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4521  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Kitchen Bitch on: October 14, 2004, 01:52:44 AM
The Kitchen Bitch

A mother was working in the kitchen listening to her 5 -year-old son playing with his new electric train in the living room, on Christmas morning.

She heard the train stop and her son saying, "All of you sons of bitches who want off, get the hell off now ... cause this is the last stop! And all of you sons of bitches who are getting on, get your asses on the train...cause we're going down the tracks.

The horrified mother went in and told her son, "We don't use that kind of
language in this house. Now I want you to go to your room and you are to
stay there for TWO HOURS. When you come out, you may play with your
train...but I want you to use nice language."

Two hours later, the boy came out of the bedroom and resumed
playing with  his train. Soon the train stopped and the mother heard her son  say... "All passengers, please remember your things, thank you and hope your trip was a pleasant one. We hope you will ride with us again soon."

She heard her little darling continue..."For those of you just boarding,
remember, there is no smoking in the train. We hope you will have a pleasant and relaxing journey with us today."  

As the mother began to smile, the child added, "For those of you who are
pissed off about the TWO HOUR delay, please see the bitch in the kitchen...."
4522  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Rome: Total War Help/Advice Thread on: October 14, 2004, 01:42:07 AM
Faq has been updated and can be found here.
4523  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Gone Gold/Console Gold Road To Rome FAQ Updated 10-18-04 on: October 14, 2004, 01:19:58 AM
Faq has been updated as of yesterday.  Today's post will be updated tomorrow.  I'm still trying to fix the formatting.  Bear with me.
4524  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Hey there, Red Sox fans. Who's your daddy? on: October 13, 2004, 01:32:52 PM
what a great user name.  I wish I thought of that
4525  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Rome: Total War Help/Advice Thread on: October 13, 2004, 01:23:25 AM
FAQ has been updated.  I'll get today's post updated tomorrow.
4526  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Paypal takes a dump!! on: October 12, 2004, 05:44:37 AM
It's up, just extremely slow.
4527  Non-Gaming / Forum and Site Feedback / Printing Thread Option? on: October 12, 2004, 05:41:05 AM
Is there an option where you can have a printer friendly option like in GG?

That helps with my Rome Faq, and when I copy posts using the Black/Gold option, it also comes that way when I paste it to my email.
4528  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Rome: Total War Help/Advice Thread on: October 12, 2004, 05:36:36 AM
Ok, just like it was in GG.  Post your questions/answers/tips here, and I'll add them to the FAQ, which can be found here...
4529  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Gone Gold/Console Gold Road To Rome FAQ Updated 10-18-04 on: October 12, 2004, 05:35:21 AM
I think I'm going to start a seperate thread.  There hasn't been much activity over the weekend on it.  I do not know how much was added on Thursday (before GG died) so I don't know if it was slow on that too.  We could just be out of questions.  

I'm wondering if the thread being stickied is hard to find.  But then again, there's been over 200 views over the weekend, so who knows.

Here's the help/advice thread...
4530  Non-Gaming / Steals and Deals / Deal - FOX Season 1 Sets for $15 on: October 11, 2004, 08:31:13 PM
damn no family guy
4531  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Anyone else having problems with Gone Gold? (Pt. 2) on: October 11, 2004, 08:28:51 PM
Quote from: "Blackhawk"
Quote from: "naednek"
Quote from: "Peacedog"
As I said earlier, Stephen has been contacted.  Unfortunately, he's very busy right now.  We haven't heard from him yet.

Somehow that sounds familiar...

Don't read too much into things.  Stephen warned us ahead of time that he was going to be busy-beyond-reason for a while on a Big Project (TM) not related to the site, and would likely be hard to get ahold of.

I'm just saying we've been hearing that for the last two years biggrin
4532  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Anyone else having problems with Gone Gold? (Pt. 2) on: October 11, 2004, 05:57:37 PM
Quote from: "Peacedog"
As I said earlier, Stephen has been contacted.  Unfortunately, he's very busy right now.  We haven't heard from him yet.

Somehow that sounds familiar...
4533  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Any GG forum regulars that have not yet been spotted here? on: October 11, 2004, 09:34:26 AM
Quote from: "Jeff Jones"
Someone mentioned IceBear. Haven't seen him around. I'm sure there are lots of others.

Eduardo X, gellar, kratzer, and several others know the deal as they hang out in IRC and are well aware. I'm sure they'll show eventually.

Haven't seen Kelric yet either.

Gellar and ATB been before the death of GG.

Kratzer probably won't join because he thinks he's better than everyone else biggrin

Devil has been here since this board was activated

and this might be Kmgrey
4534  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Nfl Trashtalk on: October 11, 2004, 01:47:00 AM
Quote from: "Destructor"
Quote from: "naednek"
Wish I knew what happened in between.  Didn't think they would come back frown

From what I heard (as I wasn't watching the game, just sorta listening to it at work), the 49ers started their comeback on a 70+ yard kickoff return for a touchdown. After that, they scored another touchdown AND got a 2-point conversion with about a minute left on the clock (tying the game)

Then I started watching the game in earnest, as I hate the Cardinals (even though I live in AZ). smile

Cardinals try to come back, but after losing 9 yards after their QB gets clobbered (nobody in the defense even touched the guy), they punt. Then the 49ers take the knee.


The 49ers got the ball and pretty much just walked down the field. One field goal later from about the 30 yard line, and the game was over.

Nice blow, Cardinals. Losses like this show that you truly are the worst team in the NFL. It's too bad that the voters are so goddamned stupid that they voted to make you a nice new stadium for your shitty selves.

Actually that 71 TD return I saw, and that gave them 12 pts, and they missed the 2pt off that TD.  I'm missing the TD after that.  I walked in on the tying TD/2PT conversion.
4535  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Zaxxon's GGNFL Football Pool (Week 5 recap / Week 6 Picks!) on: October 11, 2004, 01:44:40 AM
alright niners!
4536  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Anyone else having problems with Gone Gold? (Pt. 2) on: October 11, 2004, 01:43:53 AM
Quote from: "Yossarian"
Pipboy checking in slywink  

where the hell is that Rome Total War thread when you need it!

the only thing that bugs me about this site is the 1/3 wasted screenwidth on the front page.  what's up with that?

complain complain complain biggrin

The rome thread has been stickied for your conviencnce.  So far there's not going to be a big update this week since nobody is asking any questions frown
4537  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / [NFL] ESPN's Mike Patrick in the booth again? on: October 11, 2004, 01:41:44 AM
I really hate the ESPN crew.  All they do is kiss ass.  If it's a falcons game, you best turn off the volume.  

