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1481  Gaming / Multiplayer Madness (MMO or otherwise) / EQ2. i hate it. on: November 22, 2004, 01:49:43 PM
I'll take your comped account when you're through with it smile  

Still you have some valid points.  Much of what I've learned about EQ2 I've learned on the official forums...not in game.  I think the average player would be much better off to wait 6 months before starting...give SOE time to fix the typos, nail the annoying bugs, refine the quests, etc, etc.
1482  Non-Gaming / Trading Forum / The Official GT Trader Feedback List (updated 7/30) on: November 21, 2004, 02:07:54 PM
+1 to Mytocles for no problems and smooth trading.
1483  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Help me buy my wife a PDA for Christmas on: November 19, 2004, 12:47:30 PM
I'm going to second the Dell Axim.  I have one myself and they are great (also have a color prism, 2 palms and a casio pocket pc).  You will not get another pocket pc with the screen, features, and available options like bluetooth, wireless, etc for anywhere close to the money the Dell sells for.  The only thing is try to get the 4" VGA screen.  Not only do you get an extra .5" but double the resolution.  Every PDA coming out is going VGA and applications coming out are going to be written with that in mind.  It's nice now but will probably be mandatory by next christmas.
1484  Gaming / Multiplayer Madness (MMO or otherwise) / For those EQ1 Vets Playing WoW on: November 19, 2004, 12:41:45 PM
Heh, don't go to the official EQ2 forums if you want to hear praise...they are almost as bad as the WoW forums with gripes, complaints and I'm leaving posts.

I have to agree with one of the above posts that EQ2 seems a step ahead even though it still needs some modifications.  The economy system alone would rule out WoW compared to EQ2 (for the small percentage of people like me who actually care about it and use it).  

I don't know what to say about the HO's nice but not necessary.  Right now I can cast the spell, get the HO to pop up, cast my lightning like normal and do double the damage.  I treat it as a extra bonus attach and nothing else so it's just one more way of fighting.

I guess the main thing to remember is that if everyone loved one system then there wouldn't be multiple games out...I'm glad WoW and EQ2 are out at the same time because twice the people will have a game to play that makes them happy and the unhappy ones have another option.  I would be surprised though if either game isn't radically different in 6 months though for good or bad.
1485  Gaming / Multiplayer Madness (MMO or otherwise) / EQ2 hints and tips on: November 18, 2004, 08:34:45 PM
Those items are classified as lore and can be sold.  Basically they are used for master quests (not as grand as it seems) where you get the quest to study a creature more carefully.  At one time you would get the quest, gather all of the pieces (for example a goblin ear, spine, blood, meat, etc) until you got one of every piece and then you get recoqnized as a master hunter...or something like that.  It's not confirmed but after doing that you "may" get a small bonus when fighting that creature...if nothing else you get a statue to put in your room.

Until you get the quest I would sell the parts.  You really don't have enough space, even with bags, to carry them around.

Armor - buy the best you can find at a vendor...I have not seen any decent player crafted armor widely available yet.  You can try some of the merchants outside the city for some possibly higher level items.  You can also browse EQ2 quest sites and see which quests give better armor as rewards...I've gotten some that way.  The only other way is from mob drops.  I've even gotten a number of pieces of armor on the starting island that way.
1486  Gaming / Multiplayer Madness (MMO or otherwise) / For those EQ1 Vets Playing WoW on: November 18, 2004, 05:14:16 PM
I don't know why people are fighting over the definition of fun here.  I played WoW and I had fun.  I'm playing EQ2 and having a lot more fun.  I'm not going to blast anyone because they prefer one to the other.  Couple things to remember about EQ2 though:

1. There are two starting cities and they are gigantic.  That doesn't mean there are only two cities in the game.  There are already hints about other cities and lands to go out and find.  I also like the fact they are fits the story and I got tired of the 4 house villages in WoW (though some of the bigger places were fantastic).

2. The professions in EQ2 can vary.  You start with 4 and can get to level 10 in a long day.  Then you pick from another 3.  Then when you hit 20 you pick from another 2.  That's a lot of classes and customizations when you include racial traits and traditions too.  And there are other abilities you can find and are NOT limited to the standard spells and abilities for each class.

3. The tradeskills and making items.  WoW seems geared towarded the player character making items for themselves...the EQ2 system seems geared toward a complex player controlled economy.  And the potential is huge and profit is nice fairly early...plenty of level 6-9 artisans making a hundred silver a night once they get the system down.

4. The quests...well it's a MMOG.  They all have quests.  I like the hundreds of available quests in EQ2.  I had to work early on in WoW to get more than a handful of quests going.  I ran around just about as much.

5. The games...both are very different.  There will be months of refinements, patches and updates to both games before any is close to a real "final release" product and the enhancements begin.  I'm not judging either...for everyone that says PvP is teh bomb in WoW there is someone else complaining it's even there.  Same in EQ2.  

I guess bottom line is play both and decide for yourself because you're the one sitting there putting the hours in.  And this forum is slow enough without attacking people who disagree with us and running them off  :wink:
1487  Gaming / Multiplayer Madness (MMO or otherwise) / EQ2 hints and tips on: November 18, 2004, 04:55:52 PM
Quote from: "hepcat"
Couple of questions for ericb, or any others who might know:

My scout is lvl 11 and still wearing some of the armor given him on the starter island.  the reason i'm doing so is because i get agility bonuses with them.  however, when examing the armor in question, it tells me that i'm so overqualified for it that i shouldn't be using it.  but i don't want to lose those agility bonuses?  am i still even receiving those bonuses?  can i get armor with equal or better stat bonuses somewhere?  and if i craft my own armor will it be better?

also, started doing some heavy crafting last night.  it was strangely satisifying to run around in the tradehall from machine to machine crafting my components and then using them.  i upgraded 3 of my combat arts to app III, which surprised me as i though i had to be a higher level (i'm artisan 6 now).  is there a quality bonus with crafted runes?  i never saw any "refined sneak rune" option or something along that lines when crafting.

thanks in advance!

Crafting...there is no ability increase with higher quality spells or skills.  It doesn't matter if it's crude or pristine.  The potential is there to change that in the future but right now as long as it's finished and scribed it's good to go.  The only benefit to creating a pristine rune/spell is the increase in artisan experience while making it.

EDIT for some confusion: It doesn't matter if the skill rune or spell scroll is pristine or crude.  It matters a great deal for just about everything else you create in both sell price and abilitie/slot increases.  It's very important if you're making jewelry, armor, weapons or boxes/bags.

You get the first couple runes/skills/spells at artisan 6.  You will get 1-2 more as you advance to 7-9.  At 10 you pick your artisan class and if you pick scholar you will get higher spells, the other classes get different abilities.  I don't know where scout skills fall.

