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9281  Gaming / Analog Gaming / Anyone want to participate in an online pen and paper RPG? on: March 18, 2005, 10:30:35 AM
Looks like Tuesday evening would be the best bet for now.  It's still somewhat iffy for me as I have an evening class split between Monday and Wednesday, usually it has an assignment to do for Wed.  Tuesday nights and Wednesday mornings are the only times I can work on these.

Thursday evenings around 7pm would be best for me, that or Friday or Saturday.  However, many people like to go out on these days.  I can still do Tuesdays, but I may have to cancel some session on short notice.

Also, I've had a good look through of the Deadlands rules again after retrieving my player and GM guide.  I've realized that Deadlands Classic simply isn't a good game to play online.  It's complex enough that everyone will need a rulebook (more costs) to play, although once you learn the rules it's easy enough.  But it does need several mechanics that are difficult to replicate online, things such as poker cards and chips, along with an dice rolling mechanic that uses multiple dice of many kinds which are then read in a special way.

I guess it's those rose colored glasses.  Everything would be easy enough if we were at a normal table, but online is a problem.  I will still run it though, I'll just handle all those bits on my end and just let you know when your status changes.

There is good news, however.  Deadlands is being rewritten and rereleased for the Savage Worlds system this summer.  The SW system has basic rules available online for free here.   It's simple enough that I can fill you in on any missing bits, and several other downloads have all the other info you need.  It's a lot easier and can be run online simply.

My idea is that in the meantime we can play one of the other four settings, Necessary Evil, Tour of Darkness, 50 Fathoms, or Evernight.  Or I can just wing the Deadlands to SW conversion and then move to the official rules once they're released.  It'd be a lot easier on you guys to make characters and start playing with the rules so easily accessable.
9282  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / KoTOR II Darkside ending wtf(spoiler) on: March 18, 2005, 08:39:26 AM
Particularly interesting was that originally, it was planned that you could redeem Kreia, and have Atris as the main villian at the end.  It also seemed like Atris could be a party member at one point.

I also like the conversation between Mandalore/Canderous on the Ravager.  That small dialogue, barely a few paragraphs, would have gone a long way towards establishing Mandalore's character and the events that made Canderous into the broken but still defiant man he is now.
9283  Gaming / Multiplayer Madness (MMO or otherwise) / So The Matrix Online is out next week... anyone? on: March 18, 2005, 08:35:01 AM
Must be a glitch in the matrix.

My Beta experience was longer, but not that much better.  No crashes or lag outs.  By the time I joined it wasn't a problem, so you don't have to worry about that too much.  They still needed lot of optimizing, but it was beta.  Everything was just so funky, as like above, I couldn't get the tutorial to work again.

I have no idea what mongoose was thinking when making this game, they simply aren't an MMO studio.

Luckily, they'll have FEAR to redeem themselves with.
9284  Non-Gaming / Trading Forum / Brothers in Arms (XB) and Board Games for trade/sale on: March 18, 2005, 08:30:31 AM
Finished BoA here and not interested in playing it again, no Live for me either.  So, I'm trading/selling it.

I've also got two boardgames for sale/trade, both in good condition.  All pieces accounted for, the boxes might be a little scratched, but the pieces inside are all fine.

Runebound $30 + shipping

Doom: The Boardgame $30 + shipping

I'm looking for:
Art books, you know those books that usually begin with "The Art of" or "The Making of" for movies, games, animation, or anything in general.

Cash - $35 for BiA and that includes shipping

Board/card games - specifically strategy games, but I'll consider any.

Comic Books/Graphic novels - I'm looking for anything of this type.  I'm an artist, yet my collection is woefully small and I need an education in comic book artists.  I barely know any famous artists' names.
9285  Gaming / Analog Gaming / Who here plays non D&D pen and paper RPGs? on: March 18, 2005, 07:44:54 AM
Actually, I know quite a few people who don't play, but buy sourcebooks because they're interesting reads.  It's like those who buy Tolkien's Silmarion for all that backstory goodness.
9286  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / KoTOR II Darkside ending wtf(spoiler) on: March 17, 2005, 08:26:50 AM
There are several big posts about all the cut content online, however, someone has taken the time to piece together much of this info and host some of the reconstructed dialog in the form of text or sound files.

