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2721  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Welp -- My Christmas tree is going to be empty this year on: November 29, 2005, 04:06:04 PM
Considering the normal holiday shipping confusion I doubt this is all that bad.

And if she really loves you she can get one off Ebay for just a bit more than retail. smile
2722  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Dragon Quest 8 annoyances on: November 29, 2005, 12:30:48 AM
Quote from: "Tebunker"
Who goes first in DW/DW games has allways been dictated by your agility and some times the type of attack can affect it as well. Note, it's not exactly that who has the highest AGL goes first, it's who has the highest AGL has a better chance of going first.

There are some spells in the game that will make your character the last to go regardless of agility. So you can get a good idea based on the agilities of your party member as to who will have a better chance at being first. The series has never had anything that showed battle order, it's part of the randomness of the series.

Just becuase they have never had it doesn't make it good - in fact that is kinda why it is an annoyance.  smile

I appreciate the retro aspect of the game but I think with a few simple changes they could have improved the game enormously.

And as to the agility thing it is useless becuase you don't know the enemies agility (unless there is some way to check which I don't know) so even if you know who on your team will go first you have no idea if all the enemies will attack before then, just one, two, etc.

Which gets to my other annoyance about the AI on 'tactics' doing better.  Basically depending on how the round goes Yangus (who "usually" goes last) can cast heal on the team member with the lowest HP if their HP really drops.  A person has to pick Yangus's action before seeing how the round goes which means you may attack when really you need to heal.  To me that is annoying.
2723  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Dragon Quest 8 annoyances on: November 28, 2005, 09:36:52 PM
Quote from: "Nth Power"
Is there an actual order?  I thought it was based on Agility and using certain moves took a longer time, but I haven't figured it out yet either.  It seems Jessica and Angelo go first about 90% of the time.

I don't think anyone knows.  Most people seem to be guessing agility then some other modifiers, but since you can't see the monsters agility and since your team obviously doesn't follow that strictly....anyone's guess is as good as anyone else's.
2724  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Dragon Quest 8 annoyances on: November 28, 2005, 09:02:10 PM
I love the game but there are some really really annoying things which actually seem to get worse just because they happen again and again.

1. Why can't I move more than one item at a time out of my 'bag'?  I would like to move as many healing herbs as possible, not just one at a time.

2. Why, if you let a shop keeper 'organize' your inventory do they move all healing herbs out to make room for *one* item?  How about just move one?

3. Why can't I find out what order turns will come in?  Sometimes Jessica is first, sometimes the hero, sometimes Yangus (who normally is very slow).  I   would like a little clue!

4. If I use 'tactics' my team will change *on the fly* but I can't do that so actually it is better to use 'tactics' becuase the outcome will be better!  It shouldn't be better not to plan.

5. Why is the world map so useless?  Maybe it is me, but I can't find crap with that map - should it have town names on it?

6. Why can't recipies be complete?  I am all for having to find them, but it is annoying how little they say.  Stuff like "combine a bronze sword with 'something sharp'"  is not a really helpful description.  I know they want people to experiment but it is annoying.

7. Why is this game so freaking addictive and wonderful that I can't stop thinking about it?
2725  Non-Gaming / Trading Forum / *sold* PSP, 256 meg DUO, Logitech case on: November 28, 2005, 06:31:54 PM
It has been sold.
2726  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: The MSDUNCAN trying to get a 360 status update on: November 28, 2005, 01:21:26 AM
Quote from: "Hetz"
Stuff and quotes. smile

I think we have to admit you were right about the 360 launch, but considering you were way wrong about Oblivion Tongue you are actually onlyl even.  

2727  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / DOA:movie trailer on: November 23, 2005, 05:43:00 PM
My eyes!  The goggles, they do nothing!
2728  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / General 360 Questions on: November 23, 2005, 05:09:10 PM
Quote from: "ChaoZ"
Does it play Divx/Xvid out of the box?

No.  At least that is what I have gotten from the Gamers With Jobs podcast.
2729  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / What's your GOAT of the year so far - 2005 console edition on: November 23, 2005, 03:37:04 PM
Rebel Star: Tactical Command for the GBA.  

I had such high hopes and while the game wasn't terrible it wasn't good either.  They really wasted a lot of possiblities with it.
2730  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / The 360 crashes! It must suck! on: November 23, 2005, 03:10:29 PM
Quote from: "Devil"
Mine had some error when I first booted it up...then I turned it off and on again and haven't had a problem since.