The ability bonus is probably not enough to matter if the increase in AC is high enough.  A +2 AGI with AC of 5 is no where near as good as a plain item with AC 10 or AC 15.  Plus the appropriate skill levels will increase much slower because you're using equipment you're over qualified for.  You shouldn't have any problem finding better armor that also increases stats...even as a mage I have lots of AGI increasing armor and I don't even care about those smile

As player jewelers increase you will find many more pieces of jewelry that also increase stats which can enhance a plainer piece of armor.
1488  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Comparisons between Marine shooting and CARE worker murder on: November 18, 2004, 02:19:37 PM
I may be wrong (probably so) but weren't the men in that mosque attacking the marines in the first place?  

Were they not the ones using RPGs and machine guns, inside their mosque, to attack?  

Are these not the same insurgents who have been killing marines by boobytrapping their bodies after they are wounded?

I'm sorry...this is no where as close to the situation of an armed marine walking into a mosque and shooting an unarmed man in cold blood like it's being portrayed over there.
1489  Gaming / Multiplayer Madness (MMO or otherwise) / EQ2 hints and tips on: November 18, 2004, 01:12:14 PM
Harvesting terms:

den - provides animal products (hides and meats) and uses the trapping skill

fungi - provides dangerous alchemy poisons and uses the gathering skill

gardens - provide organic food-type items and dangerous alchemy poisons and use the gathering skill

ore - provides the metals used for smithing metal weapons and medium to heavy weight armor; uses the mining skill

roots - provide roots, tubers and other fibers that are used mainly for tailoring and use the gathering skill

shrubs - provide organic food-type items and use the gathering skill

stone - provide the metals and gems used for jewelcraft and uses the mining skill.

wood - provides organic structural materials and uses the foresting skill

Forest Ruins

    * Aged Arbor (elm, alder)
    * Array of Fish (coldwind flounder, frog leg, sunfish)
    * Badger Den (sullied low quality badger pelt, low quality badger pelt)
    * Blemished Ore (tin, bronze)
    * Damp Roots (roots, yarrow)
    * Natural Garden (raw nutmeg, barley, raw white tea leaf, raw basil, jumjum, baubleshire cabbage, black coffee bean)
    * Natural Herb Garden (silverberry, birchroot, birchwood, allspice, milkweed, twinleaf, juniper, sassafras, snakeroot)
    * Unearthed Stone (lead, malachite, lapis, copper)

Oakmyst Forest

    * Badger Den (sullied low quality badger pelt, low quality badger pelt)
    * Cluster of Fish (coldwind flounder, frog leg, sunfish)
    * Compound Ore (tin, bronze)
    * Grizzled Arbor (elm, alder)
    * Moss Encased Stone (lead, malachite, lapis, copper)
    * Muddy Roots (roots, yarrow)
    * Natural Garden (raw nutmeg, barley, raw white tea leaf, raw basil, jumjum, baubleshire cabbage, black coffee bean)
    * Natural Herb Garden (silverberry, birchroot, birchwood, allspice, milkweed, twinleaf, juniper, sassafras, snakeroot)

The Caves

    * Dusky Ore (tin, bronze)
    * Fetid Arbor (elm, alder)
    * Molerat Den (sullied low quality mole rat pelt, low quality mole rat pelt)
    * Natural Garden (raw nutmeg, barley, raw white tea leaf, raw basil, jumjum, baubleshire cabbage, black coffee bean)
    * Natural Herb Garden (silverberry, birchroot, birchwood, allspice, milkweed, twinleaf, juniper, sassafras, snakeroot)
    * Rigid Stone (lead, malachite, lapis, copper)
    * Stodgy Roots (roots, yarrow)
    * Variety of Fish (coldwind flounder, frog leg, sunfish)

The Peat Bog

    * Assortment of Fish (coldwind flounder, frog leg, sunfish)
    * Dense Felled Arbor(elm, alder)
    * Misty Stone (lead, malachite, lapis, copper)
    * Molerat Den (sullied low quality mole rat pelt, low quality mole rat pelt)
    * Murky Ore (tin, bronze)
    * Natural Garden (raw nutmeg, barley, raw white tea leaf, raw basil, jumjum, baubleshire cabbage, black coffee bean)
    * Natural Herb Garden (silverberry, birchroot, birchwood, allspice, milkweed, twinleaf, juniper, sassafras, snakeroot)
    * Wilted Roots(roots, yarrow)
1490  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Everquest 2 - first impressions on: November 18, 2004, 01:07:26 PM
Quote from: "Abaddon"
Where can you "practice" your harvesting skills once you leave the Island. I have explored the Antonica zone outside the city pretty extensively and every resource node I have come across says I do not have enough skill to harvest anything from it. I noticed there are 3 areas inside the city(Qeynos), Oakmyst Forest, The Caves and The Peat Bog that sometimes have resource nodes pop up but these are so heavily camped its doesnt seem a viable place to "grind" your harvesting levels.
Any suggestions?

It's hard and a major complaint on the official boards.  It got so bad I started a new character and I'm doing all my harvesting grind on the starter island where there is next to no competition.  The only drawback is your artisan lvl is capped at 9 and harvesting skills are capped at 35 on the starter island (and there are no places to trap).  Still it's a lot nicer starting at 35 in the city instead of 15.  A side benefit of this is some of the drops (just about any named monster on the island and certain arrow up mobs) included more advanced artisan books.  I got a level 6 Escutcheon artisan book this morning which is a mob drop only book.  Oh well, I probably have one more night of grinding to get everything up on the starter island and then go on to the that point I'll be lvl 6 at 220% (jump to 8 after the citizen quest) and lvl 9 artisan ready to pick my first real specialty.

As for the drops outside the city...the min harvesting skill is 40 except for gathering which is 50.  I've posted a topic in the hints and help thread that includes what you get from each node and where to get each item (the 4 main areas in the good city).  This includes the Peat Bog, Caves, Forest Ruins and Oakmyst Forest.
1491  Non-Gaming / Trading Forum / Need Buffy DVD seasons 3,4, 6, 7 and CSI buy or trade on: November 16, 2004, 08:46:08 PM
I'm looking for Buffy the Vampire DVD box sets for seasons 3, 4, 6 and 7.  I'm willing to buy but prefer to trade.  I have plenty on all consoles, DVDs, gba and PC games including PC hardware.  Let me know what you're looking for.

I'm also looking for CSI (Las Vegas) seasons 2, 3 and 4.  Same deal as above.  Must be in good condition, include all discs and cases.

1492  Gaming / Multiplayer Madness (MMO or otherwise) / EQ2 hints and tips on: November 16, 2004, 06:56:04 PM

by default AA is disabled completely in EQ2
in order to use AA do the following steps:
1) open notepad
2) type in the following line,   r_aa_blit 1
3) save this as eq2.ini
4) place the eq2.ini file in your everquest2 directory
AA will now work in the game just set it to whatever you prefer on your video card 2xAA, 4xAA, etc
1493  Gaming / Multiplayer Madness (MMO or otherwise) / EQ2 Servers and Characters on: November 16, 2004, 06:51:42 PM one is on Highkeep?  It favorite character and the most developed is there.  I wouldn't mind a way to have a one time move for characters...especially since it seems (based on ping and tracert) that Crushbone is east coast and Highkeep isn't.

