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1841  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Mystery game... Can anyone identify this? on: December 28, 2004, 03:11:49 AM
I'm trying to remember the name of this game... It's for either the NES or the SNES, I can't recall. It's a game consisting of various sports games with street-wise kids - I remember one is a swimming game where you fight the opponent while racing - you can jump over to his lane, or swim underwater to his lane. The view is facing the front of the two racers - they swim towards the screen, basically. The other is a street fist fight on a street or basketball court, I can't remember. The other is some kind of throwing contest, but I can't even remember what you're throwing. It came out sometime in the early 1990's.

That's all I can remember... Can anyone identify this game?
1842  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Questions About The Circuit Workout (Paindome?) on: December 28, 2004, 03:07:11 AM
It was Trent Steel IIRC. He doesn't post here, at least I never saw any of his posts. He may be posting over at Octopus Overlords.
1843  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Anyone play The Getaway for PS2? What's the word on it. on: December 28, 2004, 03:03:25 AM
It was a pretty cool game, more like Mafia than GTA3. Nowhere as good as either, but it's decent.  If you can get it for $9.99, get it! Definitely worth $10.
1844  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / HL2 Demo and Source impressions on: December 26, 2004, 05:37:07 PM
I was also underwhelmed with the demo. The graphics certainly does look gorgeous, no question. The physics engine is also very nice. But the game feels a bit loose. I really don't know how to explain it, it's all over the game - from the way the object floats in front of you to the way the zombies take shots and die - when I shoot them, they don't flinch or anything, then suddenly when they take enough bullets, they fall down. And every one of them falls down the exactly same way.  When I throw something at a guard, he didn't flinch at all. The object bounced off him, then he runs after me. Looks... strange to say the least. And in the beginning, when you had to trick a guard into moving out of the way of a opening so you can get through. It's so bizarre to lure him away, then go through, then stand right there, and he goes back to his post, looking at you. He didn't even go after you - you've passed with unauthority didn't you?

Needless to say, I was underwhelmed. Maybe it was because of the hype, I don't know. Maybe I'm crazy, but I thought Max Payne 2 used the physics engine better than HL2 did.
1845  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Flat Screen TV pros/cons on: December 25, 2004, 05:03:31 PM
Why hasn't anyone mentioned front projectors? They give amazing picture quality (good ones, anyway), and can go excess of 100". Not everyone has the right space setup for them (room that can be made dark, large blank space on wall, etc), but if you do, check them out!
1846  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / [DEMO] HL2 on: December 25, 2004, 04:52:41 PM
Okay, I played the demo. And it actually convinced me that Half-Life 2 isn't worth buying now. Maybe I'll buy it for $10 someday, but I wasn't all that impressed with the demo. I don't know why - the graphics are gorgeous, the physics engine is nice... but for some reason I feel like it doesn't fit together too tightly... the game sort of feels... loose. It's hard to explain. I don't hate the game at all mind you, but it's not worth the hassle with Steam AND $55 right now. I have the exactly same feeling with the original Half-Life. Plus I hate Steam. Thanks demo for saving me $50! slywink
1847  Non-Gaming / Hardware / Software Hell / Newegg Stumbles on: December 20, 2004, 05:05:31 PM
They're always busy, I've tried calling today, hit redial about 6 times and I couldn't get through.
1848  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Is Resident Evil 4 coming to Xbox? Have heard rumors. on: December 20, 2004, 04:59:22 AM
Maybe because it was an abomination that killed the series for me?

1849  Non-Gaming / Trading Forum / Orphaned Strategy Guides? on: December 20, 2004, 04:42:39 AM
Nah, it covers the original MGS for the PS1. I'm assuming you meant MGS 2: Substance, right?
1850  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Is Resident Evil 4 coming to Xbox? Have heard rumors. on: December 20, 2004, 03:53:16 AM
They also published Gamma Onimusha, and announced Mega Man Anniversary Collection for the XBox. They don't do much, but they do publish for the big Box.
1851  Non-Gaming / Trading Forum / Orphaned Strategy Guides? on: December 20, 2004, 01:08:22 AM
Hey guys! More free strat guides!

