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1  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: Caption This! on: May 08, 2008, 05:59:46 PM
"I'm in ur dark. WTF?!?!?!"
2  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: When did you file in your taxes? -or- How many slackers we got here? on: April 15, 2008, 08:43:59 PM
I filed an extension.

I get paid for doing other people's taxes, not mine. Mine are the last ones to the gubment, and that's probably going to be in late August. They've got my estimated payment, so they can wait.
3  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: Monster Cable invokes Writ of Douchebaggery on: April 15, 2008, 12:49:10 PM

Quote from: CSL on April 15, 2008, 08:49:33 AM

I thought Monster Cable got a permanent writ of douchebaggery for having cables overpriced by a factor of four-to-one?

I was under the impression that it was closer to to a factor of 8-1. icon_wink
4  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: Tax Question on: April 14, 2008, 06:43:32 PM

Quote from: Bakhtosh on April 14, 2008, 06:15:09 PM

The benefits of claiming her as a dependant will probably far outweigh the $300 they'll be losing by her not filing her own return.  Besides, he said that he was the only source of her income, so she didn't have any earned income and would be ineligible for the incentive check anyway.

I was under the impression that he paid her for work (I read "source of income" differently than source of support), like she was an employee.

The benefit of claiming her as a dependent is an extra $3,400 exemption. If that results in $300 less tax, then it's beneficial.

But, since she probably made less than $3,000, she's not going to get the stimulus payment anyway.
5  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: Tax Question on: April 14, 2008, 06:08:56 PM
You can still claim her, but she loses the exemption for herself is she files.

Just a side thought: If she doesn't file a return, she won't get the stimulus payment from the feds. She has to make a minimum of $3,000 to get the payment, and then it's a max of $300.
6  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: For the card d00dz on: December 11, 2007, 02:09:09 AM
Any chance it could be the starter solenoid?

The older Fords had them mounted on the inner fender wells, and they could cause the symptoms you're describing. Also, check all the battery cable connections to be sure they're all tight. A bad connection can cause the "clicking" you're talking about. Purge has it right also. The battery may have enough juice to power up the radio and inner lights, but to crank the motor over requires serious amps. If the battery is low, or is dying, it sure won't crank a Crown Vic.
7  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: BCS (College Football) on: December 03, 2007, 06:34:12 PM

Quote from: javahead on December 03, 2007, 05:19:55 PM

Oklahoma dominated one of the worst conferences in history; big whoop. Very odd for all those years where if it wasn't corn-fed it wasn't a football player, but perhaps the kids are getting smarter and getting away from home to play ball elsewhere. Don't think they're worthy of the #3

Worst conference in history? There's no way in hell you can say that when they've got 3 teams in the top 8. The only conference that's even close is the SEc with 2. LSU did not "win when it counted". They lost 2 games when they were ranked #1. Oklahoma beat the holy hell out of the final #1 team twice.

Argue all you want about the conferences, but the Big 12 is far from the worst conference in history. I'd take the Big 12 top to bottom over ANY conference with the lone exception being maybe the SEC. The PAC 10 fell apart at the end of the year, and the only Big 10 team worth a shit is Ohio State.

Oklahoma has just as much right to be in the championship game as LSU. But, so does Virginia Tech. I know they aren't supposed to mean anything, but I feel that if you play and win a conference championship game like VT, LSU, and OU, then you should very definatley get the nod over a school that doesn't play a championship game like USC or Ohio State.
8  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: My Daughter's Christmas Present: The Saga Begins on: October 23, 2007, 01:02:53 PM
I'm glad you're a praying man, because it looks like you're going to need all the help you can get. slywink

In all seriousness, they really aren't that bad as long as you RTFM. We did one for each of my daughters, and they're really cool. The best part is, they took them to their grandmother's house after a couple of years so they could play with them when we went over there. My 9 year old still plays with hers.

Your daughter will love it. Trust me.
9  Gaming / Multiplayer Madness (MMO or otherwise) / Re: GTOfficial x360 Live Gamertag REQUEST THREAD on: September 07, 2007, 05:13:42 PM
Finally got off my butt, got a 360 and hooked it up.

Spiff = SpiffOO

All I currently have for games is Gears of War and NCAA 08.

And I SUCK at both.
10  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: Bioshock pc review...pc better on: August 22, 2007, 12:52:22 AM
I just posted this at OO also.