Summerall needs to quit for good without making cameos.  He's just past his time.  I felt so bad for him on ESPN, he would say his thing, and the other two morons would continue on what they were saying before, totally ignoring summerall.  

Theisman drives me nuts, every other sentence is, "When we talked to so and so player"  I just can't stand that crew.
4538  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Nfl Trashtalk on: October 11, 2004, 01:25:27 AM

Just went  I thought they were done, I go to my friends house, on the way I listen to them on the radio and hear that the Cardinals scored again.  I switched to my CD's go to the store, come back, and hear that Lloyd scored a TD and is 2 pts away for the tie.  I speed to my friends place, tell him to turn on the 49ers game, and watch them win.  Wish I knew what happened in between.  Didn't think they would come back frown
4539  Non-Gaming / Trading Forum / Naednek's End of Summer Sale on: October 10, 2004, 05:09:35 PM
sorry I sold thief within the first few days.  I forgot to change it here
4540  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Gone Gold Update on: October 10, 2004, 05:46:51 AM
Quote from: "Zaxxon"
I think it's time for us to leave things to a higher power, so to speak, and sit tight until (unless?) we hear something.  All this wild speculation about Rich being depressed, deceased crybaby , or unable to handle the difficulty related to running the site is making me depressed, given that we have precisely zero in the way of evidence supporting those conclusions.  paranoid  We know the site went down, we're reasonably certain the account was canceled, and that's it.  We all want to know what happened, and I believe that at some point we'll find out.  But we've done all we can, and before we beat this horse all the way down to China, let's let nature run its course.  ninja  

:idea: Or ignore my ign'nt ramblings; to each his own.

I agree, I just don't see the point in jumping to conclusions about why the site is down.    Yes Rich created a community, yes it would suck if he just packed up left without anything to say.  But do we know if that happened?  No, will we ever?  Who knows,  but to assume that's what happened is a little unfair.
4541  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Gone Gold Update on: October 10, 2004, 05:04:47 AM
Quote from: "Hetz"
Disparaging comments? All I said is that if everything has gone down the way it seems, that I was disappointed and that it was somewhat rude to just pull the plug. I didn't slam Rich and I even said he could do as he wished with the site.


I don't know, this statement is pretty presumptious when nobody even knows the facts.

It would have been nice to be given a heads up or a "Goodbye". To just pull the plug is somewhat rude and after all these years, it would seem we 'deserved' something better than what went down.
4542  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Anyone else having problems with Gone Gold? (Pt. 2) on: October 09, 2004, 06:25:52 PM
Quote from: "Tals"
Tals saying hi to the other GG regulars  biggrin

I hope that if GG has gonre, the actual forums can be resurrected elsewhere - loads of useful stuff - particularly liked the RTW thread that had been developing.


p.s Avault forums have a thread as well - albeit a whole lot smaller - but its a more PC releated hang out smile;f=3;t=006006

Actually the GG Rome Total War Faq has been posted here...

It's even bigger than last time smile
4543  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / The official woman of Console Gold [56k] on: October 09, 2004, 06:06:11 PM

4544  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Gone Gold/Console Gold Road To Rome FAQ Updated 10-18-04 on: October 09, 2004, 04:08:48 AM
unfortunately i missed all of yesterday's posts.  I was so eager to get home to post my update and find out GG went lights out.  

I'll update it again on Tuesday (It's a holiday on monday for us State Workers biggrin)
4545  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Gone Gold/Console Gold Road To Rome FAQ Updated 10-18-04 on: October 09, 2004, 03:57:41 AM
sure if you give them to me smile

I don't have the internet at work.
4546  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Zaxxon's GGNFL Football Pool (Week 5 recap / Week 6 Picks!) on: October 09, 2004, 03:50:20 AM
damn i was hoping we would start over biggrin
4547  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Gone Gold/Console Gold Road To Rome FAQ Updated 10-18-04 on: October 09, 2004, 03:43:14 AM
I also emailed you for permission to post this here.  Figured it was ok

Would it be ok if you sticky this?  If not cool.  If you create a PC forum can you transfer and sticky this to the top?
4548  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Gone Gold/Console Gold Road To Rome FAQ Updated 10-18-04 on: October 09, 2004, 03:39:55 AM
Since October 6th,  this faq has almost doubled in size now in 21 pages in Word and over 8000 words.  Thanks to the gonegolders for your input.  If you have any additions please put them here and I'll add them to the faq.

If you have any corrections please email me at [email protected]

4549  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / FAQ is updated as of October 12th on: October 09, 2004, 03:37:53 AM
FAQ is updated as of October 18th

Table of Contents
I. Battlefield Management
A: Reinforcements
B: Defending against a Siege
C: Sieges
II. City Management
A: Auto Manage
   B: Building Production
   C: Capital Relocation
D: City Income
E: Culture ** New Entry added on 10-13-04 **
   F: Ports and Trading
   G: Settlement Control Panel ** New entry added on 10-13-04  **
   H: Squalor and Unhappiness
   I: Temples New entry added on 10-18-04
III. Family Management
   A: Family
IV. Tactical Map
A: Diplomacy and Diplomats   ** New Entry added on 10-13-04 **
B: Senate
C: Territories
V. Unit Management
A: Assassins
B: Spies
C: Formations
D: Friendly Fire
E: Retraining/Repairing Units
F: Unit Commands  
G: Unit Info ** new entry on 10-12-04 **
H: Unit Strategies
VI. Generals
   A: Ancillaries and Retinues ** New entry added on 10-18-04 **
   B: Generals and City Management
C: Promotions
VII. Factions
   A: The Macedonians
VIII. Mods ** New entry added on 10-12-04 **


I. Battlefield Management
    A: Reinforcements
I can't control the reinforcements.  Why is that?

  • Learn to work with it, that's mostly all that can be done.
  • If reinforcement is from your faction but does not have a FM, while the army under your control does (or maybe having your own FM isn't necessary, I'm not sure), the new units will also come under your control. They will first appear as grayed-out icons in your army, and then become fully under your control as they enter the battle arena. This is as good as it gets for reinforcements.
  • If reinforcement is from your faction and does have a FM (or is from a different faction), they will move to attack in a straightforward, simple way. Nothing you can do about this, except plan all your tactics around it. Use the fact that they're going to go straight at the opponent, and think about creative ways to use that reliability to your advantage.
  • Finally, the army that performs the attack is the army you'll command. If multiple armies from your faction are involved in the battle, make sure you initiate the attack from the army you wish to control.
B: Defending against a siege
What are some good strategies to defend a city that is being attacked?

