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2761  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Will my new DRL run oblivion, or will I need to get 360 ver? on: March 16, 2006, 07:06:40 PM
I wound up canceling my Alienware computer in favor of a Dell XPS machine. Long story -- concerns over AW support and turnaround time, reliability, etc.

I believe that Dell just bought Alienware so soon their service will be the same.  Of course that doesn't always mean improvement...just consistency.
2762  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / [360] Oblivion - GOLD - Ships/In Stores 3/20!!! on: March 16, 2006, 05:54:45 PM
Quote from: "Hetz"

They got review copies at this German is what they say about the requirements for the PC:

if you want to play Oblivion in 1280x1024 and full details you need 3.8 Ghz minimum (!), 1 GB RAM and a GF 7800 GTX...

I am glad I got a 360!  While I used to enjoy PC upgrading it just isn't worth it for me anymore.
2763  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Where are you from?? (Time for one of these threads) on: March 16, 2006, 05:20:38 PM
Quote from: "Purge"
I'm in the LANDTHATACTUALLYSELLSXBOX360'SATRETAIL . I export to the US, it would seem. Right Thin_J? Farley_2K? How about some Autistic Angel or Mikagami? Oh yeah... I'm the grandmaster pimp. biggrin

Your in the glorious land that apparently Microsoft likes.  Either that since every game isn't in French and English all other Canadians are boycotting the 360.
2764  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Where are you from?? (Time for one of these threads) on: March 16, 2006, 04:21:29 PM
Cedar Rapids for me as well!  Wonderful town of wonderful smells.
2765  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Beyond Good & Evil 2 rumors on: March 16, 2006, 03:35:17 PM
Quote from: "ATB"
It's funny how many people had problems with the final boss.  It wasn't that hard people smile

It wasn't hard compared to an action game like Ninja Gaiden or Devil May Cry but compared to the rest of Beyone Good and Evil it is hard and very out of place.

You play a whole game where you sneak around, avoid conflict, use the terain and your brain to solve puzzles then suddenly they force a boss fight on players.

If finished it but I thought it was stupid and out of place with the rest of the game.
2766  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Zelda uses Rev controller on: March 16, 2006, 02:26:19 PM
When asked about Twilight Princess' progress, Miyamoto said everything coming along well, and that "because Revolution can run GameCube software, when you play Twilight Princess on Revolution you can take advantage of the Revolution controller."

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Stop the train. We already knew Twilight Princess would be playable on GameCube, but it's mighty odd for Miyamoto to simply announce such a feature on a whim - but apparently he has. Not only that, but Miyamoto made sure to underscore that "almost everything" about Revolution will be revealed at E3 in May.

I read that "take advantage" as it will use the new features of the revolution controller.  I would think that would require special programing.  Unless the revolution controler is just amazing and can translate movement into traditional stick pushes which are what the game expects.
2767  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / [360] Oblivion - GOLD - Ships/In Stores 3/20!!! on: March 15, 2006, 07:41:15 PM
Quote from: "docvego"
Quote from: "Fellow"
Quote from: "docvego"
drat! the official forums seem to be down.  Now where am I supposed to find lively mature conversations about the game?!

Might want to watch out for the official forums for a short while. Apparently there's an uber-nerd on a personal crusade to spoil the game for everyone, by using his newly acquired strategy guide. Reason? He's still huffy over the fact that Bethesda delayed the game last year.

the childish nature of some people defies the imagination, thanks for the warning.  I'll just trust Hetz for my news updates.  biggrin

It is Hetz.. smile
2768  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Jade Empire on: March 15, 2006, 03:59:15 PM
Personally I loved it.  I found the setting wonderful and different, I found combat fun but very easy and I thought the story was...well the story wasn't great but I loved the rest.

I liked just wandering around I found the whole art direction beautiful.
2769  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Final Fantasy 12 Intro and Commercial on: March 15, 2006, 02:50:19 PM
What is it about this series that instantly hooks me?  I hated the demo but I was just hooked when I watched these.  