I went crazy and picked up the LE for the PC with the Big Daddy figurine. He's currently watching me with what I can only assume is morbid curiosity.

This game just drips with atmosphere. I'm playing at 1600x1200 with everything cranked to the max, and it's a smooth as butter. The voices, and ambient sounds, etc.. make this great so far. I haven't had any hiccups or stutters at all so far. This is exactly what I've been waiting for. I've gotten the heebie jeebie more than once, and I'm only about 1/2 hour into it. LOVE it!

The one hitch I did have was the damn activation. It told me I didn't have the right code (yeah, it's only printed on the freakin' back of the manual), so i sent an e-mail to the support, but right after I did that, I reentered the serial number for the 6th time and it went fine.

My system specs:

QX6700 Quad core
nForce 680i
2 gigs DDR2 1066 RAM
150 gb Raptor
Vista w/ all updates
11  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: Whats the temp where you are? on: August 17, 2007, 10:15:24 PM
Did you watch the PGA Championship last weekend? Most of the players looked like they were swimming in their clothes. Well, that wasn't too far off base. That's where I was last weekend. I was sweatin' with the "oldies".

I live in OKC and today was the first day below 101 in the last week and a half. When the wind blows, it's fells like a blast furnace.

I figure it was a sneak preview for hell. eek
12  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: Paper Airplanes - Thursday Time Waster on: August 03, 2007, 05:35:46 PM
After about 40 throws, I finally got it out the window. Best one so far is 102.669m. What is that in english, 40 miles? ninja
13  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: Flea stuck underneath LCD screen! on: June 10, 2007, 08:58:29 PM
Post a real small picture of a dog in the upper right hand corner of the screen, and leave it there until he starves to death or beats his brains out trying to hop on the photgraphic smorgasboard? ninja
14  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: Look what I found on the wall.... on: April 18, 2007, 02:53:35 AM

Quote from: corruptrelic on April 18, 2007, 02:20:50 AM

Well in all fairness you could have gotten a glove or something to get it. I've pretty much learned which spiders bite and which ones don't around my area from first hand experience catching them. There's a spider down here that has red spikes all over it and you'd think it's give a nasty bite, but surprisingly, it's perfectly harmless.
Most spiders aren't going to go out of there way to bite humans.

The spider in the pic I have no idea about.. looks real cool though, damn I still cant believe you killed it!   icon_neutral

Again though I'm pretty biased because I'm a big fan of arachnids, reptiles, and anything that's not the "norm". Everybody has a pet dog, but how many people do you know have a pet tarantula?

Here's my cure for critters in my house that aren't the "norm"?

His name is Bob, and if it isn't bigger than he is, and harder than a brick, it has no damn chance. saywhat
15  Non-Gaming / Hardware / Software Hell / Re: Antec 900 (56k Beware) on: April 17, 2007, 01:03:34 PM

I just put together a system with the TJ09 and it's incredible.

If you didn't know, the little space between the hard drive cages has a holder that will fit a 120mm fan. It has boatloads of space, but it's bigger than it looks.

The only thing I'm not real fond of is that there is no passage for the hard drive cables from the cages to the motherboard. It wasn't a big deal with SATA drives, I routed the cables between the "clips" that hold the drive cages in place and the side panel. If you have ATA drive, be sure and get round cables. The outside panel closes off the hard drive area, so you have to route the cables in the open spaces.
16  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: Need some software suggestions - business related on: April 13, 2007, 04:52:18 AM
If you want a good software package that will do all that, it's not going to be cheap. Quickbooks is about the cheapest software that will do most of the things you want.

I used MAS 90 in a previous job and it is excellent. It will do all the things you need, but it's expensive. Check to see if Business Works will do what you need. It's a helluva lot cheaper and is a great product. Here's their site: Business Works site (they also make MAS 90 and alot of other accounting/business packages). It's modular, so you can add the modules you really need. I used to set up clients with this and it worked great.

