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9281  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly on: March 06, 2005, 07:47:11 AM
I seriously could not play this game for long stretches, way too intense.

Although it's a great spectator game, as my sister enjoyed watching the whole creepy setting.

They need to make a movie from the series.
9282  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / *Sigh* My first gripe with Steam on: March 05, 2005, 08:42:48 AM
Email the Valve/Steam people.

The license transfer should only apply to transfering the license to another person, if they don't buy it, raise hell and try to get higher up in the chain.
9283  Gaming / Analog Gaming / Question for someone who follows A Game of Thrones CCG... on: March 04, 2005, 09:03:44 AM
My tip is to not get started at all on CCGs.  You'll almost always need to buy into more and more cards to stay competative.

Instead, ask your friend if you can use any of his other decks that he's constructed.  If he's a player, you know he has several decks.

There's also the A Game of Thrones board game that you can try.
9284  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / The Red Star on: March 04, 2005, 08:59:42 AM
While I'm sad that the comic series isn't getting a game to go with it, I'm not surprised that no one picked up the game itself.  The setting had a great deal of potential as a game, but the demo I played wasn't all that good.
9285  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / GT4 photo mode (56kers beware) on: March 04, 2005, 08:57:04 AM
Wow, they really learned how to use the PS2.
9286  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / F.E.A.R. Beta on: March 03, 2005, 07:43:33 AM
Yep, considering Monolith is the developer, I'm not surprised that the netcode is bad.  They were never very good at netcode.

However, to make up for that, their single player games are usually top notch.
9287  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / FINALLY! Brothers in Arms Reviewed! on: March 02, 2005, 07:58:53 AM
I'm renting the Xbox version for some weekend split screen coop, then I'm buying the PC version to play through.
9288  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / I'd hold off on buying any new portable machine anytime soon on: March 01, 2005, 06:53:08 AM
Frankly, even if Nintendo makes another portable system, there's more games for the PSP that I'm interested at launch than Nintendo's whole GBA and DS library.
9289  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Got a PSP... on: February 27, 2005, 08:34:09 PM
Ah good, now that the button issue is fixed, I'll be buying the system.
9290  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / What if Goliath had a different name? on: February 26, 2005, 10:49:23 AM
Actually, it may just be that our wester society would simply not thing of the name Herman as a name, but turn it into an adjective that everyone understands as huge.

edit:  Wow, that butchered sentence is what I get for posting at 3am.
9291  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Troika is no more. :( on: February 26, 2005, 10:44:02 AM
Actually, I thought the combat gameplay for Arcanum to be abysmal.  I ended up cheating through any combat because it was really poor.

That said, the character interaction, gadget, magic, setting, etc... was all quite nice.

That was pretty much Troika's signature, truly inspired games that are fatally flawed.
9292  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Got a PSP... on: February 26, 2005, 10:41:38 AM
How is the square button issue?
9293  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Xbox RPG's - the future just got **much** brighter.... on: February 25, 2005, 09:43:37 PM
Actually, the main problem with the movie was that for the cost at which they produced the film, they could have just hired good live actors and made the movie that way.  It bankrupted Square to make that movie, so they had to merge with Enix, which was having troubles of its own.
9294  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Girlfriend wants me to move to Italy with her.... on: February 25, 2005, 10:08:26 AM
While I wouldn't do it suddenly, after I graduate I'm planning to live overseas for a few years.  About a year in each country.

First Japan, then probably the UK.
9295  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Brothers in Arms - Gone Gold on: February 25, 2005, 09:44:27 AM
Anyone know if this will have split screen coop/MP on the Xbox, or just Live?
9296  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Bad news: Jessica Alba done sleeping around on: February 24, 2005, 09:46:29 AM
Interestingly enough, she's got a role in the Sin City movie.

Coincidence?  I think not.
9297  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Star Wars Ep 3 Spoilers on: February 23, 2005, 11:40:04 PM
Or Obsidian.

I think the next SW thing they do should involve the whole war of the ideologies thing Obsidian set up in KotOR2.
9298  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / BSG...for those who like the mechanic girl on: February 22, 2005, 11:37:15 AM
I'm pretty sure they made her look deliberately boyish to fit in with the whole mechanic thing.
9299  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / BSG Boomer pics on: February 22, 2005, 11:23:16 AM
Being Vietnamese myself, and somewhat good at telling some the general (is very slight) differences between Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, etc...  I can say she doesn't have many of the normal Vietnamese features, but then again neither do I.  Probably some French blood in the mix.

My friend and I refer to myself as a mutie freak, but maybe I'm a cylon in disguise.

