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2561  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / LotR: Battle for Middle Earth - First Impressions on: December 06, 2004, 08:18:46 PM
They seem to love it in Germany. Of course, one might have to question   Germany's taste in some matters:

2562  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Best Game of All Time, Final Round! on: December 04, 2004, 08:53:30 PM
Planescape: Torment.
2563  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / War of the Worlds - Cool! on: December 03, 2004, 08:54:50 PM
Are all the policemen going to use walki-talkies instead of guns?
2564  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Ok so how do I play HL2 if the comp has no internet? on: December 03, 2004, 02:26:49 PM
It's as easy as pie!  :wink:

How To Make Steam Offline Mode Work
last edited 09/03/2004 02:05:09 PM by qUiCkSiLvEr

Special Note:
If a game says "100%" but "Not Ready" for offline play, it may be because the purchase process for that game (cd-key or cc purchase transaction) has not yet completed. You need to wait for that to complete before playing offline.

Two Scenarios:
1.  My friend has no Internet connection, how can he set things up so he can play offline?

2. I want to be able to play at a LAN party and they won't have an internet connection there, how can we all play offline?

There are several ways to do this that will work for players without Internet access as well as for LAN Parties where there won't be internet access.

You have to be online somewhere at least once to perform all of the following steps.

The first step here is to perform the latest update and capture it. This is very important to make sure you get the latest content and bug fixes.  Everyone that will be participating at the LAN event must have the latest update!

Easiest way
Bring the computer that will be playing offline to an available internet connection at a friend's house, school or perhaps business.  Log into the account and do all the updates, make sure it all works.

Then "exit" (do not log out!) from Steam, go to the Steam folder and make a copy of the clientregistry.blob file (just in case).  Write-protect the copy (mark it Read/Only).

Physically unplug the computer from the internet, start up Steam and let it fall back into offline mode.  Make sure the computer will play both Listenserver (LAN), client and the single player ok, then exit from Steam again.

If this is a WIN98 computer, it will act like it's stuck updating and not logging in, JUST WAIT!  It will take about 90 seconds for it to finally figure out that there isn't an active internet connection then it will prompt you to retry or go into offline mode.

The computer is now ready to play offline at home unless he accidentally logs out ...

If he does this he won't be able to play unless he verifies online again >> or << exits from Steam, then copies the copy of the clientregistry.blob file back which will restore his offline play.


It certainly wouldn't hurt to burn a CD of the working offline installation for him.

Next Easiest way
Do all the above on a different computer, IE: install Steam, log into his account, do all the updates, exit from Steam, make the copy of the Clientregistry.blob file, start up and let it fall back into offline mode, make sure it all works, then exit again.

Then burn a CD of the install and take the CD to the remote computer and copy the install there.

Very Important! Make sure the files are placed on the exact same Disk and Path!

You might have to make sure that all the files you copy off the CDRom are not marked read-only.
2565  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / LOST - 12/01/04 - HOLY CRAP! on: December 03, 2004, 02:18:58 PM
Quote from: "gameoverman"
Quote from: "BigRedCat"

I think this is pointless to question. Both Charlie and Claire come to the same conclusion and it's the most interesting and far-reaching one:that the psychic knew about the plane crash. Whether he thought they would die or he thought she would be forced to raise the baby herself is another question. But having it turn out to be evil baby dealers really does't add anything to this story, y'know?

Well, it could add something if everyone's story was coincidence, but they all intrepreted it as something else. Sorta like in Signs, was that God or just coincidence?

What if Locke's 'cure' was a result of shock due to the crash but he thought the island cured him? What if Claire thought her baby was special in some way, but the plane crash was a coincidence that made the psychic seem omnipotent?  What if Charlie thought he transcended his addiction by redeeming himself when in reality he was going to kick his habit anyway since he would eventually run out of drugs?

In this show, it seems nothing is what it looks like at first glance. So I think it's too simple, too pat of an answer, to say that the psychic went through that elaborate scheme simply to get Claire on the airplane.  There's got to be something else going on there.

But the psychic insisted that Claire take that flight only. His excuse was that the couple was going to be at the airport. Huh? There are phones, you know. A flight from Australia to L.A. is not quick - just call the couple when Claire decides on a flight. I think it's pretty clear that the psychic knew the plane would crash, though it seems a bit odd that he went to such an extreme measure when Claire was willing to follow his directions.
2566  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / The record book is Peyton's Place! on: December 02, 2004, 06:47:02 PM
Quote from: "Devil"
I don't feel the need. I chose to. Because I was hoping we could have a discussion not have someone repeat the same thing with caps lock on over and over again.

While we're on things that I haven't got a response to...What about the 17.5 PPG allowed in Indy's wins post I made a while ago. Is HE winning those games or could almost any team have won them? :wink:

Perhaps the other teams only scored 17.5 PPG because Manning was so good at controlling the ball on offense? Or perhaps because opposing teams got so far behind they had to abandon any semblence of a balanced offense to keep up (thus making them much easier to defend)? Credit for the Colts holding teams to 17.5 PPG in their wins should not be attributed entirely to their defense.
2567  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Fantasy Football Question on: December 02, 2004, 02:04:11 PM
I don't think Westbrook off-sets McNabb's TDs so much since only 3 of McNabb's passing 23 TD's have gone to Westbrook.

