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2161  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Half Life 2 for Pc and Xbox on: August 30, 2005, 07:51:40 PM
Looking at those screenshots, I would pick the PC version just for the details on the scientists white woolen sweater.  I remember you could even make out two stains on her sweater.  The first time you meet her and then see her have a little spat with Alex, such great facial animation and voicework.  Just remembering what a great game HL2 was smile
2162  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / [DS] Nintendog impressions (yes I'm turning in my man-card) on: August 30, 2005, 07:35:18 PM
Quote from: "-Lord Ebonstone-"
Can you starve the dog and beat it from when it's a puppy to steadily turn it into a killing machine?

If you could do that, I would be so IN.  Especially since yesterday they banned owning a pitbull in Toronto.
2163  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Project Offset new video on: August 16, 2005, 05:56:52 PM
Sounds like Battlefield Fantasy from the game description.  Graphics are incredible.  Lots of potential if these guys can pull if off.
2164  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Dark Messiah of Might & Magic,...updated screenshots on: August 05, 2005, 08:58:14 PM
Why?  Because the same developers did a pretty good job with Arx Fatalis.  And I think the engine will allow for more depth than Hexen gameplay even if it is all action.
2165  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Dark Messiah of Might & Magic,...updated screenshots on: August 05, 2005, 06:03:37 PM
Finally!  A game to get excited over.
2166  Gaming / Multiplayer Madness (MMO or otherwise) / Guild Wars Solo Play? on: June 07, 2005, 02:42:17 PM
It depends what build you play.  Some are very good solo in PvE.  I know some builds that can solo a mission called "Thirty River" which is generally considered one of the toughest missions.

It can be difficult in the last stages of the game when your henchmen will not have special defence against a certain type of attack.  Most people would consider it frustrating to attempt the whole game solo, but then I know some people who enjoy the challenge.

BTW, it's trivially easy to get a pickup group.  You don't even have to bother with "Level 10 Ranger LFG" if you don't care too much about the pickup group makeup.  Just hit invite on a couple of group leaders and someone will surely let you in.
2167  Gaming / Multiplayer Madness (MMO or otherwise) / Guild Wars on: June 06, 2005, 08:00:16 PM
The towns are always spamming with "LFG for bonus".  I don't know why everyone is so keen on the bonus mission.  Other than the "fun factor" aspect, xp and skill points come naturally as you progress.  You also hit level 20 automatically about 70% through the game whether you have enough xp or not.  Sometimes I hear, "I want to be strong enough for the missions so that's why I level grind and/or do the bonus".  But in GW, your skill set and armor is more important than a few levels.  My level 14 cruised through the missions and is now in Ventarii Refuse.  If I do the 10-15 arena, I kick butt because I have better armor and skills than most people.  Solo'd a group of 3 once in arena after my party wiped.

For my 3rd alt, I hope I can get some help and run to ascension quest bypassing most of the missions.  I know some people have ascended (auto hit 20) with a level 3-5 character.  Don't know any other rpg where you can hit level cap in about 5hrs.
2168  Gaming / Multiplayer Madness (MMO or otherwise) / Guild Wars on: June 06, 2005, 02:49:13 PM
Still playing since Day 1 and working on getting my second character to 20.  Instead of loot collecting or level grinding like other RPGs, I'm addicted to skill collecting.  So many of them and it's so easy to switch around your attribute points to try different builds.

When I played games like EQ, CoH, SWG etc., I always had the desire to try all the classes with all their skills but it was just not possible to do without investing life-destroying amounts of time.  With GW, it's doable at a relaxed casual pace.
2169  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Where the Hell is the MechWarrior-like MMO Already? on: June 03, 2005, 08:19:16 PM
Probably because of technical limitations.  I have yet to see a massively multiplayer game with fluid and fast gameplay compared to a single player game.  Few have tried (ww2online, planetscape) but they are still limited.  Some use workaround such as instances but in that case, it not technically "massive".  I'm sure we will see lots of these types of games when everyone is on fibre optics networks and super fast video cards.
2170  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Civ 4 discussion on: June 03, 2005, 05:30:01 PM
Quote from: "Charlatan"
Check out the "stealth" Civ4 site: - the videos are hilarious, be sure to watch all of them.