It's cool to hate MS.

Yup all the cool kids do it!  And it is "M$"
2731  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / The 360 crashes! It must suck! on: November 23, 2005, 02:09:16 PM
Holy cow people are just waiting for something to complain about.  I have seen videos of the 360 crashing on at least 3 sites this morning!

Like other consoles never locked up?  

I mean, I am all for hating the people who were lucky enough to get systems smile but it just seems like people want a reason to dislike the system.
2732  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Dragon Quest 8 alchemy pot list on: November 22, 2005, 08:00:59 PM
I thought there may be some folks who, like me hate digging around for this kind of thing.  If you are here is a list of all the items you can make in the alchemy pot.  It doesn't tell locations of items, or how good (or bad) the item you create is but it at least lets you know some stuff.
2733  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Great Xbox 360 commercial on: November 22, 2005, 07:50:24 PM
To use this product, you need to install free software
This product requires Microsoft© Internet Explorer 6, Microsoft© Media Player 10, and Macromedia Flash 7. To download these free software applications, click the links below and follow the on-screen instructions.

No firefox support.  Who writes web pages like that anymore?
2734  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Should I sell my PSP - I am becoming one of those people! on: November 22, 2005, 07:35:15 PM
Quote from: "DiscoJason"
 I find people who sell these systems end up regretting it and then buy a second one, thereby wasting money.  I roll my eyes at those people.

I think that too.  At least 99% of the time.  I sold my Dreamcast and never cared.  

And the longer I keep it the less it is worth (assuming there is ever a price drop, bundle, etc.)
2735  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Should I sell my PSP - I am becoming one of those people! on: November 22, 2005, 06:47:18 PM
I make fun of people who sell their systems becuase of a lack of games.  It just always seems to me that someday a game will come out you really want to play.

But I am really thinking of selling my PSP.  I am becoming one of those people.

I just cannot see anything on the launch horizon which appears even slightly interesting.  I like RPGs, I don't like multiplayer, and I hate sports titles.  I can't find a single thing which I would buy for this system.

I picked it up a few months ago because I saw a couple RPGs coming and is so pretty! smile  However I picked up Legend of Heroes and while it is 'ok' I know that as soon as Final Fantasy 4 (or 6 or whatever the hell it is in the US!) comes out I will never turn the PSP on again.   And games like Lord of the Rings: Tactics haven't been getting stellar reviews.

So what to do?
2736  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Worst Launch Ever on: November 22, 2005, 04:15:50 PM
Sears will miss you. smile

That does sound pretty sucky and you wonder who is lying.  

In the end though this is actually a very good launch - for the stores.  They sold out, and they will continue to sell out.
2737  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Legend of Heroes (PSP) Impressions on: November 22, 2005, 04:10:53 PM
Quote from: "Vinda-Lou"
These are all great impressions.  I'm at work, with Websense on the web so I can't check game sites, but why is this game getting panned overall?  Maybe it's not, but I could have swore I saw a 55% at gamerankings.  Not as the average, but as a single score.  I am genuinely interested in buying this game and it sounds cool, but what is so bad or good about it?  Granted, they are just review sites, but I learned my lesson to at least listen to these sites.

The story isn't very good.  The battle system is turn based.  The graphics are not "3D"

To be honest those are the things every negative review has hammered on.  To me they seemed like comments of people who really didn't like the genre anyway.

Don't get me wrong the game isn't "great" I would give it a "B" at best but it is of a style that many people don't like these days.
2738  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: 10 Reasons to wait for the Playstation 3 on: November 22, 2005, 01:39:44 PM
Quote from: "Hetz"

I want to see some real gameplay footage from the PS3 before I get excited. All we have seen so far is pre-rendered video. That and I don't think the PS3 will be out anytime soon and it's going to cost a lot more than the 360.

I agree with that, except for the cost thing.  Just like we haven't seen gameplay we haven't heard Sony talk about price.  Lots of speculation but no facts.

Well, actually I just saw some news over at Evil Avatar in which...well I will quote.

According to an article on cnn, Sony CEO Howard Stringer said that the PS3 will sell for $300-$400. Sony will selling the PS3 at a loss in order to popularize Blu-ray.