Oh dear, I let that out now didn't I, now I must kill you all.
9300  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Sanitizing Food by Blowing on it on: February 21, 2005, 08:24:02 AM
Actually, there's a good reason why you, as an adult, can eat some things dropped, yet your child should not.

Adults have a better developed immune and digestive system.  Out stomachs can kill off germs and our immune system handles any that escape.

In the worst case scenario of food poisoning, an adult can recognize that there is a problem and seek help.

A child is just developing his immune system and all those chemical reactions that allow him to deal with solid food, let alone contaminated food.
9301  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Constantine on: February 21, 2005, 08:20:11 AM
Any fans of the comics care to get me started on a few of the graphic novels?

I read a lot of graphic novels, since I plan to become an illustrator myself.

The Hellblazer anti-hero story seems pretty interesting, but for such an established comic I'm not sure where to start.
9302  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Kotor 2 Discussion (Some Spoilers Maybe) on: February 19, 2005, 07:02:28 AM
Heheh, actually, the Obisidian guys are the guys that made Planescape Torment, they left the company to form this new gig.
9303  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / MGS Twin Snakes Question on: February 13, 2005, 05:01:58 AM
Even as an MGS fan, I'd have to agree about the gameplay to cutscene ratio.

However, I disagree about the amount of game time.  Unless they changed things, only an absolute pro could go through the game in 3 hours of gameplay.  It'll take longer, although a good lot of that might be waiting in dark places for a guard to pass by.  slywink
9304  Non-Gaming / Forum and Site Feedback / Kiss Brad Pitt? on: February 13, 2005, 05:01:15 AM
Anyone see that advertisement/minigame where you use the mouse to kiss Brad Pitt up in the top right of the site?

I doubt Mr. Pitt knows his image is being used, but for you copyright lawyers, wouldn't it be against the law to use his image in what is clearly an advertisement without his permission?
9305  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Alias? (the TV show) on: February 10, 2005, 08:02:34 AM
I've only caught a few episodes of this, and then stopped even trying to watch after season 1.

Then I read another post here and it basically says the show now has Vampires in it?  The show already had some mysticism in it with the whole prophecizing thing, but Vampires?

Can someone quickly sum up all the shenanigans that have been happening since Season 1?  The last thing I remember was Garner's character finding a clock and much later that whole section getting wiped out by CIA and some members moved into the real CIA office.

How the heck did they get to Vampires?  From what I remember it was a nice action/drama about intelligence operatives.
9306  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / KOTOR 2: Kreia is... [No Spoilers] on: February 10, 2005, 07:55:18 AM
I know some are against cheating, but I didn't have time for a reloading and whatnot with a rented game, so I managed to find a conversation loop in the Xbox version that gives you as much influence with her as you want.
9307  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / KOTOR 2: Kreia is... [No Spoilers] on: February 09, 2005, 06:35:32 AM
You will come to both love and hate Kreia.  She's such a wonderful character, a lot more passionate than many other characters you see in games.
9308  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Aquafina can kill you on: February 07, 2005, 05:41:19 AM
Okay, so I think this one isn't the kid's fault.  I mean who knew drinking too much water could kill you?

However, some other deaths, were just as much the dead guy's fault as the frat.
9309  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / PSP Launch Details March 24, $249 on: February 04, 2005, 05:05:09 AM
I bet you the first mods that start appearing on the net are ones that move the square button over a bit to line it up with the detector.

If it weren't for the button problem, I would buy it at $250.  Right now, I'm just going to wait for them to fix the damn thing.  By then, it will either be $200 or have a larger selection of games available.
9310  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / PSP Launch Details March 24, $249 on: February 03, 2005, 07:09:39 PM
Any newz on whether they fixed that button issue, or is it still a problem for the US release?

From what I heard, it was an underlying circuit board manufacturing defect and they just needed to alter the board, not the whole design.
9311  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Resident Evil 4 Impressions on: February 03, 2005, 08:38:07 AM
He thrashes around for a bit, then sinks slowly into the lava.

I'm not sure if he gave the thumbs up though.  I was too busy running for my life from the other one.
9312  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Ever heard of FullSail? on: February 03, 2005, 08:04:55 AM
From what I gathered, they are legit.  Like others, I can't confirm how good they are, but they do charge a lot of money and it seems like they have some good equipment and people there.

However, I'm a believer in getting a more general degree.  Right now I'm working on an Illustration and Animation dual major and all my instructors say not to specialize too deeply.  Job markets shift, especially in entertainment related jobs, so having as many skills as you can along with a specialty is better than.

For example, I know how to animate in 2d and 3d quite well, but since the market is tough for an animator right now, I can easily do some illustration to support myself.
9313  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Republic Commando Demo is up!!! on: February 03, 2005, 07:59:16 AM
I dunno, I found the squad controls too arbitrary.

