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1641  Non-Gaming / Political / Religious Nonsense / Re: Why is this the business of the government? on: August 20, 2008, 09:27:18 PM
I don't necessarily see this a good example of when the government should interfere, but at the same time I think all jobs should offer some sort of sick pay. I know when I didn't have sick days nothing could keep me from coming to work. I wasn't productive, but I was present and getting paid. I also most likely helped spread the current cold or flu through the office.

Someone in the article compares it to federal minimum wage, and I think that is a good comparison. Should the government be able to regulate how much or how little we each get paid? If so, why can't they regulate how many sick days we get?
1642  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: Rick Roll on: August 04, 2008, 05:21:39 PM

Quote from: CeeKay on August 04, 2008, 02:51:36 AM

do to the tastelessness of this post I've started a petition to ban msduncan.

Predictable...and funny!
1643  Non-Gaming / Steals and Deals / Re: Woot off in progress on: July 31, 2008, 04:27:52 PM
I got the knife set for $15, and the last day had some pretty good items if only I had a little bit more money. Too bad about the Bag of crap. I stayed up way too late to try and get it, all for nothing.
1644  Non-Gaming / Steals and Deals / Re: Woot off in progress on: July 30, 2008, 05:44:50 PM
Yesterday and last night seemed like it was mostly crap, with the occasional computer or mp3 player tossed in. Today seems better. I picked up a set of 11 kitchen knives and a wooden cutting board for $15 after shipping. So far it has been the only thing I have considered pulling the trigger on.
1645  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: New GameInformer - Wolfenstein, Marvel UA 2 on: July 25, 2008, 11:50:07 AM

Quote from: CeeKay on July 25, 2008, 03:39:27 AM

This M:UA video isn't helping my excitement level rise any.  seriously, the big gimmick is combining two powers into a combo attack?

Wow. That was awful.

The Legends games were some of my favorite games on the xbox. I played a lot of M:UA, but it felt different somehow. And from that trailer, this game looks like it is taking another step in the wrong direction.

Although the story could be good. I was more excited for the opening sequence of the trailer than any of the gameplay footage.
1646  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: Broward Circuit Judge Marc Gold -> worse than Jack Thompson on: July 24, 2008, 02:15:35 PM

I love this state.
1647  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: (360 and PS3) No Love for the Release Version of Civ: Revolution? on: July 18, 2008, 05:59:49 PM

Quote from: Dante Rising on July 17, 2008, 07:10:08 AM

Quote from: Jancelot on July 17, 2008, 07:05:57 AM

Bottom line is that it is a great starting point and I hope that it sells well so that we see sequels down the line with some tweaks and a little more depth added in.

A friend of mine who works at Gamestop said that it absolutely bombed in his region. The only version that did even remotely well was the DS iteration. I'm hoping his area is not indicative of sales in general.

I saw on that the game has sold out here in the U.S. I also saw yesterday somewhere that the game has been the best selling 360 game on Amazon since it came out. That probably dropped though after NCAA came out, but it is still good.
1648  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: (360 and PS3) No Love for the Release Version of Civ: Revolution? on: July 18, 2008, 04:45:31 PM

Quote from: wonderpug on July 18, 2008, 01:18:50 PM

Has anyone seen a listing of what each difficulty level adds or changes?  I'm curious when the AI starts getting resource boosts, and if they start getting tweaks to their combat rolls.  The former I could take in light doses, but the latter I want to completely avoid if it exists.

After I finally got the culture victory on King difficulty (thank you Roman 1/2 price wonders), I bumped the difficulty up to Emperor and tried a Zulu campaign with focus on domination. I was able to destroy Washington with a single warrior army. The next turn I found Rome, just a few tiles over from Washington. I was able to take them out fairly easily, with the Warrior Army, a Horsemen Army, and a Catapult Army. I also used a great person to flip their second city.

As soon as I finished up Rome, the Germans and French decided to make themselves known. The French at this time were already closing in on a culture victory, needing just 10 more great people, flipped cities, or wonders. The Germans immediately declared war on me and started sending wave after wave of Legion armies at me. By this point they had at least 4 cities, two of which were on choke points that could quickly grow and produce armies. They also were flying through the tech tree, and were coming at me with cannons and knights while I still had archers, catapults, and horsemen. At the same time, the French started pumping out wonders, but it didn't appear like the Germans were pushing towards them at all. It was as if all of their energy was on me.