LOL, that was hilarious smile
2171  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Xbox 360 - no DVI support? on: June 02, 2005, 06:17:04 PM
DVI is so old school.  Will it support HDMI?
2172  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Top 5 games you'd like to see re-made? on: May 20, 2005, 07:02:45 PM
X-Wing or Tie fighter (or a simulation type game with ep1-3 ships)
Another World/Flashback
Colony Wars
2173  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / A watershed moment for PC Gamers on: May 18, 2005, 06:00:10 PM
Who cares if the PC or Consoles is more powerful?  My NES could pump out much better and faster graphics than the PC I had at the time but there were still amazing games available for the PC.
2174  Gaming / Multiplayer Madness (MMO or otherwise) / AO free version on: May 18, 2005, 05:48:45 PM
I didn't play AO for long but it seemed to me a lot like EQ1 (the PvE gameplay).  So if you liked EQ1, it is definetly worth checking out.
2175  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: Newbie Guild Wars/Online Multi play question on: May 09, 2005, 03:44:50 PM
Quote from: "mikeg"

If it is like Morrowing where you just roam around at will and you never know what you're gonna get, as Forest would say, then I will pass.  I need a direction.  Yes, I am a sheep in that regards.

If you followed the main storyline, Morrowind is no different from any other single player RPG.  You didn't "have" to roam around.  Anyway GW does have a pretty good storyline in the form of missions.  There are side quests which don't advance the story and you don't have to do them.  The missions come with cut-scenes and your hero/party gets to star in them which is a pretty cool feature for an online game.  I would be lying if I said you could solo all the way to the end of the story.  Yes, you can have a party of AI characters but they won't cut it for some missions especially near the end.  Unless you have a really powerful solo build, you will need to group to get through some parts.  This is not a big deal, GW is by far one of the easiest games to find a group quickly.   You might change your mind about soloing once you find out how much fun it is to play with other humans in your group.
2176  Gaming / Multiplayer Madness (MMO or otherwise) / Guild Wars Launches this week..who's in? on: May 06, 2005, 01:24:32 PM
You could probably farm enough gold to buy a sigil at level 20 in less than half an hour.
2177  Gaming / Multiplayer Madness (MMO or otherwise) / Guild Wars Launches this week..who's in? on: May 05, 2005, 09:48:08 PM
Guild Wars review up on gamespot, score: 9.2
2178  Gaming / Multiplayer Madness (MMO or otherwise) / Guild Wars Launches this week..who's in? on: May 04, 2005, 03:52:34 PM
Quote from: "Destructor"
Lockdown - you're making this game sound more and more fun. I just don't have the time to get this thanks to World of Warcraft... frown

I dumped WoW for this.  It's a nice change of pace to be free of the grind.  I haven't yet felt forced to do something repetitive.  Just following along the storyline and getting levels, skills and equipment naturally.  The story missions are really good btw, haven't seen this kind of scripting even in single player RPGs.  For example there is a mission early on where you have to assemble a catapult and you can actually fire it at the approaching enemy.  Another mission just had you running away from a horde of enemy.  It's a far cry from the typical fed-ex stuff.

PvP is great too, it has the same "just one more round" feel like in a multiplayer FPS.  Guild pvp should be the most fun when I'm ready for that but even random team vs team is fun.  You just have to do the best with the hand that was dealt to you (since it automatically pairs you up with random players).
2179  Gaming / Multiplayer Madness (MMO or otherwise) / Guild Wars Launches this week..who's in? on: May 02, 2005, 09:12:43 PM
Quote from: "Raven"
Ok, I'll probably buy this game later this week.

So much for a mmorpg free summer.

Been said before but it's definetly not a mmrpg.  More like co-op missions with a massively multiplayer matchup area (i.e. the cities).  It's really no different from how Diablo 2 works except you have a city instead of a chat room.
2180  Gaming / Multiplayer Madness (MMO or otherwise) / Guild Wars Launches this week..who's in? on: May 02, 2005, 07:42:52 PM
My mediocre system:
1.4 amd athlon
radeon 9800 128mb
1 gig ram

This is the first game in a long time that I can turn every setting to max including 4x AA at the higest resolution.  Graphics whore in me is satisfied especially in the later stages of the game, there is some beautiful scenery.
2181  Gaming / Multiplayer Madness (MMO or otherwise) / Guild Wars Launches this week..who's in? on: May 02, 2005, 02:04:22 PM
Quote from: "Raven"
Is there any depth to this game? The class descriptions seem pretty thin. What fun is there in playing a class with only 4 or 5 abilities?

