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1921  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Microsoft to release three versions of Xbox 2 on: November 12, 2004, 12:29:25 AM
I think the XBox Next-PC rumor is suspect...

Remember Microsoft made a deal with IBM to make chips for them for their XBox 2/Next. And those chips are based off the PPC970's (better known as the G5 in Apple computers). Those processors are RISC-based, not x86. Thus, Windows cannot run on the processor, at least not natively. And even if they port Windows to the PPC platform (it has been done before), it'd still be useless because no software will work on it!
1922  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / PStwo on: November 11, 2004, 04:23:32 AM
FINALLY got me! Along with Mega Man Anniversary Collection, Kingdom Hearts, Resident Evil Outbreak (I want to put that ethernet port to use!) and Mortal Kombat Trilogy (saw this for $5, was feeling nostalgiac for old-school Mortal Kombat smile )
1923  Gaming / Multiplayer Madness (MMO or otherwise) / Looking for people to play Resident Evil:Outbreak with on: November 11, 2004, 04:21:27 AM
Hey, just got this game today. Would be cool if we could play. Although I'm not sure how we could - there doesn't seem to be a "game lobby" where I can pick games to join or invite specific people to my games.
1924  Non-Gaming / Hardware / Software Hell / Which hard drive to buy on: November 10, 2004, 12:09:14 AM
Seagate is a good brand - I have their 80 GB SATA HD's. But as far as I know the best HD out there today is the WD Raptor drives.10,000 rpm, baby!
1925  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Charlie and the CHocolate Factory on: November 10, 2004, 12:00:58 AM
... there seems to be some confusion here.

The original film, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is based on a book called Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. They changed the title because Gene Wilder/Willy Wonka is the main attraction of the movie, and they wanted to reflect that.

This, however, remains faithful to the book by calling it Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. But it's still a remake, or "re-imagined", as they like to call it, of the original.
1926  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Nintendo DS video- I'm impressed on: November 09, 2004, 05:57:29 AM
Eh, I'm going to wait until they come up with a way to connect this up to the TV (like Game Boy Player). I'm not a portable gamer, the medium just don't hold my attention long enough for me to actually delve into the game and beat it.
1927  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Seasonal Affective Disoder? on: November 09, 2004, 05:51:57 AM
Yeah, I have a friend who has SAD. It's real all right.
1928  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / When was the last time you sleepwalked? on: November 09, 2004, 05:22:43 AM
The last time I sleepwalked was, oh, 10 years ago or so.

Until last night. I went to sleep at about 1 AM, and the next thing I knew, I woke up at about 4 AM, in the middle of the hall, locked out of my room. The only thing I'm wearing is my boxers. Thank god my roommate is in the room at that moment, so he answered the door and let me in.

Man that was fucked up.
1929  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Banned From Xbox Live on: November 09, 2004, 04:48:02 AM
1930  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Gamestop - Wow on: November 09, 2004, 04:44:14 AM
Unsure of what you're goggling at...

But that tin case looks DAMN NICE! Wonder how limited those are?
1931  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Bad Mofo Wallets - just got mine. on: November 09, 2004, 12:22:11 AM
I just broke down and ordered a wallet from It just arrived today, and it rocks. Very nice construction, looks like it'll last a long time. It looks better than the pictures. And it comes with a business card with the Ezekiel quote that Jules likes. As a wallet, it fucking rocks - two dollar pockets, 8 credit card pockets, a zipper pocket for coins, and 5 plastic pockets for pictures, business cards, ID, whatever.

If you're a fan of Pulp Fiction, this wallet is the one to get (there's other Bad Mother Fucker wallet makers out there, but I picked this one, and I'm glad I did).
1932  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / PStwo on: November 08, 2004, 10:06:08 PM
I called today, and they STILL don't have it yet, saying maybe next week.

Screw 'em, I'm going to order from Amazon. But the site is incredibly slow right now for some reason.

