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7961  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / [360] Fight Night 3 impressions on: February 25, 2006, 07:49:26 PM
Man, I suck at this game.  I tried playing som e of the ESPN classics and the Hard Hits games and I just keep getting my ass kicked on Medium.  I went through the tuorials and learned how to do the punches with the right stick, but I just keep sucking and failing to parry.  Definitely need to work on figuring out when someone is going low or high.
7962  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / [360] Fight Night 3 impressions on: February 25, 2006, 06:37:18 AM
Well, if we wants to kick my ass, he better make room. Tongue
7963  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / [360] Fight Night 3 impressions on: February 25, 2006, 04:25:26 AM
I tried adding Devil to my Friend's List and it said his was full.  You sure have a lot of friends, Devil. smile
7964  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / [360] Ghost Recon Demo - Sometime in the next year on: February 24, 2006, 10:54:06 PM
Quote from: "Bullwinkle"
I wasn't actually doubting the news, by the way.  Just having fun repeating the verbiage.

I know. smile
7965  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / [360] Fight Night 3 impressions on: February 24, 2006, 09:39:57 PM
Quote from: "Booner"
Quote from: "Devil"
Did you know that Devil? We can take Hagler as a rookie and work our way up the ranks! How freakin' cool is that! You better make time for me this weekend too buddy. I want a piece of you Boston Boy!


DJ - What are you scared of? Jump right in and take your beatings like the rest of us - It'll be fun!  biggrin

I agree. Even when I'm losing I'm having a blast trying to mount a comeback while watching my grill get smashed. smile

Alright, I will add some of you folks to my friends list.  Look for The Grue.
7966  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / [360] Ghost Recon Demo - Sometime in the next year on: February 24, 2006, 09:04:29 PM
Quote from: "Bullwinkle"
Care to link to the place you read that the XBox 360 version is coming March 10?

When I posted it in addendum to the replyee's post which showed kotaku, I assumed all would know I was showing the rest of the post which contained the update.  I was wrong.  The link is the same.
7967  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / [360] Ghost Recon Demo - Sometime in the next year on: February 24, 2006, 05:16:01 PM
Quote from: "Bullwinkle"
I think the confusion is coming from this news:

Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter Delayed on Xbox 360
But not by much, according to a report from Prodigious Gaming. The info came from a release schedule update via Ubisoft UK. Expect GRAW for Xbox and Xbox 360 on March 17.

If I'm reading that right, it's delayed in the UK.


To add to this:

UPDATE: As news sometimes changes for the worse, sometimes it changes for the better. According to an updated article, GRAW for Xbox 360 will still be available March 10 (cheer!), but the Xbox version of the game will ship March 17.
7968  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / [360] Fight Night 3 impressions on: February 24, 2006, 01:30:04 PM
I picked this up yesterday, but I am totally new to the series and therefore there is no way in hell I would play any of you guys at this point.  I didn't get to play it much, but from what I did play, it is definitely very nice.
7969  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / [360] Ghost Recon Demo - Sometime in the next year on: February 24, 2006, 01:27:58 PM
Quote from: "Turtle"
Technically, with the new release date, it still isn't two weeks before the game.

You keep mentioning a delay in release and yet I see no delay for the XBox 360 version (the PC and PS2 version are coming out at the end of March, but the two XBox titles are coming out March 7).  Care to link to the place you read that the XBox 360 version is being delayed?
7970  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Oblivion Content on Xbox Live Marketplace! on: February 22, 2006, 09:50:15 PM
Any pics of them?
7971  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Good RPGs on PS2 with no random battles? on: February 22, 2006, 09:50:01 PM
Well, like Kingdom Hearts would be one, I guess, since you can see the bad guys before you fight them.  More of an action-RPG, though, but with more depth than a Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance.
7972  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Good RPGs on PS2 with no random battles? on: February 22, 2006, 09:45:04 PM
A bud of mine just got a PS2 and like computer RPGs, but has stayed away from console RPGs mostly due to not liking the traditional japanese formula of having rnadom battles by unseen entities.  Are there series out there for PS2s whic hare good that don't use this mechanic?  I am an RPG junkie myself, though I don't mind random battles, but I just got a PS2 myself and have missed out on all the good RPGs that have ocme out since I first had a PS2 back when FF-X was new.
7973  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / [360] Fight Night 3 impressions on: February 22, 2006, 06:23:49 PM
I know squat about boxing, but reading these impressions really makes me want this game.  Maybe I will trade in DOA4 (which I just suck at and is too fast-paced for me) for something like this.  I assume this is more slow-paced than DOA4?  Or maybe I will keep DOA4 and just try to figure out how to get better an then pick up this boxing game as well. smile
7974  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / [PSP] Exit is a good game on: February 21, 2006, 11:19:16 PM
Quote from: "adamsappel"
I am very tempted to get this. What firmware does it require?

2.5 I think.
7975  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / [360] Fight Night 3 impressions on: February 21, 2006, 02:28:45 PM
Quote from: "Farscry_Redux"
Isn't the sports forum more for dedicated sports conversations?  I'd think that sports video game impressions certainly belong in this forum!

