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16601  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / X-Men 3 on: December 06, 2005, 08:05:36 PM
please let that NOT be Juggernaut.

I mean cripes... they should have gone with someone a little more .... imposing. CGI him if you have to ... I mean, he's mostly red suit, with some bloodshot eyes and pearly white teeth.
16602  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Now official..MS sued over 360 on: December 06, 2005, 07:30:36 PM
Quote from: "Kevin Grey"
And to make matters worse its just as important to keep the power brick "well ventilated".  Again, most people are going to stash that behind the cabinet out of the way.

Yeah, I realized you're probably not defending the ignorant masses with your statement, but let me tell you... if *I* had purchased a $500 device, I might take the time to peruse the instruction manual, ESPECIALLY if it's giving me problems.
16603  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Now official..MS sued over 360 on: December 06, 2005, 03:28:22 PM
Quote from: "DamageInc"
Class Action Lawsuit for Extreme Stupidity.

It would just be a lawsuit, unless MS could find other manufacturers to join their class suit.

I hate press.
16604  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Saints Row Demo on Xbox Marketplace soon! on: December 06, 2005, 03:23:40 PM
I disagree with the "run a game at the same time" as the programmers tweaked their games to play with hardware specs; not crippled by downloading. I think maybe arcade games would be alright, but I wouldn't want to play a full fledged game while downloading.

I *do* know you can still hold a conversation with someone while downloading (LD and I did that while we were both downloading).

Oh, and ther percentage thing is crap. if you cancel and resume a download, it jumps to 50% right away.
16605  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / A proposal to all GT'ers who love computer games on: December 05, 2005, 08:05:52 PM
Quote from: "Semaj"
I'll try to keep my jokes more in the toilet in the future smile

might as well... most of us keep our minds in the gutter anyways slywink
16606  Gaming / Multiplayer Madness (MMO or otherwise) / GTOfficial x360 Live Scoreboard (Bandwidth Warning) on: December 03, 2005, 12:26:13 PM
fixed. Thought it had no space in it.
16607  Gaming / Multiplayer Madness (MMO or otherwise) / GTOfficial x360 Live Scoreboard: Trash-talk Lounge on: December 02, 2005, 08:34:03 PM
This thread is now officially the comments thread for trash-talk.  nod

The new scoreboard can be found over here ... no replies in that thread so this one serves a purpose.

Go to town! (be nice though, try not to be too hard on WBS for having 0 Achievements.... once he gets his controller synched with the 360 he'll do much better... he promises.  icon_wink
16608  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: Drink Your Final Fantasy! on: December 02, 2005, 08:03:18 PM
Quote from: "CrayolaSmoker"
Can't wait to (phoenix) down some o' that stuff!  What?  It's a gimmick?  That's immateria to me.  Quit yer squallin'.

:: beats Crayola Smoker with the butt end of a gun-sword ::
16609  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Brag about your Gamerscore/Achievements here! on: December 02, 2005, 07:52:21 PM

'stoobad the embed doesn't work for SWF...

<embed src="" classid="clsid:D27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000" quality="high" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="198" height="135">
16610  Non-Gaming / Trading Forum / The Official GT Trader Feedback List (updated 7/30) on: December 01, 2005, 02:27:46 PM
+1 for Jumanji for SmartJoy Frag. (From early october). Prompt payment, patient with shipping time (as I was just starting renovations and had to locate the instructions).
16611  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / [RP] Bush says "Not leaving" on: December 01, 2005, 12:33:30 PM
:: takes gloves off, looks down at the keyboard, and sighs ::

The sleeping giant woke, and not finding the insect that bit it, lashed out at friend and foe alike. When no resistance was met, it renewed old hatreds and lay waste to it's most recent foe.

