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16961  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Happy Birthday Rage! on: September 06, 2005, 12:21:31 AM
Happy Bday Rage!

How many candles should I put on the cake? smile
16962  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Do you use The Rod? (sfw, for now) on: September 06, 2005, 12:19:39 AM
A skipping rope and iodine if the skin broke.
16963  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Xbox 360 is dead! PS3 has keyboard/mouse support!!!! on: September 06, 2005, 12:17:19 AM
Quote from: "Hrothgar"
That way people who don't want to compete against mousers can choose to only play games without them.

Mousers... hey, aren't those the white robot rats from TMNT ? I imagine they wouldn't be stiff competition online... I mean, they don't have HANDS or anything. slywink
16964  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / No game saves transfer to 360 on: September 06, 2005, 12:13:48 AM
Quote from: "Canuck"
Quote from: "Purge"
Very Big Evil Grin ---->  :twisted:

My soon-to-be-ex-wife is taking it as soon as the X360 comes out (which is why I'm getting one on release date). So it's become the exbox. (and THAT is a double entendre slywink )

Who gets the games?  Or is it an every other weekend kind of thing?

Our taste in games are drastically different. I get mine, she has her few.
16965  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Favorite Console Game villain? on: September 05, 2005, 06:20:59 AM
Quote from: "JayG"
Favorite Console villain, has to be Reven from KOTOR. That guy was badass.

PC would be the guardian from Ultima 7 and 8. That voiceover really creeped me out. And the bad guy from BG2, another evildoer with an amazing voice.

Did you ever beat Ultima 7, 7pt2, 8 and then 9?

Bastard guardian. His creepy cameo's throughout Ultima7 had triggered the "I shat my pants" code deep within my psyche. Of course, I had the volume cranked... biggrin
16966  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / No game saves transfer to 360 on: September 05, 2005, 06:17:50 AM
Very Big Evil Grin ---->  :twisted:

My soon-to-be-ex-wife is taking it as soon as the X360 comes out (which is why I'm getting one on release date). So it's become the exbox. (and THAT is a double entendre slywink )
16967  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Computer speakers or stereo system? on: September 05, 2005, 12:49:27 AM
You could also go for something like this :

Binaura single speaker dolby 5.1 sound system

It takes all the standard audio inputs (stereo, digital co-axial S/PDIF, optical), and with one speaker and the sub / amplifier, it produces the 5.1 effects a-frickin-mazing.

The sound is solid and spaced well, I was soo impressed (saving private ryan was superb with the bullet whizzing etc).

Here's a few pics:

16968  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Xbox 360 is dead! PS3 has keyboard/mouse support!!!! on: September 05, 2005, 12:36:13 AM
Quote from: "Destructor"
...rocket jump...

Man, that was the stupidest thing ever... "My rockets don't hurt me as much cuz I'm the one firing them!" biggrin
16969  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / "Fanboys" on: September 05, 2005, 12:17:15 AM
Quote from: "TheMissingLink"
I don't mind being called a fanboy.  What's really wrong with absolutely loving something?

It's not the "loving something" that brings in the Rage, (pun intended slywink, it's the lack of respect for that persons ability to use critical thinking to determine what is just their own appreciation for the product, and the inability to recognize the flaws.

A fanboy is as annoying as a parent who's "little Johnny" can do *NO* wrong. I don't label myself a fanboy; if someone wants to critizice my opinion and they bring valid points, I may concede based on the facts provided. I love Dynasty Warriors, but it is (for a lot of people) the same game repackaged over and over again. And it's a repetitive beat-em-up with some performance issues that loses a lot of people in the names and bad english voice-overs. Am I still loving the game? Fuck yeah! Those facts don't negatively impact my enjoyment of the game.

I may be "gay" for Dynasty Warriors, but I know why, and am able to see flaws. My name is Justin, and I am *NOT* a fanboi.

The more you know...
"gay" is used in the last season of the Simpsons as a popular phrase in the future. eg. Hetz is gay for xbox360, Knightshade is gay for tactical military shooters, or U2K is gay for many obvious reasons. No wait, strike that last one.  :twisted:
16970  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / "Fanboys" on: September 05, 2005, 12:08:47 AM
Quote from: "Rage"
I agree-its just trolling at this point. I mean, think about it logically-what does it really say? "Rage, your perfectly valid opinion on XYZ doesn't matter because we all know what a big fan of XYZ you are!"