  • Phalanx troops can be extremely effective in guarding the gate when defending a city. Two phalanx units backed by some archers decisively held back a much larger reinforcement force in one particular siege I commanded. Use the phalanxes in angles from the gate (like "/ \" ) so that the maximum number of units can get "trapped" in a nice group for the archers to decimate. Set the archers to the sides so that the arrows fly over your phalanxes and into the large enemy mob. It was like shooting fish in a barrel.
C: Sieges
How exactly does one go about entering a city?  

  • One way to take a city is to sap. Just drop the walls and forget about all the fancy siege equipment as fun as it is,
however, doing this leaves the walls still manned with troops, and worst of all, the towers still shooting down on your units as you race in towards the center of the city.  The AI will bottleneck you at the breeches, allowing the
flaming death to reign down on your exposed units.  To me, the best way to take a city is to not sap at all.  Build two siege towers, two ladders and one ram.  Send the siege towers in first, on opposite sides of the main gate - they can take the missile abuse.  Once your troops begin to man the towers, and depending on the defenses on the wall, have your ladders run up to take positions.  They can scale the walls faster, but will take casualties, so it depends on the number of archer units the enemy has encamped.  I usually wait until my siege towers have lowered the ramps to send in the ladders.  About this time send the battering ram forward to take the gate. This will confuse the enemy, and he'll divide his forces between the wall and ground.  You'll sustain a few casualties from the burning oil, but the battle for the walls and towers will be much quicker.  Once the walls are clear of foot soldiers, use your units to 'take the towers' buy running though them.  Make sure any towers you'll be bringing your forces by have been cleared in this manner.  At this point, in my experience, the enemy is pretty well wasted and it's simply a matter of marching your troops down main street to dispatch of his remaining few units in the town square
  • Once you break through and rout the units guarding it, you'll want to redeploy in the area just inside the gate. How do you do this? First, change a few units so that their formation is a long column (that's 3 or 4 troops at the front) -- you'll march straight through. Second, order units inside a few at a time. This will help you avoid bunching units up or readjusting the lines at the gate, which slows your units down. When you give the orders, use RUN. Getting inside the city is of the most important things to do in a siege. As the units arrive in the city, move them forward and change the formation to something more suitable for combat in the streets. March the first units in town around a side route to the main plaza -- so you'll eventually have units arriving about the same time by the two most direct routes. Remember, city fighting needs a different strategy. So change tactics to fit a siege.
  • Do not use groups when entering a city.  If you ungroup everything in your army and simply drag select the units you want to move in, it'll work. But you MUST UNGROUP THEM. The reason for this is that when units move in a group they try to stay in formation and won't squeeze themselves by units into the new shape.
  • Change the width of your units to slightly less than the smallest city street width.  This will solve the problem of units bunching up on themselves and suddenly turning around for no good reason.
  • Rams can also be used against walls, just move the target away from the gate along the wall until you see the icon change. In the early game, I build 2 rams for each siege -- one ram attacks the gate, the second attacks the wall. If the enemy strongly controls the gate, I rush through the wall instead.
  • Also, for siege warfare. Saps are all well and good, but they do tend to tear up the walls. Which can be a problem if there is another enemy army nearby that will likely put you under siege as soon as you take the settlement.
  • In any city siege, the key is multiple points of entry to force your opponent to either commit to one or dilute his strength by trying to plug all the gaps. Assaulting wooden walls and palisades, I use no less than 2 Rams, but usually three. This usually leads to one of my units being able to make an entry unopposed.
  • To capture city walls intact, siege towers are probably the best. Use two siege towers and try to target walls that are undefended. The larger towers are usually impervious to fire arrows. (Note: Don't shoot your catapults when you are advancing your siege towers) When you get troops on the wall, capture enemy towers by running your units throw the towers. You can capture the gatehouse in this way and it will open up the gate as your units approach. Another advantage of captured towers is that they will now put your enemies under arrow fire
II. City Management
A:  Auto Manage
Have people used any of the auto-management functions in the game? I did, early on, and also was displeased with the results. Those auto managers seem to like to push the blue envelope ... and off it.  

  • If you're referring to your auto managers indulging in extreme deficit spending I noticed that there's an AI slider you can adjust to moderate your AI's spending habits. One side is "Save" and the other side "Spend". By default, the slider is pinned on the "Spend" side.
  • You do not need a family member to manually buy buildings and troops in a city. The Auto manage city check box is grayed out and always checked, but to the right of this check box, you can individually uncheck Construction and Recruitment check boxes. Do this and you have full management capabilities
B: Building Production
I can't build in two of my cities. I have a governor in one of them. I am paging the manual but no clue so far. Must be something obvious though.  

  • It's a size issue. Some buildings don't become available until a town reached a certain population level. On the main town info screen, you can see the current level, as well as the population size you need to reach the next level. Also, on the building tree screen, it tells you which buildings aren't yet available.
I'm currently on the first main campaign with Juli fighting the Gauls. Some cities that I captured, I cant built any buildings which is probably because of the population level which is growing very slow..... Am I not doing something, or some cities are not suppose to grow as fast as others?

  • That's just the way it is. Some grow slower or faster. After awhile they'll get going - just don't build troops more than necessary in them because that takes population away.
  • Lowering your tax level will also promote growth.
Is there some reason why you would want to queue things up when you have a governor in place? Are building cheaper with a high management governor than building things without a governor?

  • Yes, some get discounts on buildings/units
C: Capital Relocation
How do you move your capital?

  •  It's on the city health chart. One of the icons at the lower left mouse-over to "Change to Capital."
Is it better to have your capital centrally located or in my best city. Currently my best city is on the fringe of the empire (Julii). I have a town right now that would make a good central location for a capital (in between conquered Gaul, Italy and Spain). I'm wondering if there are any benefits to having a capital in a major city or is reducing the distance penalty more important?

  • Centrally located is better, it will decrease amount of unrest due to the distance in other cities.
D: City Income
Playing as the Julii I've taken about 8 territories thus far but my 2nd most developed, Venetia... has been deep in the red throughout the game. I've built the best roads, trade, and port facilities I can (just popped to city level before I quit) but it's still in the -200 range. The governor has no negative administrative traits. Meanwhile, the rest of my empire is in the black, some nearing +1000.