Sir Howard said the PS3 will sell for $300 to $400 and will come with a bundle of games, movies, and TV shows, many of which Sony also makes. The question is whether the titles will be bundled on Blu-ray DVD discs or on a built-in hard drive.

Sony's CEO, Sir Howard Stringer, said recently that Sony will sell the PS3 at a loss in order to populate the world with Sony's favored high-definition DVD standard, known as Blu-ray.

So it would appear to be quite comperable in price to the 360, and have other advantages....could be interesting.
2739  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / How soon can you start looking for a new job? on: November 21, 2005, 08:22:08 PM
Quote from: "DamageInc"
I would say it depends on what your resume looks like, and how badly companies need to fill a position for what you are qualified for.

If you jump around a lot and it shows on your resume it can be bad, but it depends on how you explain it.

If you tell interviewers (if asked) why you are leaving so soon you could say because you want to expand your horizons, and wanted to take on more responsiblities and your current employer has little room in that area.

They may come back and ask do you feel 8 months is enough time to wait for a promotion?

They may look at it as a lack of patience, but again it is very situational.

Just be ready for the questions and be honest. Most interviewers can smell BS a mile away.

So saying "I am so bored I want to beat my head in" is not a good answer?  smile

As to the promotion thing it isn't so much the time as there is no path for promotion. The only job above me here is the director of IT and I really don't want that plus the guy in the job is not planning on going anywhere.
2740  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / How soon can you start looking for a new job? on: November 21, 2005, 07:41:19 PM
My job is dull, dull, dull.  I would say I work about 1-2 hours a day on work stuff and have to look busy for 6-7!  (Unless you work here too and in that case I work tirelessly all day, extra even!)

On top of that I drive roughly 30-40 minutes a day and we are having a baby in May so I don't think I want to be that far away and spend that much time commutting.

I took this job because it paid a ton more than the one I had and I thought there might be some room for advancement.  Now that I have been here for awhile I love the salary but advancement isn't really possible.  

So I would like to find a new job but I have only been here for 8 months or so.  Is that too quickly to start looking for another job?
2741  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Final Fantasy 12 demo impressions on: November 21, 2005, 02:24:19 PM
Well, I am not alone!  The guys at Penny Arcade seem to hate the new direction as much as I do!

If I had to say, I'd put it like this:  Final Fantasy XII is an insult to a once proud franchise and to the people who have made it so.  I think that gets it across.

With the extended delays of the title, I had imagined that the rough trade they received at the hands of almost every person who saw it had sunk in and they had begun to realize the intense shame they'd bring upon themselves by continuing in this direction.  That's not what happened.  They're Final Goddamn Fantasy, they don't have to worry about larger industry trends toward approachability and away from turn or phase based combat.  They create trends, like a massive stellar body distorts local space.

This isn't just slavish devotion to tradition - the fact of the matter is that the system they had works better.  It's more explicit regarding game events, and the player has greater control.  You don't have to take my word for it - Dragon Quest VIII is awesome, and includes the same demo I played.  There are two combat modes, the "Wait" mode being slightly less bad but not what you might call "good."  Give it a whirl, the whole thing is trash.  If for some reason you do enjoy it - and I've certainly done my best here to lower expectations - then rejoice.  You must be the person they're trying to appeal to.  It'll feel good for a while, until they determine that mass market annual "footy" titles are where it's at.  Then you and I can sit together in a cafe and talk about those good times.
2742  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Looks like I'm buying the Xbox360 Core System... on: November 18, 2005, 07:51:56 PM
Quote from: "Hetz"
Hell, it's what I would do if I was in your shoes...good call. It's better than having nothing until after Christmas.

I wonder how had it will be to find core systems though.  Yes there is a shortage but will that be both systems?
2743  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: Getting a PSP - What's the one game I should get? on: November 18, 2005, 07:47:07 PM
Quote from: "Poomba"
Well, I finally sold my DS and games and am going to pick up a PSP at the local EB (manager's going to let me look through all of their used ones) and have about enough money to grab one game right now.

So, which should it be? I was thinking either Socom or GTA (looking for action possibly?) or maybe one of the new RPG's, Kingdom of Paradise or Legend of Heroes.

Can anyone weigh in on some of the newer titles and offer a suggestion?