You can find a lot of it here:

There's always more, but by reading that you can get a good idea of the true ending to KotOR2.  Hopefully that'll provide a bit more resolution.
9287  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Battlefield 2 - What do we know? on: March 16, 2005, 07:04:29 PM
After watching the 650mb video, it was interesting, but not really worth the huge download.

Turns out you can't revive everyone, if they've taken too much damage you just can't save them.  If they were just put out by an arm shot, you can zap them to bring them back.  Respawns are no longer in waves with everyone spawning at the same time.  Since there's the new squad spawn system waves really won't work as well anyway.  Instead your respawn time is based off variables like how much damage you took before dying or something like that.  But having a medic to revive you right there is useful.

The new squad system is pretty cool.  Your squad leader acts as a mobile spawn point for members of his squad, assuming he is alive and in a vehicle that isn't full.  You can also give orders as a squad leader in a similar way to Brothers in Arms or Full Spectrum Warrior.  Difference colored smoke cannisters appear where the orders are (visible only by squadmates), where each color is a different order.

Various effects like healing and repairing now happen automatically in a radius around the appropriate class, so long as he has the tool out.  THis also works when in vehicles at a much larger range.  So instead of risking your neck in a giant tank fight getting out to repair, you repair just by being there, although you aren't doing much else and it's probably a slower deal than if you were doing it manually.

There's no ammo boxes and few if no health boxes in maps.  So the new features of the medic and support class to drop health and ammo are needed.  The commander can also drop supply crates from the air, these crate will parachute down and can actually crush people that they fall on.  The announcer for the video had an enemy commander drop a supply crate on him while he was sniping once.

The commander can also use satellite scans to see enemies on the map, he can call in a UAV to recon the area, and this puts all spotted enemies on player maps too.  Finally there's the arty strikes.  Squad leaders can communicate directly with the commander to ask for various support.

Oh, one small but big change is that now all enemies appear with red icons/tags all friendlies are blue, and all squadmates are green.  This helps reduce confusion and any embarrassing FF moments when you've switched teams suddenly.

There's now a stamina meter, different classes different stamina and regen.  It handles bunny hopping and quick movement.

There's a lot more lock on weapons for use against vehicles, likewise there's more options for vehicles to evade, chaff, flares, etc...  Even the tank can pop smoke cannisters and retreat into a smoke cloud for a few seconds.

Maps are very interesting in that they conform to the player count.  Sections of the map will open or close depending on player count, so it funnels the players together.  No more jumping on a low count server and having to wait for it to fill up before having real fun.
9288  Gaming / Analog Gaming / WoW: The Boardgame! on: March 16, 2005, 03:51:25 PM
Hey cool, more board gamers!  I really like FF, they put out a lot of good games.  Their line up for the next year looks great.  I suspect the WoW game will be similar to the Hero type of games like Runebound, where you play a character and go through quests and fight monsters.  A bit like RPG lite.

Of course, this is all just speculation, but how else could they do a game like WoW?
9289  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Battlefield 2 - What do we know? on: March 16, 2005, 03:46:32 PM
I'll be playing nothing but Commander mode or support roles.

There are incentives to listening to the commander, namely the kind of support a commander can bring to your squad.  For example, if you get pinned down, a commander is more likely to help you with artillery and his other support measures to clear your path.  I think you also get some kind of points for following orders, mainly used so that the commander can keep track of which squads he should keep an eye on.

Of course, they know their audience, so there's little or no penalty for not listening to the commander.  But in any game, a team that works together is more likely to win than a team that does not.  Squads that just wander off my find themselves hit with arty then a swarm of enemy.