At least, that's how I see it. The locomotive had steam, but the tracks weren't moved. The world watched, disapprovingly, as all of Iraq was punished once again for the "sins" of its leaders. Do you think perhaps it would be fair to have a larger, more military country depose your existing government using military might? I'm really not seeing much of a difference here; only because Bush Jr. stands in "the light" and is a self-proclaimed "hero" this makes him good and right to impose military might and destroy a countries infrastructure to build it "in his own image" ? Now that the damage is done the questions are being asked like "we need other countries to step in and help fix the mess" but who is being held accountable for said mess? Hundreds of thousands of iraqi civilians have died, including rebels loved by their own people. Think Luke Skywalker when you think rebel; outnumbered, outgunned and still willing to fly to the heart of their enemy. I mean, what would make *you* want to kill yourself for a cause? What does a suicide bomber get out of killing themself? To get into heaven? To make someone else rich? If these people are being "tricked" into doing it, how is that any different than US soldiers being led to a battlefield with no goal other than the (at this point VERY successful) "the will of a good god", destruction of a nations structure, or perhaps making Haliburton and ye ol' boys club a little richer?

Perhaps Democracy stands higher than facism or dictatorship in the evolutionary ladder, but by no means is it TRULY the top rung.I don't see the american government as any less shady than other implementations of controlled power.

I am saddened, disgusted and enraged with the loss of american soldiers for a cause so hollow. I am a Canadian with some very dear American friends, and I hope the people can make a clear tone ring through your governments halls : a vote of no confidence is not the worst thing that could happen to your country, it would just topple the existing administration. You need a group of people in there that have the american needs ahead of the wants of the political agendas that have been carried forward by the existing marionette; a little puppet with sawdust for brains and strings so obvious we wonder whether anyone could put their hand up his arse and make him say anything we want.

They didn't attack an opposed nation; they attacked a country filled with factions who have had millenia of internal conflict and power struggles with millions of civilians trying to keep food on their table. They should have gone IN with a clear plan. Standing around now and looking around for the map and their playbook says to me that they don't have a hot fucking clue what they're doing, and they shouldn't be allowed lead ANY sort of rebuilding effort. Oh, make no mistake, they should be PAYING for what they broke, but their heavy-handed tendencies will NOT be able to rebuild and balance the environment. It took a strong, ruthless leader to hold these people together, what makes you think that a spineless imposed government will be able to hold tight on a rough ride AND fight off the rest of the jackals in the middle-east?

If this is going to work, the US will need to shift controls to the UN, the UN will have to grow a pretty damn big pair of balls for the road ahead, and the US troops will be required for a Long, Long Time on Iraqi soil that isn't that far, far away.

And some of those US nad UN troops are going to be shipped back to their families in wheelchairs and pine boxes; there is no two ways about it. We will be paying for the "sins" of the father (and his puppet son), all of us.

(you'll note how I didn't touch on how the prev. US gvmt had anything to do with forming the existing situation (through influences exerted in the past 40 years... this is to keep the tone from sounding too negative. I just want to see this fixed).

16612  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / your own 'anything' of the year awards on: November 30, 2005, 10:00:07 PM
Quote from: "Doopri"
STOP PLAYING KIDS GAMES! smile  the only acceptable cartoons are 1) family guy 2) futurama 3) simpsons

*cough*Samurai Jack*cough*cough*

and The Tick. oh dear god the Tick. Sam 'n' Max. Pinky and the Brain... sheesh. Has formulaic prime-time animation washed away the diverse flavors from your media palette?

most addictive 'gotta get'm all' game feature: Phantom Dust. A-frickin'-mazing.

Funniest Worst-statement in the above posts in this thread :
Quote from: "devil"
Worst Guy in GT - Lockdown

best console release this year Xbox360.

worst console release this year Xbox360. (the Phantom runs a close second, followed by the PSP.)

Tackiest storyline on 360:Amped3, followed by NFS:MW
16613  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / More Xbox 360's on the way! on: November 30, 2005, 09:38:38 PM
devil check out my sig for a list of people waiting for one.
16614  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Anyone up for some PD0 co-op or MP? on: November 30, 2005, 04:31:30 PM
Love the co-op mission style. highly recommended... feel free to invite me if you're online.
16615  Non-Gaming / Forum and Site Feedback / I need to log in constantly. (not fixed yet) on: November 30, 2005, 12:24:35 PM
I believe it's an IE6 thing. (under XP I've had it happen at work and at home) ... this came after playing around with security settings. I reinstalled my OS at home and now I don't have to log in more than once. I'd try resetting the security zones, clear the cache and delete all offline content including cookies (esp. any cookies).