All are Versus Books books:

Perfect Dark
Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Donkey Kong 64
Resident Evil 2
Metal Gear Solid
Dino Crisis
Resident Evil 3
1852  Non-Gaming / Forum and Site Feedback / Flashing banner ads: anyone else want them to stay off?? on: December 20, 2004, 12:12:36 AM
1853  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / your 'classics i finally played this year' list on: December 19, 2004, 05:32:05 AM
Classics? This year is the Year of Mega Man for me. I've played, and beaten, Mega Man X2-X5, and the classic series Mega Man 1-7. I am now playing part 8. smile

I've also played and beaten Final Fantasy 5 and 6 earlier in the year. Not to mention Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, Secret of Mana and to speak of more recent games, Onimusha and Onimusha 2.
1854  Non-Gaming / Hardware / Software Hell / Good, quality PSU recommendations? on: December 18, 2004, 09:58:02 PM
Having been stung by the Cheap Bug, and getting what I paid for with a really POS PSU, I decided screw with money, I'm going to get a GOOD quality PSU.

But I'd like to keep it reasonably priced - the machine is a very low-demand system - a 2200+ Sempron, 256 MB of RAM, onboard sound/video, one CD burner, one 7200 RPM HD.

So I'd guess I'll be fine with a 250-300 watt PSU. Any recommendations on brands, etc?  On my current system I have a Antec 420w PSU, and it's been trustworthy, so I like Antec. But their PSU's are a bit pricey. What do you guys think?
1855  Non-Gaming / Hardware / Software Hell / Newegg Stumbles on: December 18, 2004, 04:45:15 AM
What's the number you called them at, PaulBot? I keep getting a busy signal when I try to call them. What gives?
1856  Non-Gaming / Hardware / Software Hell / Need some help with a power supply... on: December 18, 2004, 04:35:39 AM
Well, I give up; it's official. Either that PSU is DOA, or static did in the mobo (I feel the latter - someone picked up the mobo to check it out before I could stop him... ugh).

I'm going to do a RMA on them both, swap the mobo with the same one and swap the case for something else (it's truly a crappy case, and I've decided that all PSU's with no power switches must die. Argh, that wasn't fair! How am I supposed to test the PSU if only the motherboard can control it?!)
1857  Non-Gaming / Hardware / Software Hell / Need some help with a power supply... on: December 17, 2004, 10:28:51 PM
do I have to have them all connected for it to work? Or will just the power switch connector suffice?
1858  Non-Gaming / Hardware / Software Hell / Need some help with a power supply... on: December 17, 2004, 08:47:27 PM
Tried everything - the connections are correct, I tried connecting it both ways, etc. It doesn't work.

What really sucks about this is that EITHER the PSU or the mobo is DOA. It could be one of the either, or both. **** this piece of shit.
1859  Non-Gaming / Hardware / Software Hell / Need some help with a power supply... on: December 17, 2004, 08:31:41 PM
That's new information to me... I've only built one system before this one, and that one has a PSU on/off switch, so I was confused.

Thanks guys, guess I'll check the connections and try again.
1860  Non-Gaming / Hardware / Software Hell / Need some help with a power supply... on: December 17, 2004, 07:33:25 PM
Umm... but then how could the motherboard get power in order to control the PSU? If the PSU isn't turned on, and isn't suppling power to the motherboard, the motherboard cannot control the power supply in order to turn it on... You're talking about a catch-22.

And the front panel isn't even connected to the PSU itself.

Oh, I don't think you understand what I'm talking about. I need to turn the PSU ITSELF on, not the computer as a whole.
1861  Non-Gaming / Hardware / Software Hell / Need some help with a power supply... on: December 16, 2004, 05:54:43 PM
I have no idea what the model of the PSU is, it came with a Lite-On case (model WT-6402). Well I've mostly finished building the PC, and went to test it. But I found the PSU to lack a switch (you know, the big 0/+ switch that you flip to turn the PSU on). How do I turn it on? I tried just plugging the cord in, but got a complete dead PC. Absolutely nothing happened, the PSU doesn't even turn on.

Is there a different method that some PSU's use to turn them on? Or something? Or is the PSU DOA?
1862  Non-Gaming / Hardware / Software Hell / ever heard of this card? on: December 15, 2004, 03:24:22 AM
It's an Intel Extreme Graphics chipset-based card, almost all are made for onboard graphics, and yeah they're the shit.

But frankly, WoW's minimum requirements aren't that high. I'd wager that card can run WoW fine, abeit with toned down graphics.
1863  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / GMail Invite search on: December 14, 2004, 12:01:37 AM
I'm out too. You should've jumped on the bandwagon back in Aug, there's a overabundance of invites back then.
1864  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / What's up with those recurring and lingering colds?! on: December 13, 2004, 11:56:51 PM
Throughout my life, I was rarely sick. I only get colds once a year, if that. Well, until this fall. All the sudden, I got 3 colds within 2 months! The first was mild, went after a couple days. The second, three weeks ago, was very nasty, due to a ear infection that occurred at the same time. Then again the past Friday night, continuing into today, and I barely feel any different from Saturday! Small throat sore, a burning sensation when breathing through the nostrils, and a fatigued feeling towards the end of the day.