Argh, Amazon doesn't ship to P.O. Box addresses. This blows.
1933  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / How are the Ipods? on: November 08, 2004, 09:09:50 PM
Quote from: "Zero"
Quote from: "Torfish"
I'm looking to buy an iPod as well.

Are there headphones included with the purchase? Are they decent?  How is the sound good quality?  Bass?

I probably won't be purchasing any music from the internet.  I still like my actual CDs.  I have many.  Is there software included with the iPod that allows me to download all my bought CDs into the iPod?  

I'm looking at the 20GB model.  Is there a 'shuffle' option for all the songs?

Yes - there is a shuffle...most of them have it, but the iPod and Zen Xtra have them too.  You can also build a music list, and shuffle that too.  The iPod comes with software that you can use to rip the CDs...I think they use to come with MusicMatchJukebox, but with iTunes on windows now...I'm not sure if iTunes can rip CDs...but either way, it should come with something to rip your cds.

The iPod does come with headphones. They're decent from my accounts. Just decent, not great mind you. And iTunes can rip CDs.
1934  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / How are the Ipods? on: November 08, 2004, 03:18:19 AM
There's also the iPod Mini, which are $250. They aren't good deals $-for-GB, but if you don't have that many songs, the 4 GB HD's can be sufficient. If you do decide to go the Mini route, take my advice and don't buy one now - the current models are almost a year old, and I'll be willing to bet $10 that Apple will release a new revision coming Mac World San Francisco (in January).

Yeah there's other alternatives to the iPod - Dell and Creative makes MP3 players too. But if you want to use iTunes and the iTunes Music Store, the iPod is a must. And it's worth the price - you'll understand once you hold one in your hands. smile
1935  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / PStwo on: November 06, 2004, 11:02:31 PM
My EB hadn't gotten the PSTwo yet either. I'm thinking of ordering online too.

But the thing is, I paid $20 to reserve the PSTwo at the store. What happens to that $20 if I decide to get it somewhere else?
1936  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Do you want to have RTG and PC Gaming as one forum? on: November 06, 2004, 06:48:08 PM
I voted yes. They're just not busy enough to warrant two separate forums.
1937  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / American McGee Presents Scrapland on: November 06, 2004, 04:24:54 AM
Quote from: "stiffler"
Well, from what I have read, American McGee didn't come on until this one was far into development.  If you read the Enlight press release they mention that they are trying to establish an American McGee brand.  Not necessarily things he is making himself, but just a banner to sell games under, like a vanity label type thing.

Yeah, like Wes Craven.
1938  Non-Gaming / Trading Forum / Do you want to have your GoneGold feedback verified here? on: November 06, 2004, 04:10:46 AM
:Looks around:

... anyone?

1939  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / War of the Ring (Board) Game on: November 05, 2004, 10:41:32 PM
Sounds cool, too bad I don't have anyone to play it with.
1940  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Question about domain name hijacking... on: November 05, 2004, 05:03:24 PM
The domain is not available for registration, despite it's expired over a month ago. So I can't register it on GoDaddy.
1941  Non-Gaming / Hardware / Software Hell / Nice new LCD from Dell... on: November 05, 2004, 04:04:30 PM
Quote from: "Daehawk"
Its widescreen..the other is'nt

1942  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Question about domain name hijacking... on: November 05, 2004, 05:37:18 AM
All right, I registered a domain name under a hosting "company" called NorthWindWebHost. They are a smarmy, sleazy company that went out of business, sprung up as a new company, Blue Hosting or something like that, went down, and sprung back up as . Well, I knew from the onset that I've made a bad move, as they refused to give me control of my own domain. But I didn't pursue it, as I switched to another company for my hosting, and when I requested they change the DNS information, they obliged. Fast forward to a couple months ago. I took my site down, and no longer have a need for the domain. I decided to just let it expire. It's expiration date came and went, and my information is still on the whois registry. For privacy reasons, I want that information out of there. I don't give a shit if they want to keep it or not, I just want my information off the whois registry. Well I emailed them three weeks ago, and naturally got no response. I found their phone number today, and gave them a call. The person on the other end gave me bull about how domain names takes a long time to become available and the registry information to be changed. Well, I know for a fact that domain names become available almost immediately after the expiration date. And the weird part is, when I view my domain in the whois database, the expiration date is still Oct 2, 2004. What gives?

