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4441  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Movie studios scaling back UMD movies on: February 16, 2006, 05:37:14 PM
PSP has lots of good games...that's the problem.
Good games don't sell systems, great ones do.
It's the great games that are missing.
The unique feature of the PSP isn't the great games it has but the fact you can get a similar console experience that you'd have at home, but on the go. That simply isn't compelling enough for more people to shell out 250 bucks for it (plus).
4442  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Nintendo DS Lite vs Nintendo DS - comparison shots... on: February 16, 2006, 05:22:18 PM
I dunno...I kind of like the look of the old one, though I must admit the navy one they are releasing in Japan is nice looking.
4443  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Opera Web Browser add-on for DS announced (and W11 WIFI!) on: February 16, 2006, 01:10:06 PM
Quote from: "GatorFavre"
I'll sing it some praises right now:  best handheld graphics on the market. period.

Which would be a big deal if they'd get out even a handful of games that were better than "really good".
4444  Gaming / Multiplayer Madness (MMO or otherwise) / How I made 300 gold in WoW at level 36 on: February 14, 2006, 12:43:19 PM
Quote from: "Toe"
A week or so ago I saw a Hand of Edward the Odd  (rare epic mace) on the goblin auction house for 1300 gold buyout. I pooled all my money together from my characters and barley had enough to get it. Sold it for 2000 the next day.

Nice! And here I was so happy a nabbed a couple of copies of plans to make mithril spurs for a couple gold, LOL.

I do so enjoy buying up other people's auctions and reselling for more money.
4445  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / I HATE KAMEO!!! on: February 14, 2006, 12:40:40 PM
I didn't mind the controls on deep blue so much. They could have been more intuitive, but the only time I found it really annoying was transitioning between walking and swimming.

I really like that the various elemental heroes all have such a different feel to them just moving around.
4446  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / I HATE KAMEO!!! on: February 13, 2006, 02:41:06 PM
Yeah I totally choked first try, got it in...I think 2 dives on the second.
4447  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / I HATE KAMEO!!! on: February 13, 2006, 04:31:09 AM
What's the big deal with that boss? I hear a lot of complaints about that fight but just don't get why. I could see people being bothered by the fact that there's one and pretty much only one way to get though those fights, but I still rather enjoyed them. There's certainly nothing hard about it or I never would have gotten past it.
4448  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Hands on with the close to final PS3 dev kit on: February 11, 2006, 09:49:04 PM
Can't wait to hear them spin how this is a good thing or at least how 720p wasn't "real HD" before but is now. If they are able to do better antialiasing than most 360 games seem to do, it should still look better, though.
4449  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Back in Action (360) on: February 09, 2006, 12:33:36 AM
Quote from: "DiscoJason"
Quote from: "Devil"

#2 - I have the EB protection thing and I'm not sure they have any to swap it out for.

I didn't know this piece of information.  I think I heard that if you swap yours out with MS and get a new unit with different serial, then your protection plan is no more.  So, if you aren't experiencing serious issues, I would hold off until EB starts to get more and then spring it on them one day before your year is up.

I know that on the forms we use at Gamestp the Serial No IS recorded and is tied to the plan. Not sure about EB but it is a good question.
4450  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / My XB360: I've lost all interest on: February 09, 2006, 12:25:47 AM
Neither my 360 nor PSP have been on...totally hooked by WoW at the moment. I have played some Meteos and Metroid Pinball on DS.

I do have several PSP and 360 games reserved but have no idea when I'm going to actually play them.
4451  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Say what you want about Monster Cables... on: February 06, 2006, 11:22:18 PM
Keep an eye out for Monster cables used at Gamestop. It isn't that uncommon to get them in, and the skus used for system cables aren't brand specific, so you can walk away with some good quality cables cheap. Same goes for a lot of other used accessories (e.g. I got a Nyko PSP charger case for 7 or 8 bucks).
4452  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Full Auto Scorched for a 5.5 in OXM on: February 06, 2006, 08:27:26 PM
I enjoyed almost a beer and pretzel type of game more than a real racing game. I think Blowing the tar out of everything in sight, crashing through buildings, etc will be fun.
4453  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Would anyone recomend Kameo? on: February 03, 2006, 12:43:36 PM
Yeah I think that one only took me a coupe of tries and I pretty much stink at this kind of game.