  • Double click the settlement, and you'll see a little icon that says "detail". When you click on that, it'll have three bars that represent the three city concerns, growth, happiness, and income, and it'll tell you what is negatively throwing income out of balance so you can fix it. Really nice feature.
  • This happens due to a number of things. First being, a lack of tradable resources in the province. This leads to less income from trading. Less fertile lands are also a contributing factor. However, the silent killer is your military costs. The cost is divided among all your settlements based on the size of the settlement.  So, since this is your 2nd largest settlement it is paying a large part of your military costs and it doesn't have that great of an income due to trade, so there isn't that much that can be done. Although, I would keep building up things like ports and roads just to make it as profitable as possible, but don't worry so much about getting it out of the red.
E: Culture  ** New Entry added 10-13-04 **
Question** New Entry Added 10-13-04 ** What is the culture penalty in the settlement details screen? Where does that come from and how can I combat it?
  • Culture penalty is based on how different your culture is versus the culture that the city was before.
  • They will assimilate over time, but you can speed it up by tearing down their temples and building those of your own culture. You can also build units in that city decreasing the local population, then disband other units there, increasing the Roman part of the population. Kind of like colonizing with your retired legionnaires  
  • Three ways to combat culture:
1. Exterminate everyone in the city; or
2. Tear down the pagan temples and put up your own.
3. Disband troops in the city. Mercenaries don’t count toward pop increases.[/list]

F: Ports and Trading [/i]
How do ports generate income? Do they immediately give you money as soon as you build them? If so, do you have to have 2 ports active in order for the money to start rolling in? If so, does it matter how distant those ports are? Or do you actually have to build or direct a "trade fleet" in some way to get that money going?    

  • Ports can be incredible moneymakers, but you will have to upgrade them a bit before you hit the jackpot. The more you upgrade the more little dashed lines (trade routes) are allowed. They are similar to the moving trade wagons on roads (zoom in to see them automatically move).
  • It seems like there's a fairly elaborate trading system behind the game that determines what a city has to trade, what is available to import, and what it's citizens want.
  • So if you build a port, you either need one of your own cities with a port and with a trade good available that your other city wants, or have a trade pact with another nation who has a port.
  • Each upgrade to the port will give you another trading fleet that will allow your city another import to tax.
  • Basically there's a lot going on behind the scenes, but I've never really had to pay much attention to it. As long as you consistently upgrade your ports and make trade agreements when you can your ports will have trade coming in no time.
  • If you want to take a look at the details of trade you can go to your city, click on the details button (middle button in the lower left) and then click on the trade information button (bottom button in the lower left of the details page). This will give you a break down of where your trade routes run to and how much money they are bringing in for you
  • Don't forget to send your diplomats out to secure trading rights with other countries.
  • If you have a port that is better than say the other roman faction ports nearby, they will sometimes caravan their goods to your port for shipping. Better yet, if you have trading rights with other factions that don’t have a port, you’ll be treated to what looks like daily rush hour traffic going to your port non-stop. I have no idea if your port charges $ for neighboring factions using your ports, it better! I do know that my best ports that have been upgraded to Dockyards usually have a steady flow of caravans headed to them from both my cities and other faction cities nearby. If your friendly neighboring cities don’t have ports, build one!
  • Cities that have the best ports are the clear cash cows of my empire. I haven’t figured out yet if you own a city that controls a major waterway like the straights of messina, do you get $ for all the little trading ships that pass through? That would make the cities that control the key waterways even more strategically important.
Do you have to negotiate trading rights with the other Roman factions, or do you start the game with those in place?

  • Nope, they are in place. Most countries are pretty receptive to trading with a roman faction, so it's usually just a matter of asking
  • You start with trading rights to the other roman factions (and I assume you start with no diplomatic or trade ties if you start as a non-Roman faction). That extra trade sheet on the city screen gives a pretty clear indication that long-distance trade is really many many more times profitable than trading between nearby cities - so build those ports, even if you don't upgrade them, the profit is enormous.
How do I create trade routes? I have ports etc, but I can't figure out how to make a trade route. Thanks!

  • Trade routes automatically create themselves and pick the best routes. Sometimes it takes a little while for it to appear
G: Settlement Control Panel
What are the flashing icons in the Settlement details window?

  • These appear when you've just conquered a settlement, your diplomatic status has changed, or the effect of some building is about to be removed (because the building is damaged, perhaps). In short, the way the game was calculating the city status is about to change in a significant way, and you're being warned about the loss of some benefits. Have a quick think about what has changed this turn, and you'll see the connection.
FYI, the 'transparent' icons are the ones that will appear when something on the building queue is completed.

** New Entry added on 10-13-04 ** Question:
How can you see the building 'tech' tree in the game? I found it once by accident, and now I can't again. Somehow I pulled up a screen that had all the buildings I had, and what they could eventually become, with information on each

  • On the city screen and I think the unit screen as well where you can queue up buildings/units there are three (or four?) small round buttons on the bottom left. One of them is called I believe the "building browser". Click on it and the building tree should come up.
H: Squalor and Unhappiness
One of my larger roman cities has 95% squalor. How can I get this down?  

  • On squalor and unhappiness:
  • You could always order troops from that province each turn (depletes population), or keep a large garrison there. That way, even though there's lots of squalor, the people keep their mouths shut about it. That's off the top of my head, as i haven't yet run into this problem.
  • Also, there is apparently a pretty good tip that the advisor gives about beating squalor. Read this at .com and .org so i think there's some veracity to it. Again, i don't know what this tip is because i haven't got to the point where i needed her help on this.
  • One last suggestion i read elsewhere: Pull your army out and let the damn place revolt. Come back in and crush the rebellion with your stack (should be more than sufficient), putting money in your pocket and reducing the population at the same time
I: Temples ** New category added on 10-18-04 **
Do the bonuses of an enemy's temple or shrine apply to you when you've conquered a city with one in it?
  • Yes, other cultures shrines do seem to affect your cities. This is particularly useful when it comes to the ones that (for instance) fully upgrade missile weapons, and can be had well before you get to the foundries stage.
III. Family Management
Does anyone know if family member bonuses are global? I saw a production, training or trade bonus on a governor. Does that apply to all cities or just the city that he is currently in?