The Sports forum is called "Sports Gaming."  Fight Night 3 is a sports game and therefore belongs in there.  I kind of hate it myself because I always forget that forum exists and I do want to see impressions of Fight Night.  I guess I will have to keep peeking in there.
7976  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / [PSP] Exit is a good game on: February 21, 2006, 02:10:27 PM
I picked this up last week and have been playing it off and on and I am really enjoying it.  It is basically a series of puzzles which involve you figuring out how to escape a building which is on fire.  THe animation style is really cool and the puzzles are fun to figure out.  There are 100 puzzles and then you can also downoad additional ones via the PSP, though right now only 10 levels are available, but I think there will eventually be 110 extra levels.  If you like puzzles, I think you might enjoy it.  At any rate, this and Mega Man has made me play my PSP after not having picked it up for quite a long time.
7977  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / How many consoles do you own? on: February 20, 2006, 10:14:26 PM
What I own and what I have owned are two different lists (well, one list would fit in the other):

XBox 360
Nintendo DS

Have owned:
Pong Home console thingy
Atari 2600
Super NES
Sega Genesis
Gameboy Color

Consoles I have owned twice:
7978  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Zuma - the suffering on: February 20, 2006, 02:32:48 PM
Thanks for the tips.  My game has gotten much better now that I realize why the gaps close.  I am up into Stage 5 now.  Still learning, but no longer in the rut I was in.
7979  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Zuma - the suffering on: February 18, 2006, 03:39:51 PM
This game is the polar opposite of Hexic.  HExic calms me down and I sit and play.  Zuma makes me very angry.  There is a lot of it I still don't understand (as far as when balls will fall backwards after getting a combo and when they won't).  I just figured out yesterday you have a choice between two balls.  However, I can't get past 3-4 and most of the times I can't get past 3-3.  I need to find some kind of strategy guide that explains some stuff.
7980  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / I HATE KAMEO!!! on: February 17, 2006, 01:03:47 AM
Just to make some of you feel silly, my 7-year-old son just beat the water boss after a few attempts.  I am proud of him. smile
7981  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / I HATE KAMEO!!! on: February 13, 2006, 04:26:53 PM
This game still rocks.  I am now on the airships part of the game and I assume close to the end.  I have really enjoyed all the bosses and I love the look and play of the game.  I am sure my only complaint will be that it is too short, though I have put some good time in it and I still can go back and find all the fruits I missed and the crystal eyes and alternate skins I didn't find.  Also, there is the time attack thing and that secret room below one of the huts where I did the troll thing, but I didn't have all the warriors to do the next one.

I mentioned the bosses and I wanted to talk a little more about them.  I turned off the Whatnot hint guy when I started the game.  So, all the bosses I fought and everything I did in the game I did without any hints.  I wonder if the length of the game that some complained about was because they just went ahead and consulted the book at the first sign of trouble.  At any rate, trying to figure out how to kill each boss was fun and I think they were all very unique.  Some bosses I figured out right away and others I had to think about it while avoiding them for a good bit.  One of my favorite ones was the giant robot, because while I figured out his weak spot, it took me a bit to realize what to do after that (which in hindsight was kind of dumb considering it was fairly obvious).  I also enjoyed the ice spider guy a lot.
7982  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / LEGO Star Wars 2 on: February 13, 2006, 02:10:51 AM
Quote from: "Rob_Merritt"
Bummer.. No 360 version

Damn...was hoping against hope there might be.  Maybe it will be BC.
7983  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / I HATE KAMEO!!! on: February 12, 2006, 05:06:27 AM
I am enjoying the crap out of it.  I recently unlocked 40 Below and I am just in love with the game.  Sad to hear you guys don't like it.
7984  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Nintendo DS on: February 11, 2006, 02:14:34 PM
Quote from: "ATB"
Ahh the gains of SUPER LATE mover advantage! slywink

Amen, brother.  Got my PS2 for Christmas and have more cheap, good games than I know what to do with.
7985  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / My XB360: I've lost all interest on: February 08, 2006, 02:31:37 PM
I love my 360.  I can play games, listen to my MP3 collection, and stream my XM satellite radio onto it.  One of the best things I have ever bought and with Ghost Recon 3, Oblivion, and Burnout coming out next month, I think I am set on games.  Hell, I want NFS and haven't gotten around to buying yet, so there are even games I want to buy still.  Plus, I would like to rent Condemned.  As long as one good game comes out per month, I am honestly satisfied with a system.

At any rate, don't sell the thing.  You will regret it later when some killer app comes out and then you are forced to buy another one, thereby losing money.  I haven't touched my PSP in months, but I refuse to sell it because I am sure there will be some good RPGs which will come out.
7986  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Back in Action (360) on: February 07, 2006, 10:54:11 PM
Quote from: "Devil"

#2 - I have the EB protection thing and I'm not sure they have any to swap it out for.

