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2561  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: Yggdra Union (GBA) on: January 04, 2007, 03:07:40 AM

Quote from: semiconscious on November 28, 2006, 04:19:26 AM

spent a few hours with this tonight, & it's every bit as pretty & as clever as dante says - lots of stuff to consider, tactics-wise - almost like fire emblem on steroids smile ...

well worth grabbing if you want a good strategy fix. unique, tough, & fun...

More like on speed.  Faster, frantic, and almost nonsensical. 

I am enjoying the game but it is just overly complicated.  They could have tossed a few things and had a tighter game.  Get rid of the "push left or right" to power up. 

For the life of me I can't figure out how to figure before hand had much "moral" (sometimes call hitpoints Tongue) will be lost if I lose or how much the other guy will lose. 

It is fun enough, and I like the Sting feel so I will keep playing but I wich they would have done a few thing differently.
2562  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: Best ideas/suggestions on what to do with the backlog on: January 03, 2007, 09:53:08 PM
I think with games like Disgaea you have to decide if you want to finish the game or really max out the game.  You can finish the game in a pretty reasonable time (heck Laharal can beat most maps singlehandedly with some training) but to really max out the characters, items etc. can take 100s of hours.  So set a goal of just finishing the game. 
2563  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: Need a new DS game on: January 03, 2007, 02:00:12 AM
Phoenix Wright, Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, and Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin

I am a cheapass gamer so I say M&L:PiT and Phoenix Wright.  They have been out long enough to be at a lower price used.  They are both A+ games so you will be entertained for hours and when you are done you can get C:PoR used! 

2564  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: [PS3] Final Fantasy XIII TV ads have Japan on: January 03, 2007, 01:50:48 AM
Will this be out for the Wii or 360?    crybaby

If not I will not watch the link.  I won't think about the game, I won't drool over it, I will pretend it doesn't exist.

I am just not going to buy a PS3.  I don't know what made me decide that, but at some point with all the hype I just got tired of Sony.  It was clear they were not out to help gamers but to get a Bluray player in every home.  Well I don't have an HDTV so I really don't give a hoot about Blueray, or HD-DVD. 

The sad part of that is that they are dragging one of my favorite franchises along with them. 
2565  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: NSFW --- READ AT YOUR OWN RISK on: January 02, 2007, 09:49:26 PM
I think we should discuss why people want or need to see this.  Especially people in the US.  I could almost understand why someone who was tortured or hurt by Saddam would want to see this...some kind of closure.  However Americans wanting to see a killing (however justified and legal) just seems sick.  Basically it is people getting their trills and enjoyment out of watching someone die.  And while Saddam was evil enjoying watching someone die says more about the person watching than it does about Saddam.

2566  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: Your 2007 Console Predictions on: January 02, 2007, 06:24:06 PM
The Wii will actually be the sales leader this year.  Hardcore gamers will still complain about "kiddie" titles, and lack of graphics but families will rush to get it. 
2567  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / New Years Resolutions on: January 01, 2007, 01:25:11 AM
Got any?

Since this is a gaming site I will say my gaming ones

I want to finish games which I start.  Not necessarily to where the developer meant,  but until I am really done.  For some games like Max Payne, Tron 2.0 and a couple other that may mean multiple plays through the whole game.  For others like Final Fantasy 3 it might mean stopping before even finishing.  I am just sick of having a backlog of games I want to finish but never do - stuff like Resident Evil 4, Paper Mario 2, Disgaea, and HL2:Episode 1. 

Along with that I want to focus on each game.  I get distracted, I move away, I see a preview, or a suffer a bout of "forum effect" and suddenly I am off playing a game I never thought about. 

So I want to focus on Zelda (wii), Disgaea (ps2), Space Ranger 2 (pc), Neverwinter Nights 2 (pc). Yggdra Union (GBA), and Final Fantasy 5 (gba).  I know that seems like a lot but that is what I have started right now! 

So what are yours?

2568  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: Console Sales (Nov-Dec): 360 Triumphant, but Wii Wins the Hearts and Minds on: January 01, 2007, 01:10:02 AM
Isn't it nice that the same thread, over and over can happen?  It is sort of comforting to know that we will always have these arguments.

Personally I don't get it.  I am perfectly willing to bet that MS will sell more 360s than Nintendo will sell Wiis.  Of course since being "#1 in sales" isn't the business model that Nintendo is using it is a pointless comparison.  In other words another statement I am perfectly willing to agree to is that Nintendo will make a higher profit on each Wii sold.  There is only one reason that MS and Sony can fight the way they are - they are huge.  Neither company could sustain the types of loses their gaming divisions do without the support of the rest of the company.  Those two companies are fighting a different battle, with different goals. 

