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1  Gaming / Analog Gaming / One of the timelines im currently involved in now 2 of my players on: September 08, 2011, 04:08:06 AM
Marley and Murdock enter the great town of tummlintue. they then make there way to the saloon. Murdoc gets irritated with the bartender after

pulling a shot gun on our posse. Murdoc then prays to his Tomb and after doing so nothing seems to happen but as the bartender goes to fire

his gun will not shoot, murdoc then pulls out his .38 snub nose and lays waste to the bartender. The local drunks in the bar dont seem to

care to much because of the intoxication levels they are at. Then Murdoc and marley find a small door way leading to the back, when going

into the back room they find three crates and two of them are slightly opened murdoc climbs into the first one after deciding it would not be

a good idea to leave the local drunks alive marley walks into the front with the double barrel shot-gun he got from the bartender and shoots

the 2 local drunks, then marley makes his way back to the three crates when marley opens the 2nd one he finds a nice rifle in smith and

robarts labeled crate he then slides into the 2nd crates. Murdoc and marley wait what seems like a centurey then they finnally deem the coast

clear, they then climb out of the crates limbs and joints sore from being in the  small crates but they are worried about someone watching

the front so they try to find an alternative route out of the bar and apon looking around find a nice sized window they can climb out of.

murdoc make it out of the window unseen but when marley was slowly making his way out a man turns around and spots him but instead of the man

screaming for the guards he slowly makes his way to marley and helps him out of the window, murdoc realizes that his suit is covered in blood

so he decided to leave town to go clean it, on their way out of town to go clean murdocs shirt both members of the posse hear foot steps

behind them, and after turning around they realize its a pack of 6 cyoetes. Murdoc then throws his gun to marley and starts to pray to his

book, while murdoc is praying marley tries to shoot one of the cyotes but his gun jams and the firing mechanism breaks. murdoc after praying

closes his eyes and feels this burning sensation, he then opens his eyes and a black fog comes flying out of his eyes and heads towards the

cyoetes one of the 6 from the pack starts to charge the posse and ends up running through the fog and when the cyoete gets in the middle of

it, the beast falls to the ground convolsing after about 20 seconds of that the cyoete lies still. marley then yells to try and scare the

pack away but instead makes one charge him, as the cyoete is charging marley right as the beast leaps to dig his claws and teeth into marley

an arrow comes flying out of the darkness and slams right into the left rear thigh of the cyoete making it unable to stand. Seconds after the

arrow hit the cyoete the posse hears a thundorus noise making 3 of the 6 remaining beasts high tail it out of there. the last cyote that is

standing charges murdoc so knowing he doesnt have enough time to pray he pulls out his knive getting ready to stab the beast when it lunges

for him.
2  Gaming / Analog Gaming / Re: Dead-lands the Weird west [Pen&paper RPG] on: September 07, 2011, 06:03:29 PM
Its a system I have made and tested and works so when I have the group I will explain it more in depth
3  Gaming / Analog Gaming / Re: Dead-lands the Weird west [Pen&paper RPG] on: September 06, 2011, 05:46:17 AM
If anyone is interested in playing i encourage you to contact me. so that we can figure out what you would like to play you're choices are
Mad scientist

I will explain more on which each does when contacted
4  Gaming / Analog Gaming / Dead-lands the Weird west [Pen&paper RPG] on: September 06, 2011, 05:05:21 AM
Howdy ladies and Gents, I'm the marshall of this fair game her name is deadlands the weird west. and i am looking for a posse to take care of some problems i cant seem to handle on my own if anyone think's they have what it takes to stare death and the face and laugh at her then you are a friend of mine. I am willing to play On skype, xbox or aim just post in here which y'all would like to see. thank you icon_cool
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