The things you want the package to do would all tie together well in Business Works. This is doubly true if you are doing work orders, invoicing and sales. It will automatically update your GL to reflect current inventory, sales and outstanding work orders daily if you post every day (and by posting I mean updating the GL by effectively clicking a button).
17  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: [MUSIC CONCERTS)Who have you seen and who do you wish you could see? on: April 12, 2007, 07:41:39 PM

Quote from: Purge on April 12, 2007, 07:06:11 PM

Quote from: Spiff on April 12, 2007, 05:39:51 PM

The Flaming Lips x4 or 5 (my wifes cousin was in a band that toured with them in 80s)

How was it? I imagine it's gotta be a pretty fun show. biggrin

They were a blast! One of the times I saw them was in a cafeteria at the University of Oklahoma student union. They put on a helluva show, even back then.
18  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: [MUSIC CONCERTS)Who have you seen and who do you wish you could see? on: April 12, 2007, 05:39:51 PM
Without going thru old ticket stubs, and keep in mind Im an old fart:

Jimmy Buffett easily 30+ (will be +1 April 28th)
Several of the Coral Reefer band members solo in various spots
Eagles x 2 (Hotel California & Hell Freezes Over)
Eric Clapton
Al Jarreau
Doobie Brothers
Black Sabbath w/ Ozzy Van Halen opened
Ozzy solo
Police x3 (would be 4 but Im not paying $200 a seat to see em)
Jerry Jeff Walker x2
James Taylor x 4
Grateful Dead x3
Crosby Stills Nash
Stephen Stills
Neil Young
REO Speedwagon x2
Journey x2
Styx x2
Jackson Brown
Ted Nugent
John Mayer
Rolling Stones x2
The Who the original farewell tour in the early 80s
Fleetwood Mac (Rumours tour)
Red Hot Chili Peppers (in a bar in OKC before they hit it big)
The Flaming Lips x4 or 5 (my wifes cousin was in a band that toured with them in 80s)
Cheap Trick x2
Steely Dan
Jefferson Starship x2
Pretenders w/ The GoGos as the opener
Hootie & the Blowfish

And a bunch more I cant remember right off the top of my head.

I'd really like to see Van Morrison and Jack Johnson.

My brother saw Van in a small bar in New York and said it was incredible. I've got a couple of DVD's of Jack Johnson concerts and he puts on a helluva show.
19  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: Who is your most hated musician or group? on: April 03, 2007, 05:21:18 PM

Quote from: Gratch on April 03, 2007, 01:25:50 PM

Ah, so you hate the stereotypical "Parrothead" fans.  Can't say I disagree with you there.

Have a look at what your "stereotypical Parrothead" does for charity: Hmm, $2.2 million in charitable donations in 2005 alone. It's a bunch of people getting together to have a good time. Can't say I've seen the typical "stoner" kid. Usually it's a bunch of frat boys playing rap that are there for the party. YMMV
20  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: Who is your most hated musician or group? on: April 03, 2007, 12:53:17 PM

Quote from: Devil on April 03, 2007, 12:47:12 PM

Sorry, Spiff, he doesn't even deserve the other 't'!  icon_wink

Damn, you really are the Devil aren't ya. slywink
21  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: Who is your most hated musician or group? on: April 03, 2007, 04:29:22 AM

Quote from: Devil on April 03, 2007, 02:04:13 AM

Pearl Jam
Jimmy Buffet

Yeah, I said it - All 3 suck.  Tongue

You're a blasphemer.

If you're gonna hate, at least spell it right: Jimmy Buffett. slywink

You're spot on with the other two though.
22  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: I want to be a game reviewer!! on: March 30, 2007, 01:53:43 PM

Quote from: CeeKay on March 29, 2007, 02:53:54 PM

Quote from: Calvin on March 29, 2007, 02:46:36 PM

98% of his claims are pure bullshit. I have reviewed games in one capacity or another for over 10 years.

you're just pissed 'cause Derek Smart's the only person who's offered you sex for a good review  Tongue

Derek Smart could be sending Jenna Jameson in a giant gift box to game reviewers and he still couldn't get a good review. saywhat
23  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: PASTE!!! on: March 29, 2007, 08:51:13 PM
As it stands right now, for food and drink we have;
107 cases of beer
2 kegs
4 margarita machines
13 batches of liquor for margarita machines
2 blenders
21 bottles of liquor and mixers for blenders
2,500 jello shots
17 cases of soft drinks
10 2-liter bottles of soft drinks
12 cases of drinking water
105 bags of ice
1,300 disposable plastic cups
400 printed plastic cups

4 grills
570 hamburger buns
570 hamburger patties
Condiment Quantities TBD
350 hot dog buns
250 hot dogs
100 brats
100 pounds of crawfish
25 pounds of barbeque
20 pounds of shrimp
10 pounds of chili
38 bags of chips
10 pounds of queso
2 gallons of salsa
1,000 paper plates
1,000 napkins