So, anyway yah MS will sell more 360s...and it won't mean crap to the investors in Nintendo because they will still be making money. 
2569  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: Saddam to Be Excuted this Weekend on: December 30, 2006, 03:40:01 AM
Well that is done.  CNN is reporting he was hung...well   Sorry, a little gallows humor.

2570  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / FF12: Revenant Wings images on: December 29, 2006, 05:05:29 PM
I saw these images on "The Magic Box" and thought others might like seeing them. 

Here is one of the "in battle" shots.

2571  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: Twighlight Princess or Wind Waker? on: December 29, 2006, 02:06:15 PM
I am only 10 or so hours into TP but visually I think I like WW better.  I loved Dragon Quest 8 as well....I love cell shading.  I think it is just beautiful and makes me aways interested in watching the screen.   

I also liked the lighter story of WW better but I haven't finished TP so that might change.  I have to say the darker story of TP doesn't impress me.  I can get dark stories by watching the news, reading the paper, etc.  I play games to escape from that world.  However TP isn't terribly dark so it isn't a big problem. 

2572  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: Good 'old school' RPG for the DS? on: December 29, 2006, 03:08:56 AM

Quote from: Jag on December 28, 2006, 11:23:19 PM

Looking for a good old school type RPG. I played Legend on my PDA, which was fun. I know FF has a bunch of DS games, but not sure if that's what i'm looking for. Just a simple hack n' slash with character development, that's not too twitchy. Sort of like the old Gold Box SSI games.

There are tons of RPGs for the system but nothing quite like the old Gold Box SSI games.  It would be wonderful if there were. 

I just finished Final Fantasy 3 and it is a great old school RPG.  Well worth the time if you like JRPGs.
2573  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: The 'no receipt' return. Ethical or Theivery on: December 28, 2006, 09:22:02 PM

Quote from: Kobra on December 28, 2006, 08:53:38 PM

As someone that operated retail locations as a General Manager or higher, I can say these companies will not bat an eyelid when it comes to fucking over the customer when they have the chance.  So why play nice when they don't?

Personal ethics isn't about how others treat you but how you treat others.  Trite maybe but just because someone does something wrong to you doesn't mean you are right to do something back. 

2574  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: The 'no receipt' return. Ethical or Theivery on: December 28, 2006, 08:06:37 PM

Quote from: corruptrelic on December 28, 2006, 07:37:03 PM

It'd be one thing to try do something like that to a 'grandma and grandpa' type of store where the family runs it and they actually depend on turning profits to feed the family, but a giant beast like Walmart.. hell, $5 is like a 1/100 of a penny to you and me. Would you notice it's missing?

So theft isn't wrong unless it is either a. on a large scale or b. it is to a small business/poor person.   

Since all gamer ethical debates bring this in - what about piracy?  It is ok to steal a game for EA but not the makers for Space Rangers 2?  If not why is that different than it being ok to screw over Wal-Mart?
2575  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: The 'no receipt' return. Ethical or Theivery on: December 28, 2006, 08:03:00 PM

Quote from: corruptrelic on December 28, 2006, 07:37:03 PM

Making $5 at the expense of Walmart? That's surely going to put the super giant out of business!  icon_rolleyes

As I tried to say it isn't as unethical as some things but it is still unethical.  I think of "unethical" as a sliding scale.  Murder on one end and things like not telling the clerk they gave you too much change on the other. 

2576  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: The 'no receipt' return. Ethical or Theivery on: December 28, 2006, 07:25:48 PM

Quote from: ATB on December 28, 2006, 05:50:59 PM

Is it unethical to purchase something at an online retailer and then return it at a B&M store for store credit valued at more than what was originally paid?

Of course it is.  You paid $10 for an item and you returned it for $15 in store credit.  You made $5 at the expense of Target/Wal-Mart/etc.   Now is it as unethical as lying to your spouse, murder, or robbery....probably not.  However it is unethical.
2577  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: Can I find Disagea? on: December 28, 2006, 02:28:43 PM
My local shop had it for $30.  I traded in Disagea 2 and still had $20 in  Now I need to decide what else to buy!

2578  Non-Gaming / Trading Forum / [traded] FS/FT: Elite Beat Agents, and Final Fantasy 3 on: December 28, 2006, 01:47:46 AM
I am finished with these two great games and am looking to sell or trade.  My wants are: Final Fantasy V (gba), Gears of War (360), and Neverwinter Nights 2 (pc) but I will consider anything so don't hesitate to PM me.

