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4401  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Question about buying music online on: January 12, 2005, 09:19:37 PM
Quote from: "Thin_J"

On the other hand, if you buy at least one CD every month, seems like an absolutely AWESOME deal.

No kidding... there's a huge # of CDs I want to get in order to fill out my collection, but they're just not worth $12+ to me.  But for $6?  Heck yeah...
4402  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: Question about buying music online on: January 12, 2005, 08:14:21 PM
Quote from: "Torfish"
My biggest question/worry is what if I lose/accidently delete a song that I downloaded?  To get it back, would I have to pay for it again?  Can I download the purchased songs as many times as I want to any PC?

Unfortunately, once you download the song, that's it.  Burning it to CD is your best backup option - otherwise, yes, you would have to re-purchase it if something goes awry.

You can authorize up to 5 computers with your iTunes account, and can transfer purchased songs between them.  If you want to add another computer beyond the fifth, you have to de-authorize one first.
4403  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Is a Flash iPod on the horizon? on: January 12, 2005, 08:08:03 PM
Quote from: "Scott"
An incredibly small, lightweight iPod with zero chance of skipping that holds enough music to keep you rocking through a really long workout.

The mini is an incredible, lightweight iPod as well.  I've never had it skip with many long runs, or workouts.  For those of us (or just me) that go on long runs, or workout a lot, the Shuffle isn't great, just can't hold enough music or audio information.  I also don't want to constantly update the music, what a pain.

I could see it working very well for certain applications... for example, if I were to buy one, I'd set it to randomly fill up with my 5 star rated songs... it couldn't fit *all* of them on there, but each time I synced I'd get a different assortment of the best tunes in my collection.  That way you're not having to manually update it with certain songs.

But as a general-use player, no - there are definitely better options out there.
4404  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Is a Flash iPod on the horizon? on: January 11, 2005, 10:14:00 PM
Quote from: "Fireball1244"
Why would you expect FM?

I never said I did.  But I want FM, therefore I will look elsewhere.
4405  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Is a Flash iPod on the horizon? on: January 11, 2005, 07:00:25 PM
The latest... ( )

# iPod shuffle features new iTunes with auto-fill that will automatically select songs for iPod shuffle. Can also be used at flash storage device. 256MB usually cost $149. iPod shuffle in two versions: 512MB ($99) and 1GB ($149). Neon green box. Now shipping. Apple offers four accessories: Dock, Battery extender (20hours of battery life), Car adapter--each $29. Due in next four weeks.  [10:56 PT]

# Apple introduces iPod Shuffle..flash based player. Smaller than most packs of game. Weighs the same as 4 quarters (less than 1 ounce). Volume/Up dow. Simple LED to provide feedback. No display. Either shuffle or album-based playback. USB 2 transfer connector under connector at the bottom. 12-hour rechargeable battery. Mac/PC compatible. Ships with a laynard that connects directly to bottom connector for easy carrying. [10:52 PT]

No FM?  Blah... guess I'll be buying an iRiver.
4406  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Marathon for free on: January 11, 2005, 06:37:03 PM
Don't forget Aleph One which allows you to run Marathon 2 and Marathon Infinirty on modern hardware with hardware acceleration and other goodies.
4407  Non-Gaming / Forum and Site Feedback / Gamecube Top Ten on: January 11, 2005, 04:23:15 PM
And here, boys and girls, we have the prototypical Nintendo Fanboy (tm).
4408  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Is a Flash iPod on the horizon? on: January 10, 2005, 09:11:28 PM
Quote from: "th'FOOL"
Actually, in my experience, you are paying for quality, not brand.  Apple uses extremely high quality components.  Look inside a G5 sometime, it's AMAZING.

Disclaimer: I own a Powerbook G4 and a Dual 866 G4 PowerMac and a 3G iPod.