Gonna be a helluva tailgate. headbang3
24  Non-Gaming / Hardware / Software Hell / Re: Need Help Choosing RAM For New Build on: March 27, 2007, 04:33:12 AM

Quote from: Calvin on March 27, 2007, 01:49:27 AM

Quote from: PaulBot on March 27, 2007, 01:05:48 AM

Hey Calvin:

Don't overlook this note on the Gigabyte MB:

Notice: Only DDR2-800 memory supporting JEDEC approved 1.8V operation with timings of 5-5-5 or 6-6-6 is supported on Intel Desktop Boards based on Intel 965 Express Chipsets.

I had to make sure the RAM I bought with my MB was supported since I have the 965 Express chipset.

Ok thanks for the warning Paul-that actually pushes me even closer to the MSI-95% now or so  icon_wink since I know three of the RAM modules I listed are totally compatible. What I need now is for someone to tell me that Mushkin RAM is as ZOMG WTF awesome as I have heard smile

Mushkin is teh bombzors!

All kidding aside, Mushkin makes really good RAM. It is expensive, but if you're going to build a high end machine, get the best you can afford.

You might check this RAM out Corsair Dominator XMS. It runs at 1066mhz fsb which will match the mobo. I'm using it in the machine I put together earlier last month, and haven't had a single issue with it yet. Big downside is the damn cost. My oldest daughter isn't going to like the slave traders i sold her to. ninja
25  Non-Gaming / Hardware / Software Hell / Re: My Vista Experience on: March 20, 2007, 02:56:49 PM

Quote from: Knightshade Dragon on March 20, 2007, 04:50:59 AM

Quote from: Destructor on March 20, 2007, 02:44:40 AM

Quote from: Knightshade Dragon on March 20, 2007, 02:08:44 AM

Still, what are the options?  Replace the board?  Oh...well, that means I have to buy a new processor and RAM too since its AM2 and DDR3 now.  Oh wait, can't forget socket F for AMD...guess I'd have to go up to those?  Fuck that, I'll see just how stable this thing is. 

And since you replaced the motherboard, wouldn't you have to call up Microsoft to get it pass verification again? Or was that only an XP thing?

I've done that in the past.  Simply put in your product ID (not the key, but the long ass number) and it auto-fixed me. 

And I have an Asus A8N-SLI board.

Which drivers are you trying to find?

If you go to Nvidia's website you can download the nForce 4 platform drivers for that motherboard. They're available for both 32 and 64 bit Vista, along with XP and Server 2003. You can then go to Realtek's site and get the audio drivers.

I have the same board, and never used the drivers from Asus's site. Part of the problem was that half the time I tried to check for updates, you couldn't get to the server. I am not currently running Vista with that board though.
26  Non-Gaming / Hardware / Software Hell / Re: New PC! on: March 19, 2007, 07:38:08 PM

Quote from: Knightshade Dragon on March 19, 2007, 06:33:01 PM

Hell of a PSU Spiff!  200 bucks is a good stack of cash, but you'd be set for a good long while....

It was more than I wanted to pay, but PC Power & Cooling always seems to get great reviews for the power supplies. I built a quad core system with a 680i motherboard, 8800GTX and 150 gig raptors so I wanted to be absolutely certain that I was going to have enough power.

I definately have enough power, and the power supply is almost silent. I would very easily recommend them to anyone wanting to power a high end system.
27  Non-Gaming / Hardware / Software Hell / Re: New PC! on: March 19, 2007, 05:20:24 PM

Quote from: CeeKay on March 19, 2007, 02:45:16 PM

Quote from: Thin_J on March 19, 2007, 02:14:34 PM

The thermaltake PSU will definitely be better than the NZXT, though I'd still have recommended something else. TT can be hit or miss with their power supplies.

I didn't see Antec on their list otherwise I would have gone with that, plus the only other PSU (with enough power to reliably power the 8800GTX) I remember being there when I ordered was a Tagan, which I was warned against getting.  If the TT starts acting wonky I'll just switch it out with an Antec.


If you end up switching power supplies, this one will positively work. I ordered one for my rig and it's great. It is also certified for dual 8800 GTX's. I promise it'll do the job.
28  Non-Gaming / Hardware / Software Hell / Re: Dell (or Alienware) laptop advice needed on: March 17, 2007, 06:30:38 AM

Quote from: gellar on March 15, 2007, 09:28:08 PM

Alienware is a ridiculously bad company to buy from.  I'd stay away.