Just silly.

I friggin' *KNEW* you were an XYZ Fanboy. Heh. Fanboy Alert indeed.

16971  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / No game saves transfer to 360 on: September 05, 2005, 12:07:00 AM
Burnout3, Jade Empire both can't be copied anyways. (trust me, I've tried slywink )

Were I to keep my exbox, I'd be modding it to be a home entertainment unit after my live account was transferred to the x360.
16972  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / No game saves transfer to 360 on: September 04, 2005, 07:10:06 PM
I'm not at all phased by this. Also, there may be a context missed (they may have been citing content that CAN'T be transferred, rather than you CAN'T transfer content. I haven't read the article, and you know the product isn't out yet so there's no point worrying about it.

I may get a PS3, but damn them if it's too much. I can justify $399 + 1 controller, 2 charge packs and maybe a WiFi NIC, but I will NOT spend 599 + accessories for a PS3... the fact that they're putting non-standard hardware (cell chip is "new" which means the only supply is through Sony... rare = expensive) plus the blu-ray (and how much extra is THAT going to cost the consumer).

My old games aren't that important. I had a PS1 and I had a PS2 for a while. I don't tend to look back and sink hours into old games. Halo2, Halo, maybe Oddworld and a few games here and there of Phantom Dust. Everything else I'll play is likely new.
16973  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Computer speakers or stereo system? on: September 04, 2005, 07:03:37 PM
Quote from: "Raven VII"
I've essentially decided on buying a stereo system. The question is which.

My budget limit is $200, although I can stretch it if the stereo is THAT good.

Any recommendations?

Yeah. stay away from mini component stereos.

Your 200 goes into tape decks, cds  etc... go with a logitech 5.1 system (the one with the THX is what I have).

My speakers kick .. loud!

You should look for what kind of hookup connections you need.
16974  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Xbox 360 is dead! PS3 has keyboard/mouse support!!!! on: September 04, 2005, 03:04:03 PM
Quote from: "warning"
Just so I can be clear about this...

We will have the availability of a more precise control option with faster aiming speed for first-person shooter games.  And we're complaining about this?

Because more precision and faster aiming speeds are a bad thing?

No. The mouse is awesome. It's just too bad Sony isn't stepping up to the plate to design another interface for the other hand that better complements the needs for motion than a Keyboard.

Something like the gaming claw or the strategic commander with tweaks to ensure they don't suck ass.
16975  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Xbox 360 is dead! PS3 has keyboard/mouse support!!!! on: September 04, 2005, 03:01:59 PM
Quote from: "disarm"
Quote from: "Eno"
So you get a thumbstick for analog movement (which I think anyone will agree is superior to WASD)

i strongly disagree...

And you're entitled to it, even if you're dead wrong.

WSAD is horrid for movement. Look at Splinter Cell and what they had to do to introduce creeping vs walking vs running. The mouse wheel?? Lets not even get into the whole only 8 actual directions to move. N-NW-W-SW-S-SE-E-NE is lame. On top of that, your keyboard traditionally would only allow so many keystrokes at the same time, so you're holding SHIFT to crouch, A and W to walk forward/left, and then hitting G to throw a grenade and it doesn't read the G cuz you've already got 3 keys held down. The last thing is the staggered keys.. they aren't sitting in a natural forward/back/left/right position, so it requires some training.

The mouse is precision (as we've been trained to it). That's not to say that something better can't come out though, and although the keyboard is nice if you have a bunch of bound keys; the use of character movement is so blindingly painful that most computer games have scared off the mainstream based on controls.

You like it because you're used to it. You like it because you've not trained yourself. Any. Other. Way. I'm left-handed; to work with a right-hand mouse I had to retrain myself when they came out with trackball controllers that were right-hand-only. Now I game with my right hand on a mouse. Is it better than left? No. I also had to train my left hand for WSAD (I used to game with my left hand on the mouse, and my right hand on the cursor keys or the numpad). Try using your left hand on the "smaller" cursor keys (with a true N/S E/W config)instead of WSAD... not so easy to do.

Keyboards are too limited in their input scheme. I'm really hoping the Revolution changes the input to something radically different. I want innovative, intuitive controls. Dual Analogs make more sense although they're less precise. Lets see what the big N brings to the table.