Maybe for the super high end G5s that's the case, but in my experience the components by and large are exactly what you get with any other x86 PC.  IBM/Fujitsu Hard Drives, Panasonic optical drives.  ATI/Nvidia video cards.  IBM-fabbed CPUs.  Motorola modems. Crucial/Kingston/whatever memory.  Samsung/LG flat panels. The laptops are designed by the same compan(y/ies) that design everyone else's laptops.    Basically, the same OEM components that Dell/IBM/Gateway use.  They can get away with charging more because if you want OS X, they're the only game in town.  Same with the iPod - if you want that particular status symbol, you're going to pay for it.
4409  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Finished my first marathon today! *Updated with pics* on: January 10, 2005, 07:29:47 PM
Good job!  One day I will do a marathon... one day...

I never realized how much dedication is required to train for a marathon until I started running myself.  I ran in high school, but it was all short distances - 400m, stuff like that.  Started running 5Ks last year, and even that is still "work" -  I can't imagine running 8x that distance...
4410  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Electric guitar questions on: January 10, 2005, 07:26:09 PM

Wayne:  Denied!


That's supposed to be "fingerpicked" (i.e. don't use the plastic pick, just your fingers) - so you'd pluck the 6 with your thumb, while the 7 is plucked with your middle finger.  Same with the 2/0/0 and 0/2/1 in the fourth bar - you'd pluck all three simultaneously.
4411  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / This Is Fun Pt 3: This Time It's Personal! (possibly NSFW) on: January 09, 2005, 05:36:14 PM
Quote from: "Cyjon"

Ah, nostalgia.  "This new software is available on cassette tape and will run on the standard 3.5k memory in your VIC 20 home computer".  Cutting edge stuff!

Wow... I remember that ad.
4412  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Is a Flash iPod on the horizon? on: January 09, 2005, 05:33:06 PM
Quote from: "Fireball1244"
Warning, you can import your WMA files into iTunes in as Apple Lossless, which won't degrade the quality, though it may take up way more space.

To say the least.  Converting to a ~30MB song that has WMA sound quality is a very poor solution.  Might as well re-rip at that point.  Not to mention that using Apple Lossless on an iPod is going to severely hurt the already lackluster battery life.
4413  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Resident Evil 4 - 9.8, 5/5, *9.6gs*...temptation official! on: January 07, 2005, 11:27:59 PM
Outpost is generally pretty good about shipping quickly, in my experience.
4414  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Job descriptions/requirements/salaries? on: January 07, 2005, 11:19:36 PM
I know this has been discussed before, but does anyone know of a good site or two that lists different jobs, what is required and how much they pay (on average)?  Thanks...
4415  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Finished games list (2005) edition: Keep it updated! on: January 07, 2005, 08:28:49 PM
Doom 3 [PC] 02/13/2005
4416  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Resident Evil 4 - 9.8, 5/5, *9.6gs*...temptation official! on: January 07, 2005, 07:29:23 PM
Awesome deal!  I can wait a couple of days for nearly $20 off... (after tax)

After playing Devil May Cry it would be hard to go back to the RE method of controlling your character

I hated the DMC control method... You'd be pushing right to make your character go right.  He hits a scene change, and your still pushing right, but now the character is going some other direction.  Just as awkward as the so-called "tank" contol scheme IMO.
4417  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Man who pointed laser at jet could get up to 25 years + fine on: January 07, 2005, 07:22:31 PM
I'm just surprised he was able to aim it with any accuracy... hitting a jet at 3000 feet with a handheld laser?
4418  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Tom Petty & the Music Industry on: January 07, 2005, 07:16:27 PM
Quote from: "dbt1949"
As I don't buy very many new relaeases I don't feel the pinch as much as some.

Best Buy in particular is really good about low new release prices - it's not unusual to get first week releases for $9.99.  I know I bought both U2 and Velvet Revolver's new discs the first week for that much.
Prices I think have gone down but in the late 90s, $23+ for a single cd was the norm.