You can also check the knowledgebase.
16616  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Xbox 360 + Divx + Video Conversion = Win! on: November 29, 2005, 11:45:01 PM
I'm having problems with media center finding the 360.  frown
16617  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Are you happy with your 360? on: November 29, 2005, 11:41:26 PM
Quote from: "CrayolaSmoker"
And where's everybody getting 33-4?  I'm showing 33-3.  The only 4 I see is the 4% the 3 votes make up.

Sorry, my mistake. I glanced up. 33-3
16618  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Are you happy with your 360? on: November 29, 2005, 11:36:34 PM
Quote from: "adamsappel"
seems like most--if not all--of the new dashboard functionality could have been incorporated into the original Xbox dash.

I disagree. The way the Xbox1 loaded (as I understand it) is the BIOS loads the software (game) and then the game loads the networking functionality. Every time I was in LIVE on the XBox1 and switched games, it would ALWAYS drop. I mean, consistantly. I'd have to ask for the invite again. The Live functionality we enjoy on the 360 is consistant throughout, and I don't know if the structure would lend itself well.

Quote from: "adamsappel"
Arcade could have been successful were it a dash option instead of a disk. Yes, those are more gripes against Microsoft than the 360, but while they are cool, they don't seem "next gen."

Agreed, since we all had the Hard disk with Xbox1. I don't know that it would have truly "sold me" on it though.

Quote from: "adamsappel"
More importantly, they have completely broken the chat function. Meeting in the dash made it much easier for a group to decide on a game to play.
I have not been able to create a multi-person chat room, and this bothered me a bit. Not significantly, as I can still send messages to multiple gamers at the same time.

Quote from: "adamsappel"
The voice quality has also plummeted.
Not for me; it seems better. I have the play-n-charge kit; maybe the "AA" method is saving power? (I'm assuming here; I may be wrong)

Quote from: "adamsappel"
I don't understand the need to have four dedicated voice channels, especially if I can only talk to one person at a time.

The four channels looks like a throwback to .... The Microsoft Game Voice. Yep, it's back. Think of it this way... your game has it's independant chat function, and then you have 4 private channels... you can invite someone whom you are playing with (in a team of people) to privately converse, whether to take something "offline" or to speak about more personal matters ("Did your 'Roids clear up?") You can have up to 4, and they're all private. (and the alotted channels stay while the system is turned on.. when someone leaves it to move to another channel you are notified, as well as when they return). Also it means you can play with one person, and talk to another without interrupting your game.

Quote from: "adamsappel"
Nor can you talk to original Xboxers, so the "community" Microsoft touts so highly is instantly fractured.

You can talk to them when you're ingame (such as Halo2). The only functionality "broken" is the dashboard... and I've not tested it for myself, it may well work. Perhaps only the private channels don't work, and there's something we're overlooking.

Quote from: "adamsappel"
Backwards compatibility isn't very well implemented thus far, either.

It works fine for me. The live integration can't carry over as the system needs to run in emulation... that means that all of the available system resources need to "seem like" the Xbox1. That means no continued chat, or integration with the new dashboard functions.
16619  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Are you happy with your 360? on: November 29, 2005, 11:18:40 PM
Quote from: "Arclight"
Oh yeah, heaven forbid someone doesn't like something that a ton of others do.

Next we'll all be wearing brown shirts shouting, Heil Hitler.

Right, questioning why is definately inline with the facist nazi regime.  :roll:  Frankly, if I were to state I hated stars and stripes or apple pie I'd get just as much flak. Freedom Fries my ass.

The comment from hetz was to reflect that until he posted about this at OO, there were no nay-sayers. Then the no-s come rolling in (33-4 at this time) and no reasons as to why people hate it. The people who love it comment though.  :?:
16620  Non-Gaming / Trading Forum / Moving Sale. on: November 29, 2005, 11:10:42 PM
I've not rec'd anything, money was Paypal'd Nov 12th-ish.