  • If you have two family members in the same city with production bonuses, only the one who is officially the governor will provide his benefits to the city. Only one city can be governed at a time.
Is anybody else having the problem of not enough family members? I have quickly run out of them to run my towns and still have a couple available to man armies.

  • It seems like the family thing is fairly random. I started out pretty well and then expanded quickly and had far too few family members. Then after a lean spell my next generation started coming of age and now I have something like 25 male family members of age and about another 15 males and females who will come of age or have husbands over the course of about 10 years.
*]Get more family members by bribing other families or by promoting units into generals. To encourage promotions just fight a lot of battles without a general and once in awhile a valiant Hastati or whatever will catch the interest of your faction and you can adopt him. [/list]
IV. Tactical Map
A: Diplomacy and Diplomats
How do you turn a city?

  • Offer them a bribe in the diplomatic screen.
Open diplomatic discussions. Move the dip to a city, you get a scroll that appears on the map, and then it pops open to where you have different options. Bribe is one of them. If it doesn't show your not doing it right. It worked though my bribe was not successful with one of the other Roman factions.
  • ** New Entry added 10-13-04 ** As far as bribing goes, I believe by default by bribing you pay a lesser amount to make the enemy disband, but if some of the units in the army are playable by your faction, those units will join you for a slightly higher fee.
Question: [/b]
Is there a way to get a loan from my allies?

  • Yes, ask them for a fixed amount, offer to pay back over time - like demand 5000 denarii, offer 500/turn for 11 turns, and see if they take it.
B: Senate
Missions from the Senate ,do i have to do them, is it so bad to ignore them.  

  • If your standing falls too low with the Senate they will punish you, but they are not mandatory, especially in the beginning. The Senate is not exactly an ally, more like a rival over time.
C: Territories
For territory that doesn’t have a city or town to capture, how do I claim that territory? I’ve noticed several territories that have natural resources but don’t have a city or town nearby.

  • Nope, they are just there to fill the map and for looks. No city no province.
V Unit Management
    A: Assassins
How do I create an assassin. I want to get rid of my enemy’s diplomats and spies on the map.

  • You need build a Forum to recruit assassins.
  • The back of the map that comes with the game has a handy building tree that also has the units each building allows you to build on the back of it.
  • You can also guard armies by attaching assassins to march with them. I'm told this will give you the option of killing enemy agents that try anything with your protected army.
B: Spies
What are some of the abilities of a spy?

  • Spies are essential for siege warfare. Not only do they let you know what you are facing, but also the more spies you have in a city, the higher your chances of having them open the gates. With 2 spies, a 40% chance of gate opening increased to 51%. The better the spy, the better the chances.
  • Spy and Diplomat retinues can be moved, so you can give your best spies additional retinues to improve their skills. Better Diplomats make better deals (cheaper bribes, etc).
  • Spies and Diplomats age and die like Generals, so always track their ages and move retinues before they day.
  • Spies and Diplomats make great early game scouts. They can't be attacked, assassins aren't around yet and a diplomat can get lucky if they find a rebel family member to bribe in the wild adding to your family. Note, bribing enemy generals gives them the 'apparently loyal' trait which makes them easier to bribe by other factions.
C: Formations
When I want to advance my army and right-click forward of that army to get it moving, the game seems to sometimes decide their facing arbitrarily. I find myself having to constantly redraw their formations rather than just clicking on a spot where I want them to go because if I just right-click they will end up facing at some weird angle. Why doesn't it just keep them facing the same direction by default?

  • Highlighting all your units, and doing an ALT + Right Click will move your troops without changing their formation. I prefer this method since the grouping of troops and giving orders is a bit buggy right now--sometimes troops ignore orders and that is unacceptable.
D: Friendly Fire
I've often had my light infantry, which is at the moment my main fighting infantry, stop and throw javelins into an enemy formation before engaging. Now, sometimes the timing is off on this, and one infantry unit is already engaging, then two more come up to the fight, throw their javelins, and engage. The problem is, the previously engaged unit is kind of in the line of fire. Is there still a friendly fire risk when this happens, or does it only count for missile-specific units?

  • Yes it is a friendly fire risk on both accounts. I tell my Archers to stop firing, turn off fire at will, and then immediately move them. This stops them from firing immediately. Same with skirmishers, although by the time my main force engages they are usually out of ammo anyway.
  • For infantry attack, if a unit is engaged to the front, I usually try to move my other infantry unit to a flank before initiating an attack. This cuts friendly fire down and maximizes the effect of your pila on the enemy, hitting them in the middle ranks while your engaged infantry slaughters their front line. The subsequent charge usually will break any unit.
  • Pay attention to arc of the missile unit. If it goes pretty high, you can generally keep firing and hit mostly bad guys. If it's very flat, that won't work. Don't ever ever ever fire slingers through your ranks...those guys have a nearly flat arc and will devastate your men from behind.
  • As a follow-up note, this is another reason to avoid attacking uphill, and friendly fire will be more forgiving when attacking downhill or from a height.
  • The key to minimizing friendly fire is keeping your archers far back from the battle line so that they fire at a bigger arc. If you put your archers close behind your infantry, they will fire at a low angle and essentially shoot their own infantry right in the backs; and the casualties will be _huge_.
E: Retraining/Repairing Units
How do you replenish the strength of a unit?

  • To replenish the strength of a unit, the city it is in needs to be able to build the unit as well. You also "retrain" a unit with better armor or weapons if the city has a blacksmith
Is there a way to "upgrade" your crappier early units once you construct better barracks/stables/etc? Or do I just have to disband the unit and create a new one, waiting a turn? I seem to remember seeing something about being able to use the "retrain" command to upgrade a unit to a better type, as opposed to simply replacing lost soldiers...

  • If the unit is moved to a settlement with an armourer or blacksmith you can use retraining to give them better armor or weapons.
  • You can also upgrade ships by retraining when you upgrade your dock facilities.
F: Unit Commands
Anyone know a way to FORCE a unit capable of firing missile to instead engage in melee with a unit?  

  • The command is alt+right click. Select your unit, then hold down alt and mouse over the enemy unit. You'll see the bow pointer change to a sword, then right click. Double right click for charge.
How do I have a unit with limited missile capability ONLY throw their missiles at a targeted enemy unit without charging to the attack?  

  • The only missile units that will charge automatically are the Roman legions. They appear to be coded to throw one set of pila and then charge. Right now, I don't know any way to change that behavior.
How do you get a unit to face/rotate in a new direction without moving or doing the "click-drag reform?"