Where do you live (edit: MD, duh)?  I can say with certainty that I've never seen a domestic single-disc release for $23 in my neck of the woods.  Granted, I don't purchase as many discs these days as I used to, but throughout most of the 90s, I was at the wreka stow *every* week buying something, and never saw prices anywhere near that high, even at the expensive shops.  $18/19 was the absolute max, and even then it was the exception, not the rule.
4419  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Tom Petty & the Music Industry on: January 06, 2005, 10:34:20 PM
Nice article - I agree with a lot of it, but I noticed this old chestnut yet again:

"3. It's ridiculous to make people pay twenty dollars for a CD"

Honestly, who pays $20 for a CD?  I know of a couple of stores that sell them for that much, but I don't shop there!  I go one of the dozen other shops in the area (or go online) that has CDs at a much more reasonable price.  I can't remember the last time I paid more than $13 for a CD (with the exception of imports).

Other than that, Mr. Petty is spot-on.
4420  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Old Extended Play Hostess. on: January 06, 2005, 09:55:01 PM


4421  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Old Extended Play Hostess. on: January 06, 2005, 09:39:35 PM
You mean ol' horseface?
4422  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Grim NUmber? How vain are we? on: January 06, 2005, 05:15:45 PM
Quote from: "Thin_J"
I would imagine a news report stated something along the lines that the American death toll due to the flooding is a grim number of 34, and then they proceeded to completely gloss over the 149,900 other casualties that are actually native to the land.

I'd say that's some pretty offensive reporting.

Well, untill we have a link or a source or *something*, there's not much to talk about, really...
4423  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Electric guitar questions on: January 06, 2005, 02:10:57 AM
Quote from: "Zekester"
Well, I had a couple gift certificates for about $100/apiece at BestBuy, CircuitCity and MediaPlay.

I was hoping to piece it from each place, but MediaPlay has a combo setup for about $150.

Well, at that price range and with those packages, they're all equally bad smile  I'll freely admit I'm a guitar snob - I've spent more on my guitars and amps than I have on cars.  But honestly, they're the worst quality you can get. I agree with the poster above - spend the gift certificates on CDs, then go to a real music store or a pawn shop (you can find some great deals there).  You don't have to spend a bundle to get a decent starter guitar/amp, but you're not going to find them at Best Buy.
4424  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / GOAT of the Year Voting: PC edition on: January 06, 2005, 02:04:38 AM
Quote from: "-Lord Ebonstone-"
Quote from: "Laner"
But the worst game of the year?  Nah.  
By far the most disappointing, though.

High profile, hyped-out-the-ass games make messier, gorier splats when they bomb.  Thus Doom 3 is a very valid choice as a GOAT.

While that's some, uh, colorful imagery, I disagree with your rationale.  It's just as specious as voting for HL2 because you dislike the delivery system.
4425  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / GOAT of the Year Voting: PC edition on: January 05, 2005, 10:02:09 PM
Quote from: "Gryndyl"
Quote from: "Laner"
Quote from: "jimmyorr99"
Quote from: "-Lord Ebonstone-"
Quote from: "jimmyorr99"
For all you guys that voted for Doom3, why?
Two words:  Monster closets.

Fair enough I guess....

Big whoop - the original Doom had "monster closets", so at least it's consistent with the Doom world smile  It just didn't bother me like it does some people.

For me it was that within the first 15 minutes of gameplay you had seen everything that the game had to offer. Apart from the brief departure for the visit to hell you spent the entire game in the same dark room and hallway with the same pipes and lighting effects and pseudo-sci machinery waiting for monsters to jump out and go RAAR! when you hit their trigger point.

Yeah, now that I can agree with.  But the worst game of the year?  Nah.  It's much better than the worst game of the year just on technical merit alone.  And it *is* fun - just not enough variety to keep me interested the whole way through.
4426  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Your anticipated games of 2005 on: January 05, 2005, 09:58:09 PM
The Movies
Dungeon Siege 2
Republic Commando
4427  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / GOAT of the Year Voting: PC edition on: January 05, 2005, 09:49:35 PM
Quote from: "jimmyorr99"
Quote from: "-Lord Ebonstone-"
Quote from: "jimmyorr99"
For all you guys that voted for Doom3, why?
Two words:  Monster closets.

Fair enough I guess....

Big whoop - the original Doom had "monster closets", so at least it's consistent with the Doom world smile  It just didn't bother me like it does some people.
4428  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / thanks for the info.... on: January 05, 2005, 09:44:01 PM
Quote from: "shaggydoug"
Quote from: "ChrisGwinn"
If you like the Atari Anthology, pick up the first volume of Midway Arcade Classics.  Good fun.