What is this? Whatever it is, it sucks!
1865  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / PS2 Shortage: Grrrr..... on: December 13, 2004, 06:28:43 PM
Quote from: "croman"
Quote from: "unbongwah"
Quote from: "ATB"
The real question is, why would anyone still want a ps2 when it's been proven that the XBOX is clearly superior?   :wink:

Tell you what: if you'll point me to the Xbox emulator which will let me play Katamari Damacy, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy X / X-2 / XII, Jak, Ratchet & Clank, Gran Tourismo, Devil May Cry, and everythine else in the PS2's exclusive library, I'll give you a cut of what I make off of eBaying my PS2...


Every console has exclusives..

Now point me to something that shows me how I can play MAME along with the 2000+ games on the PS2 (on my big screen), Genesis, Atari, Super Nintendo, Nintendo..  Stream to my MP3 library on my server, etc..

Then I will say that the PS2 is better.   That is not likely to happen however smile

Btw, do not even get me going on the whole memory card thing.. grrr..

Do you realize that all of those activities require a mod chip? And do you realize that a mod chip = no XBox Live for you? I wouldn't exactly use those uhm, "features" in a debate about which console is better.
1866  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Any advice? on: December 11, 2004, 04:05:48 AM
Just asking, but... You said she quit night school because it's too stressful? Yet kept her job? I have to ask, why not vice versa? In my view, school would be more important than a part-time job, especially at her age.

I have no idea of your situation, though, so please take no offense.
1867  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / What should I do? (stolen money) on: December 10, 2004, 04:36:29 PM
Quote from: "dmd"
So is this "slippery slope" thing kind of like Godwin's Law?

"Slippery Slope" is a informal logical relevance fallacy.

Anyway, nothing really happened, I hide my wallet better, and there had been no further incidences. And the roommate finally gave me back the $20 he owe me. Did he actually steal that $40? I'll probably never know. I'm over it now.
1868  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Developing a work ethic AKA getting my pathetic self in gear on: December 10, 2004, 04:01:52 AM
I agree with two points in this thread.

First: GET BUSY! I'm exactly the same way when I'm not busy. I waste days and days just doing absolutely nothing. But when I am busy... I get busy.

Second, major in something you enjoy. I didn't realize how important this is before.When I first went to college, I went to a technical college and majored in business management. And I hated all the classes I had. I HATED math, and hated all the technical classes I took. Honestly, I realized I was in the wrong place. It got so bad that I flunked not one but TWO classes. I had time to withdraw though, so my GPA was spared, thank god. But after that, I transferred to another, more conventional liberal arts college, and am now majoring in philosophy. And loving it. The classes actually engage me, and I actually want to take part in the discussions.

Think about it, if you hate your current major, what makes you think you'll like your job?
1869  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / DVD Tuesday - 12/07/04 on: December 08, 2004, 01:15:12 AM
Quote from: "walTer"
Quote from: "Knightshade Dragon"
What?!  No Species III??

Um it's out.

You REALLY want to see it?

Well, I would! The first one has perhaps the best sex scene I've ever seen, and the second has one that's very, very decent in the beginning. I'm curious how this one will fare biggrin
1870  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / What should I do? (stolen money) on: December 07, 2004, 04:28:51 PM
Quote from: "Autistic Angel"
I really don't see anything wrong with how your friend acted (besides not keeping better track of his guns). As you can imagine it's vitally important not to lose your guns.

I can imagine no such thing -- I don't see one single word in the Second Amendment about people having to bear arms "responsibly" or "within reason."

Sorry, Wheelman, but I can see you and your liberal anti-gun policies coming from a mile away.  It's all a slippery slope: one minute you want to require gameoverman's friend to keep track of where he left his gun or try to find out who took it, next you'll be trying to imply that people who are going to be wildly irresponsible with their firearms shouldn't be allowed to have any...and then you'll try to ban guns altogether!  Nice try.

If the founding fathers thought it was vitally important that people not misplace or lose their guns, they would have written it into the Bill of Rights.  Therefore, it was clearly their intention was to preserve the right of people to lose track of their firearms.  For you to imply otherwise suggests that you think our founding fathers were dumb and that you hate America.  Why do you hate America so much, Wheelman?

-Autistic Angel


1871  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Earthsea on: December 07, 2004, 03:42:09 AM
Mmmmm Kristin Kreuk...