Ok, I now have 3 main characters on Highkeep

Allyssa - lvl 12 (almost 13) sorcerer, lvl 10 scholar
Brenia - Lvl 11 shaman
Rhodry - Lvl 5 fighter (mainly a book harvester on IoR right now for Allyssa)

If anyone joins Highkeep (stays low to medium load most of the time) then look me up.
1494  Gaming / Multiplayer Madness (MMO or otherwise) / EQ2 Quests on: November 16, 2004, 06:49:13 PM
Go to this site:

It has complete maps, NPC locations, quest listings and what the reward is for completing it.  An excellent resource especially for beginning characters.
1495  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Everquest 2 - first impressions on: November 16, 2004, 06:32:45 PM
Quote from: "Scott"
I've never understood why people craft in these games.  It just seems like busy work to me.  What can you do that is so cool in EQ2?  I guess I'm asking kind of the same thing Lockdown is, what can you do that is cool in the system?

Any really good sites with screenshots?  I'd love to see what the Paladin looks like on a horse, or the Fury and Warden's transformation spells.

I'm crafting because it's cheaper for me as a sorcerer to make my own spells.  Total cost to make my first three app3 spells was around 8 silver and that included the one time cost of buying the recipe books.  Compare that to 5 silver a spell if you purchase it.  And now I can also make backpacks, bags and chests in addition to other items to sell for profit.  All in a couple hours of playtime.

Role playing wise it made sense to.  I truly appreciate those spells because I gathered the subcomponents, made the components and then used those to actually create the spell.  I really worked to earn the more powerful spells I now use every day.  It seems right for a magic user to research and create their own spells smile
1496  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Everquest 2 - first impressions on: November 16, 2004, 06:28:05 PM
Quote from: "Lockdown"
Arkon -  Am I correct in assuming that when I hit level 10 artisen, I will need to pick a specialization the same way I pick a subclass?  That's what you meant when you said a "scholar" - correct?

Is there a quest for this? You will hit a limit when you reach level 9 until you talk to the person who advances you

As a Druid, do I NEED to pick a certain artisen specialization because it "fits" - or can I pick any one I wish?  In other words, does the game see that I am a Druid and give me really big bonuses to working with scrolls or cloth armor, or potions, etc...  or can I be equally successful no matter which road I go down? It is not supposed to be limited to the archtype...there are fighters planning on being sages and clerics being armorers.  You should be fine.

I have no clue what I want to specialize in!  Making potions seems kind of lame, in that once you use it, it's gone.  Making scrolls to improve spells is something I will use for awhile, until the higher level spell is available.  Making armor and weapons could be cool.  Can I ever get to a point where if I choose to be an armor maker, I can imbue my armor with magical properties?   That sounds like it would be cool too!

I wonder if you could make a name for yourself in the game for being a master cloth armor maker that makes super cool magical robes and stuff?  That would be awesome!  .....  (is that possible)? No idea but it may show up on if nothing else.  And there is a status points system and advanced creation guilds and rewards already in place.

Another question:  Let's say I fail on making this scroll the first time?  Will I become "more familiar" with the process the second and third time trying, therefore giving me an increased chance to make the scroll? If it fails then you only lose the fuel and not the components (at least I didn't).  I wouldn't worry, I made 3 app3 spells last night and got through all of them with no problems.  Make sure to read the crafting FAQ I posted in the tips and hints topic for answers to just about everything crafting you will need.

Also, are there "levels" of Apprentice III scrolls?  Are there like Crude Scrolls, or Prestine Scrolls, etc...  If "Yes" - does one give the caster even higher bonuses than the other?   I am not sure how that works.There are levels but as of right now it makes no difference.  It's the same scroll and sells for the same if it's crude or pristene and uses the same power.

Thanks again.

1497  Gaming / Multiplayer Madness (MMO or otherwise) / EQ II...Priest quest...The thrashing room...Help on: November 16, 2004, 06:22:20 PM
What do you mean you can't heal yourself?  Are you restricted while on this quest or in general?  If in general try:

Click on your name in the upper left of the screen so it's highlighted and then try to heal yourself.  This is the problem if you're getting the no valid target message.

If it's quest restricted then you're SOL smile

Which quest is this...I'm a lvl 11 Shaman and don't remember it.
1498  Gaming / Multiplayer Madness (MMO or otherwise) / Is there an everquest 2 demo? (like WoW?) on: November 16, 2004, 06:20:18 PM
No.  There is no way to demo an online game like this.  They may include the client software sometime in the far future where you would only have to pay the first month's fee but I wouldn't count on it for at least a year.  

There is a 50MB movie available that illustrates many of the classes, races and areas including the totally amazing graphics on high end computers.
1499  Gaming / Multiplayer Madness (MMO or otherwise) / EQ2 hints and tips on: November 16, 2004, 05:38:08 PM


An Extensive Guide Into Tradeskills

For those of you with many questions about tradeskills, you will love this guide.  For those of you who have extensive knowledge about tradeskills, you may not benefit from this guide.  However, this is meant to be an informative and helpful guide to Artisans and other, more specialized professions.
Harvesting Skills

It is very important and I can't state this enough -- If you are a new character, do not leave the isle until your Mining, Foresting, and Gathering skills are 40 or above.  If you are doing culinary, make sure you throw fishing into that group as well.  Having a 40 in those skills will allow you to harvest tier 2 resource nodes.  While on the isle, make sure you look at your skills (Press the L key to view your skills) and pay close attention to the min/max numbers.  If your maximum does not reach greater than 40, then you need to raise your artisan level higher by crafting.  If you leave the isle before you max these skills, you will be having a very difficult time raising these in the city of your choice.  Newbie areas are almost always over camped and many are difficult to navigate.  It would benefit you by staying on the isle and getting familiar with crafting and harvesting before leaving.

Key Skills

Gathering:  Affects gathering from roots, shrubs and plant types.  If you need roots and plants, this skill is very important.  Currently if you pickup a shiny object from the ground (the ones with the question marks) you gain an automatic point in Gathering.  Gathering is one of the easier skills to raise initially.  In order to raise it, concentrate on roots and plants.

Mining:  Affects mining from rocks and sand shale rock outcroppings.  This allows you to mine the necessary ingredients you need for many of the mineral items.  If you plan on being "any" type of artisan archetype this is necessary.  It affects many recipe formulas from tempers to ink, to buckles and armoring, etc.

Foresting:  Affects the ability to harvest from elm, maple, and forest type logs.  This allows you to gather wood which is necessary for many recipes.  Again, this is also necessary for every artisan archetype.

Trapping:  Unfortunately, this is the only ability you cannot raise on the Isle of Refuge.  Trapping gives you the skill necessary to harvest from "Dens".  This allows you to trap creatures and remove animal pelts that can be used in a variety of formulas.  Because there are no den items on the Isle, you can't raise this skill there.  It has to be done in the city.  The key again, is to reach 40 for this skill in the newbie backyard areas of the different districts/villages.  Peat Bog, Forest Ruins, etc. are where you should start.