Of course, I'm a bit turned off that it's EA, but I'll buy the game anyway.  I don't like the deal EA offered to its employees, but it's a start at least the employees are now sticking up for themselves.

By the way, for those that want to see the big 650mb video has it.  They're also in a stress testing phase for their new servers so until march 31st, practically everyone gets a free premium membership.
9290  Gaming / Analog Gaming / Anyone want to participate in an online pen and paper RPG? on: March 16, 2005, 02:26:07 AM
Was there a particular time that you guys could play?

My main time hog is actually homework, Mon-Thurs afternoons are all taken with classes, Monday evenings too.  All other evenings and weekends are good for me.

Just taking time to post a schedule here.  My two big projects are due tomorrow and Thursday, so come this weekend or next week I can start organizing this whole deal and start playing.
9291  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Splinter cell:CT on: March 16, 2005, 01:04:38 AM
I actually found the demo a little too easy, and some of my friends think so too (they played both the original and PT).

Although things were probably made a little easier in the demo, it's a little too easy to take out people if they spot you now.  A quick run up and stab or knock out hit will do the trick, and the shotgun attachment should tear people up.  Sneaking is harder since enemies now pay attention to more things, but killing is easier.  Although, it will be interesting to see if this is balanced out by the their "patrol" AI that sends people from other areas of the map to investigate strange happenings.
9292  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Silent Hunter 3 uses Starforce protection on: March 16, 2005, 12:59:02 AM
Sstarforce is it has been shown to cause some hard to PCs, but only in a few AFAIK.  The key thing here is that it installs as a hardware driver, a big nono for software since it's more like a trojan when it does that, and it also installs secretly.

There's no warning on the box or during install, and when you uninstall the game, the starforce protection doesn't go with it.  To remove it, you need to download some exe off the starforce site.
9293  Gaming / Analog Gaming / Anyone want to participate in an online pen and paper RPG? on: March 12, 2005, 10:54:12 PM
The demo version isn't much of a demo, severly limited, and I can't make new content for it.  Since Deadlands is a complex rules system, I'd have to script up new character sheets and various backends for it.  I'm willing to do that, but not willing make players buy it.
9294  Gaming / Analog Gaming / Anyone want to participate in an online pen and paper RPG? on: March 12, 2005, 09:10:33 PM
The book went out of print near the end of 2004.  Most stores wouldn't have the players guides.

There is a new version coming out in the summer using the Savage Worlds rules.  It'll be a complete refresh of the setting, no plot changes, it's just updating the game to the times and compiling everything into three books, as opposed to the 20+ books there are now.  Not to mention switching rules.  I'd prefer to use the new rules when they come out since they're much easier to handle, but it'll be a while.

One major bit of world backstory is that the Civil War is still going on through 1876, when the game starts.  This is over 100 years since the war started.  Although, it's mostly stalled, each side usually has an offensive each year around election time.
9295  Gaming / Analog Gaming / Anyone want to participate in an online pen and paper RPG? on: March 12, 2005, 10:05:00 AM
That Fantasy Grounds software is a bit expensive.  $35 for the GM, and $20 for each player.  So, it'll have to be through IRC, or a Play by Post game.  I think right now, it'd be best if we did it as a play by post here on CG, just to get things started later we'll switch to something more personal.  If the game becomes more established, we may switch to some special software, but I'm not one to make players buy into new software just for this.

The setting will be Deadlands: The Weird West, a western combined with horror and some steampunk.

Here's a blurb from the site:
This epic, story-based roleplaying game details the "Weird West," a history similar to our own up until 1863. That's when the Reckoning occurs--a bizarre event that allows monsters, spirits, and more to once again inhabit the world of mortals.

Players take on the role of gunfighters, hexslingers, shamans, or pious blessed in an attempt to learn about the Reckoning and the mysterious beings behind it!