I tried to order a PC from them a few months back.  I chronicled the event over at BC, if you're interested in the shenanigans that took place:


I read that, and was a little leery when I ordered my laptop. I was going to go "high end" for my purchase and was deciding between Voodoo and Alienware. I started reading the Voodoo forums and they were having serious quality control problems that weren't being corrected from the posts on their forums. That, and they were over 2 months behind their posted ship dates at the time.

My purchase went as smooth as possible. It was painless except for the cost. I bought an mALX from Alienware. It's a 19" widescreen, ML44 processor, 2 gigs of RAM and dual 7900GTX's in SLI. The difference is that with the ALX systems from Alienware is that they have their own sales and service departments. When I had questions on my purchase, and durng the build phase I had a separate number I called and got accurate and up-to-fate info. I was never fed a line of crap, and everything I was told happened as they said it would.

I was in a position where the price wasn't really the deciding factor. I was either going to pay tax on my business income or write off the entire cost of a laptop (Sec 179 depreciation), so the effective cost to me was around $1800. Granted that isn't the case for everyone, but my Alienware experience was all good (but, I damn sure paid for it).

BTW, this machine runs anything and everything I've thrown at it. It runs Supreme Commander just fine, and I can run Oblivion at 1680x1050 with everything maxxed and it's great.


The one downside is that this thing is as big as a house and it weighs a freakin' ton. But, I still love it.
29  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: Taxes... Sigh on: March 16, 2007, 04:55:22 AM

Quote from: Eco-Logic on March 16, 2007, 03:30:11 AM

That is pretty much what I thought.  I am going to have my wife get a copy of her W4 tomorrow to make sure.

Speaking of W4.

What is the most appropriate way to fill them out anyway?  I've heard different things and I'm just not positive.

We're married, live in a house and have no dependents (1 on the way though).



If you can swing it. I'd suggest having your wife (assuming you are the main wage earner) do the following: Fill out the W4 with 0 exemptions, and have them withhold at Married, but withhold at the single rate. My guess is you'll end up at about "even" at the end of the year. Your wife will basically be taxed as a single taxpayer with no dependents. The tax rate will be higher, but if you don't want to come up with money at the end of the year, it's a pretty painless solution.

As far as the zero fed tax withholding, there isn't much she can do. She can complain to her employer, but they'll probably apologize. The only good thing is (and I know it still sucks) is that they paid her the taxes and didn't screw the IRS out of them. Also, be sure she gets itemized paycheck stubs so that you can be sure they're doing what she has asked. Another thing is that she can change her withholdings at any time during the year if you need to make adjustments to her withholdings.

30  Non-Gaming / Hardware / Software Hell / Re: ASUS A8N-SLI Deluxe - "I'm not the biggest fan... on: March 02, 2007, 02:31:01 PM

I had to do that with my Asus board. It's very common with the A8N. It usually begins with the screaming noise, and then the fan goes. They changed fan and enclosure types with the first board revision. The initial ones were failing at an alarming rate.

I bought the Zalman cooler, but I had interference problems with my 6800 Ultra, and I believe my 7950 video cards. The fins were a little too tall. If that isn't an issue for you, the Zalman is a great cooler.
31  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: [Long] Simba almost died today. on: February 27, 2007, 02:27:30 AM

Glad to hear Simba's going to be OK. I don't know how I'd handle it if anything happened to Bob.

He wanted to say hi to Simba:

Take care of your pal. They're the best friends we'll have next to family.
32  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: Best, and worst, concert you've seen on: February 15, 2007, 02:45:21 PM

Quote from: Grievous Angel on February 14, 2007, 10:29:11 PM

Jimmy Buffett: I saw him a few times when I was a kid and Poplar Creek was still in existence in Chicago. It was a great outdoor venue, where lawn seats were just as good as pavilion seats. Jimmy doing his greatest hits combined with 10,000 Parrotheads made for a great evening, even if I was too young to properly enjoy it.

I've seen Buffett easily 30+ times, from a small club in South Padre that my parents took me to, to 25,000+ at the Smirinoff in Dallas, and have never been disappointed. If he never played anything from Songs You Know by Heart, I would enjoy every single minute. The one place I have yet to see him is at one of his Margaritaville restaurants. I've seen plenty of the Coral Reefers perform there, but never an impromptu show from Jimmy.