It's easily one of the most strategic skill system of any rpg.  The best part is that it's not dependent on how many hours you've spent levelling and loot farming but rather your character build spec and skill selection (easily changed each time you enter a mission/quest/pvp so it's impossible to gimp yourself permanently by choosing a wrong set of skills).  I'm surprised how well they managed to balance all the class combinations.  I'm sure it will be tweaked but it's a far better cry than the blatant imbalances found in other mmrpgs on release.
2182  Gaming / Multiplayer Madness (MMO or otherwise) / Guild Wars Launches this week..who's in? on: April 27, 2005, 04:48:52 PM

Played for 2 hours last night (preorder early launch).
2183  Gaming / Multiplayer Madness (MMO or otherwise) / Re: Quitting WoW - what's the best MMORPG for me? on: April 25, 2005, 05:01:38 PM
Quote from: "Blackadar"

1.  A game that takes longer to level.  I don't mind it taking a while.  As long as there's not a ton of "grinding" to do it.  Mission-based exp is fine.
2.  A game where there's easy-to-find groups all the time and short (but rewarding) missions.
3.  A player base (as much as possible) that's not comprised of screaming 12 year olds.
4.  A game with a rewarding crafting system.  
5.  A game in which you can solo if you want with little trouble.

Hmm lets consider Guild Wars (coming out this wednesday) using this criteria.
1. FAIL - However it might be fun to level up multiple character to 20.
2. PASS - Hands down the easiest MMOG to get a group quickly (auto matchup for pickup groupage)
3. FAIL - But I contend that this is true for every MMOG.  I expect the crowd to have a strong showing here just like in WoW.  Stick with a mature guild like most of us do.  
4. ? - Not a deep crafting system but might be rewarding.
5. PASS - Very easily soloable.

Hmm, 2/5 or 3/5.  Might want to consider PvP since this game has a great PvP system without the ganking or griefing.  It's also different than other MMRPGs (it's not really massively multiplayer) so it might be a nice change of pace.  

I really enjoyed the beta but will have more impressions once I play the full version.  I've played all the major MMRPGs.  My last was WoW and I will be migrating over to GW for now.  It seems more suited given my current schedule not allowing too much time for games;  we shall see if it holds up.
2184  Gaming / Multiplayer Madness (MMO or otherwise) / Guild Wars Beta Impressions? on: April 20, 2005, 05:07:33 PM
Ok maybe it's somewhere in between Diablo and MMRPGs but this is a very good thing.  I loved Diablo but it had its' shortcomings in terms of character development depth.  GW offers tons of skills so you can always switch em around if you start getting bored of your current 8.  Unlearning is in the game too if you really feel your build is gimped.  Combat is a little slower than Diablo but much faster than other MMRPGs and not grindy.  I've heard reports that it takes about 40hrs to hit max level.  The scripted events possible because of instances also makes it much less grindy.

You can't get away from Diablo comparisions especially considering that the developers have worked on and enjoyed Diablo and other Blizzard titles.  There's bound to be inspirations from Diablo.
2185  Gaming / Multiplayer Madness (MMO or otherwise) / Guild Wars Beta Impressions? on: April 20, 2005, 02:25:52 PM
I've played with 6 teams of 8 playes in GvG.  It was lag free but I didn't see all 6 teams in the same area.  I've seen 4 teams fight  in the immediate vicinity with no lag (graphical or network).

My friend asked me to turn up my graphical settings and I was refusing because I have an old computer and like the smoother animation that comes from higher frame counts.  I finally succumbed though and was surprised how well the game ran with max setting including 4x AA at the highest resolution.  About the only complaint I had about Diablo 2 were the graphics.  So if this game can have similar gameplay and not sacrifice on graphics, I will be very happy.
2186  Gaming / Multiplayer Madness (MMO or otherwise) / Guild Wars Beta Impressions? on: April 18, 2005, 07:48:35 PM
Quote from: "Raven"
I know the game is third person only, but can you use num lock to move your char? If it's point and click only, like Diablo, I have no interest.