Kameo is not a hard game. The one place that frustrated me was the mountaintop village, because getting around is hard. Having said that, I've played about 20 hours but haven't finished (maybe 2/3 through). If you like to poke around and explore the secrets there is a lot fo play time here.

OTOH my 360 hasn't come on in weeks thanks to World of Warcraft.
4454  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / XBox Live Update - I'm rantingly pissed! on: January 30, 2006, 11:23:41 PM
Quote from: "Kevin Grey"
I really, really hate the integration of Live profiles and save game profiles.  I was having internet difficulties one evening and couldn't play NFS:MW single player without being signed into Live.  Ridiculous.  

Myto, I had something very similar happen with Condemned my first day

Kevin, that makes no sense. Yes, you'd have to be signed on to your profile, but that's got nothing to do with whether or not you are connected to live. There must be another explanation.
4455  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Need some Sony PSP information on: January 24, 2006, 12:12:02 AM
Wipeout pure is an exception though. For other games, if that's all you are going to do, 32MB is a lot of storage. The larger cards are more for copying lots of music/movies and other multimedia stuff.
4456  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Full Auto + Free Faceplate on: January 21, 2006, 03:06:18 PM
Quote from: "CrayolaSmoker"
Fixed that for ya.  :wink:

Nooo...I'm quite certain it was correct the first time.
4457  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Full Auto + Free Faceplate on: January 21, 2006, 03:05:01 PM
Quote from: "Graham"
So I go into GameStop and they say they can't tell me if I'll get the faceplate if I pre-order Full Auto.  Yet, if I go to or, I have to pay shipping.  Maybe I'll try next week or give them a call.

Graham, it isn't at all unusual for info to lag behind getting to the retail stores. Back before i started working at gamestop, I preordered City of Villains from because the local store didn't have the preoorder boxes or know anything about them. They did get them in after a while, though.
4458  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Full Auto + Free Faceplate on: January 20, 2006, 01:01:51 AM
Because Cafe Press is evil and they must be destroyed.
4459  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Something I hate about Gamestop on: January 20, 2006, 01:00:42 AM
Qbe, a couple of other ideas:

1) have them shrink it in the store or seal it in a bag.
2) have them mark on the receipt that it was the display copy

Andrew, so who the beneficiary is of the prior use doesn't matter, which was my point.

Kagath's suggestion to keep your receipt is a great one. In general terms, I think there's a lot more latitude to assist a customer with a problem when we know when and where an item was purchased and whether it was new or used, than if we have no info.
4460  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Something I hate about Gamestop on: January 19, 2006, 08:17:14 PM
Fair enough...if you're paying for new, you're entitled to have it in new condition. I didn't realize that was the beef you had with the whole thing.

Andrew, you bring up an interesting point in regard to trying on clothing benefitting the customer. Is that really relevant, though? I mean, suppose a new game were loaned out so someone could see if they wanted to buy it. Does that realy change anything?

Bottom line is a new game should be in new condition, and if it isn't, you should ask for a discount as an open/shopworn item.

All IMHO of course.
4461  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Something I hate about Gamestop on: January 19, 2006, 12:38:08 PM
I guess what gets me is that sometimes posters make it sound as if there's a deceptive practice going on here, and there isn' least not at a corporate level. I generally make a habit of explaining to customers exactly what I'm doing and why. Most of them don't really care as long as the game works but some of them choose an alternative.
4462  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Full Auto + Free Faceplate on: January 19, 2006, 12:35:06 PM
I was stoked when I read about this yesterday, because I already have mine preordered, but don't expect to call Gamestop and get more info because nothing has been sent to the stores yet (at least as of yesterday).
4463  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Something I hate about Gamestop on: January 19, 2006, 04:18:57 AM

In all seriousness:

When an article of clothing gets tried on in a store, then gets refolded and repinned by the person that comes in at 3am to fix all the damage from the day before, is that piece of clothing now used?