It is like crack or something.
2770  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / [360] Oblivion - GOLD - Ships/In Stores 3/20!!! on: March 15, 2006, 01:49:13 PM
So what are the bets on how long until it appears on the warez sites?  I give it till the weekend.
2771  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / General "can't find 360" grumbling on: March 14, 2006, 11:24:23 PM
Quote from: "Purge"
Rowdy, hit .

My other Superstore still has 9 premiums in stock.

I picked one up for Farley2k today.

I also picked up a second one; it may be up for grabs (waiting on 2 friends who mentioned interest to say yay or nay).

If anyone is interested in the second premium, email me.

Thank you so much!!!  I have emailed you and we will hammer out the details.

Thanks again.

Now I just have to tell my wife smile
2772  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / [360] Oblivion - GOLD - Ships/In Stores 3/20!!! on: March 14, 2006, 09:41:03 PM
Quote from: "kathode"
New video is up. It's short, but you want to see this:

You are too kind!  Thanks.
2773  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / General "can't find 360" grumbling on: March 14, 2006, 07:55:04 PM
Quote from: "fyedaddy"

I've tried to go a couple of times but the dood atmosphere there was a bit much for me. Maybe I was just there on off nights.

I was just in Video Games Etc here in Northeast Cedar Rapids over the past weekend and they looked to have a couple of 360 units in stock inside the display case by the register. Are you close enough to CR to stop by? They have a second CR store on the SW side of town as well as their store in Coralville. If you lived closer to Coralville they'd have one shipp to you from another store. For that matter, they have stores in Waterloo, IA or in Illinois that they'd do the same thing. Have you tried Video Games Etc for one?

I only go to Carnnage's Saturday events.  It is fun to bring the PC and play with other actual people - I know that there are real people when I play on-line but somehow actually being in the same room makes it more real.  And since it is a local LAN game the lag is usually a lot less.

I have stopped by Video Game's Etc. many times.  I was even ready to bite the bullet and get on a waiting list however they wouldn't put me on the list if I didn't buy a bundle.  

That is another thing which really pisses me off about the whole situation - stores are using the shortage to force gamers into buying stuff they don't want.  I find that very annoying.  I just want the system!  However since they are so hard to find retailers know they can sell crappy bundles and make more money.  I guess I shouldn't be too annoyed since the store is there to make money and it isn't like the 360 isn't a luxury item but it still does.
2774  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / PS3 - Officially Delayed Until November in Japan on: March 14, 2006, 07:41:53 PM
Oh well.  I think anyone who didn't see this comming was crazy.
2775  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / General "can't find 360" grumbling on: March 14, 2006, 06:19:27 PM
Quote from: "Farscry_Redux"
Dude... I'm in eastern Iowa!  biggrin  Cedar Rapids, in fact.

I ended up just picking up a Core unit and adding the hard drive separately.  That's all I wanted the Premium for anyway.

Cool!  Have you checked out ?  It is the Cedar Rapids Gaming network.  They have LAN parties about once a month.  Fun stuff.  Great group of people.
2776  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / General "can't find 360" grumbling on: March 14, 2006, 03:07:08 PM
Quote from: "Purge"

You will have an email in a few moments.
2777  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / General "can't find 360" grumbling on: March 14, 2006, 03:05:31 PM
Quote from: "Hetz"

Very, very nice.
2778  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / General "can't find 360" grumbling on: March 14, 2006, 01:37:59 AM
Quote from: "mikeg"
Tell you what, the next time I see one I will just pick it up, bring it home, put it on the thread at cost and if no response that day, return it the next.

I will be looking for your thread! smile
2779  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / General "can't find 360" grumbling on: March 13, 2006, 11:13:33 PM
Quote from: "mikeg"
We need to know who is in the market for one and the rest of us, when we find one, could buy it knowing there is someone who would take it.  I was in Sam's the other day and ther were a dozen at least sitting there.

Great idea but I would recommend people only buy one at a place they could return it.  If someone were kind enough to do that for me I would be very greatful but what if two people were so kind?  I wouldn't want two, but I would feel obligated to pay the person back.