Speaking of match-ups, however, Washington has a pretty good run defense. Combine that with the fact that Barber hasn't scored a TD since Eli took over, and I would probably lean to starting Westbrook anyway.

It really depends on your league's scoring system, though. Do you get points for receptions? Or do you get bonuses for going over 100 yards rushing? For the last few games, Westbrook has gotten more receptions than Barber but not as many rushing yards.
2568  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / LOST - 12/01/04 - HOLY CRAP! on: December 02, 2004, 04:36:57 AM
I thought her son was "Alex". I can't recall the name of her husband, though. Maybe Ethan.

And how does Sayeed know that there are other people on the island other than the French girl? Because she told him? Because he "heard" their voices? Or did he see them when he was returning to the caves?

As for the girl's baby -- watch out; if she gets with the hobbit and they raise the child together, she'll be breaking the rule the psychic gave her.
2569  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Karate Chimp on: December 01, 2004, 09:54:30 PM
2570  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / CONSOLE GOLD GIVEAWAY! on: November 30, 2004, 08:22:54 PM
Quote from: "wankerjr"
Free is always good.

Unless it's a colonoscopy.
2571  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Best Game of All Time Round 6 on: November 30, 2004, 05:38:10 PM
Baldur's Gate 2
2572  Non-Gaming / Trading Forum / Looking for GBA games; have mucho to trade on: November 27, 2004, 02:00:23 PM
In particular, I'm interested in Mario & Luigi Superstars Saga, any of the Castlevania games, probably about any RPG, or even the Super Nintendo Zelda game. Of course, I'm open to offers of anything.

For trade I have:
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
Golden Sun (without box or manual)

Battlefield: Vietnam
Europa Universalis 2
Civilization 3
NeverWinter Nights

Breath of Fire (but I can't seem to find the manual)
Kingdom Hearts

Deus Ex: Invisible War

PM me or send me an offer at [email protected]. Thanks.
2573  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Happy Birthday Doctor Who!!!! on: November 24, 2004, 03:21:05 PM
2574  Non-Gaming / Steals and Deals / Toys R Us PS2 $14.99 on: November 23, 2004, 08:23:53 PM
By the thread title, I thought Toys R US was selling PS2's for $14.99. Bah humbug.  :wink:
2575  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Cursed heartburn on: November 23, 2004, 02:16:11 PM
Have you tried Zantac? If your heartburn is caused by acid reflux, Zantac works great.

Edit: It would probably help if I mentioned the right drugs.....
2576  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / This Is Fun Pt 3: This Time It's Personal! (possibly NSFW) on: November 23, 2004, 02:13:59 PM
Quote from: "Interloper"

That is great.
2577  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Goldeneye: Rogue Agent (Can you say "ouch"?) on: November 23, 2004, 02:11:12 PM
The PS2 mag (I don't remember the official name) gave Goldeneye a 6.5. And they inflate scores more than any reviewers I've seen - in the same magazine they gave Killzone a 9.5!
2578  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / This Is Fun Pt 3: This Time It's Personal! (possibly NSFW) on: November 20, 2004, 12:07:39 AM
2579  Non-Gaming / Steals and Deals / Black Friday ads. on: November 19, 2004, 06:35:08 PM
Here's another site that's pretty good:
2580  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: STEAM stole my money!! >:( on: November 19, 2004, 02:15:29 PM
Quote from: "Rob_Merritt"
Quote from: "dangerballs"
It comes with a quickstart card.  Steam users can access it by right-clicking on Half-life 2 and selecting Manual.

Mine came with just 5 cds. Thats it. Nothing else in the box

Where did you get it from? Mine came with the CD's, a reference card, and a $20 mail-in rebate for the new ATI videocard.
2581  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / ESPN College Hoops 2k5 - Impressions on: November 19, 2004, 02:11:03 PM
Can more than one person be in a dynasty at one time?
2582  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Best Game of All Time Round 5 on: November 18, 2004, 02:08:57 PM

2583  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / HL2 performance thread on: November 17, 2004, 01:47:15 PM
AMD 2400+
1 Gig Ram
9500 Pro

Game runs ok at 1024 x 768 on medium settings but still is a bit choppy at times. I would guess I'm getting between 20 - 30 fps. I just updated my Catalyst drivers last night, though, so I'll see later today if it runs better.
2584  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / This Is Fun Pt 3: This Time It's Personal! (possibly NSFW) on: November 16, 2004, 12:06:43 AM

2585  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / [NFL] Bills looked good last night! on: November 15, 2004, 09:20:10 PM
Never underestimate the stoutness of the Patriot's D at home in cold weather. They can/will make most teams look awful.
2586  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Platform Recommendations for Indoctrination on: November 15, 2004, 06:34:09 PM
Quote from: "Eduardo X"
Quote from: "Ralph-Wiggum"
Beyond Good & Evil would be my recommendation. It was fun and easy to get into.