  • I think it is the "<" and ">" keys that rotate the unit facing while maintaining position.
I can't figure out how to tell a group to "go here, and end up facing this way"... if there is a way to do that, that would solve my problems with facing I think.

  • Just click and hold the right mouse button and drag to what position you want your guys. It'll even show arrows of where they'll be and what direction they will face, so you can pause and get them exactly where you want them without them moving.
  • Only time I use the < > is when my guys are in the position I want them but need to change their direction in a hurry to face a new threat.
Question [/b]
How do you get your Legionnaires to just throw their Pila and not charge?

  • Move them close to the target and then turn the Fire at Will option on. The Legionnaires will happily start tossing Pila in a way that would make Mike Martz cry
G: Unit Info
For detailed unit info please check out this link…

H:  Unit Strategies
Elephant killing: what are the best units for countering smelly elephant cavalry?  

  • The flaming pig" technology is a useful strategy to use against stampeding elephants
  • You don't want spears, you want javelin men who can chuck sharp pointy sticks at them. Roman light auxila are good for this.
  • And also good at chariots. I used a cool special maneuver, the Cantabrian circle. My javelin cavalry road in a circle, yes they really did, avoiding the chariots but chucking javelins at them totally disrupting their charge. It was one of the coolest things I've seen. Give CA credit for the AI on that one!
VI. Generals
A:  Ancillaries and Retinues
About retinues/ancillaries: Why is it when I drag an ancillary from one of generals to another that it just goes back to the original general? I can't seem to pass any ancillaries on at all.  

  • Make sure the General you're transferring to is in the same place as the one you're transferring from.
  • Certain combinations of retinues aren't possible.
  • Usually, the reason the retinue is not transferred (if the two guys are in the same province) is because the target guy already has the retinue you're trying to move. Common thing, that, especially since priests and retinues that are building-related pretty much get applied to all the family members in the town.
  • You can. You can trade diplomat retinues as well.
Question ** New entry added 10-18-04 **
   How does one transfer a retinue to another member of the faction?
  • you have to have both people in the same place/stack in order to transfer retinues between them.
B: Generals and City Management
My Faction Leader is an equally good commander and manager. Is he better off managing my best city or on the front lines, boosting the troops and gaining bonuses?

  • I found it fairly easy to build up "commander stars". Sometimes you even get a few only hiring mercs. Managing skills are more difficult to raise, so if someone has 2-3 "scrolls" he is going to be a governor.
  • My good managers tend to become good generals as a matter of course. Why? Because I send them to the regions most difficult to manage, which tend to be on the frontiers, which tend to be closest to enemies, which tends to involve more battles, you get the idea.
  • So yes, worry about management first and command stars second, but that doesn't mean the managing general doesn't run out and sweep bandits from time to time, or shift into attacking the next province as soon as he's stabilized one to the point of self-sufficiency
What do command stars do?

  • It currently affects both morale and combat ability - we tried it for a while with just morale, but it ended up being not enough of a bonus. The combat calculations have changed so much from Rome to Medieval as to be unrecognizable, so it's no longer easy to equate stars to experience.
  • As a rule of thumb it's one point of attack per command rank, up to a maximum of 10, and this can become negative for very bad generals. This combat bonus is applied to all troops under his command on the battlefield. Experience is one point of attack and one point of defense per chevron, plus a morale bonus as well.
  • The general's command also controls his radius-of-effect, which is set to 30 m + 5 m * command + 2 m * influence. This is used to award morale bonuses to nearby units (in addition to the combat bonus), and when testing which units are affected it tests the distance between the actual general's position and the center-point of the unit being considered. [/list

        C: Promotions
    How to promote into generals?  

    • If a captain wins a couple battles, so that he would otherwise earn one or more stars, there is a chance he will become eligible for adoption into your family. So, if you are short on family for governor positions, make a good army stack with just the default captain, go beat up some rebels or an enemy army, and hope to get the promotion.
    VII. Factions
       A: The Macedonians
    Any advice on ways to defeat the Macedonians?  The massed lancers and pikemen simply overwhelm my forces.

    • The Macedonian Phalanx infantry are as disciplined as your Legionnaires so they will be taught to beat in a straight up fight. Your best bet is to go on the offensive. Make sure your Legionnaires have a chance to throw their Pila and open up some holes in the spear line. Meanwhile you need to move units around the flanks. Sure a cavalry charge into a phalanx is a good way to get them killed, but if you hit the Phalanx from the side they are done.
    • The only problem is that the Macedonian Companion Cavalry outstrips your Equites easily and probably the Roman Cavalry as well. Your best bet is to post Triarii or your mercenary spearmen opposite your cavalry, and hold a reserve of Legionnaires on the wings.
    • When your front line engages, they should hold long enough for your reserve to whip around the flank and start rolling up their line. If you can get through the spears, the pikeman are virtually defenseless. This is also the same reason that Pikeman are pretty much useless in any sort of city assault.
    • The thing to keep in mind while fighting these guys, or any other horse heavy force, is that they cant do jack in a siege or anywhere there isn’t room to charge. If you get the horses past their shock value and into heavy fighting, their cake
    • Any infantry with high armor can effectively stop a charge as long as they are standing still. I keep my horses back until I can safely flank them. This has been effective against the Germans as well. Armored Hoplites are a different story.
    • If you can accept casualties have your archers send in a flight or two of flaming arrows*, it hits morale and may cause a demoralized unit to break.
    • The Macedonians also have a weak starting position, a short finger interrupted by an independent Athens. If you can hit them in the first few turns it will be far easier. Should they declare war on the Greeks they have the odds on winning (or at least taking the pelopennesus) which gives them a strong economy.
    I had the most success dealing with the Macedonians by:
  • Deploying strong infantry lines to the front to absorb and repel frontal cavalry charges and phalanx attacks
  • Placing a few infantry cohorts on the sides protecting the flanks to absorb flanking cavalry charges
  • Having 1 or 2 units of archers protected in the center of the battle formation that would rain down arrows on the slow moving phalanx units
  • Having velites or any type of infantry skirmisher just out in front of the main infantry line to get a few javelin throws in before the phalanx units closed in to melee. The skirmisher units will withdraw automatically as the Macedonian infantry closes the distance.
  • Place light and heavy cavalry units on the wings to screen when needed, and to counterattack at opportune times.
  • I kept my generals in the middle
  • If I kept this basic formation, it worked well both on defense and attacking against the Macedonians.
  • I used everything for the infantry cohorts: hastati, principi, merc hoplites (I liked putting them on the flanks and dragging their formation to be oriented diagonal from the front line).
  • I normally kept some kind of assault unit just behind my general for counter attacks or to reinforce a weakening line. Thracian mercs, velite gladiators, & war dogs all worked well.
  • As Scipii, facing the Macedonians will most likely be pre-marius, so being careful not to expose equites too early was something I had to keep an eye on. Legionary cavalry works well to screen the flanks, while light cavalry I found best to stick behind the general when needed. Post marius means you have much tougher infantry, real screening cavalry, and very capable archers at your disposal.
  • Think diffusion. The Macedonians have some the best infantry in the game, but it is terribly slow. Use mobile forces to lure their cavalry or break some phalanxes of from the side. Rather than fight the entire army at once, think of fighting it in segments. Once you split their forces, it will be very easy for you infantry (let alone cavalry) to flank phalanxes. Velites are and your general (or better another member of the faction) are tempting targets for the pondorously slow phalanx.
VIII. Mods