Have the games been sent C24? (I know you're in the midst of moving, but I didn't get any response to the PM I sent ya... )

Update : PM rec'd from Chump24, items were sent a week ago. Thanks!! biggrin
16621  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Xbox 360 + Divx + Video Conversion = Win! on: November 28, 2005, 11:28:55 PM
16622  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / The MSDUNCAN trying to get a 360 status update on: November 28, 2005, 06:22:20 PM
you could always post a msg in the official request thread and get some GT'ers help you find one. smile
16623  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / I'm going to LA and I'm going to be a bastard (DS Related) on: November 28, 2005, 01:40:00 AM
So I'm going to "rent" a DS from Future Shop (best buy) by buying it, playing it for a week, and then returning it.
Since I can't do that with games, I'm gonna do the $10 thing at my EB games... I need 2 or 3 game recommendations.

So give'er... which are the best ones? I don't have any interest in Nintendogs; ( I already have a dog to love me and make me clean up crap).

[update : use this thread for new responses... biggrin ]
16624  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Do you think MS will ever phase out the Core unit? on: November 26, 2005, 02:23:52 PM
Quote from: "Kevin Grey"
Quote from: "Purge"
No other console maker has changed their controller mid-stride to suit the requests of the public.

That wasn't at the market request, and the nintendo arcade stick never REPLACED the original controller as the the defacto standard.

The Dual Shock was to add joysticks; there is no functional difference from the Xbox controller vs. the s-controller.
16625  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Someone asked about DivX and Xbox 360 on: November 26, 2005, 02:22:09 PM
Actually, it is very clear.

The xbox360 will not decode any MPEG-4 Variant video natively. If the PC has the drivers and you are using the media extender for Windows XP Media Center ed., the PC will decode the signal and send a usable format to the 360.

So, YES if you have Windows XP MCE or VISTA, and NO if you just have XP Home or Pro.
16626  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Do you think MS will ever phase out the Core unit? on: November 26, 2005, 04:58:51 AM
Quote from: "Temjin"
Quote from: "Purge"
At one point, the Xbox had a Giant controller.

Not really the same issue.  The controllers are functionally the same, one just "feels" better.  The HD is something a game needs to be desgined around, and by releasing the core system I think they have already made their choice.  I can't really envision a scenario where a developer is going to ignore an entire section of the installed base of 360 users.  Since the PS3 and Revolution won't have hard drives either, it's entirely possible most developers will continue to ignore it.    

And the 360 does have a system wide standard - the core system.

You've missed the point; MS has historically listened to the demands of their demographic market. The giant controllers are comfortable however people wanted smaller so they changed the default controller. No other console maker has changed their controller mid-stride to suit the requests of the public.

As to the hard disk requirement; if you look at FFXI as an example, a hard drive is required (even if it's a MMORPG). Given a title in demand Ms would surely accomodate.. like Square says "You get FFXIII, but we want hard drive only" MS will say "OK".

I don't think the HD thing is that big of a deal though; and the core system is fine as it is. The one thing to remember about the hard disk is that it's just storage. It works with cards as well, but when you think about it, if someone were to take the Hard Disk out of your system (as it was damaged or they were taking to a friends place) would you want to be able to still play your games? There is a tradeoff value in not relying on that component.
16627  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Anyone having trouble with their Play & Charge kits? on: November 26, 2005, 04:54:14 AM
Arkon, hit the little round button on the x360 face (near memory cards) while the system is on, and then hit the "X" on the controller. It should synch up.
16628  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / So who else is working today? on: November 25, 2005, 08:15:59 PM
The Devil never takes a day off.

Oh, and I'm at work. Mind you, Canada has an October date for Thanksgiving. (second monday of Oct).
16629  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Do you think MS will ever phase out the Core unit? on: November 25, 2005, 08:14:14 PM
At one point, the Xbox had a Giant controller.
16630  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Anybody else's Perfect Dark Zero buggy as crap? on: November 25, 2005, 07:38:54 PM
Quote from: "DamageInc"
I believe this is because for some weird reason the 360 does not update your gamer profile with regular Xbox games. So it is seeing it as inactivity and discoing the connection.

I'd like to find out why and/or if this is intended.

Heres my thinking :

Since Xbox games need to use the network layer it is more cost-effective to let the BCEmu talk directly and then the software can connect. For instance, Halo2 will drop you 360 XBL connection, only to start it right back up while the game menu loads (if you've set up your profile).