For instance, there are only certain locations where you can order your squad mates to, these are glaringly obvious concrete barrier things or objectives.  Otherwise your squad just follows you around until you get into a fight.

Luckily, when you do get into a fight, your squad is smart enough to take cover in less obvious places, like nooks in the sides, or around corners, which is really nice to see.

Still, those glaring concrete blocks detract from the game somewhat, you know there's a fight ahead and can judge its difficulty by how many blocks there are to hide behind.
9314  Gaming / Multiplayer Madness (MMO or otherwise) / Is Whisperwind stable on a consistent basis? (WoW) on: January 30, 2005, 11:59:13 PM
Whisperwind isn't as crowded as most servers, but it can get packed on weekends.

The major cities can get pretty laggy, along with some more well travelled areas.

That said, we haven't had much of the more serious problems that other servers have had.  Just small lag and population problems.
9315  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Splinter Cell Chaos Theory multiplayer open beta on: January 27, 2005, 05:42:07 AM
Just a heads up for those of you that were interested in Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow's unique Spy vs. Mercs multiplayer mode, but didn't want to buy the game just to try it.

Fileplanet has an open beta going on, just sign up and they'll send you a cd key for use during the beta and the download link.

For those that don't remember, the Spy vs. Mercs game is one of the few stealth based MP games that actually worked.  There are four players to a server, two spies, and two mercenaries.

The spies must achieve their objectives, depending on the map, and the mercs must prevent them from doing so.

Both sides have very unique play styles, with the mercs getting the classic FPS view and some gadgets, and a flashlight to light up dark areas.  They also get rifle and various melee attacks.  They also get two special vision modes, EM vision, which can detect spies when they use their electronics, and motion detector, which detects fast motion across their screen and highlights anything that's moving quickly, even in dark areas.

Spies get SC's third person view giving them more situational awareness, nightvision, thermal vision (can see through walls and detect traps), and some other nonlethal gadgets.  Their lethal abilities are limited to up close grapples, and are quite fragile if detected.  They also have a wide variety of moves that allow them to go places that mercs can't.

Anyway, give it a try.

Edit: Oh, and a word of warning.  This multiplayer game has a high learning curve, but stick with it, the gameplay is very rewarding.

If anyone wants to, I'm willing to meet up with people online and run a tutorial game where I can coach people through the game.  They had the foresight to implement a "Tutor" server option that allows both teams to talk to each other.
9316  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Battlestar Galactica on: January 26, 2005, 08:19:20 PM
Not only is she het, I'm just glad to see an Asian on one of these shows.

One that's not a token character.  slywink
9317  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Resident Evil 4 Impressions on: January 26, 2005, 08:09:27 PM
It doesn't have the same amount of content.  Just the endgame areas, which are decently big, and all the extra side games you get when you complete the game.
9318  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Half Life 2 Moment *Spoiler Warning* on: January 25, 2005, 09:31:41 AM
Yeah, the character animation technologies they used are just top notch.

I'm working with the engine, trying to use it to produce a short scifi film.
9319  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / KOTOR II: Changed for the Experience (spoilrs in l8r posts ) on: January 24, 2005, 08:23:24 AM
Anyone else love that whole sequence when you finally meet the three Jedi Masters on Dantooine?  The way the music works and Kreia's monologue was all so heartbreaking.  It was the moment that established so many things, but it also marked the point where the devs ran out of time.
9320  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Resident Evil 4 Impressions on: January 24, 2005, 08:18:48 AM
In most fights I switch between the Red9 and Riotgun.  But first I pop a few heads with the rifle.

The magnum I use for bosses or minibosses (those damn blind claw armed guys).  Currently, my broken butterfly has been upgraded to the point where if I land one good hit on his back parasite, he'd dead.

I finally used the rocket launcher, I even had time to say, "Hasta la vista, baby." as I blew that annoying little punk away.  It seems the rocket launcher kills in just one hit.

Right now, I'm using very little ammo.  So little that I have *gasp* too much of it.  I just fired off my rocket and the space was immediately filled up again with ammo.  So, maybe those high ammo usage guns are worth more than I thought?

Since I'm using the XL case, i can fit all those weapons, some healing items, plenty of ammo, and quite a lot of grenades.  I swear, at this point Leon is packing more firepower than Nemesis.

Oh, and yes, you find a broken butterfly, later on, so don't buy it.

Also, if you want all the cool upgrades, hunt down all those treasures.  A treasure map is invaluable for this.

Oh, and use those grenades, you'll find them at a regular rate in this game.  Otherwise, they start taking up space you could use for healing items.
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