In addition, they have discovered a new superfuel called Ghost Rock, often found near deposits of other useful materials, it burns twice as hot and twice as long as coal.  It has many other strange peculiarities that people are exploiting to make leaps and bounds in technological development.  Although it all is somewhat unstable...

Here's a link to a pdf version of the Player's Guide.  It has a lot more information:

It's not needed, but useful, the download is only $12 and that site is legit.  If anything it's a good read.

Right now, people should think of some generic character concepts.  Characters are mostly made of skill and attributes, so if you can think of any western character from any movie, you can make characters for this game.

There are also some magical elements you can make your character with.  They are exclusive though, and always almost always involve some sort of trade off when performing it.  I'll be introducing these after the game starts, and I'm limiting it to one player for magic type only.

The first type are Hucksters, they play deadly mind games with evil spirits in order to trick them into doing their bidding.

The second are Shamans, being somewhat true to native beliefs, Shamans may perform certain acts to gain favor with various spirits.  You must be native american character to be a shaman, of course.

Priests in Deadlands got a bit of power of their own since The Reckoning, and thus can call down on some divine power.  But, this does have a cost of its own.

Finally, we have Mad Scientists.  These mad doctors tinker with ghost rock and other phenominon to create devices that seem to defy the laws of nature.

Now, these magics are powerful, but come with costs.  And to quote another scoundrel, it's often no replacement for a good 6-shooter by your side.

Three players is enough for me to start, so if you could e-mail me (in my profile) with character ideas we can discuss your characters.  I will also be role playing a kind of character establishing session with everyone on an individual basis, this will also let me lead everyone together into the posse in a more natural way instead of saying you all meet at the saloon and just happen to travel in the same direction from there on.  slywink
9296  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Holy Crap Holy Crap Holy Crap Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars on: March 12, 2005, 07:45:32 AM
By the way, for those who played KotOR1, didn't that blue skinned alien girl (I forget what they're called) look a lot like Mission?  It'll be interesting to see what role she has in the film.
9297  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / FFVII: Advent Children (what platform?) on: March 11, 2005, 08:10:39 PM
Yeah, a lot of FF7 stuff going on, they must realize it's one of their most popular, or at least, most well recognized games.

I distinctly read that in one of the interviews done with either the FF9 or FF12 director that he was pursuing a true FF7 sequel, not just spin offs for mobile platforms.
9298  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Holy Crap Holy Crap Holy Crap Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars on: March 11, 2005, 08:42:39 AM
They aired it on TV and it's a commercial. I think they were planning for people to distribute it online.  slywink  So, this torrent link should be ok.

Anyway, yes, I agree.  It's a very good trailer, and I usually take trailers with a grain of salt since they're all filmed in the propoganda method.  However, it does show much darker the overall story is for the movie and the visuals have only gotten better since episodes 1 and 2.

So, unlike Ep2, I'll actually be watching this one in the theaters.
9299  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / FINALLY! Brothers in Arms Reviewed! on: March 11, 2005, 08:39:23 AM
Sorry guys, no coop mode.  I'm not sure why it wasn't in there, the game is begging for a coop mode.
9300  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / FFVII: Advent Children (what platform?) on: March 11, 2005, 08:11:05 AM
Sorry to tell you this, but it's not a new FF7 game.

The good news is, it's an FF7 CGI movie.  There's a trailer floating around on the net that you should be able to find with some searching.

It takes place 2 years after the end of FF7.  Sephiroth is back in someway, perhaps by influencing some children and infusing them with his power or something.  The trailer shows cloud fighting some sepheroth look alike kids that are giving him a run for his money.

Cloud and the gang is back, the CG is great as always.  Tifa kicks butt in this one scene in the trailer.  I'm not sure how it will be released, probably a DVD here in the US (hence the march 14th release?)

Here's the japanese website.

ANd what looks like a knowledgeable fansite:

Another bit of good news is that Square, or at least some ranking staff, is really planning an FF7 sequel game.  Something about it being set several years after the movie, but you know how secretive Square is.