Fishing:  If you plan on doing culinary work, fishing will be useful.  It is also one of the easiest skills to work with.  Schools of Fish are rampant on the isle and so you should begin there if you plan on starting.  Again, 40 is the number you are looking for here.

Tier Numbers

    * 1 - (<=) 50                                (Up to 9th level Artisan)
    * 2 - (40 - 100)                            (10th - 19th level Sub-Type, Scholar, Craftsman, Outfitter)
    * 3 - (80 - ??)                               (20th - 29th, for Sub-Type, Alchemist, Jeweler, Sage, Tailor, etc.)
    * 4 - (haven't found this out yet)    (30th - 39th for Sub-Type)
    * 5 - (haven't found this out yet)    (40th - 49th for Sub-Type)

There is much speculation over the starting point to tier 3.  I have heard 75, 78, 80.  However, the average has been 80 so that is the information I am using here.  The end numbers are the peak numbers for those nodes.  This means at those peak numbers you should only fail at harvesting them by 1% or less.  The minimum numbers listed are the starting values necessary to begin harvesting from those nodes.
Crafting Skills and Recipes

Many people have asked me how the skills work, so I thought I would go into this with a little detail.  This is very important as most people completely overlook this part of trade skills and it affects their understanding of them.

Each recipe has a lot of information on it.  Let me explain what these are:

    * Recipe Name:  the recipe name
    * ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    * Process:  the type of recipe created.
    * ---(Process)Refine = A recipe that usually requires a raw resource such as roots, wood, metals.  Refine recipes are usually necessary in Interim recipes.
    * ---(Process)Interim = A recipe that requires you to make a refined recipe first.  Once you make a "refine" process recipe, you can make the Interim.  Interim are usually components (mostly primary components) that are necessary in "finish" recipes.
    * ---(Process)Finish = The finished recipe.  A finish recipe usually requires at least 1 to 2 refine recipes and at least 1 interim recipe.  It is the final item.
    * ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    * Level:  The level you can first scribe and use the recipe.
    * ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    * Knowledge:  The primary skill of the recipe.  Knowledge skills are Alchemy, Arcana, Culinary, Heavy Armoring, Light Armoring, Runecraft, Weaponry, and Woodworking.  These skills "automatically" level up when you level up as an artisan type.  You do not need to raise these skills and they will always show min/max as being peaked.  These are the foundation skills to tradeskilling.
    * ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    * Technique:  These skills are the primary skills necessary to be successful with tradeskills.  Each technique is an integral part of the Knowledge that governs it.  They are:  Artificing, Artistry, Chemistry, Fletching, Metalworking, Tailoring, Scribing. Sculpting, etc.  The key to remember with these skills is that the minimum will not be equal to the maximum and you need to work on these.  If you look at a recipe you will see what type of technique it uses.  So pay close attention to that.  This will let you know what recipe you are working on and what skill it will raise.  So, if you are concentrating on chemistry, then if the technique has it listed that is what will eventually be raised using it.
    * ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    * Device:  The device you need to use in order to create the recipe.
    * ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    * Primary Ingredient:  This is a very important ingredient.  This governs the "quality" and also how "successful" the recipe can become in the finish process.  If the quality of your primary ingredient is not the best, then the potential for your recipe quality will not be the best.  I will go more into this below in the section called: Recipe Quality Types.
    * ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    * Secondary Ingredients or Components:  These do not have to be "high" quality.  In fact they can be horrible and still not affect the outcome of the recipe.  So, when you research a recipe, make sure to pay close attention to these components so that you don't go overboard trying to make the best when it really isn't needed.  Only pirmary ingredients affect the quality of the recipe.
    * ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    * Fuel:  The recipe only states fuel but if you try to create the item, you will see the real name of the fuel type needed.  To make it simple for you, you basically need the following fuels for each machine:  Sewing or Loom (fillament), woodworking or sawhorse (sand paper), forge (coal), alchemy mixing table (candles), alchemy work bench (coal), scribes engraved desk (incesnse), culinary keg (coal).

Now then, this is a lot of information to take in.  However, if you read it and re-read it, you'll figure out why its important to understand the recipe you are using and working with.  Unfortunately, knowing recipes isn't going to make you a master at your work.  You need to understand more than this to get yourself in business.  Let's take a look at some more things.

Recipe Quality

Ever wondered why you see 4 bars when you start to create the recipe you are working with?  These are basically called "quality bars".  The bottom most bar is the best quality you can make for the recipe you are working with.  Only, some people are giving others false information on these bars.  I've heard time and again that they are affected by your skill and not by both your primary ingredients and your skill.  Here's how it breaks down:

    * Quality of Item Created .. is governed by .. (Primary Ingredient in Recipe)
    * Success of Quality governed by.. (Skill of Technique being used for Recipe)

In other words, the primary ingredient affects whether you even see those 4 quality bars.  However, your technique skill governs how fast or quickly you can succeed at getting to that bar and finished the recipe with quality.  So, as you can see, both of these govern the success and quality of the recipe.  Not one or the other, but both.  So, then, how do we get the 4 bars?

Each primary ingredient for "any" recipe must be the best quality in order to get the 4 quality bars.  This starts all the way down at, yep you might have guessed it, the Refine process.  Let's work backwards for a moment and give an example.

Your finish recipe (let's use a Elm Wand for example), requires an Elm Stave (primary ingredient), threadbare fletching (secondary), lead ornament (secondary), and sand paper (fuel).

The only ingredient that matters with regards to quality is the Elm Stave.  All other ingredients can be less than optimal quality and not affect the outcome of the recipe being created.  So, let's take the Elm Stave and continue breaking it down.  In order for the Elm Stave to be the best quality, it has to be analyzed as well.

The elm stave requires the following:  Refined Elm (primary ingredient), Chloro Resin (secondary), and sand paper (fuel).  Again, the only ingredient we need to worry about here is the refined elm.  The rest of the ingredients do not need to be optimal quality.  So, let's continue breaking down the recipe using Refined Elm.

The refined elm (actually called Elm Lumber) requires the following:  Raw Elm (primary), Chloro Resin (secondary), and sand paper (fuel).  Now then, whenever you are working with a refine recipe, you will always start with 4 bars.  Refine recipes require raw natural resources so there is no way you can affect how mother nature works.  Therefore, the refine recipes will always give you the ability to make 4 quality bars.  So, let's see how this works.

    * Refine Recipe (refined elm) - has 4 quality bars that you can work towards.  If you do not make a 4 bar item, then the next recipe level will not be able to make a 4 bar item.
    * Interim Recipe (Elm Stave) - only has 4 quality bars if the refined elm in the refine recipe was 4-bar quality.  If it was 3, then all you get is the possibility of 3-bars.
    * Finish Recipe (Elm Wand) - only has 4 quality bars if the Elm Stave is a 4-bar quality item.  If it was 3, then all you get is the possibility of 3- bars.