Eric Clapton in Dallas on the opening night of his tour following the release of his Unplugged CD. The man is absolutely fantastic.

Eagles - Saw them in high school on the Hotel California tour. I saw them again on the Hell Freezes Over tour, and they were still great.

Jerry Jeff Walker - He was the first performance at a renovated theater in Norman. About 500-1000 people. He came out and rocked the place. He had been drinking, and was encouraging the audience to get closer, dance and have a good time. The fire marshal who was there for the opening disagreed. He would keep telling people to get back and sit down. It went back and forth between almost every song. Eventually, the fire marshal gave up and the party was on.


Neil Young - The man is a genius, and I was really looking forward to his show. He came out solo, turned on a tape device of some sort, and started playing. It felt like he was there to get a paycheck. I felt like running onstage and strangling him. mad
33  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: [Legal] Jack Thompson to face potential disbarment. on: February 05, 2007, 08:17:49 PM

Quote from: Kevin Grey on February 05, 2007, 06:37:45 PM

Isn't he on the bar in several states, though? 

Not sure if the bar operates the same way as my state accountancy board, but if I were to have my license or permit suspended or revoked by one state (I have CPA permits in Oklahoma and Texas), that is cause for the other state to deny my annual renewal. Hopefully the various state bars work the same way. finger
34  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: Huge diabetes breakthrough on: December 19, 2006, 03:22:42 AM

Quote from: Kobra on December 19, 2006, 12:34:02 AM

Quote from: Spiff on December 18, 2006, 10:20:31 PM

My issue is with Kobra's position that drug companies aren't looking for a cure for diseases (or they're only spending a miniscule amount of money on R&D), they really only want to treat the symptoms/side effects, and that all home remedies or cures are being silenced by the big, bad drug companies. I have spent waaaay too much time in the insurance & research industries to know that isn't the case, and I'm sick of hearing how evil drug companies are. They don't have a spotless record, but I'd hazard a guess that no profession/industry does.

My issue is, drug companies *KNOW* about things, and supress them if they are bad in the interest of shareholders. How many times in the last year or two have drug companies been exposed for trying to mask side effects of their drugs?  The cunts are killing people with their poisons, I recently read that almost 160,000 people die per year in this country due to side effects of  prescription drugs. (nearest figure I can google in 2 seconds says 106,000)  An estimated 60,000 people died from Vioxx alone, and they knew their product was unfit, and supressed it

Make no mistake, its big business, and they are making money ontop of the corpses of people. You may be confident in their poisons, but I sure as hell ain't, and I think people are finally starting to wake up to natural alternatives for many ailments.

What would a drug company gain by suppressing things they "know"? If they "know" something is effective, they can't be the only ones, can they? If you actually believe that drug companies are the only people that know of herbal cures, and they're somehow suppressing the information you're delusional. If the drug companies know, then there are those outside of the drug comanies that also know. There's no way in hell a cure could be suppressed if it was actually effective. Your bias abviously prevents you from acknowledging that fact.

As far as the deaths from prescription drugs go, how many of those deaths are related to an improper combination of drugs? Is that figure readily available? Vioxx is a stain on the drug company for sure, but to lump all drug companies in the same boat is ludicrous. It's the same as saying all CPA's are incompetent because Arthur Andersen was incompetent, or that all doctors are killers because Dr. Kevorkian assists people in committing suicide.

Natural alternatives are fine in certain situations, but major illnesses (cancer, diabetes, alot of gastrointestinal disease and the like) are probably not going to be cured by natural remedies. If that was the case, why in the last 3,000+ years, have they proliferated when natural remedies have been used for all those years. I'm sure as hell not giving up on the drug companies and a shit ton of competent scientests and doctors. Last time I checked, Joe Blow from down the block hasn't come up with a cure for anything.
35  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: Can't escape the long arm of the IRS apparently. on: December 18, 2006, 10:47:39 PM

Quote from: unbreakable on December 18, 2006, 05:44:16 PM

Yeah, I believe HR Block actually trains their people to use TurboTax.

Actually they're trained on TaxCut. Look closely at the box next time you're in the store, it has Block's logo on it and touts that it uses their "deduction finder".