By the way, where did you see the 3/14 release date?  I've been looking forward to this, and if there's going to be a release, I want to get it day one.
9301  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Ghostly footage on: March 10, 2005, 04:05:19 AM
I'm very open minded to the point that people would call me indecisive.  There's some good evidence that points to there being things out there that go beyond normal reality.

In fact, science constantly acknowledges there being things that exist that we can't see or detect currently.

However, I don't think all of it is real, and all these haunted houses might just be tourists traps set up by the owners for fame and whatnot.

Still, stuff like this does give me the creeps, because while I'm reasonable enough to think it could be just static or fraud, it could just as well be the real thing.
9302  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / FINALLY! Brothers in Arms Reviewed! on: March 10, 2005, 03:42:48 AM
Oh god, I'm on Purple Heart lane (or road?) and that mission is just a damn nightmare.  It's fun, but it's a damn nightmare for my men.
9303  Gaming / Analog Gaming / Anyone want to participate in an online pen and paper RPG? on: March 09, 2005, 06:33:50 PM
Actually, the less you know about a setting the better, gives you fresh insight into the world when you first experience the nuances of it.

Also the systems can be taught, it just takes time.

I'm leaning towards Deadlands.  It's a western setting, should be familiar enough to you both and the rulebook is available online in pdf form for cheap in case you guys want to go into detail on it.

Thanks for the link Ascendent, I've been looking for software like this, but most of the programs out there for this were pretty bad or were only for d20.
9304  Gaming / Analog Gaming / Anyone want to participate in an online pen and paper RPG? on: March 09, 2005, 06:54:34 AM
It's hasn't been that long since I ran a game, but my last few games petered out as life became hectic for me and my players.

So I was thinking of running something for players online, either through chat, or just posting messages on a board, like this one.  Take a look at my other thread on non D&D rpgs to see a list of games that I can run.  If anyone's interested, I could start something here on CG.
9305  Gaming / Analog Gaming / Who here plays non D&D pen and paper RPGs? on: March 09, 2005, 06:50:56 AM
*raises his hand*

I don't have anything against D&D, in fact I've had fun playing it for a while.  But I've gotten a little tired of traditional fantasy so I moved on to some other games.

First and foremost there's the Deadlands trilogy, a kind of western meets steampunk, mixed in with cthulu-like horror elements.  It's a very nice series.

Also by the same company is a rules system and a nice line of settings going by Savage Worlds.  The settings are the really nice thing about this game, I'll list a few that I run below:

There's 50 Fathoms, a world where sailors have been lured to sail through a portal into an alternate fantasy world that is slowly being drowned.

Necessary Evil is a favorite, where you have a typical high powered super  heroes setting, except that aliens have invaded and in a stunning move, wiped out 99% of the heroes.  Now, the only ones left to fight these alien invaders are the Villians, which you play.  There was a rather awkward moment when my players came into a rebel base and were cheered by people as they passed, instead of the cowering and running in fear that they're used to.

Tour of Darkness, part of their Weird Wars series is set in Vietnam.  The premise is that where there is strife and chaos, it twists the fabric of reality and dark things come into existance.  Since there are few greater places where strife and chaos exist than war, warzones are where these things are encountered the most.  Then it supposes that there are government organizations created to stop these things.

Besides stuff from that company, I do a bit of Traveller, for anyone who remembers it.  Think "Firefly" to get an idea of what traveller is.  I've modified my version of the Traveller universe to be a bit friendlier.

That's my list... that gets me wanting to run a game online somehow.  I'll post another topic on that.
9306  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / FINALLY! Brothers in Arms Reviewed! on: March 09, 2005, 06:39:24 AM
It gets a lot more open as you go on, about half way through the game things really open up and you face a lot more difficult enemies.