Having said hat if your Sam's has any more and you are willing I will gladly buy one from you.  I will pay shipping, insurance, etc.   However PM me before you run to the store so I will stop shopping around. smile
2780  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / General "can't find 360" grumbling on: March 13, 2006, 10:15:38 PM
Quote from: "ATB"
From Cheap Ass Gamer:

The Xbox 360 Premium system, without a bundle, is available at

399.99 and free shipping.


Thanks for the thought!
2781  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams this week! on: March 13, 2006, 05:56:41 PM
The game is very good.  It is very different then the previous games which takes some getting used to but if you liked the other ones you will love this one.

The biggest difference is that the gameplay is broken up into "missions".  So you go out, do a mission, come back level up, see your team at the base, talk to them then go on another mission.  That is ok but it really breaks up the gameplay for me.  I don't feel like I am following a long story but instead just little snips.  

The camera is moveable but I find that actually less them usefull.  With the other games they planned out the areas fairly well so you could see what was going on so I didn't care about the fixed camera.  And honestly there are still a lot of areas where the camera cannot move.  I also find that I don't really bother rotating the camera that much.  I am used to the mechanics of the first 3 games so I know how to figure out where the enemy is and can attack something I can't see.  It just doesn't make the game for me.

The english voice acting is decent but nothing spectacular.  It doesn't detract from the game.  

The graphics are very, very good.  I am amazed at how they can keep getting a bit more out of the PS2.  It plays smooth and fast as well.  

One of the things I really like about the series is upgrading your stuff.  This game has more. You can upgrad weapons and armor as well as learn new abilities etc.  It is great!  I love being able to just go back to a previous section and have more monsters to kills so I get more points for ungrading.  It allows me to be a worse player, but spend more time upgrading so I can still kill the big bosses.  I like that flexiblity.  

In this game you get to control 4 companions and while they are mostly brain dead when fighting beside you they are fun to control and varied.  It also adds to the obsession to get everything becuase you can go back a lot to earlier areas and do things with diffferent characters.  In some levels for example you see a stone block you know you can't move but you will get a guy who can move them later so you can come back and see what you missed.  

All in all the game is bigger, better, longer, and offers a lot more of the demon slashing fun of the other games so if you loved them you will love this one as well.
2782  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / General "can't find 360" grumbling on: March 13, 2006, 05:39:47 PM
I decided that I would prefer to play Oblivion on the 360 becuase I like sitting on the couch and the TV is big.  My PC will play the game but I would have to turn stuff down so I figured the time was right to buy one.

Except I can't find one.  Nowhere in my city or in Eastern Iowa as far as I can tell has any premium units.  I can get on a waiting list but I would be suprised if that was filled before the game came out, and they want to force a bundle down my throat.

Now I am no expert but I think that if an average customer cannot find your product 5 months after launch then your launch was a failure.  The sad thing is that it won't be a failure because no one is going to challenge MS for at least another year (I'll believe in a PS3 by Christmas when Santa knocks on my door with one in hand!)  So MS can be as big of screw-ups as they want.  No one will smash them.

Saddly enough I think that if Sony had simply said "the PS2 is still great, has a lot of life and we won't have a new system for 2 years" they would win.  I honestly think that more people would buy a PS2 over a 360 if they were not worried that the PS3 is just around the corner.  The PS2 still has some great, great games coming out, it has a huge install base.  Sony could have easily ignored the race to the next system.

Heck if Sony really wanted to smash the crap out of MS they would just need to release a Live like on-line service for the PS2!  

However that is not to be so MS will have the run of the field until at least next year.  Which means I may not even see a 360 until then!

For me Oblivion was/is the only game I want to play on the 360 and if I get it for the PC and start playing it I won't need a 360 for months and months.  This was their golden opportunity.  Between Oblivion and GRAW they could have sold a ton of sytems.  As it is they will sell the usual trickle but nothing like what they could have sold.  

I doubt I am alone if thinking that if I can't get a 360 soon I may as well wait until the next holiday season.  Oblivion will tide me over for a long, long time and if I start on the PC I won't get the 360 version.  

Anyway, just the normal grumbling which lots of others have posted.  It just drives me nuts that when I finally decide to buy one I can't.
2783  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Now I've read it...OXM is retarded... on: March 10, 2006, 07:52:07 PM
I like what Bill Harris had to say in his blog (


Designstipation: a condition where developers force players to experience a game in a narrow way, instead of allowing the user more options to define their own experience.