But what about the other components?  They could be crude for all we care.  They are necessary ingredients in the swing of things but the do not affect the outcome of the recipe being worked on.  So, make sure that you always try to make the best quality but it only matters with the primary ingredient.

The Crafting Process (Reactions and Buffs)

Okay, so now we are at the nitty gritty and are ready to make our item.  The first thing we must learn about is reactions.

For every crafting knowledge there are 3 types of reactions.  Getting to know these can be a learning process.  If you open up your tradeskill book (by hitting K for knowledge), you will see a tradeskills tab.  Clicking on this will reveal your reactions (some call them buffs).

As you progress in levels, these will eventually upgrade.  When they upgrade, you will have to replace your crafting bar with the new reactions.  For now, let's work with the first sets of each.  They are the following:


    * Analyze
    * Theory
    * Reaction


    * Spellbinding
    * Notation
    * Lettering


    * Dovetail Joint
    * Concentrate 01
    * Metallurgy


    * Constant Heat
    * Awareness
    * Seasoning

Heavy Armoring

    * Angle Joint
    * Strikes
    * Isothermic

Light Armoring

    * Nimble
    * Stitching
    * Knots


    * Anneal
    * Hardening
    * Tempering


    * Cutting
    * Measure
    * Handiwork

Each of the events you receive while you are crafting, correspond icon to icon with the reaction you give.  These reactions can also be used as temporary buffs that increase either duration or progress for the item.  However, the reactions come at a cost to your power.  The duration and progress listings can be found at but some of the tables are not finished yet.  When an event is encountered, push the correct corresponding reaction to counter it.

There are two bars at the top which are yellow and blue.  Yellow is durability and Blue is overall progress.  When the yellow bar reaches nothing, the recipe fails.  When the blue bar reaches the end, the recipe is finished.

There are more colored bars throughout the "quality bar" sections of the recipe.  These are the light blue bar that moves from left to right in the recipe and is a progress bar.  It shows you how far the quality bar is progressing to reach the next quality.  The green bar that goes from right to left is a failure/durability bar.  Everytime it ticks down to the far left of the quality bar, it causes that quality bar to disappear and it starts to work on the next quality bar.

This may sound a little confusing but eventually you will get the hang of it.  There are tactics you can do that help you to finish up the items quickly.  You can push the reaction/buff buttons that correspond to progress to push the recipe along faster.  You can also use them in addition to countering events.  It is tricky but some people call these types of crafters, "button pushers".  These crafters constantly push the buff buttons to make a finished product.  While there is nothing wrong with this, everything you click has a power cost.  So, you may find yourself greatly lacking power to work on the next recipe.

If you have a particularly important recipe that is right at your level and difficult to get better quality on, you can button mash.  I'm not going to explain button mashing because it really is something you have to get used to on your own.  However, I will explain one important feature.  That is cancelling.


If you cancel the item (before the progress has finished on the very top most quality bar) all you lose is the fuel component used.  Your ingredients will not be lost.  So, if you start to craft and you suddenly get 3 durability failures in a row and realize you will never make it to pristine or equivalent, simply cancel the recipe creation if it hasn't reached the end of the first quality bar.  This will save you headache and time at the cost of one fuel component.

Damaging Yourself

If you fail to counter an event by pressing one of the tradeskill reactions, you will take damage to yourself.  Damage can be in the form of physical, mental, or both.  This is why you cannot go afk while you craft.  I have seen folks die next to me for going afk and not countering the events.  So, be careful.  There is nothing worse than dying because you got attacked by large splinters at the scribes desk!  It's embarrassing!

Upgrading Tradeskill Reactions

As you gain in artisan levels, your reactions will automatically upgrade.

An important thing to remember about Tradeskill Reactions is that they use the same "consider system" as everything else in EQ II.  When you see skills that are green colored when you hover over their names, look for similar icons that are orange or higher colored.  Replacing these reactionary skills greatly increases the ability to increase your "Technique Skill Points". So, make sure you check for the new upgrades in your Knowledge book under the tradeskill tabs as you gain levels.

States Now Change with new upgrades

Crafting Styles

Once you upgrade your icons, re-familiarize yourself with the states.  States are progress and durability.  First tier icons affect "progress" and second tier icons affect "durability".  You can combine both buttons to work on both progress and durability as you need to have it in the recipe.  This allows you more versatility when working with a recipe.  The next set of icons will presumably change back to progress.

However, this also means you can now rethink how to work your recipe.

So we now have crafting styles.

    * SPEED:  Some may still want to use all progress states.  This will give you less quality items but for those items you don't need great quality, these icons work better.  In addition, it speeds along the recipe so you can make ingredients fast.  If you have refine recipes that are not primary ingredients or going to be involved in primary roles within ingredients, you can use progress to speed the recipes along at a fast pace.
    * BALANCE:  Some will want to use a mixture of both to offset progress and durability during the recipe creation process.  This is a more balanced approach to crafting and will give you optimal ability to speed along as you need to and also to make good quality items.
    * QUALITY:  And then you will have persons that want to use all durability states.  These persons want to concentrate on a slower process while making great quality items.  The slower progress but high durability allows you to do this.  This is a great way to make "primary" ingredients.  If you need great quality for the primary ingredient, concentrate on quality.

All in all, make sure you re-familiarize yourself with the new states of all new icons.  Using icons that have higher "consider" generally cost more power to use.  However, the benefits to using them are that you increase your technical skills faster.  So, it's up to you how you craft and how you work with the recipe.  There are many styles to work with.


This is a part of the guide that I thought was necessary and would answer a lot of questions that some people have in reference to them.  It also will cover the basics of how to complete the necessary steps to becoming a Scholar, Craftsman, or Outfitter.
Wholesale Societies

These societies are located in all districts/villages within the city of your choosing.  You can only join one of these wholesale societies at a time.  Upon joining, you have access to the society.  Once inside, you have the ability to do "harvesting quests" which, when completed, will help the status of the society you are a part of and also help your own status points with them.  Completing these quests allow you to gain money and usually it's good money at higher levels.  The type of resources that you need to harvest is dependant on your level as an Artisan.  So, make sure you keep up those harvesting skills.

As your wholesale society gains more levels and status, more items are sold on the merchant located within.  You are allowed to join the wholesale society at any artisan level.


Currently there are bugs with the wholesaler broker located inside.  Sometimes, items are there and other times they are not.  Sometimes after refreshing the screen, everything disappears.

When exiting the society, many times you have to talk to the NPC to get access to the society again.  However, this does not mean that you are not part of the society.  This is a misconception by many.  If you can't get back in the society after exiting the instance, pull up your society window from the EQII button.  You will find that you are still a member and that your status is still the same.  After talking to the NPC and entering the instance again, your status and your affiliation is still the same.  So, it's only a small bug and hopefully will be corrected soon.
Specialized Tradeskill Socieites

These societies are specialized for Outfitter, Craftsman, and Scholar.  They are located throughout the districts/villages but you must be at least 10th level in the class you are trying to join.  Failure to be 10th level and certified will cause you not to be able to join.  You are able to join one specialized tradeskill society at one time.  This is in addition to being able to join one wholesale society at one time.  You can be part of one wholesale and one specialized at one time.  Sorry, had to reiterate that point a few times as this question seems to be asked over and over.