The Time Limit Negator!
MarkP has created a utility that will let you toggle battle time limits on or off while a campaign is running, permanently and for all battles in the campaign. He calls it the RTW Time Limit Negator.

This utility will modify a campaign save-game so as to permanently enable or disable time limits in all battles within this campaign. Turning time limits on or off during a campaign is thus possible.

It works by modifying a save-game file which you then just have to load in the game.

Please read readme file before installing.


Here are a few tips:

  • When capturing a large city, it is almost impossible to keep it happy and out of revolt even when it is filled with troops. Solution - when taking the city, sell the population into slavery. That usually reduces the population down to manageable levels.
  • For taking cities, sapping works best. Just drop the walls and forget about all the fancy siege equipment as fun as it is.
  • Take all the island provinces - Sardinia, Crete, Rhodes, Cyprus, Balearic Islands. Easy to capture usually, don't have to worry to hard about an enemy retaking them. You can pick these up cheap.
  • Keep cities happy by building happiness structures, adjusting garrison levels, adjusting tax rates, and the frequency with which you hold games. You may need all these with the really large cities.
  • Lastly, take plenty of cavalry and ranged units when fighting the Egyptians. They can be a pain and deadly if you just have infantry.
  • Oops, another one - looking for opposing Roman faction cities in rebellion - keeps an army and fleet around for this. Then attack and take the city. It's an easy way to pick up another province on you way to the magic 50.
  • Pay attention to that city details screen (lower button on the usual city screen), and see what is affecting the three factors (population, happiness, income). The high squalor rates are beatable, and are probably realistic anyway for the time period. Sewers and baths have the most immediate effects.
  • Remember that there are three temple types and you can only follow one path in each city, so build the temple that increases population rate in the cities near the capital, and the one that increases lawfulness in the outlying cities to reduce corruption (like Civ3).
  • As someone said, not being able to build is related to city size (2000, 4000, etc), but can also be if you don't have a governor in there and didn't select the "manage cities without governor" option in the campaign start screen. You need to closely manage tax rate, and stop building units there to get the population figures up. Enslaving captured populations is a nice boost, but they do seem to get spread out pretty thinly - better if you could direct them to certain cities (or your own surplus population for that matter).
  • Sapping is a special ability of certain troops, iirc, rather than something you choose or purchase like a ram. I've not used it but I recall seeing it mentioned on certain light infantry units description pages. Anyone have a list of which ones? Does the strat guide have this sort of thing?
  • If you bribe a city you don't get the troops in it so make sure you have troops with your diplomat to move in right away or the city will (always?) revolt at the end of the turn. It is a bit annoying that you can't bribe troops to join you, but it was pretty unbalancing in M:TW anyway
  • I find that putting populations to the sword finances my war effort nicely. First try and get them to turn with a diplomat, and then if they resist you show them the true meaning of failure.
  • Capture wonders of the world - they really help. The Colossus of Rhodes gives something like a 40% bonus to trade, and is on an island. Pretty easy to keep to. Just load up an army as soon as you can and take it. The Temple of Zeus is a 20% bonus to city order so that's a nice one two, but you need to get there before the Brutii  
  • Need to finance your conquests? Conquer some cities that you really don't need and sack (exterminate) the city. This works really well with raids into empires that you don't really plan on keeping - it weakens them but builds you up. You can also screw your Roman competitors by doing this in areas you can't hold but that they might want in the future  
  • Tear down the other cultures temple when you take a city. Main reason - you can't upgrade those temples, so as your city grows, you can't build any improvements that bring happiness.
  • The quick road to financial success is through ports. Each port level adds an additional overseas trade route, and these are far more lucrative than land based routes.
  • There's nothing wrong with moving governors around a little. You can queue things up, then move on somewhere else. I tend to think of them more as "regional" governors.
  • For attacking cities with wooden walls, I find archers to be the most effective tactic. When the rams move in, move in the archers behind them, avoiding guard towers. They'll start to pound any waiting clumps of troops inside, who will start to run out of range when they come under fire. When the area around the gate is relatively clear, charge one unit through to hold the area, then bring everyone else in.
  • Final tip: not every town needs to build every type of unit. Have them specialize, which will save money, time, and any desired unit production should still be only a city or two away. Some towns could get away with only a small barracks, and no other military development.
  • Also building armies reduces citizens, so try to build only what is necessary in the early game. I don't think agents reduce population. When you enslave a city, keep in mind the population is only distributed to cities that have governors.
  • Later on squalor and overpopulation are going to become a problem. This (or better yet before they become a huge problem  might be a good time sell that "plus to population growth" temple you've built awhile ago and replace it with "order and happiness" shrine/temple. Raise your taxes and try to keep growth within 0.5%-1.5%.
  • Another thing to try and combat overpopulation is to build lots of peasants in overpopulated cities, send them to some underdeveloped towns and disband them there. I wish we could sell them to slavery  
  • I do not allow a city to grow too large too fast if I cannot control it.
  • Think FAR ahead (like about 10 turns + on this)
  • VERY HIGH taxes to slow it down.
  • No farms for a non-booming settlement- that's a pop boomer. I only allow myself as many pop booming cities as my faction can actually manage.
  • Which temple... and why. It makes a HUGE difference over the years until the city peaks out with the Pantheon.
  • Have family member (FM) who seems well suited to learn management skills? Place him as a gov. or, if you don't need him yet, in a city with at *least* an academy.
  • jump on senate requests that promise political consideration.
  • DON'T use your political FMs as generals unless desperate. Captains can win battles too and often then get adopted. More FM's- more political people to use, stronger Roman you will be.
  • Realize that riots will happen... meh, who cares- people die, buildings get damaged. It happens repair things and move on. The people will sort themselves out.
  • Don't confuse a city that reports -1000 denarii as a city losing money- it's probably making more money than a lot of your cities, but paying for a LOT more troops than others. Don't worry about this.
  • Remember what colonies really were for to the Greeks and Romans: Commercial enterprises. Design some settlements to be small, but seriously strong economic powerhouses of trade- skip the farms, do roads, harbors, forums, temple of mercury, all in one city- this maxes out your $$ and minimizes your pop- so these places can pay for those BIG cities.
  • Make big cities places where you draw upon for your armies a LOT. Don't conscript people from your 1000-6000 pop trading centers simply because they're conveniently located close to the front. Big cities should be making units at all times unless you have a good reason to not have it be so. I set up regular shipments of fresh recruits to the frontier from the big cities. This way I also get well-trained ones from temple of mars cities, with awesome equipment from the foundries.
  • Cherish your FMs who get multiple senate positions, they truly are superior at managing big cities.
  • Have an FM run out priests from various temples to your FMs without that priest- makes for stronger retinues- even if it is a bit micromanagy- it'll last for decades.
  • The further your city from your capitol the worse people will behave in the city- move your capitol if you have to.
  • Remember, squalor isn't everything affecting your people's moods- it may be the BIGGEST thing because you've minimized everything else, but then you're doing well-
  • If all you have left that's negative for people in your town is squalor, then look ABOVE that line to the positive things you can MAX out- it isn't just about minimizing squalor but maximizing the other things that can over come it.
  • Slow down expansion- let the culture penalty get smaller before you move on.
It's all about thinking ahead and planning, not simply reacting.