Well, I've put in about ten more hours into Fight Night, giving me about fifteen total, I believe.

I know--there's probably some way to look in the 360 dashboard and see the exact length of time I've played the game, but I'm too stupid to know how and too lazy to care.

Flab McCanvas, a heavyweight, just won the title. He was 30-3 before he got a title shot. And what I've learned on his endless journey is a very good demonstration of the inherent and structural weaknesses of EA Sports.

Put it this way: we're Charlie Brown. EA Sports is Lucy. Sports games are the football. Cue animation sequence. "ARGGHHH!"

Here's the basic premise: EA Sports has some of the most talented sports developers in the world, and if all of their games have the same basic weaknesses, then the structure itself is broken.

Badly broken.

Fight Night Round 3 is a microcosm of EA Sports in general, and the more you dig, the more worms you find. Which is too bad, because large parts of the game are absolutely phenomenal. Career mode, unfortunately, is butchered. I didn't feel that way fifteen fights ago, but it's become more and more apparent, and here we are.

Here's a round-by-round rating for my interest in the game.

That's what happens in career mode--it starts out fantastic, and you can live with the limitations, but then it gets sloppier and sloppier and sloppier. And every EA Sports game is like this (although the PC version of Tiger Woods clearly stands out as best of the lot, by a wide margin).

Here are the symptoms:
1. Very poor attention to detail; rushed, unfinished feel
2. Inbred perspective on how the game should be experienced

Here are a few of the "rushed, unfinished feel" problems:
--when the fight is stopped due to cuts, there's a freeze frame and then they show one boxer looking mad in the ring. No referee, no reference by the announcer, no text box on the screen.
--the announcer makes references in almost every fight to the referee warning one of the fighters about a possible stoppage, but we never see a referee do anything. No cut scene, no audio, nothing. It's just an announcer's commment, floating in from Mars.
--the much-touted "rival" feature is absolute crap. You know what my rival does that distinguishes him as a bad guy? He tries to head butt me. Even though I knocked his weak ass out twice, he somehow won the title and he's who I fought for the championship.
--the rest of the division is an absolute vacuum. Since there's no ranking system, there's absolutely no way to know where anyone is ranked, including my fighter. I get a few fights to pick from, and they make my "popularity meter" go up, but that's it. I'm not sure if that's unfinished or just shitty design, but it's got to be one or the other.
--I was one fight away from fighting for the title, and I fought in a gym with an audience of about thirty people. Uh, what?
--THIRTY-THREE fights to get a shot at the championship? What is this--1920?
--Do you know how I found out I was fighting for the championship? One incredibly vague reference from the announcer. That was it. My popularity meter was "the next champ" and it was full, but the fight wasn't labeled, my opponent didn't come in carrying the championship belt, and there were no other indications that it was a championship fight.
--I won the heavyweight championship, and guess what happened? Not a damn thing. No belt to hold over my head. No announcer comments (that I can remember--if there were some, they were so uninspiring that I've forgotten them in the intervening twenty minutes). No in-ring celebration.

Oh yeah--I got a text box. "You have won the heavyweight title belt," I think it said. It had a yellow border. I think it might have had an exclamation point, but I'm not sure. I was too buy screaming "TEXT BOX! MAN, THIS IS THE GREATEST GAME EVER!"

--Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier are both in the game. So is Roy Jones, Jr. So after I win the title, even though I fought all of these guys on the way up, I'm expecting to see one of them in my first title defense. Nope. Guess who I can fight? James Toney!

There's plenty more than that, but there's a sampling. And then there are more serious problems that also make the game feel rushed:
--the mini-games are incredibly repetitive and incredibly easy.
--after about fifteen fights, career mode begins to unravel. Every fight usually consists of you winning every round, then eventually punishing the opponent enough that you can knock him out in the later rounds. Over and over again. And since the rounds are three minutes long in career (and can't be changed), it makes for long, long, repetitive fights.

Now that might not happen if you use auto-train and skip the mini-games entirely. Maybe the fights are more balanced. But it's too sloppy to make me want to start from scratch again.