It is truly emulating the environment including the XBL connectivity; the 360 didn't have a continuous way of staying online between games / dashboard ... therefore the reason behind the "what you're playing" is that XBL sees you as being on an Xbox1, where that feature was more limited.
16631  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / The 360 crashes! It must suck! on: November 25, 2005, 07:32:54 PM
Quote from: "Jarrodhk"
Well... my 360 does not appear to like my DVD's of Equilibrium or Volcano High.  It freezes within 10 minutes of starting.

So far it hasn't frozen on Troy though so I'm wondering what the problem is.

Frankly Volcano High is a buggy pressing. I've had problems with it in 2 of 3 DVD players (and tested with 4 different disks).
16632  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Britsh people on: November 24, 2005, 11:32:29 PM
Quote from: "whiteboyskim"
Considering we opened a big can of whoop-ass on you twice, I'd say no.  :twisted:

If I'm not mistaken, I believe your whitehouse was erm, how do you say, burned-to-de-ground-dagnabit ... from the Canadians. Yep. Under british rule. I'd say that the US may have "won" their independance, or the British saw it as lost cause. Fighting in your own yard to keep what's yours ain't opening a can of whoopass, it's defending your life. Kudos to you, but it doesn't constitute a domination over the brits because of it.

Jessica Alba, on the other hand, DOES.  :twisted:

As to brits being better than others, I don't think so. The air of superiority has been deflated for quite some time. Maybe if you go back to fighting the French you can feel better about yourself.
16633  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / How Spike TV Is Ruining Gaming Journalism And The Industry on: November 24, 2005, 11:25:58 PM
1) WoW should be nominated if it weren't eligible last year.
2) games that had not been released should not be eligible; given WoWs disqualification from last years *cough*ceremonies*cough* based on street date.
3) if the 200 industry experts who have had a chance to play these games (some of which may or may not be final code or even have "gone gold") why would WoW not have been allowed last year?

It seems to me that they have a dilly of a pickle there. Knightshade, I'd seriously take hrothgars advice. That network could sink your site for no better reason than slander.

If you're going to sling mud, make sure it's legit and that you have, in fact, protected your own flank.
16634  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / General 360 Questions on: November 24, 2005, 08:30:56 PM
Quote from: "Arkon"
Quote from: "Knightshade Dragon"
Quote from: "Arkon"
Ok, I used the play and charge kit with my controller.  The light went green on the kit.  I removed the connector, turned off my XB360, but the "X" on the controller is still lit, at the 3 position.... any ideas?

Is the red light lit too?  I turned off the system and my red light shows that it is charging.

The play and charge light went green, so I disconnected it.  However now the "3" position on the "X" button stays dimly lit after turning off the system and controller.

try holding down the X key and chose to turn off the controller. Then turn the system off with the power button.

I still haven't used my power button yet. It's a wierd feeling.
16635  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / General 360 Questions on: November 24, 2005, 08:29:20 PM
Quote from: "Bullwinkle"
Has anyone tried copying saves from the original Xbox using Mega X-Key or somesuch and transfering them via PC?

It didn't recognize my MegaXKey.

Oh, it's still for sale.
16636  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / What's your GOAT of the year so far - 2005 console edition on: November 24, 2005, 05:08:39 PM
It took until 2005 for me to get to the wrecked part of the train... slywink

Ultimate Spidahman was a wash for me. The spidey sections were fine, but the whole Venom leaping thing (and following Electro had me throwing the controller).
16637  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Interesting thing about Xbox Live on: November 24, 2005, 05:06:30 PM
I just added your name to the list (see my sig) ... maybe that's why??

I know I'd never say "Hey! That guy shure knows how to hurt himself on a sled! He's cool... I need him in my friends list!!"
16638  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Xbox 360 - Massive Shortages at Launch on: November 24, 2005, 03:22:43 PM
Why don't you guys work together; and buy an extra one if you can? At worst Autistic Angel will buy one off you.
16639  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / MS losing $126 per 360 sold on: November 24, 2005, 03:19:15 PM
... so they can, you know, make MORE than 100,000 of them. ;D
16640  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / What's your GOAT of the year so far - 2005 console edition on: November 24, 2005, 03:17:37 PM
Quote from: "JayG"
KOTOR 2. Could have been a classic, ended up being awful.


Epic disappointment. Way worse than Jade Empire. It was a trainwreck.
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