I just picked up Legend of Heroes but I haven't had a chance to play it yet sorry.  However the reviews haven't been stellar so I would hold off on that for awhile.

Out of the ones mentioned I would say GTA is the best of the bunch but you can find some good games used these days so maybe you could get two used ones instead.  

I have seen Hot Shots Golf used for reasonable and it is a great game which would enterain you for a long time maybe that and something else.
2744  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Looks like I'm buying the Xbox360 Core System... on: November 18, 2005, 07:38:48 PM
I think it is a bit retardo but it is only a bit more money.  

What are the odds that the store will have more shipments by Dec. 2-4?  Missing out on launch day is a bummer but is it worth the extra money?
2745  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Final Fantasy 12 demo impressions on: November 17, 2005, 01:41:59 PM
Quote from: "EddieA"
I haven't played the demo yet, but I've never understood the comparison to MMOs.  From what I've read, the battle system is very similar to that of KoTOR, and that didn't seem anything like the few MMORPGs I've played.  There are elements of FF12 that appear in MMOs, but nothing that hasn't also appeared in single-player RPGs, such as fighting enemies on the same screen (no separate battle area), visible equipment changes, etc.

Play the demo and see what you think.  

I have only played one MMO - Camelot, but somehow it felt more like that than it did like KoToR.  

Maybe that was just becuase I couldn't pick weapons, armor, etc. so it didn't feel like my choices.
2746  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Final Fantasy 12 demo impressions on: November 17, 2005, 03:20:09 AM
So what did others who got this think?  

I played the two parts and I have to say - what freaking crap!!!  It was beautiful but the combat was so generic I was nodding off.  Maybe it was because I didn't have instructions but I couldn't seem to queue instructions,  so I didn't really feel in control.

I don't care for this type of active combat, quite often it feels like I don't even need to be there.  How can it be fun to just watch the computer AI kill monsters?

The arrows which point out who you were attacking....well they were cute at first but then I realized they didn't mean anything.  It was just fluff.

I am just very dissappointed.
2747  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Any DQ8 impressions yet? on: November 16, 2005, 08:14:52 PM
Quote from: "Hetz"
I've got it as well....but I am kind of busy right now with other stuff...   :wink:

I'll check it out tonight.

grrrrrr...... :evil:
2748  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Sony BMG's CDs are now spyware on: November 16, 2005, 06:35:17 PM
I am just suprised this hasn't been in the news more.  Sure it is in IT news outlets a bit but this if huge.
2749  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / New Kingdom Hearts 2 world revealed - Wow! on: November 15, 2005, 08:53:34 PM
It wasn't the combat that did me in it was the very, very bad camera.

I remember one part in particular.  You are in the Tarzan world in a building, and you are climbing around the rafters and becuase of how the camera worked I kept falling off!  I would push forward, Sora would walk forward, then suddenly for no reason the camera would shift and pushing forward would mean left and I would fall down.  This is just a quick example of something which happened often in the game.

In the Colossium (sp) when you were suposed to destroy the barrels I had a terrible time becuase the camera kept shifting so I would hardly ever face the way I wanted.  It made an annoying timed puzzle into a nightmare.

I really hope they improve the camera.  This was back in the day when PS2 games didn't have crap for camera control so maybe they will have learned something.
2750  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Anyone heard how Best Buy is going handle their 360 launch? on: November 15, 2005, 06:41:06 PM
Quote from: "Hetz"

Your sane, rational thinking has no place in this thread!



I don't think anyone is crazy for doing it.  I did it, standing out in a line is one of those cool things to do - once.  

But considering the vast shortages predicted - I guess confirmed really, there just isn't much reason to risk it.

I guess the best thing to do is check how many units the Best Buy is suposed to get.  You can find that out with some internet digging.  I saw it earlier this week.

Once you know that all you need to do is drive by on the 22nd and count people.  You'll know if you stand a chance pretty quickly.
2751  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Anyone heard how Best Buy is going handle their 360 launch? on: November 15, 2005, 06:25:32 PM
All the talk about shortages has made me think the best bet is just to sleep in, play other games all weekend and buy one from the next shipment.  

I am not adverse to standing in line.  I lined up at 6 AM for a PS2.  It was a hoot and a lot of fun, but I wouldn't do it again.
2752  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: Should I buy a DS or a GBA? on: November 15, 2005, 06:18:35 PM
Quote from: "El-Producto"
I need a handheld for the increased amount of nightshifts I'm working lately. I've owned a GBA before, but sold it at the time due to lack of use.