Until then, I'll enjoy my mouse/keyboard config on PC, and controller on my exbox.
16976  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Xbox 360 to launch on Black Friday (11/25)??? on: September 04, 2005, 02:47:24 PM
speaking as a Canadian (well, actually TYPING as a Canadian) I couldn't care less about november release dates. Our thanksgiving is in October. biggrin ... the only stat holiday we have in November is the 11th; Remembrance Day (for fallen soldiers who die protecting our way of life and the freedoms of our allies).

As to Black Friday, well, that's just a giant retail monster to fuck over the masses. I used to support AT&T WorldNet (tier 2 tech support) for ~4 years, among other products like AT&[email protected], RoadRunner, etc... I've gotta say, Black friday is a day where you can come into work so drunk you can't even speak and it won't affect your work. As I understand it, your crazy long weekend causes more traffic and more mail transferred than Christmas time. Yikes!
16977  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / No game saves transfer to 360 on: September 04, 2005, 02:37:08 PM
First of all, both of your examples are NULL, dude.
No Team Ninja games allow save games to be copied to a memory card.
I don't think Burnout3 allows it's savegame to be copied either (I tried; I had to send my exbox in for repair).

You *may* still be able to copy savegames with the MegaXKey (as it's a USB key with an adapter for the Xbox controller port).

I have one; I'll let you know.
16978  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Bungie helps with "Fight the Flood" on: September 04, 2005, 12:36:08 AM
I bought one.

Shit, I need to cut the lawn sometime... what's more fashionable than that?
16979  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: Hitachi uses the word Bling, world recoils in horror on: September 04, 2005, 12:34:46 AM
Quote from: "Knightshade Dragon"

Dude, I dunno who she is, but I'm thinking the crashed heads in her bad clusters ain't a problem.  :twisted:
16980  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Hitachi uses the word Bling, world recoils in horror on: September 04, 2005, 12:33:33 AM
Quote from: "CrayolaSmoker"

It's a dessert topping!
It's a floor wax!
It's both!

I'll put some on your butterscotch pudding, and some on your mop!
"mmm, tastes delicious!"
"..and just look at that SHINE!"
16981  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Phantasy Star Online on: September 04, 2005, 12:30:07 AM
CARD revolution is a GC only title, IIRC.

And PSO I&II is a subscription service, last I checked. You have to pay for Live AND then pay Sega to play a 5 year old game.

LAME. >_<;
16982  Non-Gaming / Hardware / Software Hell / Massive Hardware Issues-Help Please on: September 02, 2005, 06:17:46 PM
I'd also suggest (after RAM and CPU seating) swapping the P/S ... if this is a tin-can PS it could be introducing the problem.

How much did you pay for it? If it was less than $50-75 (or bundled with a cheaper case) I'd suggest buying a replacement from a store that accepts returns with no restocking fee. Even if it "worked" with your other config, it should be considered suspect- everything you do relies on it.
16983  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / looking for atypical bride/groom dance song ideas on: September 01, 2005, 07:13:19 PM
"if I was TWICE the man I could be,
 I'd still be HALF of what you need.
 Still you lead me and I follow;
 anything you ask for you know I'll do.
 This one act of consecration is what I ask of you..." -NIN

heh smile I'd suggest something like "Eternal Flame" or there are a few really good lovey-dovey songs on Sunshine on Leith (The Proclaimers).
No, I'm NOT recommending 500 Miles.
16984  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Hurry! Grab Opera (browser) for free! Today only! on: September 01, 2005, 06:43:00 PM
you can also use SlimBrowser which is another IE alternate shell like Maxthon.

I prefer its tabbed browsing to all others, and it's speedy.[/url]
16985  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Im still waiting for the New Orleans Relief fund ..... on: September 01, 2005, 06:36:42 PM
updated my posting... enjoy.  Tongue
16986  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Im still waiting for the New Orleans Relief fund ..... on: September 01, 2005, 06:25:17 PM
And as to the canadian army helping; We have 3 good reasons :

1) if you were hit with a glacier we'd be happy to help... but we're unfamiliar with this "wa'-ter" thing.
2) You wouldn't let us in to help, especially considering we eat our own beef.
3) In the last military cooperation the US bombed Canadian troops while they were engaged in military practices *within* the area that the US army designated.  :angry: One of many of Murphy's Military laws "Friendly fire ISN'T."

I truly hope that my government offers aide in other means to both the New Orleans and surrounding areas, however I'm not sure I'd like our "army of one" (:x) going down there.