It is unfortunate that the necessity to not display discs on the floor exists, but it does. You always have the option not to purchase a new, opened item. But to me at least, to say something is "used" means it has been sold previously. You could argue that if an employee borrows a game for a couple of days that an item is used, but I'd liken this to a car used by the manager at a dealership for being sold as "new".

It's actually funny that we often take things in trade that are still in shrinkwrap, but by definition these are "used" even though they are unopened. So we have opened new and unopened used...go figure.
4464  Gaming / Multiplayer Madness (MMO or otherwise) / Whats your WoW GUI Look like? on: January 18, 2006, 11:27:23 PM
Quote from: "gellar"
Yep... though if you're just interested in doing that, you can get away with just using DUF and DAB without the Charcoal piece.  Ultimate UI comes with DAB preinstalled, so just add DUF and you can basically move anything you want.

I'm sorry...what language was that?
4465  Gaming / Multiplayer Madness (MMO or otherwise) / Whats your WoW GUI Look like? on: January 18, 2006, 01:02:35 PM
Quote from: "gellar"
Quote from: "warning"
gellar that is the weirdest UI setup I've seen.   :shock:

It's actually preconfigured setup from the guy who made MonkeyQuest.  I found and switched to it this weekend, and find I like it quite a lot.


Can you move stuff around?
4466  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Something I hate about Gamestop on: January 18, 2006, 12:48:08 PM
Quote from: "depward"
I don't know if it's EB Games or Gamestop that I've seen this happen before . . . maybe both . . . but I hate it when employees try to do that "game warranty" to people.  

That isn't gamestop.

Yes, we can check out games, but we take the used if available.

I'm always happy to shrinkwrap an open copy, or even a used copy when it is a gift, but you are right that it wouldn't like identical to a new one. Wanting a gift to look nice is something I understand completely.
4467  Gaming / Multiplayer Madness (MMO or otherwise) / I re upped my WoW Subscription on: January 14, 2006, 01:22:33 PM
Just started a trial account a couple of days ago and am pretty darned impressed so far. I really like mining/smithing. Playing Alliance on Kul Tiras.
4468  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Fate and Spyware on: January 11, 2006, 01:00:29 PM
Quote from: "EddieA"
I've had FATE on my computer since it was released, and I've never had any problems with it or WildTangent.

4469  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / electroplankton on: January 11, 2006, 04:28:27 AM
looks like I'm screwed.
EB is out.
I had an order thru amazon with Target but it said it wasnt shipping for a month, so I cancelled and ordered thru TRU, which said it would ship in 2-3 days, but after I placed the order it says mid March (which probably means never).
4470  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / electroplankton on: January 10, 2006, 03:14:04 AM
Quote from: "Eduardo X"
Mine just shipped....

Eduardo, where did you get yours from?
Target and Gamestop are both backordered.
4471  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / PS3 Pre-Order on: January 09, 2006, 12:25:00 AM
Quote from: "jament"
Back to the question of pre-orders, I think there's a potential that after the XBox 360 debacle, there might actually be LESS preorders placed.

After all, who would pre-order again at an EB or Gamestop after paying for a 360 back in Sept/Oct and still not receiving their unit?  It's no secret that those who saved the cash then did some camping ended up with their units long before those who preordered.

While it's reasonable to think that might occur, all I can tell you is that we have had a lot of people asking about preordering the PS3 since the 360 launch. If anything, I think a lot of people are that much more determined to get on the preorder lists early.
4472  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Are you F****** kidding me on: January 08, 2006, 06:04:50 PM
Quote from: "disarm"
Jade Empire and Ninja Gaiden: Black are next on my list of BC games to pick up.  i've read online that JE works pretty well right now, but NG:B apparently has some slowdown that makes later parts of the game even more difficult that normal.  MS is supposedly working on that one though...