So, from the half game I played, it looks like research and combat was the same. The Germans were more advanced than me because they had bigger cities than I did, and most of my cities were focused on gold production. Also, the German perk is to automatically upgrade elite units, which is most likely why they were able to come at me with these upgraded armies as soon as they were available. What changed was the strategy. City placement seemed better, and the armies did a good job sieging cities and using the terrain to their advantage.
1649  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: (360 and PS3) No Love for the Release Version of Civ: Revolution? on: July 17, 2008, 01:25:53 PM
I am having a lot of trouble getting a cultural victory on King difficulty. It just seems like that lags behind everything else. The closest I ever got was a couple days ago. I was building the United Nations wonder, but the game said that the game would end after 5 more turns, and whoever had the highest score would get a domination victory. I needed 7 more turns to build the United Nations and win the game  icon_mad

Any advice on how to get this type of victory?
1650  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: Shocking News!! Game Reviewers admits not finishing the games for review on: July 15, 2008, 09:17:01 PM

Quote from: Purge on July 15, 2008, 07:25:23 PM

Quote from: msteelers on July 15, 2008, 06:04:50 PM

If you are getting paid to review a game

Key statement. If. If this was a 40hr work week for me, then I suppose I could put out a comprehensive review of Oblivion in 2.5 weeks, and for it to be effective I'd need to get some pretty damn good money for it. There is a balance of critique and game decomposition/analysis. Perhaps just getting the ESRB folks who've already picked it apart to find the content rating to give you their review, right? slywink

True, but at the same time epic games like Oblivion are relatively rare. Most games can have the single player experience finished in 10-20 hours. I don't think it is unreasonable to expect people who get paid to put in the required time to finish the game. If you don't get paid, just be honest with how you played the game.
1651  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: Shocking News!! Game Reviewers admits not finishing the games for review on: July 15, 2008, 06:04:50 PM
If you are getting paid to review a game you should try to finish the game before posting reviews. The only time I think this will get a pass is if it is a game that could go on forever (like the Elder Scrolls games), or really long RPG's. But if you don't finish a game, tell the reader what you did. If you are reviewing NCAA, say how many seasons of a dynasty you did, or which characters you created for campus legend. Or acknowledge that you haven't finished the game, and why you don't want to, or will.
1652  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: NCAA 09 Impressions? on: July 15, 2008, 04:53:05 PM
I was going to go and pick this up today, but I am in the process of moving so cash is really tight right now. Plus, I am still really enjoying CivRev. I'll probably pick this up in a week or two when I get settled in the new place.
1653  Gaming / Multiplayer Madness (MMO or otherwise) / Re: Is ANYONE playing CoD4 online anymore? on: July 08, 2008, 02:56:45 PM
Between Halo 3 and COD4 I think I got burned out on first person shooters for awhile. I tried the BF:BC demo but it did nothing for me. Now I'm in a more laid back mood with my games. I've spent a lot of time in Lost Odyssey recently, and this week I will pick up Civilization Revolutions and NCAA next week. Those two games will probably last me for a couple of months, until the fall games start coming out, when I'll probably be screaming for some first person shooter action.
1654  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: 100 Pushups - 6 week program. Who's in? on: July 07, 2008, 08:09:56 PM
My 2nd test was 19, which is good since my first test was just 7, but I was really shooting for 20. I didn't get up in time this morning to do my workout, so I'll do it when I get home from work today.
1655  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: 100 Pushups - 6 week program. Who's in? on: July 01, 2008, 08:31:49 PM

Quote from: jersoc on July 01, 2008, 07:06:29 PM

I always start to crap out on the 3rd set around 12'ish. I can manage to finish, but just barely. I don't really work out, but I think part of the reason is I have a bad habit of holding my breath. I pretty much have to force myself to breath while doing them. Any tips on changing that?

I've always been told to make sure that you are breathing out when you are doing the "lifting", and breathe in when returning to the starting position.

So for a pushup, breathe in when you lower yourself to the floor, and breathe out as you push yourself up.

It's important to breathe during the exercise, and for some reason exhaling as you are lifting helps, or at least seems like it does.
1656  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: 100 Pushups - 6 week program. Who's in? on: July 01, 2008, 06:57:31 PM
Thanks for all the support. I like to look on the bright side of things, and I already found a new apartment, which is a block away from my gym. So now I have no more excuses.

I'm going to North Carolina tomorrow morning, but I will still do my pushups Wednesday and Friday and be back Monday to update.

My right shoulder hurt a lot Saturday night. At first I thought it was from the pushups, but it hasn't hurt since, so I am starting to think I might have been leaning on it on the couch the wrong way, or something. And the wrists still feel good since I've made sure that they point forward and not cheat out to the side.
1657  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: 100 Pushups - 6 week program. Who's in? on: July 01, 2008, 02:44:14 PM
Well, I found my motivation. My girlfriend of three years left me Sunday night. We have been living together for two years and was about to sign a new lease that was to take affect today actually.