But yes, it's probably better to wait for the PC version as the game was initially developed on the PC, it'll probably look a lot better with high res textures and interface.
9307  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly on: March 06, 2005, 08:58:18 PM
Nope, the two games are seperate story-wise.  The only mention of the first game is through some newsclipping.

In fact, the second game is probably better in that they fixed a lot of complaints players had from the first one.
9308  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / No Devil May Cry 3 Thread? on: March 06, 2005, 08:57:09 PM
Bloody difficult.  Now, I finished DMC1 with little fuss, some segments took some time, but all in all it was smooth going.

Now in DMC3 it's just tough.  I think it has to do with how the enemies just aren't as forgiving.  The upgraded basic mook has this long range run forward and slash attack that has little or no warning ahead of time, whereas in DMC1 they had his loud spinning sound they made with their weapons before they did any sort of special attack.  Not to mention that this slash attack can come from off screen.

The bosses still have patterns, but you have to be a lot more precise with your moves to avoid getting hit, although they do give decent warnings.

Even on easy mode I've replayed the second boss about 10 times now before I beat him.
9309  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly on: March 06, 2005, 07:47:11 AM
I seriously could not play this game for long stretches, way too intense.

Although it's a great spectator game, as my sister enjoyed watching the whole creepy setting.

They need to make a movie from the series.
9310  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / *Sigh* My first gripe with Steam on: March 05, 2005, 08:42:48 AM
Email the Valve/Steam people.

The license transfer should only apply to transfering the license to another person, if they don't buy it, raise hell and try to get higher up in the chain.
9311  Gaming / Analog Gaming / Question for someone who follows A Game of Thrones CCG... on: March 04, 2005, 09:03:44 AM
My tip is to not get started at all on CCGs.  You'll almost always need to buy into more and more cards to stay competative.

Instead, ask your friend if you can use any of his other decks that he's constructed.  If he's a player, you know he has several decks.

There's also the A Game of Thrones board game that you can try.
9312  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / The Red Star on: March 04, 2005, 08:59:42 AM
While I'm sad that the comic series isn't getting a game to go with it, I'm not surprised that no one picked up the game itself.  The setting had a great deal of potential as a game, but the demo I played wasn't all that good.
9313  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / GT4 photo mode (56kers beware) on: March 04, 2005, 08:57:04 AM
Wow, they really learned how to use the PS2.
9314  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / F.E.A.R. Beta on: March 03, 2005, 07:43:33 AM
Yep, considering Monolith is the developer, I'm not surprised that the netcode is bad.  They were never very good at netcode.

However, to make up for that, their single player games are usually top notch.
9315  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / FINALLY! Brothers in Arms Reviewed! on: March 02, 2005, 07:58:53 AM
I'm renting the Xbox version for some weekend split screen coop, then I'm buying the PC version to play through.
9316  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / I'd hold off on buying any new portable machine anytime soon on: March 01, 2005, 06:53:08 AM
Frankly, even if Nintendo makes another portable system, there's more games for the PSP that I'm interested at launch than Nintendo's whole GBA and DS library.
9317  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Got a PSP... on: February 27, 2005, 08:34:09 PM
Ah good, now that the button issue is fixed, I'll be buying the system.
9318  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / What if Goliath had a different name? on: February 26, 2005, 10:49:23 AM
Actually, it may just be that our wester society would simply not thing of the name Herman as a name, but turn it into an adjective that everyone understands as huge.

edit:  Wow, that butchered sentence is what I get for posting at 3am.
9319  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Troika is no more. :( on: February 26, 2005, 10:44:02 AM
Actually, I thought the combat gameplay for Arcanum to be abysmal.  I ended up cheating through any combat because it was really poor.

That said, the character interaction, gadget, magic, setting, etc... was all quite nice.

That was pretty much Troika's signature, truly inspired games that are fatally flawed.
9320  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Got a PSP... on: February 26, 2005, 10:41:38 AM
How is the square button issue?
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