Here's the "inbred" information:
--no one with a brain outside of EA could have possibly thought that replacing the ranking system with a meter based "popularity" system was a good idea. Actually, it's much worse than just not a good idea--it's a complete disaster. But inside a company that is so weakly influenced by its customers, you can prove that the sun is the moon. Besides, the popularity meter is DIFFERENT, and EA seems to believe that "different" is often more important than "better."
--many of the problems in career mode would be lessened or even eliminated if we had the option to choose round length. In career mode, round length is fixed at three minutes. That makes a twelve-round fight last over forty minutes (including time between rounds). When you have to fight thirty-plus fights to get to the championship, that fight length is just too long. And the problems with stamina for the CPU fighters is really highlighted with the long rounds. EA's needed to let us select round length in career mode since, um, the first Fight Night. But when it comes to player options, EA Sports has what I call "designstipation"--they have a set of user options when they first make a game, and no matter how badly they need to expand them, it's generally a lost cause. They have a rigid notion of how the game should be experienced, and damn it, that's how you're going to experience it.
2784  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / GTA Series - Why am I avoiding these games?? on: March 08, 2006, 05:44:02 PM
No.  I think they are good games but they are overrated really.  Sometimes the mechanics are not great - say cops forgetting you, or remembering you when they shouldn't.

The graphics are ok but not cutting edge so don't play them for that.

The main excitement is that the game is very open.  You can do a lot of stuff and go about anywhere.  That freedom is impressive.  Still that is the main attraction so if that doesn't interest you I would skip them.
2785  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams this week! on: March 08, 2006, 02:06:52 AM
My copy should be in tomorrow.  I will post impressions after I have gotten a bit of time with the game.
2786  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Doom Movie on: March 07, 2006, 07:47:10 PM
I am about half way through it and I have to say it is better then I expected.  Maybe it is because I watched Alien Vs. Predator over the weekend but Doom is looking good.

First off I actually know the names of the characters!  There were characters in AvP who died without the audience ever knowing their names!  At least I know who dies in Doom.

The costumes are good, the sets are good, and while the story isn't great it is Doom so I wasn't expecting a story.  

Perhaps by the end I will feel differently but as of right now it is a good video game adaptation.
2787  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Gothic 3 for the 360? on: March 07, 2006, 07:30:55 PM
Quote from: "Calvin"

Yeah, but after two games and expansions with the same SHITTY ASS CONTROL scheme I have doubts they will actually do it properly smile I actually saw the GOthic 2 gold pack in a store yesterday for 20 buckeroos and almost bought it, but the terrible control memories made me stop. Is there any reason to try Warning?

I am suprised by that complaint.  Not becuase the controls were good but becuase you can change them.  I never encountered the control scheme becuase I heard it was terrible so I changed it before I even started the game.
2788  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams this week! on: March 07, 2006, 05:22:19 PM
Yea!!!  I love the Onimusha games.  I am very excited about this one and it has been getting really good reviews - 8.8 from IGN, 4.5 stars from Gamespy, 8.0 from Gamespot

I am very excited.  It has been just a kick butt time for the PS2 lately.
2789  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / [360] First Official Oblivion Review! on: March 02, 2006, 02:28:24 AM
And another thing (I think I am feeling bitchy smile)

Does anyone seriously expect anything but great reviews for this game?  How many huge, titles are given terrible reviews (even if the game is just average)

In some ways the bigger the release the less usefull reviews are.  They simply can't criticise the game.
2790  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / [360] First Official Oblivion Review! on: March 02, 2006, 02:24:16 AM
I know this is common practice but I don't like reviewing games before they are finished.

Anyone who has been on-line for awhile has seen glowing reviews of games only to find that the reviewer didn't have the finished game, didn't finish the game, etc.

I remember that hardly any of the reviews of KoToR2 mentioned how the end  of the game was missing tons of content, and basically an ending since they didn't have the finished game.  As a gamer I felt very screwed by that.