And though I haven't played it, Katamari Dynasty has gotten good reviews and seems like it might fit your criteria.

That's Katamari Damacy, and it is the reason I bough a PS2.
The reason I keep it is Virtua Fighter 4: Evo, Fight Night 2004, SSX3, FFX, and so much more!

Oops.  :oops:   Thanks Eduardo.
2587  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Platform Recommendations for Indoctrination on: November 15, 2004, 05:57:35 PM
Beyond Good & Evil would be my recommendation. It was fun and easy to get into.

And though I haven't played it, Katamari Damacy has gotten good reviews and seems like it might fit your criteria.
2588  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Amazing info on a spammer on: November 15, 2004, 05:54:02 PM
Quote from: "Balshazaar"
It's interesting to me that this guy and that hacker who was busted a few years ago and sent to federal prison were both from Raleigh, North Carolina.  Why??  That's my hometown.

I would decend into a life of crime, too, if I had to suffer cheering for NC State athletics....
2589  Gaming / Multiplayer Madness (MMO or otherwise) / The new beta testers' WoW impressions thread! on: November 12, 2004, 10:43:06 PM
I played around for a couple of hours today as a hunter, too (Tauren). So far, I'm enjoying it a good bit more than I did when I was playing as an undead Warlock (granted I only played until level 5). I think it's mainly the beginning area for the Taurens that I prefer. Using a gun is pretty fun, as is my tracking ability (it's a lot easier to find the particular monsters you're looking for if you can just place the cursor over the mini-map to see their names).
2590  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Best Game of All Time Round 4 on: November 12, 2004, 08:26:30 PM
Ultima VII
Planescape: Torment

Baldur's Gate 2
Master of Orion 2
Deus Ex
2591  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Ban on Gay Marriage a winner in 11 states. on: November 11, 2004, 05:42:45 PM
This may have been said many times already since I haven't read the whole thread. But in case it hasn't, here is my view on the issue:

Doesn't the fact the the Bush administration is calling for a Constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage show that at present the Constitution allows for gay marriage? These "activist judges" have just found that the Constitution permits gay marriage; so rather than argue that the Constitution in fact forbids gay marriage, the administration has decided to change the Constitution. It seems to me that act in itself proves that denying homosexuals the right to marry is against the Constitution.
2592  Gaming / Multiplayer Madness (MMO or otherwise) / The new beta testers' WoW impressions thread! on: November 11, 2004, 02:03:48 PM
I played for about an hour last night as an undead Warlock. So far the game seems pretty fun, though not all that much different than other MMORPG's. I've found the quest system to be nice in that at least I have goals; in a normal MMORPG I'd be killing the same monsters over and over again like I do in WoW, but there would be no goal or real point to it other than leveling. In any case, I plan on trying it some more later today.
2593  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Hotmail finally upgraded on: November 10, 2004, 07:39:53 PM
Whoo hoo! Now I can have 250 meg of spam!
2594  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Got My GameCube. Need Recommendations. on: November 10, 2004, 01:54:20 PM
The two best games I've played on the GC are Zelda and Metroid Prime.
2595  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / WoW - FREE Open Beta date announced on: November 09, 2004, 07:43:02 PM
Darn, maybe I should try downloading it at Fileplanet. Right now I'm getting about 35k/sec from Blizzard's website. If that rate keeps up, I'll have the whole game downloaded in a mere 14 hours from now!
2596  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / GTA: SA--help on "Life's a Beach" needed. on: November 08, 2004, 06:37:22 PM
For what it's worth, I've noticed that to get a good score on the dancing sections I usually have to push the buttons a bit earlier than I would have thought based on visuals. It seems that the correct timing requires that the buttons be pushed when a little more than half of the icon has just entered the circle.
2597  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Corrupted saved games in Rome: Total War? on: November 06, 2004, 02:39:59 PM
Has anyone had their saves in Rome not work? It had been a week or two since I played, but now every time I try to load up my save games, the program crashes to the desktop. It doesn't seem to matter which save game I am loading either. Has anyone experienced this problem and if so do you know of anything that can fix it? Thanks.
2598  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / GTA: SA--help on "Life's a Beach" needed. on: November 06, 2004, 01:36:55 PM
Not far from the gym is a dance club where you can practice your moves. I'm not sure exactly where the club is located, but I'm sure you can find a map or something on
2599  Gaming / Multiplayer Madness (MMO or otherwise) / Wanderers invite you on: November 05, 2004, 05:02:17 PM
I might be interested in joining if I decide to purchase WoW (haven't played in the beta). Does anyone from your guild play on the PvP servers?
2600  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Star Wars Episode 3 Trailer - November 4th! on: November 05, 2004, 04:09:02 AM
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