And for what it's worth to anyone else concerned, your local tax professional shouldn't be using Turbo Tax. I'd hazard a guess that it's ProSeries Tax which is Intuit's professional version with all the various return types (1040, 1120, 1120S, 990, 1041, etc..) along with all the state returns. Oh yeah, and it's around $3,500 for a copy with unlimited filing. There's a BIG difference in the two.
36  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: Huge diabetes breakthrough on: December 18, 2006, 10:20:31 PM

Quote from: unbreakable on December 18, 2006, 07:05:47 PM

Quote from: Spiff on December 18, 2006, 06:56:13 PM

You stick with your home remedies and herbal cures all you want, but when I've got serious medical issues, I'm hitting my local MD, or specialist and getting the proper medicine for my condition.

I think that's the issue: we are saying that our medical system ONLY cares about big things.  Stuff like ringworm or dandruff or rashes or whatever non-life-threating issue is left by the wayside.  Instead of offering "cures", we get a bunch of pharma-crap thrown at us which, at best, does nothing.

It seems like curing life-threatening illnesses is all our system has become able to do (when it can, of course).  But there are a whole lot of other problems which effect quality of life, rather than life itself.  Those never seem to be addressed properly.

I agree with you.

My issue is with Kobra's position that drug companies aren't looking for a cure for diseases (or they're only spending a miniscule amount of money on R&D), they really only want to treat the symptoms/side effects, and that all home remedies or cures are being silenced by the big, bad drug companies. I have spent waaaay too much time in the insurance & research industries to know that isn't the case, and I'm sick of hearing how evil drug companies are. They don't have a spotless record, but I'd hazard a guess that no profession/industry does.
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Quote from: Kobra on December 18, 2006, 05:15:52 PM

Quote from: Spiff on December 18, 2006, 02:59:52 PM

If it's such a good idea, and it all works so well, then the companies producing/importing/distributing the helpful herbs and the like would be quick to finance such a study.

Ummm, for a few reasons.

1) Anyone can grow herbs and spices in their yard, I have 12 varities in my own yard for example.  There are no single sources, they are herbs, anyone can grow them.
2) The FDA and politicans are firmly in the pockets of the drug companies and their billions in lobbying and pressure funds.
3) ANYTIME someone comes out with *ANYTHING* herbal that claims to be a cure, the FDA is quick to bury them.  Of course, no indian witch doctor that has something that cures cancer is going to have 50 million for a small study to test it all.  Lets get real.

I know there are a bunch of things that can be alleviated by natural/herbal means, but I seriously doubt they're going to cure cancer, diabetes, and the like. They may help with the symptoms or side effects of the disease, but not the cure. If they were, you'd think in 3,000 years of civilization, some of the disease we face today would have already been cured.

They can, and some do..  Apparently you missed the part where Cayenne kills ringworms/fungus ON CONTACT on the human body.  Or maybe we should note that in some countries Honey is listed as a "Medicine" because it is so effective at curing some antibiotic resistant infections. Or how about the opening post test, that showed Cayenne curing diabetes when injected into the pancreas that is only awaiting more studies? Don't mistaken supression or lack of knowledge of other cultures cures and remedies for ignorance.  Don't be a tool to the drug companies.

We're only now just discovering many of these natural cures, I think more breakthroughs will come over the next few years like the one cited in this opening post.  As more research groups outside of the fist of the drug companies find new things.

Ummm.. I'm no tool of the drug companies. I speak from everyday, personal experience. Until you deal with drug companies, the FDA, and the NIH on a daily basis, and know all the ins & outs of clinical research, don't presume to know my position. Apparently you missed the NIH piece? They'll fund cancer research, for damn near anyone that shows promise. As a matter of fact, that's one of their main goals for the next 5 years, along with AIDS research. I guess in your haste to label all sources as corrupt you missed that fact. Roll Eyes

Almost all promising research is published somewhere. Protocols, manuscripts and the like are published in related journals almost daily. If it's being done, and shows promise, you can bet it's being published. The main problem with some of the research that's done overseas is the reliability and respectability of those doing research.

Oh, and the reason the FDA is so quick to "bury witch doctors" and their herbal cures is because so many of their claims tend to be exaggerated. And, since the "cures" are available OTC and not by prescription, they usually don't involve human fatalities or adverse events.

You stick with your home remedies and herbal cures all you want, but when I've got serious medical issues, I'm hitting my local MD, or specialist and getting the proper medicine for my condition.
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Quote from: unbreakable on December 18, 2006, 05:53:54 AM

I've also heard people put Cayenne pepper in their socks to keep their feet warm.  I think I heard it as a skier or hiker tip.