Focusing that emotion into the pushups made Week 2 Day 1 seem easy  mad ...  crybaby
1658  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: 100 Pushups - 6 week program. Who's in? on: June 27, 2008, 04:04:00 PM
Day 3 is done! Unfortunately I took a little longer than 120 seconds between the sets. I feel good though.
1659  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: 100 Pushups - 6 week program. Who's in? on: June 26, 2008, 09:03:19 PM

Quote from: jersoc on June 26, 2008, 06:24:59 PM

Quote from: Gratch on June 26, 2008, 02:35:23 PM

Do you guys point your hands forward, or out to the side?  I tried doing them forward, but it absolutely killed my wrists.  Not sure if pointing them to the side would alter which muscle groups are working.

holy jebus, forward. i can't imagine pointing them to the side would be better for the wrists.

I'm pretty sure for my initial test my hands were pointing out, and my wrist was killing me. But for the first two days I have been pointing them straight and the wrist hasn't been a problem.
1660  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: [movies]Wall-E Impressions on: June 26, 2008, 09:01:08 PM
I must be the only person in the country that knows nothing about this film. I haven't seen anything for it except for posters when I go to the movies, and people in forums saying how excited for it they are.
1661  Non-Gaming / Political / Religious Nonsense / Re: District of Columbia v. Heller -- Decision tomorrow on: June 26, 2008, 07:11:11 PM
Since overall I agreed with the decision of the court, I wanted to check out the dissenting opinions first. I don't have time to read the whole thing, but so far I have worked through about the first 17 pages of Stevens dissenting opinion, and I'm surprised. So far he has focused on the interpretation of the text of the amendment, and why he feels it most likely was meant for the militia and not individuals.

There are two good points he makes. The first is the implied use of the firearms. Obviously they weren't meant to commit a crime, which leaves hunting, shooting for sport, defense, and fighting in an army (or militia or whatever). The text of the amendment specifically mentions fighting in the militia, but none of the other options. Why would the "Framers" leave them out if they were implied? Stevens points to the Declaration of Rights for Pennsylvania and Vermont, which were written around the time of the 2nd Amendment, both of which specifically mention “the people have a right to bear arms for the defence of
themselves and the state”. Why would the authors of the amendment leave it out when contemporary text specifically kept it in?

The other good point he makes is interpreting "to keep and bear arms". He claims that the phrase at the time the amendment was written, referred to military use. "To Keep" meant that members of the militia were allowed to store their weapons at home, and "bear arms" implied the military use.

So far it has been an interesting read. I still agree that people should be allowed to own guns, but I can understand why the decision was so close.
1662  Non-Gaming / Political / Religious Nonsense / Re: District of Columbia v. Heller -- Decision tomorrow on: June 26, 2008, 03:45:21 PM

Quote from: Tareeq on June 26, 2008, 03:06:41 PM

We've made a pdf copy of the full opinion with all dissents available for download at Popehat.

Awesome. When I first saw that pdf I thought it was just the majority opinion. Good to know it has the dissenting ones as well.
1663  Non-Gaming / Political / Religious Nonsense / Re: District of Columbia v. Heller -- Decision tomorrow on: June 26, 2008, 02:54:41 PM
I'm interested in seeing the dissenting opinion. I saw on CNN that it was a 5-4 decision. I'm surprised it was that close.
1664  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: 100 Pushups - 6 week program. Who's in? on: June 26, 2008, 02:27:12 PM
I usually keep my hands fairly wide. Normally just outside of my shoulders. I definitely feel it in my shoulders and down my sides for some reason. And after Day 2 my chest felt like it did after a normal workout routine.
1665  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: Help me like The Who on: June 25, 2008, 05:34:06 PM
I think seeing them live is the way to get hooked. When I was a kid I heard the songs on the radio but didn't care too much. But my Dad took me to go see them (Daltry, Townshend, Entwistle, and Starkey) when I was about 13. I've been hooked ever since.

I really like the DVD of their performance at the 1970 Isle of Wight Festival. It has a lot of their early hits, and a short version of Tommy that they perform live.

You can get the special edition from amazon for $14.99, or the regular edition for $3.99 or something like that.

The next step would be one of their "best of" albums, My Generation: The Very Best of The Who. It looks like it has been re-released a couple of times over the years, but I don't know the difference between them outside of price, which ranges from under $1 to $21.99.