  • Ok, here's a good tip and one that the new 3d map allows, seems to be the first game to do this:

Move your armies carefully and you can spring a 2 army or even 3 army trap on an enemy army. I just caught a Dacian army between the hammer and anvil of two of my armies. It was really cool marching my army up a hill to find the Dacian army facing the other way towards the army that was closer to them. I promptly charged them and our two armies crushed them. Maybe 200 of their 1200 man army got away - a couple of units on the edge of the map that decided fleeing was the better part of valor. I only lost 200 men of my 1500 man joint army, many of those to friendly archer fire. Lots of fun.

  • For those of you having a problem with a limited supply of family members I have a few tips:

a. Send Captains out to fight battles you know you can easily win: like rebel armies. After one or two wins, there is a good chance your captain will be adopted.

b. Spend money bribing family members from other factions. As long as you aren't paying a lot of money for an old fart or someone who is crazy, buying your family is worth it.

c. Don't lose generals early on in the tactical battles. Use your generals to break the backs of their Archer units, or to swoop around the back of a nearly defeated enemy. If it looks like you are going to lose a battle, just retreat. Unless you are trying to seriously role play this game, living on another day to pass on your seed is much more worth it than dying for a battle that is already lost.

  • Chariot archers are brutal, and can tear up an army if there are no units to counter them or scare them off. I think they’re technically classified as heavy cavalry too, so trying to fight them with anything other than triarii or spear infantry can be very bad.  Chariot archers can also charge infantry and other units with good results, which was a surprise the first time I saw it happen. They are not your typical wimpy archer unit, that’s for sure.
  • Heavy chariots are brutal too, and will decimate standard roman cavalry like equites and legionary cavalry.
  • Not only does an arena let you hold games, but a hippodrome lets you hold races as well. To increase happiness, a nice amount too might I add, change your city to hold daily/monthly/yearly races & games. It doesn't change this for you automatically when building the hippodrome.
  • Oh something I noticed. If take you over the towers, they'll start shooting at the enemy down in the streets. heh the towers in Rome had arrow slits on both sides of the tower. Whenever the Romans would march by the ones I had captured, they would open up on them.
  • When you make Assassins, have them kill everything in sight. Rebel captains, enemy faction captains, and the occasional enemy diplomat. I found them to be "soft" targets yet with every successful kill they have the chance to add a trait which should increase the chance of killing a higher level targets like an army general, enemy faction heirs, and so on. The occasional sabotage mission where you send them into a city before a siege to destroy a structure builds experience too. Just don't go too crazy and destroy too many things that may be of use.
  • Like assassins, have warships kill everything in sight in order to get experience so they can hold their own when you finally start making enemies of the other Roman factions that I notice have substantial navies. Also remember, like army units, they can get retrained for better weaponry and replenished too at dock facilities.
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These questions are not verified to be accurate.  Like I said, it’s a copy and paste job from the other thread.  If you find a discrepancy please let me know by email  that way I can correct it.  I rather have it by email so it will be easier to follow up and make the corrections.
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Please email for price list. I'm open to trades, but to give you fair warning, there's not much out there I'm interested in.

I'm going to keep this up for a week or so, then the unsold games will be listed on ebay.

Will confirm before sale whether or not manuals and jewel cases are included. To my knowledge I have everything.


All come with cases and manuals



Madden 2004 (jewel case and manual)
Madden 2003 (jewel case and manual)
NBA Live 2004 (jewel case and manual)
Tiger Woods Golf 2003 (jewel case and manual)
Warcraft III (jewel case and manual)
Warcraft III Frozen Throne (case and manual)
4558  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Fines for using cell phone in library on: September 03, 2004, 03:09:55 AM
hopefully Fines for cell phones in use at movie theatres will be next.
4559  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Um, Firefox. Wow. on: August 31, 2004, 01:46:29 AM
doh I forgot I have firefox and been using IE since I got home biggrin
4560  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / I hate to say it... on: August 31, 2004, 01:45:05 AM
Quote from: "gellar"
ESPN hasn't seen the inside of my XBox since the day Madden was released.

Madden's franchise mode is excellent.


word.  My first week of madden I was so frustrated with it.  You can ask Gellar, I told him it's going back.  Then I put in ESPN, and was bored.  So I put Madden back in found some sliders to my liking that still kept semi-realistic stats (still tuning) and I'm loving it.  

If  we could combine Madden's gameplay with ESPN's animation and presentation, it would be the perfect game.
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