Looking at the other damage (oil platforms) being hit: it hastens the need for change in the automotive / energy industries to focus on renewable energy sources. If Mr. Bush and his puppeteers think that people will stand to wait paying 5bucks a litre for gas at the pumps, they've grossly underestimated the ingenuity of the open world market. Who knows, some company in China may offer a radical shift in what they can produce in terms of portable energy, and then the "big 3" and the oil conglomorates and their collusion will fall. Viva la Revolution!
16987  Gaming / Multiplayer Madness (MMO or otherwise) / Check it out, i'm back on: September 01, 2005, 04:09:39 PM
As to the flooded 'Big Easy', U2K, that's just f***ing sick, man. You think of people stuck in their attics trying to get out and drowning, or people being told to "Go" ... go WHERE ? to the magical palace in their forest utopia to live like kings?? That kind of statement is crass and uncalled-for. Grow up, or get lost. :\

There, I've taken some of the bait. ::sigh::

As to the (as -LE- put it) obvious troll post : I hated Evo.  Evo was uninspired. Boring. Sure it was a full meal, but it lacked... spice.

That old racing game where you had front-end loaders racing dump trucks, now THAT was the bomb. I forget what it was called; they always had funny sound clips playing, like :"Hey that ain't mah bellybutton" "well that ain't my finger neither!"

For off-roading, I'd suggest Test Drive 3. Man, did you guys ever find the Xwing fighters landing behind the airport on the second level ? I used to race up the ridge and launch myself into the planes that were trying to land.
16988  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Favorite Console Game Lead Character? on: September 01, 2005, 03:38:59 PM
Lu Bu.
16989  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / This just in! IGN is lame... on: August 31, 2005, 03:12:50 PM
Myto, well played. smile

but seriously, I still have that pick WBS.. want it posted? slywink
16990  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / FPS console Nausea on: August 31, 2005, 01:35:01 PM
Everyone loves mytoes. Cool My toe is a virtual hub of social entertainment.

As to motion sickness, try to focus on using the controller, and not bobbing your own head. slywink

I'd say try using a different set. A widescreen TV can make a big difference as it doesn't focus you in a little box. [ + ] vs [- + -]. High def can also help out. I'd suggest trying games that use progressive scan.
16991  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Are you one of them? on: August 31, 2005, 01:25:11 PM
mmm ... curves.  :twisted:

Er wait...
[hauls mind out into the sunlight; the gleam of gutterwater clinging to the surface]

Yeah. So I'm a consumer whore. (and HOW!)*

I'm right there buying the most expensive toys for the dumbest reasons. I own a 60GB iPod. In my defence I bought it cheap on eBay, and I will get stuff as cheap as possible. I just won an auction for the Monster iCruze (the CD changer adapter for iPod <-> car stereo). Once again, eBay @ 66US (retails for 199US).

As to the x360, I want me some of that in a bad way. I just saw the GC2005 video for the console dashboard, and it looks freakin' awesome. I can't wait. I may cash out my pre-order if Superstore puts out a $30 off purchases over $250.

PS. *bonus points to those who get this reference biggrin
16992  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / I WON A XBOX 360!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on: August 31, 2005, 01:19:28 PM
Quote from: "AgtFox"
Eddie, that means you have enough money to pre-order the $2k Omega Pack from Gamestop slywink

for *all* of us. Get to work, bud.  Cool
16993  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / This just in! IGN is lame... on: August 30, 2005, 07:33:17 PM
WBS, I'm sure I can dig up a pic from an E3 a few years ago... lessee.. hrm, there's one here of you dry-humping the display at Bethesda.

Dammit, your tongue's not hanging out in this shot. Ah well, it's no good.

16994  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / I WON A XBOX 360!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on: August 30, 2005, 07:21:42 PM
dammit. dammit. dammit. slywink

Congrats man... I'm really happy for ya. You bastard. biggrin
16995  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Game Rental Services in Canada... on: August 29, 2005, 03:42:29 AM
as Gamefly isn't in Canada. Anyone have recommendations? I can google, yes, but I'm looking for some positive experiences first.
16996  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Widescreen and 1080i gaming? on: August 29, 2005, 03:35:35 AM
Amped 2 looks amazing. Seriously, it's incredible.
Also, there are some 480i games that selected that on purpose...
for instance, Kung Fu Chaos used it to get the old cinema look. That's all I got though, I think most of the 480i stuff is just ass.
16997  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / The mediocre hulk - how is it? on: August 29, 2005, 03:24:53 AM
Quote from: "Bullwinkle"
Also, when dealing with a range of 0-100%, 86% isn't really average, but I'll grant you few games score below 50%.[..]So, mediocre?  Hardly.

