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1  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Wal-Mart controls what games you play on: April 13, 2006, 09:45:05 PM
Ohhh, I see.  I doubt anyone will be able to provide one.  Why? because publishers make the requested changes rather than let several months/years of development go down the tube.  That is simple economics...

I assumed we were talking about the title of this thread (which I would say is true given the fact that they seem to have an amazing degree of content control compared to other distributors, as evidenced by the article I linked as well as the one others linked.), not that specific line in the linked article (which I agree, wasn't really substanciated).
2  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Wal-Mart controls what games you play on: April 13, 2006, 08:32:48 PM
Quote from: "Jumangi"

Mine is lacking? Hello, I don't need any arguement because nothing has been proven at all about this subject. The links are nothing but about Walmart and their general level of buying power. There' is nothing of specific proof at all about the thread subject of games getting cancelled. When you have something of substance then get back to me and I can take these claims as being possibly legit.

Like this?,2101,55955,00.html

It mentions very specific content changes to explicitly satisfy Wal-Mart.
3  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / [360] First Oblivion Mod up on Live on: April 03, 2006, 10:27:56 PM
I'm hoping this is just a continuation of 'overcharge at the onset and then offer free x-months down the line', like they did with Halo 2.  I absolutely love that model since I can be extremely patient, unlike the rest of the obsessive-compulsive gamers out there.  
They pay for the extra effort involved in making mods, and I reap the rewards.
4  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Getting a 360 on Monday, and not excited on: January 08, 2006, 03:18:01 AM
I don't get the delimma.  Just play them on your XBox.
Alternately, give up your spot so that someone that actually wants a 360 can get one, I'm sure the supply will catch up to demand in a month or so and you can get your 360 then.  Perhaps they will have updated the BC list by then...
5  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / My gp2x on: December 31, 2005, 10:41:13 AM
or, as I affectionately call it, the 'not ready for primetime (game) player'.

(this is a cut and paste job of something I posted on another site)

At some point during the 360 launch I just quit caring about next-gen systems... and this-gen systems come to think of it.

That isn't to say that next(or this) gen games don't have anything to offer. Nor does it mean that I am one of these grumpy bastards that thinks gaming nirvana was x years ago and ever since whatever seminal game I played x-1 year ago nothing has amazed me and gaming is going to hell in a hand-basket.  No, its more of a realization that the only games I cared about for the 360 were the cheapie arcade games that were offered via Live Arcade.  Additionally, the only game that appeared on my Christmas list was 'Galleon', which was panned for its buggy nature and throwback graphics and gameplay.

So I think I am in the middle of a slight obsession shift.  This happens from time to time, sometimes its a game (Freedom Force), sometimes its a platform (XBox), sometimes its a movie (buildup to the release of the LOTR series),  Sometimes it lasts years (Asheron's Call) sometimes just a week or so (deciding to get back to my 'roots' and try to learn some Dutch).  In this case, its a subset of retro/homebrew gaming.

After I read a little snippit about the gp2x a few months ago, it festered in the back of my mind until I finally ponied up the $180 to purchase the unit for Christmas/my birthday ( not to imply that Jesus and I are one and the same, but rather our birthday's are 4 days apart).  It arrived on the 27th and I have spent a fair deal of time wiith it.  Now I want to share that experience with you...

What is a gp2x?

It's a new handheld media player/game system released late November by Game Park Holdings.  Game Park Holdings is a Korean company that is NOT Game Park, another Korean company who is the maker of the GP32 (and future PSP/DS competitor the 'XGP').  Rather, GPH is a company founded my GP engineers who were not happy with the commercial direction that GP was heading in, but were instead focused on the homebrew scene. There. I hope I cleared that up slywink

What features does a gp2x have out-of-the-box?

Well, its linux based a media player that comes with a rudimentary audio (MP3, Ogg) and Video (Divx/Xvid) player as well as an e-book (txt) reader and photo (jpg, bmp, png, etc...) viewer.

What sort of commercial games were released at launch?

well, there was... ummmm... none really, although there are a few in the works apparently, largely ports of Pocket PC games.

What????  Why even mention this device in the GVGD then!?!

Because of the active homebrew scene, already there are ports of several good SDL based Linux games like Spout and rockdodger. Also, A+ classics like the Ur-Quan Masters, Hexen, Duke3d and Quake have been ported over as well.  The Ultima's VII and VI engines are currently being ported as well.