2579  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Anyone have the Disagea guide to send me? on: December 27, 2006, 08:43:14 PM
Doublejump offered this for a free download but they yanked  it because people were selling their .pdf on ebay.  Personally I think anyone stupid enough to buy something they can download for free deserves to be parted from their money but I can see Doubljump not wanting to allow this kind of thing. 

However since it was free I was hoping that someone around here downloaded it and might still have it.  If you do and would be willing to email it to me (or if you have a place I can download it) please PM me.  I am reading the stuff on Gamefaqs but I heard the doublejump guide was very good.

2580  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Can I find Disagea? on: December 26, 2006, 02:41:34 AM
I believe this was re-released recently or was going to it available again?  I got Disagea 2 for Christmas but I would prefer to play the first one if I can find it. 
2581  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: Woot! sells PS3s (sold out) on: December 22, 2006, 09:59:42 PM
I am going to assume you were not purposely continuing the baiting going on in this thread but even so I am locking this thread now since it is kinda obvious that we don't need more of this kind of thing.

2582  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: IGN's Best of PC Games list on: December 22, 2006, 03:12:12 PM
Not a bad list, pretty much what most people are saying it seems...except "best story" - Oblivion?  Oblivion?  Did it even have a story?  All I recall is a cliched "nameless" hero saves world story. 
2583  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: PS3 is one of Time's "failures of the year 2006" on: December 21, 2006, 05:58:36 PM

Quote from: gellar on December 21, 2006, 05:12:59 PM

It honestly amazes me that people are so stupid as to spend $100 more for features they don't need.


The PS3 is all features most people don't need.  If you don't care about HD movies the whole Blu-Ray thing is pointless.  And honestly the number of great, cheap games on the PS2 makes the PS3 pretty pointless from a gameplayer perspective. 

2584  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: FF3 rant!! (spoilers) on: December 20, 2006, 11:45:57 PM
I watched the original NES (SNES or whatever) ending.  It was fine.  As one would expect it is old school so not very exciting.  I loved the game when I was getting new jobs and new equipment but the final dungeon grind is just too annoying for me. 

I will say that Youtube is great for finding game endings.  I saw the endings for FF10, FFX-2, and a couple others.  Good quality and I don't have to finish the games!
2585  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / FF3 rant!! (spoilers) on: December 20, 2006, 10:34:39 PM
What the freeking crap?!   icon_evil icon_evil icon_evil

I am doing the last dungeon and suddenly I face the monster which killed my team before (where Doggy and Uggy) had to go find 5 idiots willing to help me, I figure ok that is how it is supposed to go - I get killed again...but no this is apparently a real death...I am back at the title screen.

What the hell!!!!!!

Dammit, if you are going to update a game how about if you fix fucking stupid shit like being able to fight a monster you can't beat before you are ready?  I have read a faq now and apparently I need to face 4 crystals and then face the big boss...but does the game tell me that?  Does the game in anyway indicate that I shouldn't face that bitch at that time?  No, nothing, it just lets me.

And to just add insult to injury it is one of those stupid dungeons where you can't teleport out to save so I lost an hour or more of playing.  Whats more it is dull playing.  It is just grinding to get your new job levels up so you can fight the final boss! 

I completely understand that this was a old school game but they updated it in parts...why not update the stupid parts?  Jesus all I needed was a freaking note, or comment by a character - "don't cross that bitch until you have beat the four crystal bosses!"  that is all.  One freaking line of typed dialog.

I am off to Youtube to see if I can see the ending.  I don't give a shit to do that all again.  It is just what is/was terrible about video games. 
2586  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: Wii Forecast Weather Channel coming on the 20th on: December 19, 2006, 05:36:42 PM
I just want an Internet radio channel.  On my modded Xbox I can listen to Internet radio but neither the 360 nor the Wii have it.

And why not a podcast channel?  I have that on the TiVo.

There are a lot of things they could add which wouldn't require a lot of typing but they pick a web browser?  Heck check out this thread's link -;topic=16979.0;num_replies=8- want to type that in with the wiimote?

