion going either way... I will have to give it a week or two and find out if there is any consensus beyond the rabid fanbois drooling over a new game and foaming at the mouth in hatred (jealousy?) for the opposing product.
4  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Poncho Memorial CG X-Box ESPN NFL 2K5 Tourney -Team Requests on: July 05, 2004, 02:47:25 PM
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