Just wondering if the DS is worth the extra cash. I have $200 to spend, and I could get a GBA with a few games rather than a DS and maybe one game.

Since you only have $200 to spend that kinda rules out the PSP.  

When I talked about buying consoles I used to say it is all about the games and that people should buy the system which has the games they want to play, but handhelds are different.

1. there is a huge cost difference.  Both for the systems and for the games.

2. Handhelds are portable almost by definition so ruggedness, batterylife and such are bigger concerns.  

So with that in mind I think we need to know more.  Is this job a sit at a desk with access to a plug-in for hours type or a move around type.  You would need to recharge the PSP if your shift was 8 hours whereas you could get that much life out of the DS.  I also wouldn't want to carry around the PSP in my pocket much, it just seems to fragile.

As to your original question - yes the DS is worth it over the GBA SP.  It plays all those games plus more, it is sturdy, and has a long battery life.
2753  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Anyone heard how Best Buy is going handle their 360 launch? on: November 15, 2005, 06:08:01 PM
Pistols at dawn.
2754  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / What are you buying this week? (11/20) on: November 14, 2005, 03:37:36 PM
Quote from: "Hetz"
Dragon Quest 8, Legend of Heroes and Smackdown vs RAW 2006 for me!

Good you are getting LoH, I just said you should in the other thread about PSP games.

I will be getting Dragon Quest 8.  I just can't resist how good it looks!
2755  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / New Psp games impressions? on: November 14, 2005, 03:36:21 PM
Quote from: "Hetz"
Legend of Heroes is out this week! It's the first true RPG for the PSP in the US.

But will it be good?  I think you should take the plunge and find out. smile
2756  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Suikoden Tactics - tomorrow? on: November 10, 2005, 09:32:23 PM
Quote from: "Knightshade Dragon"
Bad image there Dreamshadow.

I received the game today - gonna try to dive into it this weekend for a Monday review.  We'll see how that goes with everything ELSE on my plate. smile

You know, if you want to send it to me I will take care of that for you.  You can even put your name on the review...although sometimes my Englishs isn't gooder.
2757  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / 360 BC for halo and halo 2 and... on: November 10, 2005, 02:41:22 PM
Quote from: "Zarkon"
It's all done via software emulation.  YOu load an Xbox title into the 360, it goes onto Live and checks to see 1) if it's backwards compatable and 2) what patches are necessary to download to run.

So Live access is required?
2758  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Dragon Quest VIII ship date change . . . on: November 10, 2005, 02:36:44 PM
Quote from: "Andrew Mallon"
How far along in the GC Fire Emblem are you guys? I think the GC one is much better than Sacred Stones. The map design is much better and there's more variety in each level. I particularly love the optional mission objectives, such as "Don't engage certain enemies, etc...".

I am up to chapter 12.  

What is dissapointing to me is all cosmetic.  The animations for battles were so boring I turned them off and that is something I really enjoyed with GBA games.  I also find the animations for the mounted units moving to be ugly - especially when they move just looks bad.  

I am also very annoyed that you can't full rotate the map.  I mean come on!  You have the power of the Cube and you couldn't make it so I can see every side?

All in all it feels like the built a good game which could go on any system - picked the Cube and did a tiny amount of improvements then shipped.  They just seem to have wasted all the opportunities that more powerful hardware gave them.
2759  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / 360 BC for halo and halo 2 and... on: November 10, 2005, 02:17:02 PM
I am confused..

"To clarify, the 'new' version of Halo or Halo 2 is simply the disk you have already. Pop it into your 360 and it'll load up just like before. You will have to log into Xbox Live to enable Halo 2's online functions, but both games will work immediately.

This would seem to imply that no new coding is needed, does that mean that all Xbox games (which work) will be able to do this?

Or did they somehow put into the 360 special instructions for the Halo games?
2760  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / I may not get a PS3 - if this is true on: November 09, 2005, 09:38:30 PM
Quote from: "EddieA"
Another day, another obviously false PS3 rumor.  The way things are going, PS3 will come out in 2027, cost $4000, and not actually play any games.

I read they are partnering with the Phantom to provide cutting edge content.

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