And if it's still their fault (NorthWind, VizHost, whatever the **** they are), is a threat to take them to court a viable threat? I mean, could I even take them to court over this?

I know, it's just a little thing, but it's my information on there, I no longer own the domain, so I want that off, so the damn junk mail could stop.
1943  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Star Wars Episode 3 Trailer - November 4th! on: November 05, 2004, 01:57:11 AM
Umm, why didn't you just post it here and save us all the work?

Aw hell, here's the link, you know what to do.

Right-click me!

EDIT: Well, nope that didn't work. Don't bother.
1944  Non-Gaming / Hardware / Software Hell / Nice new LCD from Dell... on: November 05, 2004, 01:10:55 AM

Normally I wouldn't touch a Dell product, but you gotta admit, this LCD looks sweet. I don't like the audio bar thingy either, but the good news is, it's removable. Notice the S-Video-in there... That means I can ditch my crappy TV. And it's only $800, and knowing Dell and their crazy coupons, I could probably get this for $600 or so.

I'm seriously considering buying this.
1945  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / The CG Finish the Most Games 2004 thread on: November 03, 2004, 04:05:12 AM
Thanks to The Contest, I've finished quite a number of games this year. Let's see if I can remember them all...

Final Fantasy Tactics
Final Fantasy IV
Final Fantasy VI
Legend of Zelda
Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
Mega Man X2
Mega Man X3
Mega Man X4
Mega Man X5
Onimusha: Warlords
Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island
Secret of Mana
Zelda 2: Adventure of Link
1946  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / PStwo on: November 02, 2004, 08:36:07 PM
Well, the past weekend I brought in my starting-to-get-funky PS2 at EB. My luck has it that they're out of PSTwo's. But I still gave them my PS2 because the $100 trade-in deal ends on the 31st. So now I'm without my PS2, and eagerly awaiting a new shipment to arrive at the local EB. Anyone got any idea of tha availability of those things?
1947  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Thursday Time Waster! on: October 28, 2004, 03:26:41 PM
1948  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Best Actor/Actress Cast for a Role on: October 28, 2004, 04:13:33 AM
Quote from: "Jeff Jones"
Quote from: "Raven VII"

What about dogs? They eat their own feces.

I don't eat dog, either.

Yes, but do you consider a dog a filthy animal?
1949  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / PSP = $185 on: October 27, 2004, 05:08:40 PM
Hmm, any chance of this coming to the TV screen, Game Boy Player style? I don't like handhelds, but I do sure want to play that Final Fantasy VII game...
1950  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Best Actor/Actress Cast for a Role on: October 27, 2004, 05:05:35 PM
Quote from: "Jeff Jones"
Quote from: "Raven VII"

Sausages taste good. Pork chops taste good.

Hey - sewer rat may taste like pumpkin pie, but
I'll never know 'cause I wouldn't eat the filthy motherfuckers. ...

What about dogs? They eat their own feces.
1951  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / More SOE BS on: October 27, 2004, 03:47:31 AM
Umm, I don't see the fuss here. I'm no fan of EQ, nor EQ2 at that matter, but I think 4 characters is plenty. I mean I don't even need more than 2 characters.