What's Jade Empire like? How hard is it?
I gave up playing Fable because it was too hard for me. Fable also has some choppiness and occasional sound glitches, and crashed on me once. Crimson Skies works great, but displays some graphical artifacts near the top of the screen.
4473  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Interesting Kutaragi/PS3/HDMI tidbit on: January 08, 2006, 04:54:43 PM

Bascially, it sounds like getting a new HDMI protocol with 16bit color output over HDMI in time for system launch is a question mark.
4474  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Are you F****** kidding me on: January 08, 2006, 04:29:59 PM
Quote from: "mikeg"
I just took my original xbox to Blockbuster's Game Rush and got $85.  Not bad really.  I find there was practically nothing that interested me anymore on it.  I like my PS2 much much better.  Never thought I would say that.  

At any rate, I agree the list of BC games is mostly a joke.

Wow, 85 bucks is really good.

A few thoughts: The only people I know that have tried to burn the emulator to CD have not gotten it to work. I haven't tried myself.

Halo also requires emulation IIRC, it is just that the emulator included on the HD already covers Halo 1/2.

Autistic Angel, If you want a new Xbox, I wouldn't wait too long. You may find it increasingly hard to locate a core system (I know at my store we've been out for a week or two...all we have are bundles w/ Forza Motorsports).
4475  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / My 360 just died it would seem on: January 08, 2006, 04:24:30 PM
Flashing Red is overheating I think. Shouldn't be hot if it was off all night....odd
4476  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / PS3 Pre-Order on: January 07, 2006, 08:36:24 PM
No, it's an interesting one...not trying to splash water on it, just trying to think it through.
4477  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / PS3 Pre-Order on: January 07, 2006, 03:48:54 PM
Quote from: "Sarkus"
They won't really be aiming at the mass market at first and will probably talk about how they envision a transition from PS2 to PS3 rather than a traditional quick switch over.

That's PS3 supposed to have full backward compatibility? One thing that might make me question such a potential strategy is that they have to have developers on board and with the reported costs of making a next gen game, the devs are going to need to shift some copies. How are they going to do that in a big way if Sony isn't doing the same?
4478  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Gamestop survival guide on: January 07, 2006, 05:29:56 AM

I can understand why you'd have some hard feelings (and maybe an aneurysm or two) about that. I've spent a lot of time working in situations that made me miserable and I'm not willing to do that any longer. I think I'd find it extremely difficult to work in an environment where my superior (i.e. the DM) wasn't willing to get my back in such a situation.

With all the 360 hoopla, I've had the chance to see (not directly) how my DM has responded to some angry folks. I had a run in with a customer last week, myself (not 360 related). I made the mistake of casually tossing a pad of post-its onto a counter and a customer took this as a grave offense, insisting that I had thrown it at them. My manager was in the store at the time. He said to me, "Did you do anything wrong?" I replied, "I don't feel like I did." He said simply then I had nothing to worry about.
4479  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Gamestop survival guide on: January 07, 2006, 03:25:17 AM
LOL, thank you for the advice. Truthfully, I'm still trying to figure out what to be when I grow up....never mind I'm older than many/most of the folks here. I never worked retail until March. I signed on as a temp for a Barnes and Noble at a new mall. I ended up getting promoted to full time there and staued 7 months, but moved over to Gamestop to be in a smaller retail environment. Right now I'm learning an awful lot, enjoying myself, and I feel like there are opportunities with the company. If that changes eventually, hopefully I'll have a solid base to make a move at that time. My employment history is a bit bizarre though and I really need to establish more of a track record.

sorry for the digression.
4480  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Fight Night Round 3 DEMO!!! On Xbox Live Marketplace NOW! on: January 06, 2006, 03:22:35 AM
Quote from: "Booner"
-Push offs. We can clench, we should be able to push off.

My opponent did push off when I tried to clinch once, and I only did that a couple of times.
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