OK, well, I guess thats something...  What if I purchased a complete library of 8 and 16 bit games and have a warehouse full of old Arcade cabinets?

Well then, you are in luck.  You can play many of your classics on the GP2x.  The DRMD Genesis/Megadrive emulator is almost bugfree and can play 90% of Genesis roms full sound and normal gamespeed.  Other console emulators that are currently released but not fully functional include SNES, NES, PCEngine, NEOGeo, Gameboy Color, Lynx, and Playstation (really early version with only a handful of games that are at playable speeds).  Also, computer systems like the Atari 800, BBC Micro and Commodore 64 have been emulated and the Atari ST and Amiga are in the works.  There is also a MAME emulator that can play > 800 Roms if they are version .34.

OK, what if I have no scruples?

Then the above paragraph applies to you too.

Well that sounds good, whats the price?

I got mine for $180 online + shipping.

Wow, thats not too bad, and you were completely ready to go?

Nope, Had to purchase an SD card ($28 for 512 MB Sandisk card), some 2500 mAh rechargable AA batteries and charger ($20), and a DC adapter ($16).

Ummm, OK.  And the unit is farely bug free?

Hell no. Flashing your firmware with the wrong SD card or with weak batteries can render your unit useless.  There were reports of some early units having poorly soldered phono jacks that broke off into the unit (though this seems fixed), and the joystick is a bit stiff and uncomfortable.

In fact, I need to send my unit back since my batteries die 2-3 minutes after putting them in, and playing with an adapter ruins the main selling point of a 'portable'.

So, are you happy with it?

Strangely, yes.  I have really enjoyed playing with it and seeing all of the quality games that have been released for it for free.  I have high hopes for the system and look forward to finishing games that I owned but never completed like Ultima VII and Ur-Quan Masters.

I'll update this post as I get untethered and discover other cool things out there for my toy...

Links to main site:
6  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / DS or PSP? on: December 23, 2005, 01:00:48 AM
Quote from: "Devil"
I typed that last message on the can with my PSP!! It took almost 3 hours with the wonderful text entry that Sony had decided to torture us with (my legs were going numb!), but it was with my PSP none the less!!

Try that with your DS!!!


Well, I'm typing this from the can on my work laptop.  For portable 'can' typing, a laptop runs rings around the PSP...

Anyway, just ordered my GP2X a couple of minutes ago, for those interested, I'll give a first impression when it arrives early next week.
7  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / DS or PSP? on: December 21, 2005, 12:50:07 AM
Quote from: "unbreakable"
Meh, no wireless.

I'll wait for the next version.

methinks you have missed the point of the system.  However, the XGP
might be more to your liking.
8  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / DS or PSP? on: December 20, 2005, 11:45:03 PM
Quote from: "hitbyambulance"

i'm going to be getting one in a few months... will report back when i do.

I'm almost ready to order one myself (bought a 512 MB SD card and some Energizer 2500 NiMH Batteries today in giddy anticipation).  Should get it within the next month.
9  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Gizmondo RULES!!!!! on: December 08, 2005, 06:03:47 PM
Quote from: "Destructor"
Actually, I've been debating on picking up this little gem just for the emulators and whatnot. Especially for the emulators - they've sorta stagnated on the PSP. That, and I might actually find a game worth buying and be forced to upgrade past my version 1.5 console. biggrin
Anybody out there own one/know a friend who owns one?

Alas, no.  However, some of the bigger GP32/GP2X forums have reported a variety of issues with the first release.  Many of the issues can be fixed with a  firmware upgrade (Battery life/screen flicker).  Some can be fixed if you are willing to void your warranty (earphone jack is flimsy but can be soldered if you know what you are doing.  extra padding can be removed from behind the screen to fix a graphical glitch when using the Joystick, Thumbstick requires a bit of alteration and is a bit slippery).  Still, I think they are going to fix alot of these issues in the Q106 batch.   I think mostly they were trying to get out playable units to would-be developers.
10  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Gizmondo RULES!!!!! on: December 07, 2005, 05:14:59 PM
Anyone else following this one?

Its more of an oldschool device based on Linux that is best for 2d gaming, but it also has some nice multimedia features.
Also, tons of free games with emulators and ports and whatnot...
at $189 US its not  bad price.
11  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Saints Row Demo on Xbox Marketplace soon! on: December 06, 2005, 07:30:26 PM
Quote from: "Cleric7"
Cool. Thanks!
Wik looks amazing!