2587  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: Continuing Blu-Ray/PS3 value discussion to avoid derail from Motostorm threa on: December 18, 2006, 07:15:27 PM
Lets keep it calm and happy - it is the holiday season after all!
2588  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: If you don't fall in love with DQ9 after this new video, you have no heart on: December 16, 2006, 06:22:23 PM

Quote from: denoginizer on December 16, 2006, 03:54:44 PM

Except for MMOs and Oblivion I do not play RPGs anymore, so I am not going to argue with you.  I'll just say that I already knew almost exactly what that DQ9 video was going to look like before I watched it.  While the Mass Effect video totally blew me away when I watched it.  Yes Bioware sticks to the same basic formula too. I just think they camouflage it better.

To each their own.  I knew almost exactly what Oblivion was going to look like before I saw videos of it.  Same with Mass Effect.  I mean come on, they have Jedi powers in the game!  They are so tied to their KOTOR system then have force choke!  Yeah they call it something different but it plays the same.   While I will say that Bioware usually hides their formula better I don't think they did with ME.  You can travel to different planets, you have force powers, etc.  Heck I half expect a sarcastic robot talking about meatbags.
2589  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: media connect with 360 on: December 15, 2006, 05:29:30 PM
MS does seem to be making this harder than it needs to be.  I got it working for pictures and mp3s but I haven't had much luck with video.

I will download tversity sometime and try it out to see if it is easier, but I doubt it will be.

2590  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / FF3 - I am at that point where I usually quit on: December 15, 2006, 01:49:59 PM
It always seems to happen in classic RPGs - the final long, long dungeon without saves, without any really neat new equipment, skills, or story development.  It just becomes a long slog for hours before a final boss fight. 

Anyone else just want to give up at this point?  All that is really left is a final cut scene which I bet I can find on Youtube or something.

2591  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: Next batch of Wiis? on: December 14, 2006, 11:01:41 PM
Alright so what are this week's rumors?  Thousands at Kmart?  Hundreds at local grocery stores?

2592  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: Third Party component cables... yay or nay? Wii. on: December 14, 2006, 07:55:18 PM

Quote from: Kevin Grey on December 14, 2006, 07:16:39 PM

Do you have a Cube or another console hooked up via component? While the graphics themselves will obviously vary, you should see similar levels of color fidelity, contrast, sharpness, etc.  If the Wii looks excessively washed out or blurry compared to other consoles hooked up via component then the culprit is probably the 3rd party cables. 

I do, I do!  I have my 360 plugged in through component.  I will give it a look.
2593  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: Third Party component cables... yay or nay? Wii. on: December 14, 2006, 07:10:30 PM
How can I tell?  I am not a video-phile, I don't have HD TV but I bought the generic component cables at BB because that was all they had and I didn't want to get S-video (due to lack of inputs on the switcher box I have)

Without an HD tv is this going to be a huge issue?
2594  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: Final Fantasy XII Impressions on: December 13, 2006, 08:09:56 PM
I played a bit last night...I am around 30 hours...I am losing the fire a bit.   I spent most of my time being annoyed last night at the gambit system.  It is a great leap forward but it has a ton of room for improvement.  Last night I had Vaan set to steal from enemy at 100%...and of course I got mobbed so I had to manually keep forcing him to focus on a single enemy until dead.  Finally I just had to shut off that gambit altogether.  I haven't found a good steal gambit and it is annoying because money is so hard to come by. 
2595  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: It's good to see our tax dollars at work. on: December 11, 2006, 10:01:12 PM
Sorry about seeming to spam the thread but I have lots of thoughts on the subject and just noticed the thread.

Today on NPR I heard a great story which illustrates why it doesn't matter if ice ages have happened before (  Basically it pointed out that insurance companies are not willing to insure certain coastal regions because they believe that global warming will make those places more prone to storms, disasters, etc.

See the real world effect of GW isn't going to be the destruction of all life, it probably won't even mean the extinction of mankind but it will mean a vastly different economy, and lifestyle.  More of our energy will be spent on heating, more building materials will be used to repair from disasters - basically more of our economy will be sucked into dealing with things related to GW.   

Now that isn't necessarily bad.  We can retool our economy to make money off that, we can move people from jobs making SUVs to making better building materials for at risk areas.  But there will be a period of adjustment - lost jobs, lost insurance, etc.

So, no I don't everything will die, etc. but I think it may become much harder to afford a 360 and HDTV with higher insurance costs, higher fuel costs, etc. 
2596  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: It's good to see our tax dollars at work. on: December 11, 2006, 09:47:34 PM

Quote from: Mr. Fed on December 09, 2006, 06:29:02 PM

One of the primary reasons I feel an urge to dissent about global warming is because of the way prominent global warming folks treat dissent on the issue.