But I don't play MMORPGs much, so YMMV.
1952  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / National Treasure on: October 27, 2004, 03:41:38 AM
Quote from: "Jancelot"
Jerry Bruckenheimer produces so many movies that you get the good (Pirates, The Rock, Black Hawk Down, etc) with the shit (Armageddon, Kangaroo Jack, Pearl Harbor, etc).  In my book he averages out and I never know if I'm going to luck what he produced.  Then again you can usually tell by the director, and the same guy that directed The Mummy is doing National Treasure so prepare yourself accordingly.  Sure he makes lots of money, but so did Barney.

Hey, I liked the Mummy movies.
1953  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Best Actor/Actress Cast for a Role on: October 27, 2004, 03:34:13 AM
Quote from: "Jeff Jones"
Quote from: "Raven VII"
Quote from: "Jeff Jones"
Quote from: "Raven VII"

Want some sausage?

Sorry man, I don't dig on swine.

Why not?

Pigs are filthy animals. I don't eat filthy animals.

Sausages taste good. Pork chops taste good.
1954  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Thinking of buying an Apple computer on: October 27, 2004, 03:08:59 AM
On the PowerBooks... yes, it's due for an update, but the update for the iBook came by without a word for it's bigger, aluminum-y brother. It's possible it'll be updated in January. But as for it being big is unlikely. Possible but unlikely. The only two possible directions the PowerBooks could go are a PowerBook G5, or a PowerBook dual core G4. The G5 is way too hot, and NOT for laptop use. Not yet anyway. The dual core G4, while promising, is still a while off - Freescale says the first samples will go out in February-March, way too late for a MWSF2005 update. So chances are, we won't see a PowerBook update for a while, or see a simple speed bump.

As for the iMac G5 fan, it's not supposed to be loud. That's a defect that affects a fair number of iMac G5's. Call Apple and they'll provide you with a fix.
1955  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Best Actor/Actress Cast for a Role on: October 27, 2004, 02:23:52 AM
Quote from: "Jeff Jones"
Quote from: "Raven VII"

Want some sausage?

Sorry man, I don't dig on swine.

Why not?
1956  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Best Actor/Actress Cast for a Role on: October 27, 2004, 12:57:58 AM
Quote from: "Jeff Jones"


*nods* just what I'm thinking.

Want some sausage?
1957  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Thinking of buying an Apple computer on: October 27, 2004, 12:42:58 AM
Are you... sure about that... Mentag?

I've played around with Linux. And it's no plaything, I'll tell you that. Almost impossible to install trouble-free, constant problems, incomplete-feeling open source software, more problems, and a necessarity to use the terminal if you want to do anything, oh did I say more problems?

OS X is vastly superior. And Apple's sleek machines are vastly superior than your typical biege Linux box.

Linux may be approaching danger for Windows, but the only thing that tells you about Windows is that... well, you know the rest.
1958  Non-Gaming / Trading Forum / Do you want to have your GoneGold feedback verified here? on: October 24, 2004, 08:51:20 PM
Hey, I'm not on the list!

My email and name is the same here and on GG. I did a trade with Simon once, so he can verify me... though back then I was using [email protected].

EDIT: Nevermind Simon, I just remembered my most recent trade, it was with JSHAW, and it's recent enough that I'm using the new email address. Just ask JSHAW, we did a great trade!
1959  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / If GG could be saved, would it be worth it? on: October 24, 2004, 08:34:37 PM
1960  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Thinking of buying an Apple computer on: October 24, 2004, 01:19:02 AM
I totally agree with you on the one-button mouse. I hate that thing. That's why I'm using my Intellimouse Optical. Works great, and you can use the extra buttons for expose. Or the usual uses it has on the PC if you get the IntelliPoint drivers/software. Just about any USB mouse will work in OS X natively. Logitech also has OS X-based mouse drivers if you have/like Logitech mice.

As for browser, Safari rocks! If you still don't like it for some reason, there's many browsers on OS X to try out... Firefox, Camino and Mozilla are the most popular. Just don't even think of using Internet Explorer, it's outdated by two years, out of development, and sucked even when it was IN development. Just stay away.
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