Too bad I don't have SciFi here.
1872  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Which games will you pack away with your system? on: December 07, 2004, 03:28:06 AM
I'm a game collector. So I keep all the games that is bestowed the supreme honor of being "collect-izied" stay in my game collection, well, forever I suppose. I plan to display them when I get my own place.

As for the consoles, I only keep them long enough to play and beat the games I collect in their native format. Once beaten, they go into the collection, perhaps never to be played again. The consoles, I sell after all the games are beaten. This saves space.

If I get a urge to play any of those old games, I have my ways. *cough*
1873  Non-Gaming / Hardware / Software Hell / 64 bit questions on: December 06, 2004, 11:04:44 PM
The 64-bitness of a processor doesn't mean anything. Everything that you run is 32-bit, so you're not using the 64-bit capabilities of the processor. It's just marketing, for now at least.

But why does it matter? The Athlon 64's are known to be the best processor for gaming, and it does indeed have a very good 32-bit mode. Forget 64-bit and get whatever you can afford.
1874  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / The games you've been playing on: December 06, 2004, 09:16:35 PM
I'm focusing solely on Mega Man Anniversary Collection. Finished Mega Man 1-4, now playing Mega Man 5 right now.
1875  Non-Gaming / Hardware / Software Hell / Challenge: Build a computer for $200! on: December 06, 2004, 06:38:18 PM
BUMP! Can anyone do a sub-$200 computer now?
1876  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / What should I do? (stolen money) on: December 06, 2004, 05:55:03 PM
I'm 100% sure at least $40 is missing, and 100% sure I didn't spend it.

Basically my money in the wallet is split into two groups, 20's and 10's, 5's and 1's. When I looked, I found the 1's I thought I had, gone. But I'm not 100% that I spent it. But I know 100% that I have exactly 10 20's in there. Now there's only 8. That's $40.

Yes, that's alot to keep in my wallet, and yes I have a reason, and yes I'm going to "it's a long story" it. smile

I'm working to get a new room, so I'm thinking I'd wait until my move is certain, then chew his damn ass out. It won't make a difference then. And he owes me $20. He asked me if he could borrow $20, and as a nice guy, I lent him it. That's a month ago, and he never returned it. Then he asked me for another $20 again, and I just said "nah I don't have any". I guess that's what proimpted him to steal my money.
1877  Non-Gaming / Hardware / Software Hell / Back to nVidia I go... (6600 GT AGP) **Now with impressions* on: December 06, 2004, 02:06:45 AM
I went with whatever is best on the market at the time. I have no loyalty to a brand or another. First it's the TNT2, then GeForce 2 GTS, then the 9700 Pro. If I'm getting a new card right now, it would be the 6600 GT.
1878  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / What should I do? (stolen money) on: December 06, 2004, 12:06:57 AM
It's probably obvious on what I should do, but I'm still not sure... What happened was this morning I got up, and found the drawer that I keep my wallet and keys in ajar a bit. I always close the drawer. So I took my wallet out, counted the money and found at least $40 missing. I said at least because I think I remember that I have some $1's in there, but I'm not sure, so I don't count those. But I know I'm missing two $20's. And then I found my room's door to be unlocked. My and my roommate's sleeping pattern is pactically the opposite, so last night I went to bed about 2 AM. He probably came in and went to bed at 5 or 6 AM, so it had to be him that unlocked the door.

(the door auto-locks unless you turn the lock in the inside side - basically if you left it locked, you can open it from the inside, but need a key to open it from the outside. If you turn the lock, it's openable from both sides, so it had to be deliberately done)

Now, I seriously suspect that my roommate was the one who took the money - he's the only one who knows where the wallet is, and nothing else was stolen. But I don't know for sure... Should I confront him and bluff a bit? Or what? I don't expect to get those money back, but I do expect this to stop. I'm looking into geting a new roommate, but in the meanwhile, it'd be nice if I get the money back. Threaten him? Report to someone? What would you do? I feel like reporting to someone is useless because I have no proof, and don't know 100% for sure who did it, since the damn door was left unlocked.
1879  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Hilarious. on: December 05, 2004, 03:56:50 AM

The Clinton one is worth scrolling through the whole thing.

1880  Non-Gaming / Trading Forum / FT/S - Half-Life 2 on: December 02, 2004, 08:48:09 PM
Quote from: "Speaker2Animals"

It's in the Outbox not because it's not working, but because he hadn't read it. Once he reads it, it gets moved to the Sent box.

So read your PMs!!! smile

(sorry, just lurked into here, and wanted to clarify smile )
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