How to get 10th level and become certified

So you have the necessary experience to reach level 10 but you don't know how to become certified?  For Qeynosians you need to visit ironforge in the corner of the wood building being worked at in qeynos harbor.  I do not know who you have to talk to in Freeport.  I'm sure someone may follow up with that information here.   Once you speak to the NPC and state your profession, you are now certified.

But wait.. I'm still level 9!!  How do I get level 10?

Go into the Wholesale Society and craft any item that gives you experience.  As soon as you gain experience, your levels for 10 and even 11 will come.  You can now join the specialized tradeskill society.

Tradeskill Societies offer you recipe creation quests.  These always involve a "finish process" recipe.  You usually have to make 10 of these.  Once made you get quite a bit of coin, status for yourself and the society, and the ability to access more items.  You can buy all the books you need from the merchant in the tradeskill society because wholesale societies only have books up to 9th level.


Currently there are bugs with the broker located inside.  Sometimes, items are there and other times they are not.  Sometimes after refreshing the screen, everything disappears.

When exiting the society, many times you have to talk to the NPC to get access to the society again.  However, this does not mean that you are not part of the society.  This is a misconception by many.  If you can't get back in the society after exiting the instance, pull up your society window from the EQII button.  You will find that you are still a member and that your status is still the same.  After talking to the NPC and entering the instance again, your status and your affiliation is still the same.  So, it's only a small bug and hopefully will be corrected soon.

Sometimes, joining the society causes your guild chat to become unavailable until you logout and log back on.  This is probably the most frustrating bug of all because I can't talk to my guild mates.  Luckily we created an alternate channel to talk on for the time being so this has helped me out a lot.  Hopefully this bug will be addressed as well.  The common misconception is that you lost your guild completely.  This is not the case.  You just lose the ability to see or talk in guild chat.  That's it.

Making a Profit

Yes, we all want to know how we can make a profit.  Well, let me give you a general outline for success.

Refine Recipes:  Never sell these to merchants.  Sell them to players or use them.  They do not give you great returns and are a waste of time.  It would be much better for you to use these in interim recipes and then see if you make a profit.

Interim Recipes:  You can make money on interim recipes at a merchant.  However, I would only sell to a merchant if you do not have a need for these any longer or just have extra and need to clear some room.  You also might sell interim recipe items to a merchant to help fund your expenses for finish recipe items.

Finish Recipes:  You can make money on these via the tradeskill society quests, from players, or from merchants.  You will make more money selling these to players.

How to Charge and Be Successful

First, don't undercut other buyers.  This is silly and foolish and makes you look very bad.  Be consistent in your pricing and you will never have a customer come back to you and say "Hey you sold such and such to me for 30 silver!! and now you are selling it for 20 silver!!  I want my 10 silver back!"  So, come up with a fair pricing plan.  Here is what I use and it works fine.

Price the finish item at a merchant.  If the merchant says I'll buy that from you for 3 silver then multiply the cost by anywhere from 6 (easy) to 10(hard) and 15(rare).  If you stick with that, you never will go wrong and your prices will be consistent.  For those that feel the need to undercut then you better be willing to accept the ramifications from players that buy your items too high and then one day see you selling them too low.  You also might become a bad apple in the crafting community and this will have a detrimental effect on you (unless you have 3 crafting professions - hard to do).
Things You Should Know

This section is also an important section.  Yes, we've all heard the screams of interdependency between professions, however, it really isn't all that bad if you follow some important notes here.  These are the things "all" artisans should do after attaining level 10+.

Find out what your other interdependent artisans need from you.

As a scholar, craftsman and outfitters need tempers and oils.  So, I always make sure that I make at least 2 or 3 extra batches of oils and tempers before I quit for the night.  I then go to the inn room and put them up for sale for those that need them.  This allows them to get their work done.  And, if they do the same, it allows me to get my work done.  You see, if I want to make spells then I need to have paper and quills.  Craftsman who sell paper and quills will make great friends with scholars.

Trade components for components you need.

Yes, you can also trade components with other interdependent archetypes to make sure that you get what you need.  Sometimes, this is more viable and helps you out. You can also gather all the components necessary, hand them to the person that needs to make them and pay them a "service fee".  This is, a fee for their services.  It helps them out greatly.

Links to good resources


Rare Books

Rare books can be found off mobs, usually group mobs.  These books give you access to rare recipes that include adept and equivalent items and spells/skills.  Books are very important and there are 12 of them in Tier 1, many in Tier 2, Tier 3, etc.  I will not list all of these books but EQ2-Artisan has the list there.  These book types cannot be bought but they can be traded and sold.

Because some of the books are not listed at EQ2-Artisans, I'm providing the list for tier 1 rare books here.  I have all of them, personally.

    * Artisan Advanced Alchemy Volume 7
    * Artisan Advanced Alchemy Volume 8
    * Artisan Advanced Alchemy Volume 9
    * Artisan Arcana Scrolls Volume 9
    * Artisan Cloth Armor Volume 8
    * Artisan Refining Volume 4 (for rare refining recipes)
    * Artisan Components volumes 5&6 (combined book - for rare components needed in finish recipes and requires refining volume 4)
    * Artisan Escucheon Volume 6
    * Artisan Leather Armor Volume 7
    * Artisan Machanist's Armor Volume 7
    * Artisan Stratagem Scrolls volume 9
    * Artisan Weapons Volume 8

These can be found in "all" newbie zones from group mobs and drop from chests.  However, it is much easier to obtain these from the Isle of Refuge and they drop in chests from Goblin Protectors.  Named mobs do not drop these books because they are not part of the loot order in their treasure cycles.  I hope this helps.
Final thoughts

I hope this helps you out and if you have any questions or want to say hello to me, I'm Padashar on Antonia Bayle.  Take care and happy tradeskilling!

Thanks to Padashar for an excellent guide
1500  Gaming / Multiplayer Madness (MMO or otherwise) / EQ2 hints and tips on: November 16, 2004, 05:35:26 PM

Here are some more excellent guides for those who don't have time to slog through the official forums and 20k posts:

Print this out put it in a book...great information!


All "/" commnads
All Spells/Abilities by Class

BTW to link "/" commands in a macro you need to seperate by a semi colon and spaces on each side....also the second and all consecutive commands will not need the "/". for instance:

/bow ; say goodbye %T nice to meet you ; wave

Will make your character bow, then say "goodbye then will wave.......

Anyway hope that helps some people!!!!!