I am not saying this review is the same but I think it is a diservice to gamers to review the unfinished game.
2791  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: DQ8: Specialization question on: February 27, 2006, 08:54:29 PM
Quote from: "kathode"

So just wondering if it's not just better to go with everything instead of trying to concentrate on one weapon type.  Or should I just grab weapons as they come available and then start pouring on the skill points?

It has been said but I will say it again - specialize.  You get skills based on number of points in a certain weapon so the more you specialize the more powerful you will be.

Each weapon has a special attack unlocked at 100 points but you only get around 250-300 points (depending on how much you level) so you can either have three weapons with their best attack or none if you spread them all around.  

Plus the fact is certain weapons are better.  For example you will never find a scythe as good as the best ax.  There just isn't one.  So it would be kinda silly to raise Yangus's scythe skill to much becuase in the end you will be using an ax.   All of the characters have that to some degree.

Of course nothing will really prevent you from finishing the game it will just be easier if you specialize.
2792  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Play Xvid, Divx, etc. on your XBOX 360 on: February 27, 2006, 04:54:02 PM
Saw this article about a program called Transcode 360 which should allow playing of several different formats of media on the 360.  Here is the home page of the software.

I don't have a 360 but I use my modded Xbox to watch a lot of TV so it makes me happy to see that the 360 will eventually be able to take the role over.
2793  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Spidey's got a new costume... [Spoiler] on: February 27, 2006, 04:26:22 PM
Quote from: "Dafones"
Guess I'm not the only one. Some fan came up with a photoshopped version of the black suit picture Sony released that's closer to what was in the comics.

It's not perfect - 'cause it's not a perfect photoshop job - but just seeing the white logo, crude as it is, seems "right" to me. I hope there's a little more work on that suit.

That looks so much better!  I actually like that whereas the other one just looks stupid.
2794  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Disgaea 2 & Suikoden V - A few thoughts on: February 27, 2006, 01:52:58 PM
I want a less complicated version of Disgea not more.  The first game was already so complicated that I never finished it adding more stuff won't help.

What would be perfect is this game trimmed down and made to run on a handheld.  That would be great.

As it is, I will skip D2 like all their games becuase I just don't have time.
2795  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / grandia/legendia impressions? on: February 22, 2006, 01:57:37 PM
I don't think the story is very strong.  From Penny-Arcade

Every moment of the game where you are not directly involved in combat is torture. Things begin in a way that is heartwarming but not unctuous, with a party of somewhat novel construction and a mystery gently provided. The execution from there on out proceeds much like a actual execution, with the eventual death of the human brain.
2796  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / [360] Fight Night 3 impressions on: February 21, 2006, 03:28:28 PM
From the IGN review

All of that aside, the computer AI is what keeps the single-player experience from being fun. There's always the challenge of beating the game, but the computer is so easy to beat, even on hard, that there's no real motivation to play a second career mode except to try a different weight class. Once, our boxer just stood there and didn't throw one punch the whole round, and the computer opponent landed about seven jabs and a hook and missed about 30 punches and caused no significant damage. That's just silly. Speaking of silly, it was no great challenge to knockout heavyweight Muhammad Ali in the fifth round, on hard, with featherweight Manny Pacquiao, even though the Filipino stallion is less than half the size of Ali. Next year we really hope to see the AI and difficulty settings improved.

I play SP most of the time so this pretty much says no play for me.
2797  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Xbox 360 Intercooler on: February 21, 2006, 02:50:19 PM
See now if the 360 would have been made by Nintendo there would already be talk about how they will have a new version (with my colors) which has a better fan in it.
2798  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / What is the big deal about Mother 3? on: February 17, 2006, 09:47:08 PM
Hereare screenshots.  Look at them.... this is an ugly, ugly game.

So what is the appeal?  None of the previews talk about why I should be interested they just go on about how hard a time the game has had long history...(but apparently no graphics update)

Has anyone played the first 2 games and have some insight into why this game is even being mentioned?
2799  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / I guess we now Black is has been leaked on: February 17, 2006, 04:57:53 PM
story here

I know it is bad of me but I find it funny when stuff like this happens.
2800  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / New Lara Croft Announced? on: February 17, 2006, 02:46:46 PM
Here are about 18 pictures of her doing her tomb raider poses.  

I like her! She fits the role for me.
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