I DLed the PC demo a few weeks ago and its lots of fun.  Its mouse intensive though, I wonder how well that will translate to the 360...
12  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Would anyone recomend Kameo? on: November 30, 2005, 01:46:15 AM
Quote from: "CeeKay"
After the latest boss level with the possessed fat bitch aunt/ugly as monster that is probably a perfect replica of the game designers mother I change my vote to skip it.  Time to see what kind of trade in credit 360 games get.

Is that the boss monster that requires you play underwater?  I've heard nothing  but bad things about that boss fight.
13  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Perfect Dark Zero - Huge Hit or Colossal Failure? on: November 19, 2005, 05:57:24 PM
Quote from: "Eco-Logic"
I played PD on the N64 over at a friends house for the first time, about a year ago.  

I was expecting some Goldeneye fun and boy was I disappointed.   I frankly thought it outright sucked.  

LE isn't alone in his opinion on PD.

I don't know, LEs description describes my impressions of GoldenEye, which I player for the first time last year...
I have never been more disappointed by a hyped game in my life.  However, I certainly understand that it might have been something special at the time.  FPSes just flat out don't age well...
14  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Fox News says don't buy a 360 on: November 18, 2005, 01:00:29 AM
Quote from: "Nth Power"
Quote from: "ingrin"
Quote from: "Nth Power"
While I certainly wouldn't complain if someone handed me a 360, I agree with that article 100%.

You agree with this?!?
"And if you add peripherals, such as the ability to play games over the Internet, the Xbox 360 costs nearly $600!"
Are you Canadian?
While the $600 is on the high end of things, I feel the point "Hidden Costs" is valid.  Speaking for myself, I would want at minimum, the hard drive, wireless controller, and a 360 game to play on the new system.

Well you do get all that.  A hard drive, a wireless controller, and a game (Hexic HD, maybe not what you had in mind, but its alot more than most companies put with a new system release).
You also get a free month of Live,  a fancy faceplate, a lan cable, and  Live headset.  that is far more than your hypothetical minimum,  and that isn't including the Demos that you will get to play for free.  All of the Arcade Demos plus Kameo, Kong, COD, and whatever else titles there are out there.  No more dropping money on a magazine you won't read just for the Demo disc...
15  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Fox News says don't buy a 360 on: November 17, 2005, 10:26:06 PM
Quote from: "Buldrhm"
Forgive me if I have the wrong prices but...

XBox 400
Live 70
Extra controller 50
Couple of games 100

already at $620 and dont have many goodies!!!!!
and thats if your tv is hd ready, i think the article implied the average person doesnt, and also why point out it can be played on a computer monitor? a console is made for tv silly goose. Preferably my 55 inch widescreen Sony HDTV!!!

I'm not sure if this is a response to my post, but you get all you need to play online with the $399 setup (This includes the game Hexic HD and several free demos you can download.  That also includes a free 1month subscription to GOld)
  $500 if you want to include a game like COD2 and the $50 pricetag for an extra 12 month subscription to Live.  Still well below the supposed $600 pricetag to even think about playing online that they imply.

My monitor solution was for a budget gamer that doesn't have an HD set.  For them, I bet a $50 solution to play on their 17" PC monitor in HD would make them very happy.

If you need to play with someone else, buy 'em the wired controller for $30 if $50 is too steep.  

Also if you don't have a broadband connection, you can still get your BC content free by burning it onto a CD from any computer with internet access and install it from there.  Microsoft already announced this service last week.
16  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Fox News says don't buy a 360 on: November 17, 2005, 08:21:01 PM
Quote from: "Nth Power"
While I certainly wouldn't complain if someone handed me a 360, I agree with that article 100%.

You agree with this?!?
"And if you add peripherals, such as the ability to play games over the Internet, the Xbox 360 costs nearly $600!"
Are you Canadian?

Aside from that glaringly silly statement, I agree with many of the arguments presented, but its extremely one sided (ohhh yeah, its Fox).  Their article doesn't cover the fact that MS is updating their BC playlist and will provide them for free online or through Live, it doesn't mention that you can play in HD on your Computer Monitor with a $40 peripheral.  It also doesn't mention that those games that are BC will be significantly graphically enhanced by software emulation.
17  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Kameo Winter Warriors Pack on: November 17, 2005, 04:48:36 PM
Quote from: "The_Man"
          What did it cost and do they give you any marketplace credits to begin with?  Can you purchase marketplace credits through Live or do you have to buy the cards in stores?