I didn't know this piece of information.  I think I heard that if you swap yours out with MS and get a new unit with different serial, then your protection plan is no more.  So, if you aren't experiencing serious issues, I would hold off until EB starts to get more and then spring it on them one day before your year is up.
7987  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Back in Action (360) on: February 07, 2006, 06:40:08 PM
Devil, I would seriously replace it.  I had something similar (different error or just a blank screen) where a reboot would fix it and I got my return unit back and I haven't had the problem since.  They really have a quick turnaround on the units and I wasn't without it for very long.
7988  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Full Auto Scorched for a 5.5 in OXM on: February 06, 2006, 09:39:44 PM
This was one of my most anticipated launch titles (which of course didn't make launch).  Then I played the demo.  That killed any hopes for me.  Maybe Burnout Revenge will be good?  I didn't play any other the versions on the other consoles, so even if it was just a port with better graphics, I suppose it would be new to me.
7989  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Marble Blast Online Rocks... Who's got it?? on: February 04, 2006, 02:44:20 PM
I have it and it is very fun.  I played multi a little bit and enjoyed it.  I would be up for some multi.  Gamertag is The Grue.
7990  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Why must I turn on my XBox 360 twice every time? on: February 03, 2006, 05:00:09 PM
As an update to this, I got a new XBox sent back to me yesterday and so far so good.  The turnaround was really quick on it.  I sent it in last Friday and UPS tried to deliver it ot me on Wednesday, though nobody was home.  So, I got it yesterday, but should have gotten it on Wed.  Pretty darn quick and so far the thing has booted up like a champ.  I only made two attempts at it where I had long cooldowns.  One was when I first hooked it up and the other was this morning.  I played Kameo for a bit last night and it never locked up or ran hot or anything (not that my old one did either).
7991  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Would anyone recomend Kameo? on: February 03, 2006, 05:43:35 AM
Just did the water boss battle and I just don't get what was so hard about it.  I beat her the first time I tried and in fact, I got rid of two of the orbs on the tentacles on my first sinking of the boss.  I was all prepared to be annoyed by the fight and it just never happened.
7992  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Castlevania fans??? on: February 02, 2006, 08:40:39 PM
I have played all the handheld Castlevania games and I give the nod to DoS.
7993  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Animal crossing reviews and hopefully impressions! on: January 29, 2006, 01:46:09 AM
Quote from: "Nth Power"
Anyone know if there's any criteria for making residents stay or is it random timing that they move in and out?

If you can catch themwhile they are just packed up to move you can talk to them and beg them to stay and they have in my experience.  However, if you don't talk to them for a bit and you get mail saying they left, it is obviously too late.
7994  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Full Auto demo on Live on: January 26, 2006, 10:24:23 PM
Quote from: "Hetz"

In better news though, Marble Blast Ultra is up on Xbox Live Arcade now and it kicks ass! smile

Hmmmm...where have I heard this before?
7995  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Full Auto demo on Live on: January 26, 2006, 01:07:24 PM
I had really been looking forward to this game, but after playing the demo, I don't think I will be buying it.  The framerate really suffered at times and I didn't like the feel of controlling the car.  The best I have placed was 4th, so I am apparently missing something with regards to how to compete effectively, but that wasn't what took away from my enjoyment of the game.  It just didn't seem to do it for me, which is too bad because it was my second most anticipated game behind Oblivion.
7996  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Marble Blast Ultra on Live Arcade on: January 26, 2006, 01:05:09 PM
I bought the game last night and had a blast playing it.  I did a little mutiplayer as well and it was pretty fun.  Some of the courses on Intermediate are pretty challenging.
7997  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition (Andrew Jackson am cry) on: January 25, 2006, 03:31:11 PM
Quote from: "mikeg"
by the way, the coupon clearly says 'no copies'.  So, use at your own risk.  Every time I hear of one of these, take them in and try I always get rejected.  Good luck though.

I used a printout of that coupon the other night to pick up Kameo at Best Buy.
7998  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Xbox Live 360 games, what are you playing? on: January 25, 2006, 03:28:09 PM

I have played Gauntlet and DOA4 over Live.  I need to try out Joust online as well, since I have it.  None of the other games I have have any Live multi, just Leaderboards.
7999  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Anyone else have the Core system? on: January 25, 2006, 01:15:02 PM
Quote from: "Sarkus"
You're gonna need the hard drive for Live arcade games or demos, if nothing else.  You may be able to get along without for awhile, but at some point the hard drive will be necessary.

Also, I read on the Oblivion fan Q&A that the game runs faster if you have the hard drive.  Arcade, to me, is worth the hard drive alone.  Also, considering you get a wireless controller and headset along with the hard drive for the price of the hard drive alone, there's no way I would have gotten a Core system.  I actually had a chance to get a Core system many weeks before I got my Premium and I passed it up because I knew I would regret it if I just got the Core.
8000  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Why must I turn on my XBox 360 twice every time? on: January 25, 2006, 02:38:51 AM
Well, I found a thread on the XBox forums of people who have the same issue I have.  Many of them sent theirs back and the new ones they got have been working so far (although mine didn't do this the first few days I owned it).  So, I called and got them to send me a return box tonight.  I will update this when I get it all taken care of.
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