I noticed that there is an FP view if you zoom all the way in.  I suppose you can play it from this view but I didn't try it.  Traditional WASD and point and click are both supported.  I will definetly not be using point and click.
2187  Gaming / Multiplayer Madness (MMO or otherwise) / Guild Wars Beta Impressions? on: April 18, 2005, 07:46:47 PM
I played a little bit of single player and it felt like Diablo to me which is a good thing.  Most of my time was spent on level 20 PvP however and it was a lot of fun.  The comment someone made that the characters are all the same couldn't be further from the truth.  There are so many combinations of skills and professions possible that you can spend hours just creating that build that fits your style of play.  Pickup groups are fine for a quick match and to try out some skills but the real fun was in guild groups playing over TS.  Yes combat can be over real quick but we came accross situations where two groups were just probing each other while the battle swayed back and forth.  Just like there really isn't any uber character builds since there is always a counter, groups work similaryly.  For example, a heavily defensive group might be countered with a dis-enchanting type group.

I think GW is shaping up to be a great casual MMOG.  Looking for groups is not an issue at all if you don't mind pickup groups (just hit enter mission and it will match you up automatically).  For someone coming from a hardcore EQ background but just can't afford the time/cost anymore, GW should scratch that MMRPG itch.
2188  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / 4-player X-Box Games on: April 12, 2005, 03:50:47 PM
Winning 11 is the most fun I've had with 4 players both co-op and vs.  Doesn't matter if you're not a big soccer fan, it's just a really good game.
2189  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Ghost Recon 2 for PC cancelled! on: April 12, 2005, 03:28:33 PM
I have the xbox version but I can't be bothered to play it.  I hope they don't mess up the Rainbow series in a similar fashion.
2190  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Untold Legends Impressions on: April 08, 2005, 02:30:24 PM
Just got it myself and it's pretty fun.  I got Return to Arms for PS2 recently but have hardly touched it.  This game seems more fun probably because RtA is almost an exact copy of Champions of Norath (which I finished co-op).  

I just wish they could implement a deeper skill/spell system for these types of games.  Why haven't we seen a game like Nox on consoles yet?
2191  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / First Person Shooters - Inverted or "normal" on: April 08, 2005, 02:05:17 PM
I play a lot of flight sims yet I don't have a problem switching to non-inverted for FPS.  Mechwarrior type games I play inverted.

Almost always the default is always set to my preference anyway.
2192  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Lumines Puzzle Mode? on: April 04, 2005, 06:31:02 PM
You have to make a cross like this:


Note the cross formed by the "o"s
2193  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / PSP online on: April 01, 2005, 08:26:36 PM
If you have Wipeout, you can use it as a web browser.  Involves changing the DNS to point to somewhere other than the default "Coming Soon" page I think.

I hope there are more internet games coming out soon for PSP, I don't really want to play Twisted Metal.
2194  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / PSP sound crackling? on: March 29, 2005, 06:59:13 PM
Same here, had it happen in Wipeout.
2195  Gaming / Multiplayer Madness (MMO or otherwise) / Hottest MMO Females on: March 21, 2005, 10:14:18 PM
hmm looks like jailbait
2196  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Some PSP Games to be in very short supply... on: March 16, 2005, 09:29:24 PM
Is World Tour Soccer anything like Winning 11 gameplay wise?
2197  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Have you guys seen Nexus? on: March 10, 2005, 07:37:16 PM
I found this quote from gamespot funny:

"You can save the game during a mission, but this often causes the mission to crash, so it's not something we recommend."

Score is good though. 8.3
2198  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / FINALLY! Brothers in Arms Reviewed! on: March 10, 2005, 07:05:12 PM
For me the best thing about Brothers in Arms is what reviewers are negatively commenting on: the fact that your team mates come back alive after a mission.  I'm usually pretty anal about permanently losing teammates and because of this have not completed games such as Rainbow 6 and Ghost Recon.  Reloading after any death can get frustrating.  I also love the supression model used in BiA so that heavy machine guns are not just used to show off your sub woofers.
2199  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / X-Men Legends on the PS2: Ewwwww. on: March 10, 2005, 05:53:07 PM
This is one of the crispest looking games on my Xbox.  I have the PS2 version as well and agree that it looks horrible in comparision.
2200  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Name that game on: March 07, 2005, 09:57:04 PM
Ah yes, it is Death Rally, thanks.

That was my favourite top down racer as well.
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