If I recall correctly, you can buy them in stores starting at 19.99 for 1600 credits.  You can buy on Live too with a minimum purchase of 500 credits.

I don't know if there is a specific $.0125 to 1 point ratio , or if you get a discount for buying in bulk though...
18  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / The Movies - Release Day! Now with REAL Impressions! on: November 14, 2005, 06:22:54 PM
Quote from: "Doomboy"

I haven't been this addicted to a game in a long time.  Maybe not since X-Com.  Hmmm, X-Com. Maybe I can make an X-Com movie...

Back off bucko, it was my idea first!
(I'm Skipdutch in this post)
19  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / The Movies: Your Flix, Post here. on: November 13, 2005, 06:55:03 AM
Quote from: "Orgull"
This film is my third and final attempt at storytelling without dialogue. I'm trying to practise learning to tell a story visually before I jump into the worls of spoken dialogue. I think it's a good thing to practise.

Thanks in advance for any viewings and reviews, they're much appreciated!

That was great! there was some weirdness with the gun transition on the subway train scene, but otherwise it flowed wonderfully.
20  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / The Movies - Release Day! Now with REAL Impressions! on: November 13, 2005, 02:45:35 AM
Quote from: "Goonch"
Is there anyway that you can superimpose pictures of your family members or friends over the faces of the actors?

I did some skins with Starmaker a while back.  It was fairly involved and required a custom tool made by the fan base to extract the .pak file.  You could then use either Photoshop or the GIMP(GIMP  also invloved another freeware application to make the file translations because GIMP doesn't directly support the graphic file format like Photoshop) to overlay a picture onto the skinmap.   Of course, the skin isn't all you will need to make it look like someone you know, you will then need to get the face mesh right in starmaker.

Check out the Lionhead forums.  There should be a sub-forum for modding with a few FAQs.
21  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / The Movies - Release Day! Now with REAL Impressions! on: November 10, 2005, 01:25:39 AM
So what kind of modabiliy does it have?  can you customize the skins on the the sets if you wanted to?  I know that you can reskin the face, I've done it in starmaker.  However, I'm curious if can, say, give that modern prison cell a futuristic makeover.
One of the better movies out there right now was a space epic, but it flashed to a prison scene that took place in a modern cell.  It was a bit offputting, can props like the water cooler be removed?
22  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Meteos: The monster meteors from space sector 9 and 3/4. on: June 25, 2005, 04:30:18 AM
Quote from: "Devil"
Looks a bit Tetris-y anything that sets it apart?

read the ign, gamespy, or Gamespot review.   There is everything to set it apart, One of the sites even said explicitly it was one of the first 'new' puzzle games in quite a while.

I don't own a DS, but this game sounds like it would be a blast...
23  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Atari Flashback 2.0 on: April 29, 2005, 10:03:18 PM
Thats the yellow castle from Adventure under the "40 Games!" sticker.
24  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Xbox 360: So ya want backwards compatability? It'll cost you on: April 25, 2005, 07:01:05 PM
Quote from: "Roguetad"

I loved having my xbox serve as my dvd player, which helped motivate my wife to jump on board with purchasing it at launch.  If the PVR comments are true, I'll use that to get her on board again smile

Ditto.  I've already broached the subject with her in fact and she seemed receptive to the idea.
25  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Jade Empire Character Choice on: April 24, 2005, 10:37:12 PM
Quote from: "Roguetad"
I don't mind not having inventory to manage besides the gems, but it would've been nice to have a couple of outfit choices or changes throughout the story.  I found it a little silly that they would let my character run around in his normal clothes in the Lotus Assassin HQ for example.

yes, or if they but the different male characters in a dress for the acting scene in the Imperial City.  I don't think Furious Ming would look anything like the character model they chose.
26  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: Worth getting Xbox this late in the game? on: April 24, 2005, 02:05:46 AM
Quote from: "Abaddon"
Title pretty much says it all, Im wondering if its worth picking up an Xbox with the new systems looming around the corner. To be honest Jade Empires is the driving force behind this dilema.

thats risky.  I certainly think the XBox is a fine console, its the only one I have in fact, but I wouldn't recommend buying on for a 15-20 hr. game.  No disrespect to JE, it has replayability and all, but it is a gamble to assume you will like it.  Do you have the KOTORs on PC?  then the loading time in JE might suprise you.  Check through the JE impressions thread before making the purchase.