What we actually need is a doctor to start putting natural cures through double-blind trails, comparing them to what the pharmaceutical industry is recommending.  THEN getting the results published in a medical journal.

Unfortunately, a company isn't going to finance the trials, and the government is certainly not going to go against the will of Big Pharma.  Heck, this is the kind of thing the AMA should concern themselves with: it's not like they are the pharmaceutical industry's bitch.

If it's such a good idea, and it all works so well, then the companies producing/importing/distributing the helpful herbs and the like would be quick to finance such a study. It would only cost them $5-10 million to do, and last a couple of years. Isn't that a small price to pay for the "cures" to all the problems? Or, why not apply for a grant from the NIH to fund the study?

I know there are a bunch of things that can be alleviated by natural/herbal means, but I seriously doubt they're going to cure cancer, diabetes, and the like. They may help with the symptoms or side effects of the disease, but not the cure. If they were, you'd think in 3,000 years of civilization, some of the disease we face today would have already been cured.
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Quote from: JLu on December 18, 2006, 01:54:54 PM

The only positive about our current tax system is the number of jobs it creates.  H+R Block, the IRS, Turbotax.  I love the idea of a flat tax, but I wonder just how bad a hit that would be on the economy.

It creates plenty of work for me from January thru October (with extensions) now.

Not all states require athletes to pay taxes on money they earn while playing games in their state. I believe it is a select few. Also, state taxes are deductible on your federal tax return.

I have no problem with a flat tax, as long as it truly is flat. No deductions, keep the current exemptions (# of dependents) and filing status (married, single, etc..) and tax the wages reported on a W2, interest and dividend income, and gains on sales of investments. If that was the system, then I have no problems. If you modify it for anything else, then it's not a flat tax system.

When the top 5% of the income earners in this country pay >90% of the taxes it's a little skewed. Anytime I hear that the tax breaks are more generous on the "rich", I view the complaintant with a very healthy dose of skepticism. Sure it benefits the wealthy more than the other income earners. They pay a helluva lot more than the others.
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Quote from: Kobra on December 15, 2006, 11:29:52 PM

I heard about this..

See the problem with drug companies, they aren't looking for drugs to "Cure" things, they are looking for drugs to get rid of "Symptoms". I read in one medical journal that drug companies now spend just 3% on researching cures, and well over 38% on marketing and advertising. So this indeed is a rare find unless it ends up being buried. Can you imagine how much money drug companies will lose if Diabetes is miraculously cured?  The other ailments Diabetes causes in the body is huge, and thus, diabetics require a vast amount of drugs over their lifespan.  Color me skeptical, and I won't be surprised if we never hear anything about this again.

Anyway, my mom has diabetes, my grandmother had it, my dad *DIED* from diabetes.  I am predisposed to get it, and really unless I make drastic lifestyle changes or there is a "Cure" invented, I will likely have it, and if not managed, it will kill me.  Copious amounts of Cinnamin in my diet helps regulate my blood sugar, but I desperately need to lose weight and exercise.

Sorry to let you know, but drug companies spend WELL in excess of 3% on cures. WELL in excess. I'm associated with a gastrointestinal research foundation right now (think Crohn's, Ulcerative Colitis, IBS, IBD and the like), and I can GUARANTEE you that your figures are wrong. Due to some very strict NDA's on current research projects I can't give you true dollar amounts, but since most drug companies are public, a quick look at their financial statements can tell you what they actually spend. I'd be willing to bet the numbers are a helluva lot higher than you think.

If you want to blame someone for the speed at which drugs are brought to market, you may wanna start with your local IRB (Institutional Review Board), then hit the FDA. The red tape that research institutions have to go through in even a Phase 3 study (Phase 1 is initial use in humans), is insane.

Lose money on a cure? What the hell do you think will happen? The cure will cost an absolute fortune. It will be the only way for the drug companies to recoup a multibillion dollar investment. Then, your insurance company will figure out it's cheaper to treat your symptoms than to cure your disease. Trust me. I spent 7 years working for one of the largest and most profitable HMO/PPO/Insurers in the state of Texas. I know how they work and what they'll do.

And before you go off on me thinking I don't know what I'm talking about financially, I'm an accountant, and can damn sure read financial statements.
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