/shout - zonewide shout chat
/ooc - zonewide out of character chat
/auction – zonewide way to announce items you want to sell
/g or /gsay– group chat
/r - raidchat
/em text – emotes text
/cheer – emote for cheer (and a ton other that can be found in the socials window - hover over the icon for the / command)
/brb – you tell everyone around you that you will brb
/t charname text - send text to charname
/telltarget or /tt will send a /tell to your target
/reply Reply to your last tell

Misc / Utility
/showhood - toggle your headgear's visibility on and off, while still wearing the headgear
/bubble_fontsize n - change text size in chat bubbles to size n
/kill – kill yourself, probably not terribly useful
/dis - disable experience (not sure why you would want to) -toggles
/motd - show game message of the day
/filter - toggles obscenity filter
/friend name -adds/removes name from your friend list
/ignore name - adds/removes name from your ignore list
/log – logs text to .txt file
/played – character played time information
/time – in game, real life time
/mood [mood] - where [mood] is afraid, happy, sad, tired, angry, none - moods persist until changed
/camp, /exit, /quit - to quit out of everquest 2
/yell – breaks encounter and yells for help
/con – considers target (same info as is portrayed by mouse cursor)
/pizza - now sends you to the preorder EQ2 Collectors Edition webpage
/random 1 100 - random number between 1 and 100

Group and Raid
/invite -- same as radial "invite to group"
/invite charname - will invite char name to group Ctrl + I
/makeleader name or target
/raidinvite -- same as radial "invite to raid"
/leavegroup, /leave -- same as radial "leave group"
/leaveraid -- same as radial "leave raid"
/kickfromgroup -- same as radial "kick from group"
/kickfromraid -- same as radial "kick from raid"
/disband will now disband the group member you have targeted. Ctrl + D
/follow – follows your target
/assist char name, partial or full name- you will target char name’s target
/assist – you will target your target’s target (NPC or PC ok)
/target name - targets name

Character Status Flags
/anon - anonymous, hide class/level/etc
/role - roleplaying flag
/afk [optional message to be returned to anyone who /tells you]
/lfg - add you to the lfg search results

Who & Example Uses
just /, or /who (will bring up a list of people currently in the same zone as you)
/who all (can be many things)
/who all, good, evil, roleplay, scout, bard, dirge, 30 40, 30, friends
/who all GM (will bring up a list of GM's) currently bugged and showing some non-gm players too
/who all shaman 10 12 (would bring up all shamans level 10 to 12)
/who all 8 (would bring up anyone level Cool
/Whotarget will run a /who on your target

/tellchannel -> send message to room specified. Alias: /csay
/# -> tell command for channel number assignment (better than /tellchannel #)
/joinchannel -> enter a room (or create if doesn't exist).
/leavechannel -> leave a room. game/world rooms.
/leaveall -> exit all channels you are currently in.
/channellist -> lists all channels currently in.
/whochannel # -> lists all users in specified channel.

/guild create Guild Name – temporary method of guild creation
/guild invite -target a player in the same zone and invite them to join your guild. You must be an officer to do this
/guild kick -used by officers to remove people from a guild - might work to target yourself and kick too..not sure
/guild promote -used to promote people to full member and officer
/who all guild - lists whoever is on in guild at the moment
/gu or /guildsay
/guild motd MESSAGE (adds a message that all guild members will see when they log on)

/pet attack: pet will attack your current target
/pet backoff: pet will cease attacking its target
/pet stayhere: pet will stop following you and remain where it is
/pet followme: pet will follow you
/pet report: pet will announce his health in a percentage
/pet guardme: pet will guard and follow you
/pet guardhere: pet will guard its current location
/pet who: pet will announce its master
/pet getlost: pet will disappear

/typo - allows you to submit cosmetic typo's
/bug - for real bugs
/feedback - for ideas, suggestions comments
/petition – report a player

% codes - Useful for hotkeyed macros (see socials window, macro tab)
When speaking, you can now use a series of “%-codes” that expand into various pieces of information. Same as EQ Live.
%M – Returns the character’s pet's name (when they have a pet)
%T - Returns the current target.
%S - Returns the subjective gender-specific pronoun for the target (He, She, It).
%O - Returns the objective gender-specific pronoun for the target (Him, Her, It).
%P - Returns the possessive gender-specific pronoun for the target (His, Her, Its).
%R - Returns the race of the target (only works on Player characters - Sorry.
%G - Returns the gender of the target


Thanks to Laby for this one.
1501  Gaming / Multiplayer Madness (MMO or otherwise) / EQ2 hints and tips on: November 16, 2004, 04:28:24 PM
I'm starting this just for the hints, tips and help to enjoy EQ2 more.  A lot of good info is being posted in the impressions thread but getting lost in all of the posts.  Please leave complaints and impressions out of this thread.

Tip - remove the call for help hotbar button or move it to another hotbar...I've blown a quest (killing a monster) because I hit it by accident while going for a spell.  You can also remove the sit/stand button since the key stroke is s and x.  Gets more important after lvl 8+ when you have more skills and spells than space on the initial hotbar.

Tip - create a macro and set it to "/show all friends" while removing combat and ooc messages.  This will let you have a seperate text window that shows when your friends come online.
1502  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Everquest 2 - first impressions on: November 16, 2004, 12:57:31 PM
Couple comments:

The Broker - the broker sells items from other players.  And since they have to be online to sell then it's entirely dependent on someone with that item selling at that time.  I don't know if it works for normal shop items but I have had limited success finding certain items like roots.  It will get better as more people advance and start selling full time.

The Pelts - hit the outside areas and try for a new instance of the zone.  I have no problems getting 2-3 pelts, 2-3 roots and 2-3 groups of tin in 10 minutes or so of walking through oakmyst.  A lot is timing again...if you're in there and there are 50 people harvesting then come back later or try another instance (much more common on the full servers).

The hotbar and crafting - excellent idea.  Most people will specialize and only use a limited number of knowledge buttons and it's much easier than flipping pages in the book.  Personally I'm going as a scribe so I can make most of my spells instead of buying them (made my first 3 last night and it cost about 1/3 of buying them).  I could also make a tidy profit early on at 5s a spell if people are actually buying them (I've seen only a few selling).  Crafting is time consuming though...I spent about 3 hours getting my levels up, making the subcomponents and then the final product.  

Other ideas - check the forums for ideas such as creating a new macro text window just for alerts when your friends sign on.  Also creating new macros to filter out a chat window that doesn't include combat text (which can overwhelm tells and conversations).  Appartently most of the EQ1 slash commands work as well but aren't documented officially (like  /show all friends).

As for the game in general...I'm loving it.  I have a primary character now, in a guild and I'm actually having fun when I play.  I don't die as much, pick my groups more carefully and haven't run into many rude people (I have run into some though).  I'm close to level 11 and leveling does slow down after 10 and apparently slows down a lot after 20.  No problems at all with the game either except the memory leak...just have to reboot each day and I'm fine.  No graphical problems or crashes.
1503  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Half Life 2 - the reviews are in on: November 15, 2004, 08:19:04 PM
I'm surprised...I expected slightly higher especially compared to some of the recent console titles that have come out and their scores.
1504  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Everquest 2 - first impressions on: November 15, 2004, 06:48:14 PM
Well, my character impressions after a long 4 day playing period:

Mage - my favorite by far.  I love the various spells and the robes stand out in the multitude of beginning armors.  The hallmark quest was very easy and I finished it in around an hour to become a sorcerer.  No groups required except for the optional orc chief quest in the beginning island.  Judging from the damage listing on eq2players there are some powerful spells (400+ damage in one hit).    