And yet people say that "environmentalism has long since passed from the realm of science into some sort of pseudo-religion, where feelings and emotion take precedence over actual fact and logic."

It seems to me that arguing against global warming, despite the evidence it actually much more of an emotional issue.  And I will tell you why - because people are afraid they might have to give up something.  If they admit global warming is real, and that humans are increasing it then they might have to reconsider the SUV, and other lifestyle choices.  If GW is true then not doing stuff to prevent it is helping to destroy the lives of their kids, and their grandkids.  People want to have this comfy happy idea that they are making the world better, or at the very least not destroying it for the children they pretend to love.  If GW is true then they have to say do I love my kids more or my SUV....and they don't like the answer as they sit in their Armada (which is just a funny name!  Think about it, it is a single vehicle so freaking huge it is names for a group!) 
2597  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: It's good to see our tax dollars at work. on: December 11, 2006, 09:40:04 PM

Quote from: Laner on December 11, 2006, 06:35:14 PM

And there certainly is not a scientific consensus that global warming is a man-made, potentially disastrous occurrence. But of course,  anyone who dissents is automatically dismissed and broad-stroked with the "in the pocket of big oil" brush

And really figure out what "consensus" means.  From Websters "majority of opinion: The consensus of the group was that they should meet twice a month."

Posting one article doesn't show consensus.  But Farley - how many are needed?  Well how about 928

In December 2004, Science published an essay [8] by geologist and science historian Naomi Oreskes [9] that summarized a study of the scientific literature on climate change. The essay concluded that there is a scientific consensus on the reality of anthropogenic climate change. The author analyzed 928 abstracts of papers from refereed scientific journals between 1993 and 2003, listed with the keywords "global climate change". The abstracts were divided into six categories: explicit endorsement of the consensus position, evaluation of impacts, mitigation proposals, methods, paleoclimate analysis, and rejection of the consensus position. 75% of the abstracts were placed in the first three categories, thus either explicitly or implicitly accepting the consensus view; 25% dealt with methods or paleoclimate, thus taking no position on current anthropogenic climate change; none of the abstracts disagreed with the consensus position, which the author found to be "remarkable". It was also pointed out, "authors evaluating impacts, developing methods, or studying paleoclimatic change might believe that current climate change is natural. However, none of these papers argued that point."

Check out The Wikipedia page for more information about the consensus about global warming.

2598  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: It's good to see our tax dollars at work. on: December 11, 2006, 09:28:24 PM

Quote from: Laner on December 11, 2006, 06:35:14 PM

But how do we know it's not cyclical?  We don't have hard weather data for 200/300/400 years ago.  Soil samples and such can only tell you so much. 

What about the various ice ages?  There was obviously some serious "global warming" going on long before the industrial revolution, otherwise we'd still be seeing glaciers in Kansas. 

But the thing is, I don't give a crap if the woolly mamoth went extinct.  I care if humans will be going extinct.  The fact that ice ages happened in the past is true....and almost completely unimportant to whether we should do things which worsen the problem. 

[And there certainly is not a scientific consensus that global warming is a man-made, potentially disastrous occurrence. But of course,  anyone who dissents is automatically dismissed and broad-stroked with the "in the pocket of big oil" brush

Surely you can do better than an article written a decade ago!  (ok, 9 years)  No new research has been done? 

I'm all for being environmentally conscious and taking care of our planet, but environmentalism has long since passed from the realm of science into some sort of pseudo-religion, where feelings and emotion take precedence over actual fact and logic.

???  That makes no sense.  It doesn't refute any data, it doesn't offer any scientific analysis it just tries to discredit environmentalism with name calling.
2599  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: Wii: Well you can't say they didn't warn us on: December 07, 2006, 04:27:01 PM

Quote from: kathode on December 07, 2006, 03:54:52 PM

Quote from: Harkonis on December 06, 2006, 10:52:34 PM

I do feel that way about all the improvements you've mentioned.  Everytime a new technology comes out there is a rush of games that focus so much on 'that next new thing' that they suffer in other categories.  I'm hoping they don't do it with this.

Sweet!  We can finally halt all technical progress.  This will make my job so much easier, thank you! :slywink:

Are you honestly saying that it wouldn't be nice sometimes to not have to worry about using new hardware?  I look at Final Fantasy 12 and I have to say that I think a "closed" system does offer some advantages. 
2600  Non-Gaming / Trading Forum / LF: Final Fantasy Advance: V on: December 07, 2006, 02:58:57 AM
Anyone finished with it yet? 
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