Got that as well.  Also a collection from Namco that had Galaga, Dig-Dug, Pole Position and Pac-man on it.   My wifes favorite is actually Galaga which surprised me.   I figured she'd be into the Centipede on the Atari more.

- shaggy

Centipede just isn't as fun with a gamepad.  It really needs the trakball...
4429  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Star Wars Vanity Fair Spread - Everyone on: January 05, 2005, 06:02:05 PM
Quote from: "jimmyorr99"
Mark Hamill looks like shit also, he looks like hes 60!

Close enough
4430  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Lightsaber in Kotor 2 on: January 04, 2005, 04:01:37 PM
Man, I don't think I cracked 30 hours with KOTOR 1, and I thought I was being pretty thorough smile
4431  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / [video] new F.E.A.R movie on: January 03, 2005, 05:36:13 PM
Try Quicktime or Real player
4432  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: Electric guitar questions on: January 03, 2005, 05:01:15 PM
Quote from: "Zekester"
I'm double-posting this here and at OO just in case  :wink:
Does anyone have suggestions for a beginner's setup?
And how much should I expect to spend?

The better question is, how much are you willing to spend? smile  And how long did you play before giving it up?  I wouldn't want to recommend a bargain basement guitar to someone who had been playing for a while.
4433  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / What adult type games like Resident Evil 4 are Cube bound? on: January 02, 2005, 06:25:44 AM
Used copies are going for as little as $9 -
4434  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Where is the traffic? on: January 02, 2005, 06:22:22 AM
/Laner stares off into the distance as a lone tumbleweed rolls by...
4435  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / GOAT of the Year Voting: PC edition on: January 01, 2005, 09:28:18 PM
Quote from: "Rob_Merritt"
Quote from: "-Lord Ebonstone-"
I'm just not sure why people have a problem playing the game online if they're already online.  You do realize that by merely opening a connection to 'the internet,' you're putting your computer at a risk far and beyond what Steam is capable of, don't you?

Maybe they are using dial up and don't want to tie up their phone lines for hours? A guy I know at worked has AOL and tried to get HL2 to work in offline mode. It refused. If he plays it online, when he disconects the phone line (since he doesn't want to tie up his voice line for hours) his computer switches to desktop and Half Life 2 crashes.

I think we've identified the problem...
4436  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / You can donate to Red Cross for Tsunami relief at Amazon on: January 01, 2005, 04:19:13 PM
Seriously.  Greggy_d - you've made your point... let  it go smile
4437  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Ico worth $6.99 on: December 31, 2004, 11:37:01 PM
$6.99?  Shoo-doggie - it's worth at least $7.45!! smile

No, that's a great deal for an excellent game.
4438  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Need a little eBay help here. on: December 31, 2004, 09:12:11 PM
Quote from: "Greggy_D"
Can't you leave a comment/response under feedback if you get dicked?

Doesn't matter - your feedback rating is still dinged.
The scammers are few and far between.  The majority of the buyers pay and there is no funny business.  You should leave feedback upon receiving payment.

You're right - most are good ebayers, but it only takes a few negatives to make your feedback look really bad.
4439  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Greatest Universal Remote Ever! on: December 31, 2004, 05:15:31 PM
Quote from: "Vesper"
Quote from: "coopasonic"
Pretty much same setup I am using (assuming there is a DVD player in there somewhere), I got the 676, but the 688 puts the DVR/VCR buttons a little closer to your fingertips (around the directional buttons).

Actually that's the 680.  The 676/680 are nearly identical other than where the buttons are located (and the 676 has interchangable colored faceplates.)  

The 688 on the other hand, you should avoid at all costs.  It has a very poor layout.

Well that sucks... does anyone know how the 676/680 handle Tivo?
4440  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Maniac Mansion Remade on: December 31, 2004, 07:16:13 AM
Quote from: "EddieA"
Retro Remakes is a great site for information on remakes of old games like these.

Awesome - i just bookmarked it.
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