Priest - my primary backup and second favorite class.  I found it easy to solo except for 1 place...the hallmark quest.  The fairy part of the hallmark quest requires a group unless you want your ass handed to you.  I got through it grouped with another priest and a fighter with no problems.  Much in demand because of the healing and res. features.  Currently a shaman and getting some decent powers.

Fighter - getting ready to delete's boring to me and just not as much fun.  He's a real tank and does a lot of damage but it's just not for me.

Scout - also fun.  I like playing the scout (and hope to get to ranger) but I'm worried about the time investment.  I'm concentrating on the priest and mage for now.  There are rumors that the hallmark quest is bugged or much harder post patch.  Even at level 6 he can do some nice damage (sneak attach and then quick strike equals +10, +4, +7, +4 damage best so far for a total of 25 damage in two hits and much better than my fighter at the same level).  All at app 1 levels.

Other things:

Money is scarce and space to store items is very scarce.  These seem to be major complaints on the main forums and come up very often.  I like the money system since everything is actually valuable and you don't just carry bags of gold and ruin the economy.  Also money has weight...make sure to convert your copper to silver at the bank or face getting overloaded.

Learn the key commands and shortcuts...they save time and effort and make your life much easier.

I haven't had much lag even on full servers (Crushbone, Lucan, etc) but some people are really bad off.  One member of my group drowned because he was in water and lagged for a full minute before getting control back.  He also took 15 minutes to cross the harbor while I took 5.
1505  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Is there any way to run EQ II in 16bit color? on: November 15, 2004, 04:05:44 PM
No, one of the devs in the forum (and in the FAQ) stated that 32bit and Directx 9c are required to play.  In addition the desktop should also be set to 32bit before starting EQ2.  

For anyone else wondering (all two of you) Geforce MX cards are not supported in any way.  Also Geforce 6xxx series cards require the latest drivers to prevent tearing and graphic problems.
1506  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Does anybody else need to lose some weight? on: November 15, 2004, 01:43:15 AM
I'm also close to 6'2 and around 210 right now...was down to 200 before I went on vacation a couple weeks ago.  Right now I'm trying to maintain through the's just too hard to really cut back until New Years.
1507  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Zoo Tycoon 2 is out on: November 12, 2004, 09:43:12 PM
It was $34.99 and includes the National Geographic DVD and "limited" pen with it as well.  I just happened to buy both since EQ2 was also on sale.
1508  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Everquest 2 - first impressions on: November 12, 2004, 09:41:41 PM
I've been solo the past few days (except for one quest that was optional) and have had no problems.  I did have to group to kill the orc chief but everything else has been solo as a mage.  I haven't even had to wait for respawns to complete the beginning quests which is something I can not say for WoW.  It may be that I'm on a light server and not a medium or heavy load but it is possible at least early on.

I'd like to add that I'm loving it so far.  I appeciate the art and direction WoW took but really love the EQ world.  Given the choice between the two I picked EQ2 and I'm glad I did (hopefully I'll say the same thing 3 months from now).
1509  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Best Game of All Time Round 4 on: November 12, 2004, 04:22:34 PM

Ultima VII
The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind
Planescape: Torment


Baldur's Gate 2
Diablo 2
Knights of the Old Republic
Deus Ex

I haven't voted in the previous 3 so I hope it's ok for this one.
1510  Gaming / Multiplayer Madness (MMO or otherwise) / EQ2 Servers and Characters on: November 12, 2004, 03:22:36 PM
I'd love to meet up and group with some reliable people from here...especially on the beginning island.  I'll look up my name when I get home and edit my post above.  Hopefully I'll be playing some this afternoon and some more tonight.
1511  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Zoo Tycoon 2 is out on: November 12, 2004, 01:35:42 PM
I got this on sale at Target along with Everquest II yesterday and my wife played it for a few hours.  Basic impressions: It's not bad.  She didn't have any crashes or apparent memory drains and it appears to be true 3D.  Graphically it looks much better than the previous but it's going to take a much better computer and video card to run at the same level.
1512  Gaming / Multiplayer Madness (MMO or otherwise) / EQ2 Servers and Characters on: November 12, 2004, 12:57:25 PM
Allyssa - Highkeep Lvl 11

Brenia - Highkeep Lvl 9 high elf sorcerer (good) Highkeep Circle Guild
Retalis - Crushbone Lvl 10 Shaman (good)
1513  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Everquest 2 - first impressions on: November 12, 2004, 12:28:55 PM
I'm in Highkeep right was one of the new servers they opened when the others went to medium and high status.  No lag at all...and not a lot of people on my server which is still nice.  I'm starting as a mage now and it seems like everybody I've seen is playing everything but a mage...something I don't know?  I played for hours and I was the only character casting spells (that I saw).
1514  Non-Gaming / Steals and Deals / EQ2 DVD Version for... on: November 12, 2004, 02:25:11 AM
It's also $39 at Best Buy and Target this week.
1515  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Hotmail finally upgraded on: November 11, 2004, 08:15:01 PM
Damn, now my account (which I've had for years) is wiped like a brand new one and I'm still at 2MB.  Thankfully I'm using gmail now so no big deal but it's still irritating.
1516  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Everquest 2 - first impressions on: November 11, 2004, 08:10:29 PM
Damn forum...I had no plans to get this.  Now it's installed and I'm getting ready to play for the first time.  Any CG guilds or preferred servers yet?
1517  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Everquest 2 - first impressions on: November 11, 2004, 11:47:28 AM
Olaf...the problem may be your ATI card.  Most new games seem to always have trouble with ATI cards when they come out especially if you're using the newest drivers.  I know some other people in the main forum have also complained (that have ATI) and it seems most people on here that have NVidia cards are loving it even with lower CPU/memory hardware.  Maybe some conflict or a ATI fix coming soon?
1518  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / [p] Ashcroft Resigns on: November 10, 2004, 09:07:57 PM
It would have to be Gonzales wouldn't it.  Could Bush make one important choice without fucking it up?  There has to be some other Texas friends he can pay off better suited than Gonzales.  Well I enjoyed my civil liberties while I had them...but I'm not counting on keeping them over the next 4 years.
1519  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Everquest 2 - first impressions on: November 10, 2004, 09:04:45 PM
Thanks for the posts Abaddon.  I've read through them so far but please use a few more paragraphs in there...those are some long paragraphs.  And keep away damn forum effect.  I feel my resolve weakening.
1520  Non-Gaming / Steals and Deals / Last day for Blockbuster (gamerush) trade-in special on: November 10, 2004, 06:18:27 PM
This may be a YMMV unless it just started today.  I know certain parts of the country had a promotion to get $20 off if you traded 2 games in but it only applied to a list of "newer" games.  I was in mine in Charlotte yesterday when I bought the LE Halo 2 and they did not have this promotion running (I really wish they did).
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