Now, if you do purchase an XBox, there are several other great titles, including Ninja Gaiden and Halo 2, to compliment your purchase.
27  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Jade Empire - Official Impressions on: April 23, 2005, 08:09:04 PM
Quote from: "Kevin Grey"

Yeah, my original plan was to power through but I got right in the middle of the Lotus Assassin HQ and decided I just didn't care about the story at all.  I guess part of it is that I'm pretty sure I know what the big twist is thanks to a spoiler over on QT3, even if I don't know why it occurs, and that has taken a lot of the tension out of the game for me.

If you are already in the HQ, then your sidequest nightmare is about to come to an end.  Like you, I had the primary twist spoiled for me on a messageboard (This happened to me for KOTOR and KOTORII as well), however, I had already kinda predicted that twist and a couple other obvious ones.  Still, it did play out well at the end.

I was in your boat at the Arena (kinda, I figured I would try to trade it in after I completed it to Blockbuster, since they gave me $35 for Fable a month and a half after I bought it).  Instead, I found myself starting another game when I finished.  Even though KOTOR II is probably my fovorite Bioware engined game, it didn't make me want to play through it again on Dark (mainly because the ending was so weak).

If you were a real-time combat hater or a person who loves having a billion inventory items to juggle and what not, I would say go ahead and return it, but I suspect you *might* find keeping the game another day or two worth while.  I completed the game in one sitting from where you are now.
28  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Jade Empire - Official Impressions on: April 23, 2005, 07:39:14 PM
You aren't that far from the end, less than 5 hours I bet.  Once you get into the ranks with the Lotus assassins, things speed up considerably.  After you complete that section, the rest of the chapters have none of the tedious sidequests present in the first part, its pretty much combat and exposition the rest of the way.  I really appreciated this as I thought it helped improve the earlier pacing issues.  However, Sidequest lovers and people who claim to play Bioware games "The way they were meant to be played" (translation, squeezed every bit of twilight gameplay out of the game as possible) probably were disappointed.  With the exception of a villian in Dirge that came out of left field, was built up as a huge challenge, and wound up being nothing, I enjoyed the last 4 chapters much more than the first 3.
29  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Nintendo Revolution - touchpad controllers? on: April 22, 2005, 09:11:20 PM
Quote from: "AgtFox"
Quote from: "leo8877"
Come on third party Nintendo!!!!

Funny thing is that this seems to be closer to reality than before.  Iwata said something like, "Sony is the only competition we have next generation"...maybe Microsoft is buying Nintendo or they're merging the games departments.  I know it's unimaginable, but I've seen stranger things...

How many degrees are there in a single "Revolution"?
30  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Jade Empire - Official Impressions on: April 21, 2005, 08:35:01 PM
Quote from: "ChrisGwinn"
Which one was the Baker Bei quest?  Was that the whole fiance/jealous criminal/find a husband series?

Yes, but my annoyance is solely with the setup part (fiance/jealous criminal).  The find the husband part is fine, it was just implausable storytelling to get to that point.  No adult thinks that way nor acts that way.  Thats just my opinion though...
31  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Jade Empire - Official Impressions on: April 21, 2005, 05:46:06 PM
Quote from: "maggie-chow"
Is it verified that Obsidian will do Jade Empire 2?  If so, it should be more in line with what I would want to play.

No sorry, that was just my wish, I haven't heard anythig abou that becoming a reality.
I like the inventory system just fine, I think it fits the setting and nature of the game, as does the lack of weapons and armor.  Better pacing and writing (well, consistantly better writing, I like to imagine that there is a singe writer at Bioware responsible for all the quests I hate, like Baker Bei and the crime scene investigation on Dantooine) is all I feel is lacking.

Story did pickup again, hopefully it keeps this pace for the rest of the game.  I think each new section has a lull in the beginning as you get your bearings...
32  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Jade Empire - Official Impressions on: April 21, 2005, 12:33:23 AM
I mentioned in another forum that my favorite thing so far with JE is I look forward to what Obsidian could do with the sequel (Provided they had time to complete the final product this time).  I found the Baker Bei sidequest in the second town to be particularly disappointing, in an "ohh, come ON!" sort of way.

However, it really picked up at that point, and the Dam/Forest/Pirate Island quest trifecta in chapter 2 really had some great moments - cinematic, combat, pacing and narrative.