Really? I rarely find entertainment in games that score less than 70%. The range below that is that there is something that hinders enjoyment and  since I have limited time, I'd say that the range of games I'll touch are generally 70-100%. There are exceptions*, but they are due to other factors. We can blame the wonky grading system used (based more on GPA scoring than true percentile grades).

That means 86% is nestled comfortably on Mediocrity Boulevard in my neighborhood.

Keep in mind guys, I don't have to prove you wrong on this sub-topic; someone asked how I got to the term mediocre. Evidenced above and supported by personal taste, I'd say we're sitting with case in point.

Moving on, I've tried the game. the fact that there are only two attack buttons, and then the jumping, roaring, dashing, throwing and (wacky) targetting, it feels good but the fun is about as deep as the textures. Hulk is gonna be a rental for me. I may have it for a week or two, but I'm not dropping $50 on this. GTA:SA taught me that lesson.

*- Dynasty Warriors series on xbox traditionally gets low scores but I love the games and the characters.
16998  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Console Duldrums? on: August 29, 2005, 02:52:54 AM
Quote from: "Kevin Grey"
Depends on the system. Xbox is pretty much dead- the only notable exclusive I can think of still to come is Half Life 2 which most of us have already played.  

The exclusives are bare, that is true.

However, crossplatform gaming is still better on the box.

Rainbow Six Lockdown, Dynasty Warriors 5, Spiderman Ultimate and Burnout Revenge all have me wondering if anyone can recommend a Gamefly-like service in Canada.

Thing is, since my xbox is going to the ex and henceforth it will be known as the ex-box, I'm getting a x360. (:shock:  ooo, double entendre!) Since I've made that commitment, I'm not shellin' out money for xbox games that devalue faster than I can beat them.

Burnout Revenge is now paid off (trade 3 at EB), and it's the x360 version too. smile Traded in Ninja Gaiden, Burnout 3 (lost save games due to warranty repair) and Dynasty Warriors 4.

I'm not buying DW5 either, they've got a special edition coming for the x360.

Update: here's a list of games I'd like to at least rent for the Xbox assuming they all come out this year... well, there's one in there I wouldn't touch.. I bet you could figure it out though slywink The order is based on release date from (hence all the 'with Bonus!' statements).

Rainbow Six: Lockdown with Bonus!
Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks with Bonus!
Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes with Bonus!
X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse with Bonus!
Ultimate Spider-Man with Bonus!
Far Cry Instincts with Bonus!
Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects with Bonus!
Brothers In Arms: Earned In Blood
Call of Cthulhu
Serious Sam II with Bonus!
Nightmare Before Christmas: Oogie's Revenge
The Warriors
Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse
Tony Hawk's American Wasteland
Battlefield Modern Combat
25 To Life with Bonus!
Spartan: Total Warrior
Star Wars Battlefront II
Sea World: Shamu's Big Adventure
Call of Duty 2: Big Red One
James Bond From Russia With Love XB
Need for Speed: Most Wanted
Sims 2
America's Army: Rise of a Soldier
Gun with Bonus!
Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter
Castlevania: Curse of Darkness XB
Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows <<-- thought this was cancelled
True Crime New York City
Marc Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure with Bonus!
Peter Jackson's King Kong
Prince of Persia 3
16999  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / AC2 Implodes; Gamers ask, "What's AC2?" on: August 27, 2005, 09:02:07 PM
I loved Asherons Call (1). It was so much fun, and the world changed every 4-6 weeks. Where is WoW's updated content? ::sigh::

ah well.
17000  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / I am a sucker for average to just above average games on: August 27, 2005, 08:57:00 PM
Quote from: "Rage"
Speaking of timesplitters, did anyone ever play the new one? Timesplitters Future Perfect?

Co-op is a blast on FP. I love how the second character is the "guide" for that time level.  You get different weapons and skills, and frankly some of the dialog in the game is just a-frickin-mazing. smile

I'm waiting for a used copy to fall into my hands. I don't know if the game changes like the Timesplitters2; TS2 would actually change based on difficulty level (so if you played on easy you couldn't open certain sections of the map, making the game play COMPLETELY different on harder settings).
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