If there is a part of you that is going to like The Who, you will know after listening to that album or watching them live.
1666  Non-Gaming / Political / Religious Nonsense / Re: John McCain is a turtle. Barack Obama is a zerg. on: June 25, 2008, 05:14:26 PM
That was awesome.
1667  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: 100 Pushups - 6 week program. Who's in? on: June 25, 2008, 03:04:43 PM

Quote from: Thin_J on June 25, 2008, 02:32:33 PM

I think the weird thing for me so far is that after the initial test I was sore that day, and after day 1 I was sore almost immediately.

Today I feel fine.

Opposite for me. I was fine after the initial test and Day 1. Then yesterday I started getting sore down my sides, and today after the Day 2 exercises my arms, shoulders, and chest muscles are screaming. Putting deodorant on was a chore  retard

I've been out of the gym for 3 months now, and my muscles are punishing me for it.
1668  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: [XBLA] Ticket to Ride...soon? on: June 25, 2008, 02:59:06 PM

Quote from: Dreamshadow on June 25, 2008, 02:52:25 PM

I could only access the NA tutorial and the NA map this morning.  How did you select Europe?

I didn't. I only played the NA map. But I saw in the "How to Play" section rules for the Europe map, and icons for train stations on the avatars. Since I had never played before, I figured I would stick to the NA map to learn the basics.

That would suck if they include all of that and not allow you to play those maps. I checked the DLC and it doesn't have anything but the game and the trailer.
1669  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: [XBLA] Ticket to Ride...soon? on: June 25, 2008, 02:09:02 PM

Quote from: EddieA on June 25, 2008, 07:45:53 AM

IGN has posted their review - 6.5/10.

Wow. That's a terrible review. I'm pretty sure they picked the wrong person, as he clearly has no interest in board games.
1670  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: [XBLA] Ticket to Ride...soon? on: June 25, 2008, 02:04:37 PM
I downloaded this morning and gave it a shot. The tutorial tells you everything you need to know in terms of playing the game, but doesn't give you any real gameplay or strategy experience. And for someone who never played the board game, that was a bummer.

Still, I purchased it this morning. It looks like they have the North American map, the European map, and one other. I played a 2-player game against the computer on easy and another game against the computer on easy with the max number of players (6 I think?). I won both easily. Maybe today or tomorrow I will try the other maps and see the difference.

I definitely enjoyed the game, as against the computer they went quickly. Probably 15-20 minutes each.

I was hoping they would allow two people to play from the same xbox, as I think this is a game my girlfriend would enjoy, but I don't think that is an option.

I can't speak for those that played the board game, but if you are looking for a quick diversion this seems like a fun game.
1671  Non-Gaming / Political / Religious Nonsense / Re: Bush calls for congress to open areas for drilling on: June 25, 2008, 01:46:40 PM
I think most people will be up to the idea of having these things close to them, if the benefits outweigh the problems. The main concern I would have would be if prices of homes drop because of the NIMBY effect, and how much. I don't know about many drawbacks to these alternative power sources, but from the few that I have read the only one that sounds like a big deal is the noise made by the wind farms that Blackadar mentioned.

I would imagine that if people in the surrounding areas have to put up with inconveniences, many of them will be fine with it if they get a break on electricity or something like that. People will put up with stuff if it saves them a couple bucks.
1672  Non-Gaming / Political / Religious Nonsense / Re: Everyone in this forum please read on: June 25, 2008, 01:38:11 PM

Quote from: YellowKing on June 25, 2008, 02:59:25 AM

I think some of us - myself included - need to recognize that we've more a part of the problem than part of the solution lately.  We also had a large influx of new posters who may have been used to posting in a different manner than what we've typically had here at GT.  This thread may help both sides of the equation - helping those of us who have gotten shrill to get our act together and provide more guidance to newer members on the GT method of R&P posting.

No offense, but I've seen far more troll-like, personal flaming behavior here in GT than I ever did in OO. Maybe it's us who should be giving you lessons.