It has bogged down a bit now that I have entered the 3rd chapter, but I'm hoping it will pick up as it did before.
33  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / The anything BUT Jade Empire discussion thread on: April 12, 2005, 09:22:26 PM
Quote from: "Hetz"

Where o where did the old Bioware go???

Ummm, I assume they are working on Dragon Age?

Really folks, keep your PC RPG fantasies off my console.  Morrowind was enough to prove to me that a traditional PC RPG just doesn't cut it on the XBox.
Instead of complaining that a console RPG has been released that isn't expansive and is action oriented, revel in the fact that Bioware has given you another Console RPG where you have control over your actions and can actually affect the storyline of the game.
34  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / I'm looking for a FPS for my son. on: April 11, 2005, 12:06:01 AM
Greg Hasting's Paintball?
35  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Halo 2 - 9 maps, not 4, and eventually it will all be free on: March 25, 2005, 08:17:51 PM
Clarifying the news Item because it isn't fully correct, at least not according to Bungie:

We're releasing a total of nine new multiplayer maps.
All nine maps will eventually be available as Live downloads and as a normal boxed game disc - available at retail for $19.99 (US).
The release on Live will be staggered, some paid, some free!
The first two maps are free and coming in a few short weeks. (late April)
The same day the 2 free maps are released, 2 additional maps will be available for purchase.
The remaining 5 maps will be made available as a paid download on the same day the retail package goes on sale.
The retail disc will contain extras, including a documentary, a cool project from our cinematic and animation team, every Halo 2 update released so far and possily one or two other little treats.
By late summer, ALL the maps will be available for free.
36  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / 'Freedom Force 2' Demo Available... on: February 21, 2005, 08:54:20 PM
I'm just a tad disappointed.  I loved the first, and this one does a good job of capturing the feel, but it seems like all of the new powers are ones that DR Mike 2000's Freedom Force X (opr whatever its called) mod did years ago.

If you didn't get in on the modding scene though, it looks like a good buy,
37  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Bungie's banning of thousands of players... on: January 17, 2005, 05:01:21 PM
Quote from: "ChrisGwinn"
Quote from: "vagabond"
Quote from: "Rage"
awesome! i am convinced the only way to stop the assholes and griefers and cheaters is to crackdown as hard as possible.

Banning them will temporarily remove them as a problem for that particular game. But it is not going to turn assholes into non-assholes. Until they gain the maturity to realize nothing you cheat to get is worth having in the first place, won't really change much. I got tired of all that baby crap myself so I don't play anything online anymore, and don't expect to anytime soon.

Are these Halo2 bans or Live bans?  If they're Live bans, then they're gone for good, from all games, unless they buy a new XBox.

read the article on  It looks like its temporary for the most part, except for some of the more egregious offenders.
38  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Bungie's banning of thousands of players... on: January 17, 2005, 05:00:11 PM
Quote from: "DiamondDecision"
Quote from: "Dimmona"
however, the fact that MS hosts the majority of the servers *does* make its games a little bit more cheat proof than, say, the PS2 (SOCOM anyone?).

The fact that *thousands* of people were banned disproves that statement.  

Cheating must be pretty easy.

The death penalty isn't severe enough for cheaters.

But MS isn't hosting Halo 2 games, it is the exception.  They tried more of a distributed model.  No one knows who is hosting, and games are created at random.  All was fine until some cable modem users started abusing the standby feature on their modems.  It enables them to move while everyone else stands still if they are the host (no one knows who is the host, from what I understand, people just mash the button early in the game to see if they are.  Secondly, they get reported and apparently the cable modem trick is fairly easy to prove if they are reported.  And it looks like they are being banned, which is a step forward...
39  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / What should I play next? on: January 06, 2005, 05:07:17 PM
I'd finish Riddick, because its good and its quick.  You can get it off you list this weekend and get started on another, longer, game like PM2.  It will increase your feeling of accomplishment...
40  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: XBOX Online COOP? on: December 30, 2004, 06:34:11 PM
Quote from: "dkass"
I am considering an XBOX and was curious if many of fps (Halo 2, Ghost Recon) can be played in COOP mode online.  If so, what are the best games for this mode?

No on Halo 2, yes, I think, on Ghost Recon and Ghost Recon 2.

Doom 3 will have an online co-op as well according the the latest info.
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