OO gets personal in some situations, and some people get it much worse than others. But I have seen some posts here where I would have been very offended if I was the target of the attack.
1673  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: 100 Pushups - 6 week program. Who's in? on: June 25, 2008, 01:21:11 PM
I managed to do Day 2 better than I expected. Plus my wrist hasn't been a problem, which helps.
1674  Non-Gaming / Political / Religious Nonsense / Re: When was the last time someone changed your mind on an P/RN topic? on: June 24, 2008, 07:11:50 PM
I can't remember anything making me do a complete 180 on a position I believed in. But people posting here and at OO have definitely helped shaped my opinion, and almost always make me think of things differently than I would have on my own.
1675  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: [100 pushups] Results Tracker Thread. on: June 24, 2008, 04:02:09 PM
Initial test: 7
Level of intensity: Rank 2
2nd Test: 19
Level of intensity: Rank 1

1676  Non-Gaming / Political / Religious Nonsense / Re: Everyone in this forum please read on: June 24, 2008, 02:09:55 PM

Quote from: Canuck on June 24, 2008, 02:00:29 PM

Someone must be doing a lot of reporting! I see a lot of crap on here but that's when I just flip to the next thread-pointless arguing gets boring real fast.  On the other hand, politics and religion has its own forum for a reason-these discussions can get pretty heated.  I say if people are going to participate in a Religion/Politics forum then they need to throw on their asbestos suit and lose the sensitivity.  Keep your fingers off the report button people!  That is for the wussies in Off Topic slywink

I feel like I have thick skin, and don't get bothered too much by posts on a message board. But even so, some of the attacks have become very personal towards others and should stop.
1677  Non-Gaming / Political / Religious Nonsense / Re: Bush calls for congress to open areas for drilling on: June 23, 2008, 09:27:12 PM
Drilling for oil sounds nice and like a short fix, except it takes time to get everything working. Even if 10 years is an exaggeration, even 5 years can be too long given the way our economy looks. I would rather see those 5 years being used to find some way to get us away from using oil, or at least cut demand for it enough that prices can come back down or stabilize.

I would really like to see someone explore other methods like solar power and wind turbines to create more energy. I live in Florida, Most of the homes here would benefit from having solar panels. Same with the southwest states. They could create a ton of power. Other natural methods could be used wherever it makes sense. The problem is everyone is looking for the perfect solution, and it doesn't exist. It's going to take an entire overhaul of our culture and lifestyle for this to happen.
1678  Non-Gaming / Political / Religious Nonsense / Re: Obama (already) plays the race card on: June 23, 2008, 09:16:20 PM

Quote from: brettmcd on June 23, 2008, 09:05:01 PM

Quote from: msteelers on June 23, 2008, 08:57:41 PM

That would be a better post if the Republicans weren't famous for using sleazy tactics, and not just racism.

Yep only republicans use dirty campaign tactics.     Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes    Sometimes the partisan slant of this board is appaling.

You are arguing a point that no one is making, with the exception of the two posters who are blindly loyal to the democrats.
1679  Non-Gaming / Political / Religious Nonsense / Re: Obama (already) plays the race card on: June 23, 2008, 08:57:41 PM

Quote from: brettmcd on June 23, 2008, 08:54:17 PM

Quote from: Geezer on June 23, 2008, 08:43:34 PM

Quote from: brettmcd on June 23, 2008, 08:18:49 PM

One of the things that I think is going to happen more, as we are already seeing it, is that people will label opposition to Obama as being linked to some type of racism from the person who dislikes Obama.   We have already seen it in this thread where MSD has basically been called a racist by more then one person.   One can have not a shred of racism in them and still think Obama would be a horrible failure as a president.    But the racism card will be played by some Obama supporters to try and shame people who oppose him, and that is going to be quite sad to see.

No.  MSD was passingly associated with racists by one person.  No one else has come close.  The problem MSD has is that in national campaigns that have garnered huge amounts of attention, conservative groups, generally republican-leaning in focus, have made a science of trashy thinly veiled innuendo and smears over the past couple of decades.  Because of that, fairly or not, Obama supporters are going to be hyper-sensitive to such activities. 

It's not to say that left-leaning and Democratic-party supporting groups haven't indulged in the same behavior - but it's the conservatives that have really abused this kind of politics repeatedly IMHO.

Paraphrasing msduncan:  "It's not okay for Senator Obama to warn people about Republican tactics until we've deployed them more widely."

It seems you're just angry that your ilk aren't getting a free pass to promote their unique brand of sleaze under cover of darkness. 

Neither of those comments were very subtle in calling MSD a racist, so im not sure where you get that just one person 'passingly' associated with being a racist, as both those quotes were quite clear in making that attack.

And again it was Clinton and her supporters who first started on the racial tones against Obama, but repubs of course are the ones who seem to be getting all the blame for any racial tones to this campaign season.

That would be a better post if the Republicans weren't famous for using sleazy tactics, and not just racism.
1680  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: What are you buying this week? (6/23) on: June 23, 2008, 01:48:50 PM
I added Alone in the Dark to my gamefly account. Maybe I'll get lucky and have it sent to me soon. I've got to save money for next month when I'll get Civilization Revolutions and NCAA.
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